Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Buffetting : Ending 2013

Well, its about what every blogger is going to post about ain't it? 2013 has been sweet, bitter, sour and lotsa spiciness throughout the year. So let's take a flash back on what happened in every month in 2013:

January: Noticing that I'm actually finally back in the saddle of vet school, ending my first semester back again in vet school. It has been a nightmare roller-coaster struggle trying to get back to this saddle; and my first semester has indeed very well been spent. My relationship with the coursemates became so much closer; only to realize this is going to be short-lived. The club trips, Vetsoul trips, as well as our very own Vetcamp, has certainly bonded us in ways beyong imagination.

February: More bonding took place because of all the intense faculty activities which require all of us to stick in together in working for a better reputation of our batch. At some point, I swear the second semester was all about bonding for the whole batch. One incident took toll on me the most was when the 2nd chances got back together; giving me quite an impact. It wasn't a problem before in semester 1, but it became an issue because I had to be extra careful around her now; as we were working very closely as the Co-directors. However, we resolved our issues when I opened up to her about T; which I'm glad I did because that helped clear things between us for better efficiency in working Dogathon.

March: The semester never ended with bonding, pretty much all the events are cramped in one full semester. The vet dinner and vet sport events were crazy simply because our batch was the one organizing it. Every single manpower matters. The dinner turned out to be fantastic while we actually won overall champion for Vet Sport; with a round holder for the Bashir Cup; the cup named after our former dean.

April: April went on with several outings and events also; the last faculty event namely Majlis Silaturahim  which challenges the vet students which creativity and cultural experiences; instead of submerging ourselves in the sea of delocalized medical books all year long. I swore we could have won the Ali Cup; the cup named after the professor initiating the event, but the judging system this year thinks otherwise.

May: Mundane, but stuffs happened too. The most significant event is probably what I'd actually knew about the Best bud, and we talked it out as an adult. I feel like that whole part of best bud life, I totally have missed it out. It has been 4 fucking years he've been there; I didn't bother to ask nor care about that part of his life. It made me feel really bad, because I don't even dare to say I know him well anymore. Things have been going well until today; what I hope is things will get better, for both of us.

June: Filled with practicals. I've been to pig farm, chicken farm, and cattle farm crossing 3 different states throughout the practicals. Ending the 4th semester in UPM was pretty heavy, but it made me realized that; I don't have much time with the previous batch, and there is this need to bond better with the next junior batch. Wake up call much?

July: The practicals ended in a month's time, probably the longest one among my friends because I took 2 weeks of cattle farm practical. What has impacted most in this month was the fact that I might not be looking into the livestock industry as I look at before. I have been awarded the "typical city boy" title, and I would like to honor that; because I simple work best in a city setting. This practical has certainly made me think twice about my career outcome in the livestock industry.

August: Needless to say, it has been the most magical month for me. I'd probably need to set it as a month to be worshiped because of the nature of the month to me. I spent my first birthday overseas, something which I have longed to do since the dawn I set eyes on Japan because I wanted to have my tertiary education outside Malaysia; I failed, but spending it in Chiang Mai on the Queen's birthday was downright awesome. The Chiang Mai conference and trip was definitely enlightening, changing my views on Thailand forever; while I was luck enough to have met T there. It has been the best August ever, and I guess my birthday present, best one ever is to have met T

same ol hint, T is in here

September: Stepping back into the university again after the semester break was different; simply because I've finally experienced the life outside of university during a long break for once. Juggling between life with T, trying to sort out everything for Dogathon as well as stepping down as the student rep; not to mention academics, everything was like a roller coaster ride in September. Surviving September 2013, was really a challenge.

October: DogathonTM 2013 is definitely the highlight. An event which our whole batch spent 1 whole year to prepare. The largest dog gathering in Malaysia, no joke man. It was a success, although I swear I was going to break down when it rained like cats and dogs 4am in the morning; the sun manage to shine in at 7am to make the whole Bt Ekspo a blazing oven throughout the day. Luck was really on our side. No regrets in taking up the role as the Co-director;and I couldn't have picked the best team; my whole batchmates DVM 2016.

November: Stepping down from SRC, Relieving role as Co-director and 4 core subjects had made my life a lil dainty, light and lost. The thing that I was given time to do most was, preparing for the transition. Of course I had more time to drool over T, but T wasn't free due to examination constraints. I've also made a bold decision in getting a plane ticket to Chiang Mai on April 2014 for a practical, and to meet T for Songkran. People out there, you know what Songkrans mean to the circle ait?

December: Settling all the matters aside in November, December was the time for me to connect more with my friends, family as well as T. I didn't have much time to get my body into shape because my back is still on treatment, but I certainly have made lots of connections. Seeing that I will have more time in the future semesters with my loose schedules, I should totally reconsider going back home on weekends. It's not like anyone would need me to be around anymore, since everyone is pre-occupied with their loved ones and all.

In a nutshell, 2013 has been a great year.

A year which I have managed to live and transitioned; giving me enough time and preparation to move on to my next phase in life;

A phase without workload to serve others,
A phase with a person matters a lot to me,
A phase which I can focus a lot more on the art and practice,
A phase with more self-discovery and enrichment.

2014, time for the next phase of my life.

How was your 2013?


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    1. This year was exceptionally crazy! I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be quite mundane; but I will try to keep it more exciting personal wise!