Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Buffetting : Traditions

Most chinese readers should be aware that Cheng Beng/Ching Ming is around the corner, when the North-South High Way goes balistically jam in the weekends, and traveling back to the hometown by land would be a hell task.

I've done my fair share last week, as my parents decided to pay our ancestors a visit a week before, so that we can cut short our trips back to Kedah... It is real tiring ya know, seeing how we need to sit in the car for 4 hours, not to mention me suffering from the constant Hokkien songs loading into my ears.

Well, I guess I need to be more understanding for my dad, cause he is the man who drives us back there for 4 hours for the 19 years of my life without any rants.

Guess what?

I went to Ipoh to take on the famous Ah Wong Chicken Rice~

It's weird because the current boss is a Leong(yea yi xian and yuet yin be proud of it), when the bill board clearly state that it is WONG.

Anyway, guess the Wongs only managed get a daughter, so the son-in-law takes over.

Dinner there was good, along with the 988 crew there to get more people to tune into their band by giving out goodies, having dance shows(which was really annoying because they were just doing Hairography all the way...

Then we head over to grandma's. Not much happened until the next day when we went for ancestral offerings, ya know all the typical chinese stuffs... maybe I will blog in detail next year if I had time to shoot some pictures.

So practically that's that.

One thing I realized throughout the whole trip this time is that,

Losers flock with losers

No offense to anyone, but it's just my mere personally point of view. Anyone else may have their thoughts about these people I will be mentioning, but to me, they don't practice what they have preached, and they just give me the same feeling as the person from my Hatred post.

And let me explain why.

First off is the cousin who is the same age as my sis.

He started off well, I GUESS. Seeing that he scored 9As in his SPM while my sis only got 4, he was "recognized" as a better student.

I didn't know how easy SPM was back then, so there was a certain degree of "respect" in a lack of terms.

Anyway, he went for chemical engineering, whereby only people with the smarts can enter, in UTAR.

But, he started complaining about the poor facilities in the campus and sorta complains from his "rich kid" nature, he went off joining my sister for ACCA in Sunway later on.

So, in Malaysia's education system, a person who switches from sciences to arts-based subjects shouldn't have a hard time dealing with it, and plus, he had always boasted on how good he was and how great was he to take on ACCA which have an even lower passing rate compared to a doctor's one.

And my sis only silenced.

Owh yea, and did I mentioned how his parents actually was so PROUD to announce his results around, like 9As was that HARD to get.

Kay, so then the whole wide world how "good" he was, obviously expectations were high too.

Until late last year when my family realized that he actually came home like around 2 or 3 am? which was clearly a taboo in my family because our curfew was at max 1 am, and only guys have the privilege. Bet I forgot to mentioned that he was still staying with our family that time to save some rental cost for him.

And apparently he realized that we've realized, then he moved out.

Soon, I found out that he actually failed his paper, which he actually managed to lie to his dad that he could pass with flying colors.

I was like, huh? Even my sister can pass her papers and he couldn't?

And then I found out that he actually started to blog~ owh, not to promote anything, you can actually drop by at xiangcool.com to see how "wonderful" his sentence structure is, and how he has been trying to call himself a BLOGGER.

Well, I think to him, blogger should have fancy DSLRs, funky looks and most importantly POPULAR....

I'm just a lil confused with the way blog-trafficking in Malaysia works, and it seemed as if the blog count is even more important than the contents themselves.

Anyway, so of course if you readers were a member of Nuffnang, you should know what perks they actually offer. So he went on full blast mode on attending almost ALL the events offered.

I did attend the events.

I did spend time on getting the premier tickets.

But hey, one thing is for sure, I was original.

He was nothing but pure copying other bloggers' writing style and theme, in the expense of his own studies.

Yeap, all play and no work has made our friend here, failed his papers again.

And again.

So, I'm just ranting, how we can make a failure out. One thing is for sure, he is all talk but nothing else.

Look, I might have the urge to go for cool movie premiers and all.

But whats important now is my studies, and I don't easily loosen up just like YOU.

You, you only crave for glory,fame and one day you will wake up, and you will find out that without BLOGGING, you have nothing else.

PS: You are not surviving on your own money, you live on your dad's monthly allowances and you know it.

I have to say this was a quite sucky post, but WTF.

My English is TRULY deteriorating like no one's business.

PS: I give up in trying to upload photos to blogger... its real darn slow..enjoy the boring posts!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Buffetting : Exploration

Just wondering if any of you readers had heard of AISEC. If you have not, do click here because it really provides plenty, especially for you youths.

You probably think that you might need to spend like 5 grands or more to participate in this programs, but honestly, its way more than that.

I've just attended an info session with Ms Nicole Teo,( same surname so automatically connected very easily~) in Taylor's Business School about this, and gosh it was a real eye-opener!

So practically we can choose 2 types of programs, one of it being the project-based and another one, company-based.

Since I'm only a pre-university student, I wouldn't be eligible for the company-based as they usually take in the students in their 2nd or 3rd year in their respective degree.

Take note degree pursuers, wanna stand a chance to take an internship in the top international companies like IBM or P&W? Nab your chances fast and perform well in you interviews because you will get a heck lot of experience you will treasure forever!

So back to project based, they usually want us youths to participate in society projects like Fund Raising Campaign, Awareness Campaign of child abuse or HIV, teaching students a particular language, environmental awareness and etc.

I applied for Japan, but too bad, the Japanese companies demand hardcore workers instead of youths to preach for HIV awareness instead.

Can't really blame them though, they need to pump harder for their productivity count, even more due to the insufficient funds lately.

So I was asked to choose another country, which I had no idea where because the only place I had ever dream of going to is Japan. But seeing China and Taiwan is the next closes country which have the same dialect like I do, I chose them.

Honestly I was real worried when I discussed this over dinner yesterday with my folks. And thank god they approved, asking me to go fur thee to the European countries instead.

Gosh... me? in the Europe countries? Hmm, I have never thought of it though... Maybe I should give it a try, just o experience cultures and see the differences of standards in both countries.. who knows I can bring a change in Malaysia and earn a title in the far future? haha just joking~

Well , its confirmed that I will take on the interview in July, because it will be a real good experience,and nothing will stop me. Even if I am out of funds, I will try my best to work for it.

Anyway, so much for the exploration talk. back to business.

Pheww... just sent my MEXT application letter earlier on. Was a relief. Hopefully I was asked to attend the written exam.

Meaning I really need to start studying like nobody's business and hunt down every single pass year paper if its the last thing I do.

Sometimes it just goes blank when you think of it, and you start to question the point of doing them... Was struggling to choose between life sciences or humanities... succumbed to natural sciences in the end because I can pursue humanities without a proper scholarship.

Well... need to stop playing the sims 3 and start to work on my maths now~

PS: The Sims 3 is real addicting! Can't wait for the expansion pack by pass to appear!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Buffetting : Hatred

Have you ever just have a surge of hatred towards a person without any particular reason?

Fine, I had some bad times with her but some how I just started to hate this family friend of my mum's.


Well, lets say she is being a little nosy, especially when it comes to my privacy and choices.

Remember I used to indulge in squash?

Well, I had a great time there. My family's badminton time clashes with my squash trainings , so I had to sit the family's session out.

Why should I sacrifice my passion for my family interest?

So the system went on for a long time, until she turns up.

She say I'm deserting myself from my family.

Bloody arse.

I'm pursuing my passion, my life and my ambition.

How is that being deserting?

She brainwashed my mom and my mom started to force and threaten me to join them.

I declined.

And there she goes, having her whole "you are not my son" fiasco again.

And I had to miss my best friend's birthday celebration out.

5 years of solid friendship.

And me being closest to him have to miss it only because I did not join my family's badminton session.

Outrageous and unreasonable.

Yes, I know but thats how the veto power runs in my family.

From then onwards, I have this sudden urge that its this lady who brainwashed my mom.

And I found out, exactly it was her.

Then the hatred continued to burn in me, until today.

I don't know. Maybe I'm being vindictive, over-reacting what ever.

Yet, I know my sub-conscious is telling me that this lady, is not the lady I would want to consolidate to , ever.

Anyway, scratch that. I literally beat myself up for not performing well in my badminton session today.

I'm looking at my left arm, trying to not feel sorry over the bruises and killed red blood cells, not to mention neurones.

It's ok. That's how I manage stress most of the time.

3 days before holidays are over, and I have 5 more subjects to catch up in the homework, not to mention revision.

STPM and MEXT scholarship, I'm nailing you down.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Buffetting : Reminiscing

It was a great night and everyone really had fun.

Its all written on their faces, literally with all the smiles, smacks, jokes and even Andrina's random highness of sugar lately..

I'm sure my primary years were one of the best moments I had in my life, and those bonds made during the 6 years of schooling were infinite.

So strong that the remnants back then, are what made us this close and treasurable,

I have to admit, sometimes, I feel that my primary schoolmates are even more precious than my high school mates, which had went through storms and blazes literally for the past half decade.

Yes, those storms were harsh and tiring, and those who were there are who you call true friends.

But my primary schoolmates, we practically shared every moment in the school together.

The day when SHE came in and spurted us with her "IDIOTS!" words.

The moments when we tremble as the VIRUS turns up.

The days when we smacked each others back just to scare ourselves.

The days when one of us shake the other friend's head, literally because of its size.

The days when we stood strong together against the teacher.(not a good thing but she was really a BI*CH)

Those were the days, and those memories we shared, there were no secrets. Everyone knew exactly everything happened.

Unlike in the high school years, well all I can say is, I couldn't trust much people with matters, and I don't see the mutual trusts.

Yes, in the high school years, we can't be as naive as we were in primary school.

But, those trusts don't just dissipate over time.

Today's gathering was a proof that even being apart for years, we can still come as one and talk as though we have known each other forever.

And when I sat in the same table with my high school mates, sometimes I just don't even see how we were able to connect, apart from the very fact that we were from the same class, same school or same tuition.

There weren't any matters which are SIGNIFICANT enough to hold us together.

Maybe I wasn't giving enough trust to others, or I just don't feel trusted.

Contradicting I know, but this is how I exactly feel around my high school mates.

Wonder how, the batches I belonged to seemed to have real strong bonds , even after years.

I do hope one day, we get to attend each others' wedding, full moon dinner, son's wedding, son's full moon dinner and etc.... And when we sit down, we are still so happy we once met, and we have known each other forever...

It's just so rare to share these fond bonds.

I truly appreciate you, my friends from CKS, Graduates of 6C,2003

Friday, March 12, 2010

Buffetting : A while Now

So, I guess my readers' rates have been declining, almost reaching the plateau near x-axis of the graph...

Anyway, sorry for the inconsistent updates, school was busy, at least for the past few months.

Finally wrapped up the first semester examinations.

Gosh thank goodness I did not pass out during maths... wonder if I can even get an A for it.

Can't believe I'm not expecting An A for maths, after mastering thy subject for the past 11 years of my schooling life.

Guess FORM 6 is NO joke.

Chemistry and Biology remained as the best spoil of the tests, as they come in easy and passed with a breeze.

PA, its still a miracle if I get An A, though I am really hoping for a 4 flat because I need all the good grades for the university application ,soon.

Pharmacy is one of the hardcore courses coveted by people around the world, surpassing engineering courses by miles.

So, if I really want to be on par, I've got some buckling up to do.

So, that sums up what I've been up to and the reasons I couldn't devote time to update this precious B_L_O_G.

PS: my love for chemistry is hauling by the day... geez i might end up surrounded by chemistry books in the future....

Next up, gossip.

The juiciest gossip around, in which including me fighting with my sister over this laptop now, is the Jack Neo sex scandal thingy.

One thing I never understand other men is,

Why even get married, when you know you will run wild and freaking fuck other women other than your wife out there some day?

1st of, you are cheating you wife, and hurting her big time. Imagine your wife had an affair. Don't tell me you are nice to enough to say, " As long as she still loves me, I'm okay," this is only for those who are naturally impotent, not for those who ask for fucks every night.

2ndly, you are being so dishonest to your feelings. Honestly speaking, personally I don't expect myself to get laid. I don't SEE myself being able to handle someone day and night, and not expect to get bored or try to get someone else to chat with, or live with. Sometimes, things get boring and we need to go VERSATILE ya know... I know its unfair to the mate, but if both party established a mutual understanding before, I don't see how this system can't work.

Yes, you will need to becareful with STDs, raging ex-es hunting you dicks down and bla-bla-bla...
Yet, bu the end of the day, you didn't affect the mate's life, much enough to devastate them.

3rdly, once you have kids, you are forever bound. People often think that kids are like the crystalisation of a pair's love, and it can catalyze relationships. Did anyone mentioned it catalyzes relationships to both heaven and chaos? A couple will have even more things to argue over when you have a baby in the house. Worse still, the innocent child gets the blame, pressure and all sorts of nonsense, because of the irrational acts of his parents.

So, Jack Neo, you are one hell of a reputable director and I respect your works. But you are NOT professional enough to differentiate the intimacy between a co-worker and a lover. It's a miracle that you have gone this far without being caught but, who knows whats gonna happen to you in a few years' time.

Although this scandal has proven Jack Neo's incapabilities of sorting out his relationships, his movies WERE fine, and the movies lately are getting quite funny, not in the good way I might add.