Sunday, September 4, 2011

Buffetting : Hong Kong Day 1

Hit the airport early in the morning at 6.30 just to have more time to kill in HK. Well, I have to say Cathay is one good airline to board on.

Great service, great seats, good looking air-stewardess, minus the Canton slang-ed English and lack of food varieties.

After the 3.5 hours, I've finally hit the HK airport.

The thing I've realized on board was, Air Asia and Mas seemed to be much more sensible than Cathay.

I remember vividly the announcement by the Captains of AA and Mas in my every touchdown in KLIA.

"Welcome to Malaysia. We are pleased to have you on board. As for Malaysians, Welcome Home."

It's like the slight tinge of satisfaction and euphoria when someone welcomes you "home".

Anyway, Cathay didn't have that, even for Hongkies. I guess they are just being international.

Tip of the day: Keep your cameras in your bag, and no itchy hands.

As stupid as I was, I'd actually snapped a pic at the immigration, when 3 officers totally banged me down because of my stunt.

I didn't know, seriously and the signs were really far from my counter, hence my idiotic gesture.

Anyway, I'm still here, not in the lockup yet. The thing he asked me to do was to delete the photo. Thank goodness the officer in charged actually smiled back when I apologized in the end.

At least I'm somehow, forgiven.

Next, the hotel!

Well, I have to say its really a budget trip, its like Cathay flight, and the hotels around downtown is crazy like expensive, the agency situated us in Kowloon Panda, Tsuen Wan.

It's like the far end of the MTR from Central.

Yet, the hotel was decent, very comfortable. The only thing I got bugged in HK is the lack of water hose beside the toilet bowl.

I need my HOSE to clean those Shits man!

Those toilet papers are killing my butt cells!

The rest of the day was free and easy, so we immediately hit the Arena of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui first. And it was like 11 stations away from Tai Wo Hau, the MTR in my hotel's area.

Things got even stickier when we hit the ticket counter in the station.

Apparently, everything is manually machinised in their MTR. The only thing the lady in the customer services do for you is changing your notes to smaller changes, plus some other crappy stuffs of course.

The point remains, for blur case foreigners like us, its totally one big question mark in the face when we were getting those tickets.

So, I'll let the pictures do the talking for now.

Wee, I have larger palms than Jackie Chan does.

So technically arena of stars is just a place to snap pictures and some glimpse of HK's cinema industry's history.

Find it so so, I mean with all the thick haze around, I'd rather stay in the hotel.

Next up, Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum in The Peak, Central.

Apparently they were too cheap to allow us to use our own cams to snap Jackie Chan. PFFFt.

History class

Interior of the museum

Everybody loves Gaga.

Sorry Eienstein. I never understood Physics.

Seriously, I think Meryl here is totally underrated in the museum. Petty asians.(including me)

The scenic view was okay, I wouldn't use breathtaking. KL tower's spinning restaurant, now that's breathtaking.

Woot, my hotel's logo!

Another end of the sky terrace. So so view.

Well, that wraps up first day.

Tip #2 in HK: Get your octopus card, big time if you wanna have a swifty ride around HK. No machines, no wait, just touch and go, even in 7-11s.

Overall, first day was just a rush. It's just all taking pictures. Not much fun if you'd ask me.

Oh well, I guess different companies should make things different.


  1. Gahaha! One of the very few things I hate most about travelling to certain countries - NO HOSE BESIDE TOILET BOWL! *high five* Seriously inconvenient and uncomfortable lorrr XD
    I liked Japan's toilet bowls with inbuilt shower aha (seriously, even public toilets!)

    And and and, I liked MAS's "As for Malaysians, welcome home" too! I feel so warm every time I hear that while arriving at KL!

  2. @ee lyn: yea its serious so stupid to not have these stuffs around! hopefully I get to experience some of Japan's toilet bowls soon XD.

    The little things like these just makes you feel warm now and then.

  3. the wax museum like, dont' allow snapping pic with jackie chan only ke or all the waxes there? but why just jackie???

  4. @medie: just jackie. coz they can earn bucks from there mar.

  5. Eh so shiok wei haha. And yea they don't have a hose in Europe either, looks like its a Malaysian thing. :(

  6. @shannon: haha? seriously? i remember going to Sg and Thailand, and there were hoses there! Guess it's the SEA thing, or msia-thai-sg thing. convienient mar.

  7. same term i'd use. it's a SEA thing i think. there are hoses in Cambodia's toilets too.