Friday, April 6, 2012

Buffetting : Determine-d?

So the counseling went really well.

The counselor was the Oh-My-Gee-DRAMA QUEEN typo and I totally can related to her easily.


It was fun to talk to her, and I just literally dumped everything from my head to her.

Another person now tells me again that I AM my mother's child.

Because of the similarities we have, STRONG and STUBBORN. These two come together no matter what.

And that's the cause of our sparks and explosions around.

True enough.

And that was also another person telling me to go for an alternative persuasion; letter noting.

It was still vague that whether if I'd actually go all out, regardless of the company and environment I have back in UPM for the veterinary course.

But she cleared it out. I do.

I was already "labeling" myself as a vet, seeing how I associate works related to vet as a "we".

We do more than treating dogs and cats.

We control your livestock production.

We control your outbreak of zoonautics.

We keep the wild life heritage on check.

We protect the welfare of animals.

We are everywhere, parts of your daily life.

These were the reasons why I wanted to be a vet so badly, to tell people things.

And it is unfair to say that a life of an animal is less precious than that of a human.

That is downright shallow, and inhumane. Not what I seek in life.

I wish to educate people more about animals, their rights, how precious they are, and what they really have played significantly in our lives.

Health of a human, a nutritionist can do a better job advising, a doctor probably do more of the "fixing" part, when they graduate and work fully as a practitioner.

I guess I'm quite sure?

And it's time to make a judgement, and also a prep drive.

I've and will meet the end of the bargain.

The question is, will she?

PS: Thank you so much Ms Carole Chung, you were a wonderful person to talk to when things like these come into play. A huge burden was lifted instantly.

May your god bless you, may you be well and happy always.


  1. Nice experience..i never meet any counselor before and dont intend to find one anytime sooner...huhu

    u gonna make a decision or judgement??notwithstanding what u pick, u will get something =)

    1. haha i met several counselors before, but this was the most proper session ever!

      judgement more gungho word for decision XD made it. now just hoping for the best to happen

    2. so u got lot of experiences ard though i think most wont be a nice one xD hehehe i will await for ur update =D

    3. Haha experience= lotsa screwed up events.

      Ok ok~ lets see if we can become uni mates! Then I have lotsa stuffs I will want your help as a master student ledi nyek nyek nyek

  2. :And it is unfair to say that a life of an animal is less precious than that of a human.

    That is downright shallow, and inhumane. Not what I seek in life."

    I totally agree with this. It is also sad how Veterinary Medicine is sometimes compared with Medicine, and people say VetMed is easier. Totally ignorant assumption.

    1. That's so untrue! Vet Med is so much tougher, because vets need to know more than human doctors in any anatomy and physiology means! Plus, this only happens in Malaysia, overseas they look up so much more to Vets than Doctors.

      That's why I wish to change this perception, and hopefully I can make it there.

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