Monday, March 31, 2014

Buffetting : Prepared?

T went for a camp for 5 days, no signals, no connection.

I did my daily ritual in sending in goodnight wishes, even just now; just to be the nice boyfriend and all.

I wonder if T is ready and thrilled for me to go over in a week's time.

I'm thrilled, to learn so much more about the elephants in the practical, and T as well.

We only have 2 and a half days, I'm not even sure if T still remembers that I'm coming going over.

Were there plans? What are we going to do in Songkran? Will we crash into the dorm of T's in all soaked and laughing about crazy stuffs we did?

Really I have no idea.

I guess being in a relationship is something still very novel to me. I would know how to react with a Malaysian lover, but T is definitely a challenge.

I am a planner, logic person. I need to know how to react; although I'm very good in impromptu, a different cultural background will definitely cost me some brain juices.

And there's another stuff ringing behind my head about the big S thing. After my sister's fiasco it feels like I'm pretty docile to dabble around there now; yet we only meet once in a blue moon, should we not take advantage of that?

Wait, we are just starting? Hmm, I don't know.

Its a very subtle line to string. We do talk about our graduations and our participation in each others' day; but I don't feel like planning ahead of our "future" like all other couples do anymore.

It's tiring, and T doesn't really respond well to this.

I should totally let T take the lead this time, let the proud Leo be tame for this once. Maybe I can go wild when T comes over in the future.

Can't wait to meet T again. The voice, the breathe, the smile; its definitely worth the trip.

On the side note:

Monkey and I paid a visit to 100 Doraemon's Expo last weekend. It was okay, I totally made a wise choice getting him because we had our common interest in this sense. Catching up was really fun, although he barely change. 

He's next in line to Best bud, to some extent some even asked if he's my significant other. Lol. We are close buds, but not that kind of sense.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Buffetting : Downer

It has been a crazy weekend.

More like a crazy Sunday.

2 hours before I stepped into the field in the stadium for the cheerleading stunt, I got a message from my sister.

Apparently I will be an uncle soon.

It was something really shocking, even for me; though my siblings thought I handled the whole situation much unexpectedly calm, for me being the drama queen and all.

Flash wedding, expected labor date in late June, tsunami in the home; I'm just glad everything didn't go on berserk mode when I went back home yesterday.

On the other hand, T has been sending me ambiguous messages and unanswered messages as well.

That morning when I got the news from my sis, I dropped T a message:

"If you have 5 minutes to post a photo, you have 5 minutes to just explain to me what is going on,"
the picture that ticked me off

More sorry messages came in, I'd swear I was going to breakdown on some point, thinking that its THE SIGN.

Especially when this dropped in:

"I'm sorry. I have something a message for you in summer."

It seemed to be the ultimate sign to me.

But towards the end of the day, it turned out to be just my misunderstand.

I should have changed the English into Thai mode.

"I cannot talk to you." in English mean so different in Thai; which means "I am unable to talk to you."

T is busy with a camp, so T felt bad for not being able to spend time with me.

I'm perfectly fine with that; though a simple goodnight everyday would suffice.

So two dramas ended well in one night; no blood spilled or no hearts broken, maybe just my mom because she felt she got betrayed by my sister a little.

I guess I have to be stronger, after all I'm the eldest son in the family.

PS: My lecturer actually whack me in my butt when I got fickle minded in answering the number of bacteria colonies in my agar plate. How kinky in that!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Buffetting : Close Friends

Did you realize that in the social network there's this button on the "friend" part for you to select friends as "Close friends" instead but just "Acquaintance"?

Back when I first came back to vetschool, I kind of selected a few as them; and that includes the 2nd chances, both of them.

I feel like, there's this part of their lives which I wish to follow more on; given the time that I am able to spend with them.

It feels like my time to spend with the people I love most right now is being limited, but the consequences of my own family.

Great, now another rant episode. This is why I can never move on, because the effect of that fiasco is just long-lasting. At least till vet school ends.

Anyhow, its like T all over again; I don't get to spend enough time with them.

So and so, till today I'd realized those follows as "Close friends" seemed to be, meaningless to me right now. After the 2nd chances got back together, I somehow don't bother to follow them anymore; not even as close friends. It might just be my subconscious working, know that both of them have each other that I no longer need to bother if they would need someone to get them something, get them to lunch, get them this or that, etc; they would settle it themselves.

The 'Close friend' button now on the social media would be, meaningless right now, no?

There are a few more in the list, I am tempting to unclick them; simply because it doesn't mean anything anymore right now.

Why would the social media create such button at the first place anyway? It's taking toll on my conscious right now. *bang wall*
you know you are a friend close enough, when his mom thinks you are another son, and when underwear hangs around even closer than your own brother. PS: Remember this soul-searching trip best bud?

Best bud is in the list, but he seldom post stuffs on the social media anyways. Catching up is being done in other medium.

I understand that the original batch is still willing to spend quality time with me without qualms, but at these times somehow I just feel like, it is only matter of time till the lecture hours do us apart.

Attached, much?

PS: Anatomy test tomorrow gosh, please save my meninges!

PPS: Things have been mundane with T. I guess we are both busy with our lives right now; till we crash in April.

PPPS: I feel like my roommate is being a little weird, trying to post stuffs on his blog, but trying even harder to tell the world he is doing it. Geez, posting in blogs seemed to be like a competition in our room.

Nevertheless, I'm definitely beyond that level to think its a competition. *pat chest*

Monday, March 17, 2014

Buffetting : Virgin

Today I was struck by a question from a fellow coursemate, international.

"Can I ask you a personal question? Are you still a virgin?"

The first thing hit me was, "Which part of me doesn't look like a virgin?"

What I was told is that I don't act like a virgin boy.

In fact I sometimes act too , un-virgin-like(so to speak), among the pool of dudes I'm around with my words ie:
escape room was fun, if we had just gotten the hint earlier.

"When I was putting on the gloves and I said it was tight, you were like: Oo, TIGHT; but I didn't mean anything AT ALL."

I guess mingling around with people who steer a little here and there with those dirty and flirtatious words kind of give off these vibes.

Oh well, it sure is something new. I DO enjoy comments of people have on me, their thoughts, impressions or what not because its like a counter-check mechanism.

There are always room for improvement.

On the side note, I've finally played a game for my year under the faculty sports event; though our year lost thoroughly. It's okay, its pretty much obvious that we are much of a brain drainer than the sporty batch.

BUT, we are going to take down everyone in the tug-o-war for sure!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Buffetting : Vet Dinner 2014

Poker dots, Huge Fans, Rotary Dial telephones and neons.

Ring any bells? It's the Retro 80s this year for the faculty's annual dinner to commemorate the DVM5s who will be graduating in 10 weeks' time.

Finally, being a participant level of an event finally turned to my side. It feels odd not to be able to be the bustling and hustling part of an event, but I still do enjoy the bits when I get to spend more time appreciating the designs, the food, and the time with my friends.

Although I would have attended anyway to show support for my current academic batch(DVM2) while I'm technically DVM3, being the Dogathon Co-director in 2013 has made it a cordial invitation for me to be in the dinner for the certificate reception.

The whole ambient was totally awesome this year, the backdrop was well decorated; despite the fact that the fans kept falling off throughout the night. but it was a great turnout.

Performance wise, the opening act was really good; I forgot the songs but the moves were awesome. The only regret was for I to have not recorded the opening act.

It was practically a medley of a few songs and few dance, like YMCA, Beat it, Don't Touch Me( I wonder if I got this right); but we thoroughly enjoyed the act.
the batch graduating

The later of the night was filled with more performances and speeches, same ol every year to be honest. The real difference every year is the theme as well as the batches leaving.

As soon as the night ends, everyone just end up taking pictures for memories and the hunt for likes and comment. ~ Ice Queen, March 2014.

I chose a fancy tie and a piano-striped suspender for the night just for it to be a lil more retro-spiced. It turned out to be quite okay, though I have to mention I was extremely paranoid about my look for the night.

YET, I will still need to lose those spare tyres.
the DVM1s were FEARLESS with their outfits

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the night, especially on how the organizing batch DVM2, my academic batch handled the whole event.

It could have been smoother, but I have never felt anymore welcomed before into their batch until today, because I have always find myself not as attached to them emotionally.

This was my personal favorite though, hahaha

Next up, Vet Sport 2014!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Buffetting : Love Aches


It's like you just can't seemed to go between any fine line of balance.

For a person who has been logical and done things in-programmed, this is a very subtle matter to dabble around.

I feel like bursting, but my logical side gets me composed.

3 days, until I've posted something and T buzzed me in the app.

It's really frustrating, because the initiative isn't there.

Soulchild's post on just love didn't help me much.

I can do most of the things stated, but really, initiative.
the four letter word is not as simple as it spells.

Or I should just let it go*sing hard*

Lady boss and I talked over lunch, and we have come to conclusion that, T is a straight bloke, like really,

Similarly to anyone out there who puts in effort before the relationship is established, but everything just tone-out right after.

It's not like T is cheating on me or anything, or nor T has less affection; its more like, a natural thing to do, knowing the relationship is so to speak, "stable".

"If T is actually expecting you to be in Chiang Mai, and is willing to stay for you; its not what you are thinking. So just stay put and wait till you see T there again"- Lady Boss.

I guess I should. I shouldn't be imposing much on T.

Man, its like every post seemed to be a repeating episode. This sucks.

On the side note, Vet Dinner 2014 is back, a post will be dedicated there after.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Buffetting : Marriage

I've finally gotten my first invitation to my friend's wedding in my life!!!

She was my high school friend, although we were only classmates for 3 years, not that close of a friend, at least not like me and Best Bud; she'd actually remembered me.

To my surprise, she'd actually invited me for her wedding; to which I was flattered and honored because I wasn't expecting this at all, both the marriage AND the invitation.

To be honest, I was just thinking about "if anyone would invite me to their wedding, seeing how my records have reflected me" in the car about a few days ago, and walah.

Bad news is, I will be away on the wedding day, because its on mid April, and I will be half way enjoying my time in Chiang Mai with T.

Yet, I've accepted the invitation and she actually did offer me, so I've decided to send a wedding gift regardless. On the side note, she actually asked if I need any introduction to any girls, seeing I became "better-looking" from before, but still claiming to be "girl friend-less". Same ol answer.

Marriage, sometimes I wish I could dream about it, see it happen. But its just something so far to be achieved. T and I, honestly now really just depend on our trust for each other , and the faith in this relationship.

At least I'm trying.

I was sulking a little on how T didn't text for the past few days, like how busy can you get even in a bovine restrain course right? You've just finished your finals!

But Lady Boss feels that T may put in more faith than I think in this relationship, being the reason of the hanging texts all the time. Meaning, T trust me so much more than I trust myself or T.

Really? Hmm, guess I'm always the insecure one?

I did have history on being insecure when we first started out, because I thought T was too good for me, sometimes even till now.

Another 4 and a half weeks and still counting. Gosh I really have no idea what to expect. Its really, exciting yet stressful

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Buffetting : Happening

So I have been told my the roommate that I'm pretty happening.

Well, somehow I still do make my life interesting, whether I like it or not.

The Equestrian club managed to hold a course on stable management, ranging from various aspects of the stable management.

We were lucky to have the course without any fees because we had an experienced coach from the Malaysian Equestrian Association to guide us in dealing with the horses.

"Horses are 99.9% danger."

As a matter of fact they are.

Half a tonne of weight is definitely no joke.

It's a privilege to have schooled horses in our university's stable, since untrained horses are definitely NOT EASY to handle for beginners like me.

The course included:

1- How to approach a horse, how to put on the head collar. lead the horse to walk, simple commands and restraining the horse in the stable
2- Grooming the horse, saddling the horse and booting the horse
3- Mark out the stable aka cleaning the stable
4- Wash the horse with water
5- Basics in dealing with horses, in and out stable.

It's definitely simple, but the information was immense. This course has definitely sparked some interest in me to get involved in our equine unit more in the semester.

Plus, working with horses gives me a great workout as I'm all sore now. Heck, I might even be as handsome as the horses in the stable.

A cowboy looking vet for the bear in Chiang Mai, I wonder what 5 weeks can do to me