Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Buffetting : End of War Game

The campus election campaign is finally over...

Or is it?

The voting is tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure the rain doesn't stop parties from boosting their winning rates to the max.

I'm definitely not going to take part anymore next year.

One last night.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Buffetting : Take notes

People who are in a relationship probably can relate.

There's so many dates to remember, and so many gifts to prepare for the other one in so many different dates!

It's like one after another, and man I'm going to run out of ideas soon.

Check out the list:
1- Christmas. T doesn't celebrate, never did. I'd figure I would be the first to inspire, despite the fact that I'm a Buddhist. Won the Uniqlo HEATTECH challenge with veterinary reasons, while T being one of the future vets. Navy colored crew neck. Bet T looks super hot in it.

2- Birthday. Like just a month past Christmas! I'd figure handmade birthday cards? Or a personalized lanyard? Or just maybe a handmade wallet of the favorite sport of T, volleyball.

3- Valentine's. Omgosh our first one. MY first one I might add. Chocolates? Probably melted across the sea. The handmade card would probably do the trick now. Was thinking of customized cup; but picture of what? Me? Eww, no.

4- Songkran. Thailand's new year! I guess the present would be me wrapped in my rugged state post-volunteering in the elephant camp next April. Really, that would be enough no?

Zoomed up for 5 months at least, but at least those dates are tracked right?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Buffetting : Transitioning

Side note: It has been quiet these days. Dampening my spirit to post; but I'd figure, this is my space for my disclosure and pleasure. So bite me.

This semester is all about transitioning.

Transitioning from being an overly attached lovey-dovey boyfriend to a much understanding yet knowing when to put in those icing significant half.

Transitioning from being a very busy fella to a completely free person towards the end of the semester to relief every single shit which called volunteer work without materialistic benefits to thyself.

Transitioning from spending more time with the original batch to spending more time with the current batch.

Transitioning from the attention seeking extrovert to a slow hermit-like introvert.

Transitioning from zero exercise for the past few months to slow then intensive periods of exercise.

Quite a number of transitions, but I'm sure there are more to come.

Post exposure of the 4th IVSA Asia conference, I somehow relived my love for another animal; the elephants. I don't mind working with either African or Asian, but since I'm in Malaysia the Asian one would be much more relevant. I should be going for the nearer option of Kuala Gandah, instead I opted for the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai for my brief 1 week practical.

I've always seen myself in the commercial line; the livestock of dairy or the pharmaceutics because of my flair exploitable in these 2 fields.

Yet, somehow I feel like I can go for a wildlife option too.

Provided I have a good siphoning side income to sustain all my needs.

It's definitely going to be different to be making a difference in the field of our country.

But, wasn't veterinary law and jurisprudence in my list to fend for my veterinarian clients?


Monday, November 18, 2013

Buffetting : Plans

You have no idea how crazy being in love can be, and how much you would give just to see that person.

I've bought the tickets to Chiang Mai next April.

By hook or by crook, I need to come up with the fund for the volunteering in Elephant Nature Park; or I will just rot for a week until T finishes the TECC practical on T's side to join me for Songkran.

Even for 2 days, would be suffice; I guess.

Annual target: Earn enough to get plane ticket and traveling expenses to Chiang Mai on semester breaks.

Until T gets to earn and come over to meet me instead.

It's a plan; but I will make it work.

Things have been going better, me being less emotional and all. It's really me if anything goes wrong from now though. Like; stop being such a paranoid already.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Buffetting : Passing Torch

Heart and I finally made our decisions for the next co-directors.

Boy it was a tough call with all the issues and problems circling in the midst of making our moves.

We were tied down so hard by the two major student body organizations, not to mention our personal bond with the presidents of each club either.

Sometimes people don't see what we see, that we have actually agreed on unanimously.

Not even Polar bear, not even Big Sis. We both actually share an experience together, which others don't.

I guess this is it, one of another my relief and relinquish.

Come to think of it, Heart probably have more stress and people to deal with because the people she love most and spend the most time with are the ones in those organizations.

As for me, well, sad to say I'm torn between worlds. Just like I'm torn between Malaysia, originally Japan and now Thailand ; not in the original batch, not in the current, and yet nowhere else to turn to after my relinquishment because of, everything running in my course of life.

My vision back when DogathonTM 2012 ended was just spot on.

T is kinda facing the same thing, probably feeling the same way, but how much can we do for each other with oceans apart?

Now that I'm no longer tied nor bound to any worlds, who's free out there for an outing?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Buffetting : Just peservere

In the midst of test 2 preparation, which I will be doomed with if I don't resume my discoveries on the hind limbs of 5 different species, I managed to talk to Bimbo about, me and T.

Well, the idea is to take things, slow.

Was cautioned to not easily give my heart out, without knowing the person.

True enough, but as of now, I think both me and T assumed that we have found the right person to develop a relationship, regardless how close we are.

It's pretty different from the conventional; 
1- get to know
2- dates to know even more
3- then get to together

Ours is more like;
1- let's get together
2- struggle to know more
3- but let's stay sweet

Hmm, its pretty hard because we've gone past the "let's get to know before getting together" stage down to a pair now. 

The part on uncertainty kills me, because its not how I lived my life up till today. 

Bimbo said the same thing as Best Bud, maybe its not the time to put in too much in this yet, because we have only known other that much.

But on the other hand, my head rings harder; why not put in all I can to make things work? We can't predict but can mold the future. I want to mold this one with T. 

The anesthetics on putting in the magnitude of care and time is pretty hard; to have enough to develop this yet not overtax myself or overdoing it for T only.

However, I've decided to take the April trip to Chiang Mai. I really want to do that, for the both of us. Bimbo mentioned on not to expect T to do as far as coming over to me, which I don't, but I would really want to go all out.

In the name of practicals and knowledge attainment of course.

It's sports day in T's university now, you cannot imagine how different things are between our universities. It make mine seemed, so trivial. It's just inter-college sports. Dinggg.


T keeps on mentioning there's a pre-climax and climax sports day haha! Gosh, it sounded so, erotic with the lack of eloquence. 

I guess I should get back to digestive system and locomotor now.

PS: Has anyone realized how amazingly sexy Tom Hiddleston is in real life? Gravitified down to earth too! His suave, his moves, his attitude. I can't believe the girlfriends said I'm there without his dance moves only.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Buffetting : Not Nice

I'm not that nice, I guess.

The thing is, I'm a very, demanding person I guess? So and so to an extend of a demanding lover.

I guess being a Leo, the attention seeking part is pretty intense.

The attention span of T gets lesser by the day, and I swear I could have suggested us to have a scheduled LIne session daily seeing how, busy we can get.

So and so when I was browsing through the social media, W came into the picture.

I met W too in the conference, and W was my group's facilitator. We had some chats over the tea breaks and we managed to be friends over the social media, seeing how W even turned off the setting to search for the profile.

We sometimes comment on each others' posts, but everything is harmless.

Until today, when the thought of :

"If W really asks, I might even say yes."

I think I'm a bad, very very bad lover. I can't even be loyal to a relationship, well at least that's how I feel.

This article on "Love is for the partner, not you" really bit me, but Pete knows why am I this fickle-minded.

Maybe I need a MAJOR DISTRACTION to keep myself occupied and loyal to T. Gosh, is this the first strike?

Man, I'm freakin out.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Buffetting : T-wooing

Well I guess I have came to a stage in my life, when, well, relationship kicks in.

I was watching Charmed the other day when I see how wooing goes, and I feel like there's this weird lack in wooing interaction between me and T.

Maybe both of us are way too far from each other for the wooing to work.

Somehow I feel like I'm doing most of the wooing.

T is busy, while I'm pretty free this semester. But what happens in the following semesters? When I step into clinical years. Will we juggle more? Or as always we wait till there and then for things to settle themselves?

I'm still hoping on T to take more initiative though. The wooing, well, didn't happen much. Maybe because I'm easily satisfied by little things, especially just T's self-pictures. 1 can just make my day; or maybe T is just not free or creative enough.

I only start getting a little picky, like now. When I'm free and thinking logically. Maybe I should not do so to reduce the tendency of me being so picky.

But wooing strategies. Hmm, its definitely an art. Trying to know T more is pretty hard because of our different background, and the distance. So far I've only had hand-drawn wishes. At least that I can do. There are plans for Christmas presents, birthday presents, new year presents etc; but its not like an active thing.

Maybe I should custom-make one volleyball since T is a super fan.

Or custom-made goggles.

Or maybe its because I'm not earning yet.

Any wooing strategies to share?