Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Buffetting : Tentative Decision

Okay so thank you for tuning in my readers and bitches( they rhyme!)

The long wait of future career has been decided.

The plan is to get the both of 3 worlds, if everything goes as planned.

In order to kill my boredom in the coming few months, I've decided to accept the offer from UPM on the course Veterinary Medicine, though I will be pushed and begged to appeal all my life into changing the course to Doctor of Medicine.

Dr Hasnul from UPM, but Singaporean. Imagine me as sexy as him in 5 years' time XD
It's a long shot, but I will try for the sake of trying, and to see if my real destiny lies in saving human lives or other species'.

And if I don't like it there in UPM, I will have to opt for IMU or Monash MBBS. Yet, I'm skeptical in getting into IMU somehow, probably because of the amount of people I've known, and also the new curriculum outline which really ticks me off.

Part time lecturers, 2 hours lecture per day, and I freaking pay rm185k for it? Ello, quality teaching you're telling me?

Yes, self study bla bla bla, at least make it a 5 hours in total a day.

As for Monash, I will need to resit the bloody IELTS again thanks to the stupid writing. I will make sure I nail the writing to at least 7.0 this time. 2nd sitting and I can't pass it, I don't think I'm good cut enough to be a doc.

And the big shot MEXT scholarship, if everything goes well and I'm granted the scholarship, 7 years in Japan, and I either choose to practice in Japan or Malaysia.

According to my Japanese teacher normal doc takes 6 years of studies and 3 years of intern (OMGEE) and total years before you become a full-fledged GP ONLY.

Another 5 years to specialist.

But since I'm in Japan, no complains, I will do it as long as I'm there.

If things go wrong, I will stick to vet.

So its Vet or Med.

Nothing else for now, but I think I'm still fascinated by live saving scenarios. I just need to get the passion burning, after such a long hiatus from studies.

No thanks to the demanding family which wants me to do everything.

PS: Freedom in a month's time! No "BIN" right in the middle of nowhere, no expecting me to fetch who ever, no random calls to ask for transportation purposes and random questions, and best of all, no rants.

Wish me luck!


  1. All the best!

    If you get monbukagakusho doing medicine, I think the uni there doesnt get recognized by JPA is I'm not mistaken...

  2. @aziana: who cares? It's not like I'm coming back anyway! haah well, there are some which are recognized, university of tokyo maybe not, but osaka, chiba or kyoto is certainly recognized. I think kumamoto is also recognized also. So have to choose wisely lor

  3. I wish you good luck!!

    (You know our life after SPM is so similar...go A-levels, back STPM, can't decide on subjects, got multiple offers dunno which to choose, want save money etc...)

    Things will get better!

  4. good luck dude..... its a very long shot, but it will b the deciding factor, if u r meant to b a doc, u will b one. XD

  5. @del: haha what to do? same kind ma its like that. our wavelength quite similar I can say, just that you lagi terror

    @vincent: thanks man. will see how everything goes. So lost right now man. It's just so funny seeing others who didn't really do well can even have the courage to take up medicine

  6. know wat, actually science sounds much more inviting now.

  7. just finished med school. but if i had the chance to go back in time to choose again, maybe i'd choose differently.

    i am happy (currently, have yet to start work), definitely no regrets. but probably there would another choice to make me happier?

    eitherways, good luck! and to me, faith is all that matters! :)

  8. @joshua: owh thank you SOOOOO much! Really needed that confidence booster. I'll try to be more decisive and go on with my prime choice. BTW, which school were you in again??