Sunday, December 8, 2013

Buffetting : Lag Phase

Somehow everything in university life now is pretty much a lag.

Election is over; but the aftermath is pretty much still a big pain in the ass.

I've yet to get back to my gym regime, because my waist is just still biting me hard.

Swimming regime has also been a drag for pete knows reason.

Academics also have been a drag, my motivation to draw bones, muscles and chart physiology flows have been down the drain; I wonder why.
love this picture with the girls for the Uniqlo Heattech submission. 

The text between me and T has been really limited and dry, T probably is like SUPER BUSY and I MUST BE UNDERSTANDING AND PATIENT. It's like our relationship has finally meet its terminal lag phase before in plunges or rockets.

There are several matters I need to deal with now. But somehow my laziness brought the procrastination level in my life to a whole new level.

I kinda lost the motivation somewhere, maybe I'm being too comfortable.

I have a lot of Christmas presents to prepare, practical and finals to prepare, vending machines to be brought into the faculty, and definitely a new physique or me and T prolly break up because we both are gaining weight . Just saying.

On the side note, Big Bad Wolf was a downer this year, again. I think I'm the type who will spend on the books that I want, instead of wasting my time in the midst of book maze; but not knowing what I want.

Time to get back on the saddle!


  1. It's the busy time of the year again. Well you do have big plans for ahem, you and T. Try and hold on till next year okay! After all, you two love birds are going to meet up.

    LDR is hard. Not even going to lie but....if both of you have faith, well, let's just say life is continue to amaze all of us I guess.

    1. Haha not that big; if we are actually in the same page, lol. Can't even get pass the first step yet! Yes, definitely holding still. The 3 weeks' practical probably will numb me up. APRIL HAD NEVER SEEMED THIS LONG BEFORE!!!!

      LDR, well its all the about faith isn't it? I guess I have to give in; it's really all we both have for each other.

  2. Since both of you are gaining weight, there's no risk of breakup!

    1. LOLOLOLOL~ That's a new one! No no no no, I need to prepare for CNY also. No new clothes in the cart yet, and I will have no time to shop. CNY may be a nightmare.

      Still, I don't wanna look out of shape, again with him in close proximity this time XD