Sunday, October 30, 2011

Buffetting : Buddy Commotion

The 1 week term break is gonna end today and holly molly I still have 3 assignments to finish ARGH!!!!! Society and changes is really a bug! I think I will result to finding history of Subang Jaya instead now.

Back to the buddy commotion.

In UPM's vet course, we have this buddy system amongst the Chinese community. It's suppose to be some guidance system for 1st years, so that we don't feel so lost, blur and misled in new environment and all.

Being a typical Selangorian, I mean geez I was here for the last 13 years no doubt, I'd pretty familiar with all the public transport systems around, the only thing I'd really need help is to survive UPM.

Of course that, is the most important thing in university.

The buddy system is a great way to have interactions between each years, 1-5, and to actually have another family-like environment outside our home, which I kinda like a lot.

The commotion.

The system started off as a conventional postage system, in which each DVM(Doc of Vet Med, 1 and 2) will have a postman to send those letters and all between years.

The seniors didn't exactly pick their juniors, they were suppose to draw lots because of some problems they had previous years by choosing.

We were all given a sheet to fill up our infos and all, and the last bullet asking,
"What do you look for in a buddy?"

Or something like that.

Being the ambitious and Leo me, I wrote,
"A competent leader, teacher and tutor."

Anyhow, the first letter from the buddy was soon sent, like I don't know in 2 days' time?

The letter was kinda brief, but being Leo me and hot-headed me again, this sentence kinda ticked me off a lil,
"But no personal private questions."

Earth to buddy! How is it that I can't ask personal private questions? And I replied a whole hell hedge of letter back to my buddy, of course signaling a lil distress of mine not being able to comprehend the magnitude and boundary of "personal private question".

Yeap, we're good now~
Hail ho, and now comes the nightmare.

Somehow the senior interpreted the letter a lil differently than I'd expected. Probably because of the cultural difference. To make things worse, the whole gang of the girl seniors actually had a "share" session over the letters, and they all didn't like it.

Hence it was quite obvious that after the letter sending day some of the girl seniors totally had the "I-so-gonna-kill-you" aura around them.

What killed me was the signature hunt. We were suppose to get signatures from the seniors so that we can know them more, and for them to fool us around because they got fooled before also.

The catch is, there are tasks.

Some tasks were easy, some tasks are just downright crazy, I mean, singing without teeth visible? Practically singing like an old man toothless.

And the killouras(the gang of girl seniors) weren't that easy either, and they totally despised me.

That's kinda comprehend-able, seeing how they have misunderstood my letter.

And till the last day of the signature getting day, I've yet to obtained some of the signs, and there were to be a punishment that night.

The thing about being overly outspoken is, you never knew if someone else'd actually get offended or can take the impulse as the people you dealt with in your own place.

Cultural difference so-to-speak?

The killouras totally membered-up when we were performing our lil dance to some seniors.

There's a senior O, and she was totally fine with me on the orientation day, for me being crazy and whacky and all. That night when we were performing, the killoura totally filled the whole room.

yeap, she read the letter,too.

So practically the whole girl senior faction was totally against me, probably except a few, the Js I guess. They were really supportive. J1 and J2.

Side track--- Identifying H the buddy:

And thank goodness for that, the few totally rooted for me all the way. I mean, I don't know what's going behind those killouras, but definitely from the way they dealt with me, definitely spotted the difference.

Then it came to the last day, the day which we are gonna have the "Revealing of Buddy" night.

Honestly speaking I was totally clueless on who the heck my buddy was.

A girl, definitely.

Who, I had no idea.

The seniors did ask around, you know how seniors connect to each other and all. They can syringe infos from the DVm 3, 4 or 5 seniors, among us juniors, among themselves.

And they were ALL, like ALL expecting me not to be able to guess who my senior was, because she totally didn't hint me at all, other than the alias, H.

But, they totally didn't see my aggressiveness coming in.

Me,Z and Y~
The thing that H hinted me, probably without her realizing it was asking me to talk to Y, a DVM3 senior.

I talked to Y, the night before the Revealing Night, and it was really nice talking to him. Discussed about how the uni life have been bla bla bla, you know the stuffs.

And coincidentally, I'd actually spoke to Z, a DVM 5 senior back few days, to get Z's sign for another senior's task.

Y pointed out that Z's the key to my buddy lineage.

That very night, I totally scorged Facebook for every single detail I can find to nail down who the heck H was.

And thanks to my resourcefulness and in-born smarts(just a lil) I found a picture.

Totally gave me the answer.

Back to commotion:

J1 girl was the head of the pack, apart from J1 boy the guy leader of year 2. And they both were really supportive for the 1st month in DVM.

J1girl totally rooted for me and explained to all the killouras on how I usually deal with thing, and how I'd speak. Somehow, being a leader is totally different, and she knows how people who are influential deal with things.

And she, is one heck of an influential leader too.

J2's in here~
And hence forth, the buddy commotion was solved. The killouras totally faded off when J1 told me she explained. The other girl seniors regained their normal auras, and the tensity was no longer in the air.

J2, was really nice also. She was the only senior actually text-ed me and gave me advices on various stuffs, and gave me the support I need when the other girl seniors totally sniped me down.

The Reveal Night went okay, and the seniors were totally shocked when I got my buddy right.

Pfft, Robinn's gonna give you the huge surprises you never expect people, cause I roll like a squash ball with no rails!

As for now, the buddy-me relation is okay. Not as close as my other friends with their buddies, probably because of the awkwardness built thanks to me.

So that' the buddy commotion I had, and this definitely made me and the seniors a lil more closer. Having disputes is actually one way to know people better.

And the lineage I'm from~

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Buffetting : Vet or Med?

Okay I should totally no do this but WTHELL. I have 3 more assignments plus 1 German postcard to write, and 6 subs' notes to type. Bla bla bla

So back to vet or med. Savante this post is for YOU!

Apparently the mother ain't that resisting on idea of me continuing the vet course anymore.

Probably because I've confessed that med may not be the right course, and I wouldn't enjoy my work in the long run.


Hmm, lets do the balancing of courses now:

Med Pros
1- Wow you are a human doc! Salute its hard!-- the respect
2- Thanks doc! I feel so much better!-- The gratitude
3- Let's get this bed to the OT fast! Go Go go!!! -- The satisfaction
4- You're earning bucks man! When's the next outing?-- The money
5- Oh my son's a doc, so proud la-- the mum.

Med Cons
1- Fark study like mad for 5 yrs -- the non-stop study
2- Fark damn stress I just killed another patient!-- the stress
3- Fark so many other docs! I'm just another, doc!-- the exponential increase
4- Fark I wanna go somewhere else, somewhere else .....--- the lifeless
5- Fark I can't find any job in 5 yrs time!-- the increase, again
6- Fark, I totally should have continued with vet-- the regret
7- Fark, 450k, not cheap man!-- the money

Vet Pros
1- Cheap sial! 20k and I'm earning them back in a year!And I can earn more!-- the money
2- I'm not only treating dogs and cats! I'm dealing with agriculture and wildlife!-- the new field
3- Omgod you're a vet?!! There's like none in my area!-- the prestige
4- Omgod you're a vet, you're god like here!-- the supremacy overseas compared to doc.
5- Dogs cute! Cattle cute! Horses cute! Lions Cute!-- the other satisfaction
6- Whoa, events, events and more events!-- the practical.
7- Let's go to UK,US, Germany, HK, SG, Thailand.#$@#$@#$ for practical!-- the experience
8- I totally love these people-- the company

Vet Cons
1- I totally should have done med-- the other regret
2- My son is a doktor BINATANG-- the mum
3- Harh? Vet ar? Kenot become human doc then become animal la?-- the misconception in Msia.

Practically, I mean most people will just say because you re engaged in vet medicine already, there's probably minimum cons that you have YET to see.

True, but I've seen enough for med, don't I? If there's so many docs in 5 years' time, what's the point to be part of a community which is THAT large? I'm no longer coveted. Medicine in Msia has became a "trend" course, and anyone can take it.

Seriously, Tom, Dick and Harry can just take it anywhere. Private universities, Russia, India, Indonesia, with all sorts of results.

You wanna say I'm rigid and being results orientated? We'll see how things turn out. Let's hope those doc wannabes can survive in 4th and 5th year.

Do drop your thoughts by the comment box if you think I've missed out on any course's pros or cons!

So far its like a 70V-30M proportion, but mum's not quitting to sway me back to med.

We were like on our way back home from the warehouse(where I became kuli) and she was asking if I'm really doing that well and happy in vet.

I said so so, and I mentioned how med's gonna turn out in 5 years and all, and how vet's going to be a different turning.

She mentioned that she'd rather me continue as a GP than specialist, and try to use my charisma and languages advantage to outshine the other common docs. I have Japanese basics and is learning German, with another couple of years down the road I could have picked up basic Korean and French. I will be then dealing with cross continent medical cases and clients instead of Malaysia's conventional practitioners.

Well, true enough, and taking Japanese was really, really wanting to have a advantage over other graduates or competitors. I was really ambitious.

And somehow, when my mum strike me with that, I realized how down-to-earth I've gotten over the years! I was THAT ambitious back in form 4, and now I am just trying to solve the problems I'm facing, and moving on to big stuffs when I have the time!

Fine, I like the company, the new experience, the university I'm enrolled to now.It's not the best in the world, but it sure hell is one of the best in Malaysia. Vet's the most reputable courses in the world, higher than Med! It's only in a backwater-ed agriculture country like Malaysia wouldn't appreciate the vet's contributions.

However, I do have the highest intention to save the rm450k for my mum. That amount of money, I'd rather she use them to get better staffs in the company, better maid, better quality of life instead of investing them on ME, my course which I do not guarantee a good outcome because of the resentment I've already had ever since I was steered into taking medicine.

It was a long term investment, but I'm already perfectly fine with vet, and its a course that I worked hard to enter, coincidentally. so she should just be relieved with that, because I'm already happy now! Plus, getting into vet coincidentally was really a mind blowing experience, and I would say external forces were at all. It totally spared me from my doubt from taking medicine, and continuing with vet is only but of rational right now! The mistake I made by putting vet into the list somehow turn out to be a right thing to do, I would really say.

What I've experienced this year, I put it as 冥冥中的安排。

I have no idea who or what, but it turned out to be one coincidence followed by another, with a very "but of course!" manner.

So its like a 90v-10m now. Only the slightest change or event will turn things around.

As for now, back to assignments and reptiles.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Buffetting : Busy Bee

Oh howdy mah blog, its like since Holocaust the last time I've kicked some texts into this black vortex of mine.

So recap on last post, I'm in university now!

Monash have seemed to accept my application as a medicine student in Sunway, so I'm now, again, torn between courses again.

Vet or Med? That's ze question.

Lets save that for the next post, back to vet.

I have a confession, UPM is treating me too well for me to hate it.

The new vet faculty is within walking distance, not to mention the latest and best residential college I'm being situated in, oh and the ever supporting student body of the vet fac.

So how's life as a DVM student in UPM?

It's really heck of an experience. We are like the pioneer program in the university, and due to our sole faculty and course structure, people around practically treat us like gods, even better than medic students because of our prestige over them.


Even for biochemistry, only vet course is given strict instruction for SUBJECTIVE questions only. Medic students have MCQs! Superiority of history much?

What's more the small size of the faculty literally makes everyone freakin noticeable, be it first year to fifth year, and staffs to lecturers and deans.

The lecturers and the deans are like classmates, coursemates, student-teachers; wacking each others' back during a conversation is totally normal.

Don't you just love the company around?

That's for the lecturer, as for the student body, they are quite the cool dudes too.

The seniors, well maybe 30 to 45% are really nice, and if you are the sporting type they treat you even better.

And UPM have this traditional system called the Buddy System, mostly within the students of their own races, and as for mine of course Chinese.

The Buddy, or so to speak aka our Direct Seniors will take us under their wings and be our guides throughout the years of us year 1 as DVM students.

Speaking of which, I had this little commotion between me and my direct senior due to some mis communication. And that is also for another post.

See how many OTHER posts I have to make? IT's like everything in the course just howl in like a wave of non-stop earthquake, and each of us year1 barely had the time to breathe.

Oh did I mention about my coursemates? Well, only 9 of us make up of STPM students, and there's only 9 chinese boys in the whole course consisting of 109 students.

See how endangered our current status is? Of course, not all Chinese boys took STPM, 2 girls took STPM, and the other 2 boys were from matrics and agriculture foundation.

The guys are cool, fun to be around. Not much of a problem living under the same roof with them, though our study methods and approaches might differ.

Well only one of us differ. You know how bookworms can get, and their freaking solitary modes by hitting the libraries and not partaking in activities. Oh well, I'm not a bookworm so lets just be me.

And the girls are cool too! We practically grew so much closer thanks to Course Night, which I have to save for another post.

Omgee I totally forgotten about Dogathon! Holy, the list of other posts we have till now is:

1-- Vet or Med?
2-- The little Buddy Commotion
3-- Dogathon
4-- Course Night
5-- Course mates
6-- Courses taken
7-- New language==> German(Yay! Ich bin ein Junge~)
8-- JLPT N2
9-- Food hunt!
10-- Transportation patience

Crap, how am I suppose to post all these? It's okay, I have a week of sem break to post on these XD

Oh well, by the way I'm test free! Well, maybe one last test, but that's totally unpreparable so screw that.