Sunday, May 29, 2011

Buffetting : Japalore 2

Well, as far as I'm concern, the tsunami and radiation leakage in Japan didn't even stirred once in my head when I was applying for the Japanese Government Scholarship.

Seriously, it's not like I'm THAT good till I can enter Tokyo Imperial University for medicine even if I got the scholarship.

I'd probably end up in Kyoto University or some lower tiered ones.

Anyway, this is the second time I head out t SMJK Confucius in Lorong Hang Jebat forthe examination.

And this time, I DROVE THERE~

Somehow I have this good sense of direction.

Although I did seek for my parents' help is getting direction to the school, but the direction somehow went off radar when I took the U-turn at the roundabout beside Masjid Negara.

Yet, smarty pants me with desperatomones somehow triggered myself that Jalan Loke Yew and Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lok is the way, and viola~ I'm there.


About the exam, so so.

Biology and Chemistry was manageable, the only thing which I don't know probably is the one which I never seen in my life before

Mathematics was forever suckily sucky, so no comment there. Thank goodness I managed to answer at least 70% of the questions.

English was so so, finished it in 30 minutes' time, proving its simplicity.

Japanese was a major headache literally, with all the tiny kanas plus the insufficient sleep in the night before, the whole pain was magnified like 100 times.

Overall, the one hour stipulated for Bio and Chem was just nice, in which I didn't had time to recheck everything. But I managed to finish 99% of the questions.

Mathematics, well, screw it.

I'd really hope I get to the interview this time, everything felt like a breeze for the whole day, minus the fact that I couldn't sleep whole night for pete knows reasons.

At least I can finally leave the house to a FAR FAR place.

Yet, thinking too much might just backfire.

Owh well, lets hope for the best.

PS: Keith if you are reading I've added you in my blog roll! Lets get closer from now on!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Buffetting : Stepping out

I think I somehow managed build up this barrier, or rather a negative mentality in which I can live without anyone around me. It's weird in the sense that it just pop out of nowhere in my head when I know someone, or I will be doing something alone.

it's okay, it has always and will continue to be like that anyway. I've been through this far alone.

It is definitely not a good thought to emerge, especially when I actually longed for an active social life in the future.

Well, I guess making friends and meeting out is still okay.

But other than that, well I can and should do everything else alone.

Wonder when will I actually step out of this barrier bubble.

*sigh* I don't know. Sometimes I just feel like I'm one misplaced chess piece.

No matter what step I take next, I still do not belong there, and will be eventually eliminated soon.

Let's not let these trivial thoughts get into the gym regime should we?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Buffetting : Rec

Think what you think but this is a much more permanent and convenient way to record my body check regime.


Total Body Water % : 60.9%
Muscle mass: 73.8kg
Physique Rating: 6
Fat %: 16.9%
Bone Mass: 4.0kg
Visceral fat rating : 9
Metabolic age: 17


Total Body Water % : 62.8%( up by 2%)
Muscle mass: 76.5kg( up by 2.7kg)
Physique Rating: 6(same)
Fat %: 14.2%(down up 2.7%)
Bone Mass: 4.1kg( up by0.1kg)
Visceral fat rating : 9(same)
Metabolic age: 16( down by 1 year)

Pretty much an improvement, but it should never stop here.

Somehow I still ain't able to lose the blob around the waist, time to hit more yogurt, have been a lil lazy to whip them up lately.

Weird, my bone mass actually increased by 100g, do i still have the ability to grow??!!! Yes yes taller means longer look which is = less roundification!

What ever, call me a freak but this is how I rock~

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Buffetting : Choices 3

Well, I think I'm one fickle-minded son of a bitch.

1st was the country, 2nd was the universities in Malaysia, now the course itself.

Fucked up would be the term comes into mind naturally.

Talked to Clayden the other day about taking an alternative degree which is Linguistics.

Why? Well, language is the most formidable weapon! Cliche as it sounds, the tongue is always sharper than the sword.

And plus I always think that possessing multiple languages is definitely a plus point in a person's life, and definitely makes someone sexier~

The thing is I enjoy talking and yapping, and taking linguistics seemed to be logical because of the amount of time I deal with the ways and flow of a specific language.

Geez I've even started to correct my own phonetics these days, must be the long break.

So now its like Medicine and Linguistics.

I'm not sure if I should put Law or anything else into the list right now, its just that I really need an extra insurance because of the doc overdose issue.

33 medical institution churning out at least 200 doctors in a year! By the time I graduate there are already 33X200X(5+1) = you do the math.

So yes I worry ALL THE TIME, screw me again.

Its actually all about the family thing. It's like you've settled down before that you are going to take medicine, and when people asked you say" tentatively medicine" and the whole community will pin you down and expect you to treat them in 5 years time.

Earth to Community, I haven't even enroll yet. All these long holiday seemed to make it even harder to keep myself focused onto the course itself because of the amount of exposure I'm dealing with, its like SPM break all over, just that now its magnified by at least 3 times.

If someone were to be blamed it would be the family background again. Typical chinese family, cousins compared with cousins, eldest son being the top cream in the house, you name it I've probably lived it.

I just wished the local universities can release their results faster, and July lands in faster.

I'm suffocating like shit now.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Buffetting: Wesak Spirit

It's only normal for me to help out every year in the temple after all the time I've spent in practicing the Dhamma.

So, as usual, I went as volunteer again under the youth section this year.

Although I was informed that I will be helping in the health check-up section this year, which obviously will help me in getting experience about the health care, not to mention picking up some tips off the doctor on duty, I was somehow directed to the ushering division.

Meaning, ambassador duties.

It's so weird that I become so natural in dealing with crowds, but it was my really my first time being an usher in the temple, with all the adults watching you and all.

But, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of being an authority part of the event, telling people where, what to do and solving their problems and all.

As glamorous as it sounded, the whole was just crowd control and trafficking.

You know desperate people can get when it comes to waiting for their turn to get into shrine halls, and Chinese being most of the devotees in Buddhism, the desperation is elevated to a whole new level.

Woohoo Hannah Yeoh in the temple!
I mean, when you come over to offer your respect and flowers to the Buddha, do it with a sincere heart, WAIT FOR TURN PATIENTLY, DO NOT CUT LINES, and freaking DO NOT THINK YOU ARE MORE SUPERIOR THAN ANY OF OTHERS.

There are these portion of Chinese(typical ones) who just ramble ramble and ramble when we told them the first session has already commenced, just be back in 30 minutes. The whole SJBA have that many activities going like FREE FOOD, health check, movie festival, bazaar and oil lighting and all sorts. Just be back in 30 minutes!
For illustration purposes only

And there's another portion who just kept on mumbling about how they should have gone it first and all. Hello, if you ain't know anything you ain't do complain okay. Owh well, I was really reluctant to explain further anyway so let them be.

Other than these portions, the other devotees were relatively nice and I just love the way they smile back or replied when I greet them Happy Wesak Day with my biggest smile~ It just feel so RIGHT, or just pure satisfaction in seeing people replying smiles and all.

we even had Selangor's Menteri Besar in the temple! Big shot big shot~

And that was practically my job for the whole day, from 8 to 5. As boring as it sounded HERE, things were definitely more lively back in the shrine hall. It was like back in the prefect days~

Yea I have this weird tendency to get myself into jobs and weird duties so screw me.

Lets hope the Wesak spirit stays no matter if its wesak or not.

Even the dust on my feet formed a LOVE~

May you readers be well and happy always also.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Buffetting : The B&G Issue

I have to express this. I want to be back in STPM right now.

It's even more tiring to have so much more time compared to when I need to focus all my might to JUST study.

The mind tends to fly so much more, and the flight is even brought to a higher extend when you are all alone at home without anyone to talk to you*other than the siblings*

So it all comes back to the BnG thing.

IT was just a text message from S.

It seemed like S is going steady with the instructor mentioned. Going out of movies and all.

But then again, its a gym instructor. As stereotypical as it sounds, yes what else gym instructors go for their students.

You know the drill, I need not say further more.
Honestly speaking this is SO NONE OF MY BUSINESS. I have no idea how many freakin times I've screamed at myself.

I seriously think that its the extra time. Back in the study days I have no need to care nor spend time on these, why now.....

The worst is, I'm like younger than S, so S should be able to take care things better than I do. So seriously don't bother anymore should be the move, no?

I should probably go back to my kid's world because I am that kiddy.

Come on, time to dig back to Digimon once more.

PS: I am that "kepo" ain't I? Why should I intervene with S's relationship anyway?

Best song to express my feelings right now

Buffetting : Accident again.

Hold your thoughts, I didn't get involve in one.

My car is safe, as worn out as ever. And I'm safe, the only thing which caused the scratch on my right calf is due to my stupid car's faulty hand break.

Anyway, lets get back to what happened.

I was supposed to turn into the right lane from the junction near SS15 market.

Then you know how irresponsible and desperate people can get in order to eat, dine or have any business in SS15, so double parking is EVERYWHERE.
Blue-mine, Red-Laxus, Yellow-Biker.

And so being small Kembara driver like me, I have had to driver a lil further up to the middle of the incoming lane from the right in order to see if any car is coming.

There was this Laxus coming over, but I know I can make it if I were fast enough and I proceeded.

And the Laxus was kind enough to break, but there's this asshole again.


Farking motorbike have to cut this guys lane to the right.

I mean seriously, there are cars coming over from the opposite also right? You should never cut the lane. Plus, the Laxus was already taking half of the right lane also, don't they have any brain?

And I ducked, but the bike hit the car, and the whole bumper came off from the right.

I mean theoretically I'm wrong because I should have waited. But don't the motorbike driver bare any responsibility either?

I should have just drove off like anyone else would, but my conscious(fark you conscious) told me to go back.

Negotiation happened and I called the dad.

Didn't turn out well, dad ain't willing to pay because I did not do anything to his car. IF anyone should pay its the bike driver because he banged this guy.

Actually this Laxus guy, malay, seemed to be real nice. It's such a pity he had to meet a driver like me, break his car for him, and got knocked down by the motorcyclist some more.

Officially hate all wantan motorcyclists now.

Yet, something he said also bothered me alot. He said its fine, without reporting to the police and no further actions taken.

Only people who can come back after this to hunt you down is able to say and let something go like that.

Well, I guess I think too much also, because its just my kembara plate number he can remember, and I'm changing it off too. So yea.

Whose fault do you think it was? Mine or the biker? Laxus guy definitely didn't do anything wrong. May he be well and happy always.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Buffetting : Homecooked

I was pondering on what tags should I post this on, tradition or something else?

I guess its a Chinese tradition.

Bird nest, Chicken essence, Groundnut roots, ring any bell?

Yea the typical Chinese house growth tonics.

Well, not exactly tonics, but they are like things to be cooked and watched over by the clock when somebody in the house is in convalescence, so that they get back in shape ASAP.

As for today, the parents managed to cook this:

Slow-cooked longan with herbs(pete knows what's in side) and mini red dates. Seriously I suck in English good terms Screw that, I'm a typical Chinese and I'm cool like that. Who cares if I can't express food in English? As long as they taste great.

This was supposed to increase the stamina for my sis, in this case almost everyone in the house needs it cause we are all heading for a better performance in badminton. So hopefully it helps.

Plus, its super good and sweet thanks to the chicken, not to mention super oily, felt so sinful after the pleasure. XD Sounds like one night stand, no?

Owh I kinda missed the day I need to be the house cook. It's like the perfect training ground for house husband training. I'm sure anyone who bring me home now can get like great soups every night.

Peanuts with lotus roots, ABC soup, Spinach with dates, Winter melon stir, you name it. As long as a slow cooker exist, I can make any soup~

Why am I promoting myself for someone else as a maid again?

Must be the extra free time I have at home.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Buffetting : Offer Letters

So yes I did mention aeons ago that I will be applying for the whole wide world.

Guess what? I've only narrowed down to Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong today.

Not to mention the high-class Hong Kong University which have not replied my application till today, in which the app status online states "Under Consideration"

Ello, even Singapore have sent me my OFFER LETTERS already. Can't you just make up your mind and tell me if I've made it through or not?

Anyways, I've promised to post up on the offer letters received, so here we go:

The ones from IMU and Newcastle has been mentioned here, so lets not waste time there.

Next one to follow is National University of Singapore, which managed to offer me :

5th choice though. Went blank when I saw the words popped up in bold capital letters when I checked. I guess Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Chem Engineering is too much for me to handle in NUS. Appealing for science soon, hopefully things will turn out okay.

Next in line , Nanyang Technological University offered me:

Well, not bad I'd say. It was my 3rd choice, behind Chem Engineering, and Chem Engineering+ Business minor. I had a hunch on Singapore is trying to pull me to the business side instead of sciences. Is it a sign or something?

Owh! I forgot! My long lost dream!

The Japanese Embassy Of Malaysia dropped this too:

I swear I will write all my ref no and name properly in every single sheet to reduce my failure chances! Plus I'm like the first person to apply in Natural Science B, NSB001, ain't a number you will miss in a long shot, no?

That pretty much sums up my offers so far.

2 med school offers, 1 business school offer, and 1 architecture and design school offer( yes real estate is in this school).

Pete knows what Malaysian Universities will offer me. Another 2 months to rot before I know my verdict.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Buffetting : What Matters Most, Again.

Being free and course-less around sure made plenty of room for weird thoughts and fantasies.

Owh well, not too close to fantasies yet, just thoughts.

Hmm, where should I start again.

I guess its just the curiosity-kills-the-cat scenario again.

It never occur to me that I some how, well, wants to be in a relationship, for now, till 2 of my friends told me about their experiences lately.

Well lest start with the girl, Y.

Y is a tough girl. Stunning, definitely the girl who guys go gaga over her, worshiping her like a queen bee.

Being a girl who knows what she wants, she has finally seeing someone now. 9 years elder, with a child.

She described their relationship as, well pretty much stable and very adult.

The main reason they got together is because Y knew that He knows what he wants, and is mature enough to deal with various matters, and well the whole thing is just mutual.

I guess I'm one of the first fellas Y actually told. The instant realization came into play when Y picked up the phone and talked to a person with such a low tone which I never heard before in my life dealing with Y.

Well, seeing that she is going stable, and being so adult makes me feel like I'm in a totally different league from Y now.

Why? Cause I'm still craving for child's play, I guess.

What Y's going through now made me always think of, what do I really look for in the other half?

Matured? Stable? or as long as we have fun and is happy together will just do good?

Weird, I'd never really thought about it. It's just a feeling which I need I guess.

Since young, I only defines a person really attracts me when I go breathless in front of them.

Sadly till today, the whole "moment' hasn't really happened yet.

And then we have S, which I guess it was just a short-term affinity I had for S. Apparently the gym instructor is hitting on S.

Well, about S, still in the verge of knowing S. I've also been brainwashing myself to tell myself that S ain't exactly the person I'm looking for, because S totally violates the dream partner I have had.

Contradictory, I thought I have had no vision of my future mate?

The feeling's absent I guess.

Back to the gym instructor. Weird. I mean like totally weird.

But then again, things like this happens everywhere. Not only gym instructors, secretary-boss relationship.

What else, golf-instructor, tennis instructor, swimming instructors. It's like all instructors hits on their students all the time.

They might not hit ALL their students, but one in a blue moon normally just happen.

Interacted with the instructor before, though he ain't the super good-looking nor the nice type, The conversation between me and him never go beyond 30 seconds. And here he is texting S almost on hour basis.

Owh well, screw that, I have better friends and circles to interact with. Lets keep things professional between me and this particular instructor.

And well, the S incidence now pricked me on, do I really need this now?

What happened to the celibacy vow I made till 30? Am I going to revoke it?

Is it wise to revoke it? At least for now?

Just don't really want this kinda stuffs get into my high school-university transition period. The damages are normally severe and I'm not sure if I can handle it.

So, what matters most this time?

Looks, like what S have, or just plain maturity like Y is dealing with, or feeling like what I have always thought of?

Or you might just tell me its all in one. Seriously, pick one.

Buffetting : Mother's Day no?

Well of course my family do celebrate, its just that we do it with a few more other relatives' families.

Being in a family which calls for weekly mahjong and not to mention everyone-must-be-there birthdays, things like Mothers' Day never get out of the picture.

This year, well various parties called for Shabu-shabu, which we literally kicked the place down because of the snobbish+brainless receptionist.

I mean seriously, we have like 23 person coming in for a dinner, what kind of waitress or any hospitality management would put all 23 of the human in a looooong row for long hours dining like shabu2?

Yea we have one in Shabu-shabu bandar puteri puchong.

Worse,even after we complained, they just said, " Sorry ar. Ngo dei joi do hor yi bai lei di hai lit dou jek, Ngo dei dou yao leng yat ban book jor"
"I'm sorry, we can only put you here. We have another big party who booked the place also."

That was when my mum just go ticked off and tell them to cancel the bill.

What's the point of eating when we can chat in a proper seating? Plus, we were the earliest there when nobody, I mean nobody was there, and they dare challenge the rights of the consumers.

Snobbish assholes. They think they are that great till the point they do not need to entertain the needs of other customers.

Seriously, if I weren't distracted by Rabbit's messages back then, I would have told them I will call up the Consumer's Tribunal to file a report.

So, I hereby note you wise consumers, Don't go to Shabu-Shabu Bandar Puteri Puchong. This is the 3rd time they screwed up my appetite because of their irresponsible cum arrogant hospitality attitude.

Limited choice of food, not to mention the limited spaces.

Definitely not a good place for FUN. Dating maybe, but who goes on a date in these kinda cheap places?

So we headed back to Sunway Mentari for steamboat. Well, pretty much all steamboats in Mentari looks and tastes the same. But somehow, it didn't satisfy my craving for steamboat.

Guess Yuen have had much more varieties.

As for the present, well I never thought of presents for the mom anyway.

What's the point. Even when my other siblings got her the present, by the end of the day she just said,
" Ni men hen hui liao lui"
"You guys really know how to waster the money,"

So fine, I don't buy any. It's not like I paid anything anyway. So screw the present.

I think being an up-to-standard son is a more than enough present for her.

I think 5 awards in a day should do the trick.
Honestly, for my whole life I've just been living for someone else, for the family instead of myself.

I have to be the eldest son,
be the first one to pick up my squash racquet when the alarm kicked off,
be the first to try out almost everything in life, including screwing up my education first,
be the first to say yes to anything putting in front of me,
be the first to stand up high in other relatives' eyes to protect my family's dignity,
be the one who can balance up both studies and management skills as good as possible.

There are times when I just want to quit and just throw everything down and tell the family,

"Look at all the eldest brothers out there. They don't have to care. Why should I need to care? I can choose not to."

But I never chose not to.

Probably is the guilt mentality implanted in me along my way as a prefect.

Everything I do has got to go over a judgment filter before I make decisions.

And well, as for the mother's and father's day present, I think I've made my move by allowing them both to stand on the stage of my school in front of almost all the brightest students in the school, and let them listen to all my achievements attained for the my past secondary school years when they pressured me with all their might so that I can make them proud in front of so many other people's eyes, including of friends, relatives and clients.

I think I've done enough. Seriously, how many sons out there can actually do all these, at the same time willing to stay put at home and be the in house maid cum driver?

Plenty have said I've done enough, and not many out there have been through what I have had.

Yet, sometimes the fools who are never satisfied ask for more.

Get Local universities.
Get scholarships.
Get this and get that.

Sheesh, from a mother's day post, how did it landed on my pathetic life again?

Well, that's my mother's day reflection.

I wouldn't say I'm the most filial son.

I don't do "I love you mum" simply because there are stuffs that made me resent, and I can never say that out loud.

I don't even participate in the "love-you-mum" posts in facebook because I do not portray something which I don't feel at all.

The only thing I could thought to wish was, be healthy. Dot.

But I think I can live up to myself, after all I've been put through by my parents.

I've done my part didn't I?

As for Mother's day, well, I wouldn't say I wasn't happy at all, but there are things that occur which really ticks the whole supposingly-meaningful-event because the mother's stubbornness.

Happy Mother's day, no?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Buffetting : KL Tower Night International Towerthon 2011

Finally, I've made my first move on my first running event.

Jakun being jakun. Have to take the picture of this baby.

Towerthon, one word to explain everything.


Never knew life could be this good after you complete the run, and getting the medal at the finish floor, literally. And guess what? I managed to complete the whole 2056 or 2058 fleets of stairs in:

Yay! I was really shocked to know my time ya know!

I was the fourth among the 7 friends who went, and well, 469th among 3500 contestants including the girls.

469, sheesh I some how became really sensitive to these 3 numbers, 4-for 69.

Okay overboard.

The organizers did a great job I guess.

bib chip bib chip!!!!

Other than the constant sweeping by the other inconsiderate contestants, the whole KL towerthon team was pretty much really nice.

"Come on its only 3 more storeys!"

"Boost up with 100plus!"

"You can do it!!!"

Owh, my heart just pumped even harder when I ran.

Oops, the experience.

We were actually late for the 8.00 pm registration. But thankfully, the organizers were smart enough to flag off with a 300 participants per flagging method. In that sense we have had more time to prepare and take a break after sprinting our way from Dang Wangi LRT station.

Alrighty, the run started off from the bottom of the tower, and we were supposed to run for about 1 to 2km, maybe less uphill towards the entrance of the tower.

Talk about killer air. My throat was freaking dry after I reached the tower entrance. Probably due to the exhaust-gas-filled-air.

Blasted all the way up to the 8th floor after a 100plus, then I needed a 10 sec break.

Blasted to 12th floor and keep on telling myself that I can go for another dozen of storeys if I could do it by now.

Rested again at the 16th floor to rest the legs. Seriously, I thought I was going to break my knees, but the thighs were the killer pains.

Blasted again up to the 22th floor, only to realize there were more.

Finally to TH00, the last water station. It was then that we were informed that we have only last 3 storeys to go.

When I hit TH03, it was like I've conquered Malaysia somehow.

Seriously, I've conquered Malaysia for the 2nd time! 1st, STPM. Now KL Tower. How many people out there did the exact same thing man?

Met my friend who won me by a minute.

What's next? Getting down. They only have had like 4 lifts for the 1000 plus participants plus PUBLIC.

I was like, ello, ain't we the public too?

Owh no, we are participants.

So you know, Malaysians being Malaysians, with testosterone and all some more, they have GOT TO get down FIRST.

"Boo" "Owh" "Woi" and all sorts come into the picture very fast.

As for me, well I was smart enough to help out at the water station to refill the 100plus and mineral water for the other participants to kill some time and wait for the next elevators instead of squeezing with other sweat-drenched homo sapiens.

Helping out was fun and meaningful. Plus, you can actually help out in cheering for the people.

And, taxing on some of the 100plus along the way. XD

As the crowd reduce its size around, I made my move down the elevator.

Met a few foreigners who dined in the revolving restaurant who were real nice.

"So was it real tiring? Did you look up the stairs when you were running" (+ the british accent)

" We care barely focus on other stuffs other than the stairs when we were running!" was my asnwer.

It was just so weird, because the interaction only existed between me and them only. The other
Malaysians were just, quiet.

Sheesh, talk about being COOL and all.

Overall, loved the experience. Being able to go with a whole other bunch of friends made it even awesome.

Great run! Now for NTV 7, Adidas, Std Chartered and maybe Penang Bridge Run~

PS: Somehow I managed to "attract" one of the new friend xD

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Buffetting : Friday Friday.

So its like everyone is doing a parody of Rebecca Black's FRIDAY in different language.

Living in a multiracial country like Msia, we just can't pass out an opportunity to flaunt our known language can we?

So there we have a list of different languages' Friday:

The original

Malay version

Hokkien version

Chinaman Chinese version

And last but not least, yours truly's

Japanese version.

Laugh all you want I don't care. At least I have a 15 minutes of fame XD

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Buffetting : First Thon

Woohoo finally I've managed to sign up for one real THON.

Fine its not exactly a marathon, just a towerthon.

Say, anyone knows how many fleets of stairs they have exactly in KL tower?


22 levels with 2058 of steps. Great. When sunday comes, I would probably be zombified.

Anyway, just to inform. I'm joining the KL Tower NIGHT Towerthon on this Saturday!

*imaginary confetti cannons booming*

From where I've eavesdropped today while I hit Muzium Telekom for my T-shirt and bib-no, there are 3500++ participants.

We were discussing if KL tower will crash while everyone resonate their footsteps on the stairs.

Yea, blame of the long study break.

And the muzium was, well, pretty worn down. The air-conds are up, but the museum can probably be walked-through in an hour's time.

As for the goody bag, everyone thought we got conned, big time.

RM10 voucher? ONLY?

Adidas and Std Chartered run you guys better have better goodies than what KL towerthon have installed.

Well, their T-shirt design is so so, but we were hoping for a black one instead.

Yet, because we are going to run at NIGHT. There are possibilities that people can't be seen in black.

As for their catch-phrase.

Catchy, but how thrilling can it be. Ghost popping out in the middle of the stairs?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Buffetting : Hiatus Apology

Alright there might not be many, fine, close to zero readers out there reading my blog but still, here's an apology to those who drop in every month XD

Why haven't I been updating?


What? You mean you can't blog if you are working?


What? I work from 10.30 am to 7.30pm, staring at people walking into Machines to get their hands on Ipad 2, Ipod or whatever heck I products in Machines for the last 3 days okay? Do you know how vexing is that?

Plus, I have to stand and butter up all the customers in Machines to ask them whether are they interested in getting and Ipad 2, then only I can start selling my plan.

Wait, what's the plan I'm selling?

Owh, you didn't know I was working for Maxis instead of Machines?

My bad.

Okay, reconstruct.

For the past weekend I was working under Maxis as a part-time promoter around the Machines franchise in Sunway Pyramid.

What was I promoting?

Yea these are the die-hard Ipad 2 fa-aaaans.
Ipad 2......

50 names in 3 days!

Data plan.

It's like when Machines launched Ipad 2, we collaborate with them to allow us to sell our plans while their customer get their hands on Ipad 2.

Let skip the product details to the customer should we?

Working as a promoter, even more for plans like Maxis Ipad 2 Data Plan, taught me lotsa stuffs.

1. It's all hard selling. Getting customers who come right up to you only happens when you hit jackpot. Oh wait, the commission for each plan sold is only RM5. Sad.

2. Smile, no matter how the customers looked at you,snarled at you, or just plain ignored you when you go up to them. Because they are God.

Uniform/T-shirt, which I need to return. *kiam siap*
3. It's okay to slack. Because by the end of the day, you still can't get any plans sold because of the suckiness of the plan itself! There's so many contradictory in the plans themselves so just holler as a promoter! But of course, I stick to my style to promote no matter what.

4. You can always make friends. With fellow promoters, or even those in Machines who are not your colleagues. Why? They are your entertainment.

5. Just be smart with the timing. Promoters are PROMOTERS. A difference in 5 minutes work is close to none. The only thing you will get is probably realizing you have like a gazillion hours more till work ends.

Quite whiny for a promoter, no?

Well, I get that a lot from S these days. Why so whiny???!!!

Okay, lets get man-ned up then.

Never knew thongs were legal in Parkson.
So that concludes what I've been up to these few days. I will post on the university offers I have received this year on my next post. Then I will see what I will take on based on various sources' advices and opinions, and of course my very own.