Sunday, January 25, 2015

Buffetting : Klang Vetsoul One-Day Trip

Before the semester break begin, the Vet Souls decided to head over to Klang for a one day eating ot thanks to the initiative of Polar Bear and Heart. We didn't go anywhere else apart from our food escape and series chasing on Officer Geomancer in 2 different houses with AOD.

This trip was a literal 1-day-5-meals escapade:

1- Breakfast

Famous Bak Kut Teh from Seng Huat. The portion and taste was so so on that day even Polar Bear felt the standard went down the drain. Always ask for a reheat if you find the soup is too cold because its really 10 times better when piping hot.

The portion in the picture is small, so I had to have 2 to get me filled. Maybe the large option would be suffice for one go. 

The best landmark to locate this shop is Klang KTM station, as it is right underneath an overhead bridge between the shop and the police station in Klang. Waze your way through and you will be fine.

2- Brunch

Belle being the typical Klangite suggested the Klang Cendol and Rojak for our brunch. Well, they were okay, I would still prefer SS15 Cendol and Rojak over this any time from a cost-effective point of view.

Done for stomach in the morning, we stopped by Belle's place for a good catch up and AOD drama-thon until lunch. That was the first time in Vet Soul travel history which everyone were actually not looking forward to the next meal because the food ain't digested yet in our tummy.

Nevertheless, what's planned must go on; hence we headed to Berkeley for the Fatty Pan Mee

3- Lunch in Taman Berkeley, Fatty Mee Hoon Kueh

The place was packed with people but the turnover rate was pretty high so it was totally fine for the 10 of us to get our spots. Our food came by about 10 minutes with great piping hot smoke. The mee hoon kuehs were cooked just nice with the flour aroma when you eat them, just how I like them. Some people don't like the idea of the flour-ish taste because it was deemed uncooked; I say otherwise. The only weird thing was, cili padi was used instead of the typical belacan. Their Q-noodle is also worth a try because its handmade and goes well with the same pork and stock from the mee hoon kueh.

This place is definitely a great one to go to for a quick meal or 5-meals challenge

Post noodle war, we headed to Heart's house to complete our movie marathon before the next battle in 1986.

4- Dinner, Cafe 1986 opposite Aeon Bukit Tinggi. 

Owned by Heart's sister's friend who was also borned in 1986, the place boasted 3 storeys of boutique, saloon, manicure and pedicure parlor as well as the cafe.
The in house salad was just so so.

The food was good because they only offer limited amount, which turned out to be quite the turn off because of the same reason as well.

The chocolate mud cake was my favorite because the cream and cake were both dense and thick. The ganache wasn't super duper sweet as well making the cake a good pick.

It has great ambient with great selection of drinks for catch up with friends; yet a high number of guests without food orders wasn't served because its not profitable to them either.
The mango maester is pretty good too.

Couples probably find this place quaint for a night out, and I really would come this far for the nature of my relationship in the future.

The boxer chicken wing is a must order! The presentation was kinda bad but its really good when the meaty juice explode in your mouth.

What the cafe boasts most is the pork burgers! Get your hands on them, as they only offer 2 varieties which are the Hawaian and Smoked Pork Burger. They were really good as the patties were made into perfection using different spices while the cheese goes so well on the patty itself. 

Their pasta selection was pretty vast too, and the salmon cream spaghetti was pretty good with generous salmon slices topping with a creamy white sauce. Not as overwhelming as carbonaras, but as good and thick.

Apparent burgers are meant to be eaten upside down so that the fillings are sustained by the cusp-shaped under-bread!

5- Klang Fried Chicken (Tan's Brothers) in Taman Klang Jaya, Jalan Seruling.
I am lack of photos because it was a take away and I was running low on enthusiasm. But that KFC is really worth the money of RM3 to be better than the commercial KFC, like dead serious. The queue will be long unless you want different parts; we were lucky because the thigh was on surplus that night. Do give it a try when you are there!

The outing will not be successful without Polar Bear and Heart's planning! Great thanks to all who have made the whole trip livelier!

Next post will probably continue on the onion toxicosis!

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