Monday, July 23, 2012

Buffetting : SPCA Penang Practical Day 6

So it came to the last day! Phew that was a long week! It would have been a short one if the mattress we had in the rented room was more than 5cm thick. Oh well, its RM50 for a week, so *bite lips*.
not gonna miss this place, much.

Slept in earlier last night to conserve energy, but the body woke up due to the biological alarm.

Walking to SPCA with only the three of us was somewhat lil more quieter and faster without Big Sis and Polar Bear. Well things go a lil more bustling with Big Sis, while I click in so much better with Polar Bear around.

Oh yea I forgot, we sent Big Sis off back to Kulim with her "potential" mate last evening when the He came over all the way from Tanjung Gawai just to get her back home.


We kinda interrogated her on how was their progress and all, asking how it started bla bla bla.

Somehow we are like family now, more than just friends, constantly wishing to have updates on these BnG matters so we wouldn't be left out.

On the verge, but somehow Big Sis wants to have more time to explore than to JUST get into a relationship. As childish as she is in real life, when it comes to relationship somehow Big Sis turns into a much more mature, person.

Anyway, being the last day in SPCA and all, we did the routine work again, and today we too managed to wrap up everything way before 10am, even without Big Sis around. Guess we know who are the efficient ones around the house now don't we? *pointing at thyself*

Since we finished up earlier, after socializing with the dogs we managed to have an extremely short chat session with Mdm Lily and Kogi, as well as getting some RM1 DvDs and SPCA Printed Ts to bring home. The designs were good, so you peeps who managed to drop by SPCA Penang should totally get some back home.

After some last cleaning up of the kennels and cattery, as well as bidding farewell to the pups and dogs we had with us for the week. It wasn't that hard leaving, but knowing some of them might not be able to live for a longer live due to the limited places and unfavorable body conditions, the reluctance to leave was so much magnified. Nevertheless, that's the fact we have to accept as future vets.

After packing up, we've decided to at least pay the areas around Kek Lok Si a visit. Yet, we didn't have the time to venture up to the temple itself due to time constrains. Heck we were there like 3pm, and we were totally off schedule.
Ayer Hitam Asam Laksa!!! Halal or not must TRY!!!

Walked around to snap a few pictures and got ourselves an Alphard full of souvenirs! Although they were all food. Vet's gotta know how to enjoy good food too ya know.
Ayer Hitam Duck Egg CKT!! Halal or Not MUST TRY!

The travel back wasn't much of a problem with Sea around to entertain me. He kept his end to the bargain of making sure I'm accompanied with debates and constant topic discussion. Practically what we do in the late nights back in the hostel in those sleepless nights.
The infamous CL High

Dropping the Sea in TBS(Tasik Bandar Selatan) and then Shanghai Night in the Old Serdang in a Saturday was surprisingly easy, thank goodness cause my eyes were literally crying for some rest after the 6 hours of journey including a pit stop in Ipoh for Salted Baked Chicken. Okay I might get the grammar wrong there but screw it.
Sea with Chicken, Crackers, Tambun Biscuit. The whole Penang food is on/in him.

Shanghai Night's mom insisted for me to dine in at 10pm at night! As nice as she was, I had to decline because I was dying for some good bed and rest, not to mention my laptop!!! The house was very decent and different indeed. The whole house reminds me of my ancestral home, but it was much bigger, with a wide area of garden compound and a chicken coop. A chicken coop! Oh mi gosh its like Harvest Moon all over! Minus the cows and sheeps and hot house and horse. The dogs were still there XD

Hit home around 10.45pm. Gosh, that was 7 hours of driving man. Thank goodness these travels are semester basis. I can't imagine myself traveling like this as a vet in the future up and down the Penisular.

By hook or by crook, I'll make sure I get plane tickets, eco or business whatever, no more eyesore.


  1. I hate to drive long distance.

    1. ditto. but the company makes a hue difference though