Thursday, June 30, 2011

Buffetting : Tie

Do you still remember when was your first time wearing a tie?

Okay, the spring and zipper type you wear in primary school, ain't counted.

Although the tie we were given in secondary school for prefect or students, the meaning behind it was just about school rules, no much significance.

However, the first tie worn for say things like first interview or first annual ball, or first day of work, now that's something worth going "Ah... Tie time."

At least for me.

The first time I wore a tie for formal stuffs, no idea.

But I do know it was my dad's, or my uncle's, or.. what ever. The point is,

It wasn't mine.

And to comply to the interview of JIS I'm having tomorrow, I had to buy my own black tie in order to suit my all-striped shirt.

It was suppose to be some formality or protocol in events that when you wear a striped shirt, plain tie. Plain shirt, striped or patterned tie.

At least, that was what I was informed.

Somehow I feel pathetic. I mean, I'm 20 and I have to get my OWN tie.

Ties are like things that people should buy for you as gifts, and by people I mean really close people, like your mate or other half.

Because its something that you can wear almost everyday, if you are a salary man, or professionals.

And to me its like something personal, close to wallets and watches. The ideal items to give men, to show that you do care, and actually noticed they are in dire need of these items.

But then again, once you have a good number of these items, the gifting should probably change. I mean, there are so many other stuffs like tie clips, or handkerchiefs, or wrist bangles(the ones from guess was really exquisite).

1 for birthday, 1 for valentines, 1 for christmas.

Provided that you are getting serious, the whole thing probably last about 30-40 years? 120 personal items, minus the worn out ones, I think these items are really good gift ideas.

But its so personal, getting it from someone who matters and means most to you makes the item much worth its significance.

Okay, that's all for tie rant. Heading for an interview for the MEXT scholarship tomorrow, wish me luck. If I end up in Japan, I will send in gifts from Japan for you loyal readers.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Buffetting : That Dirty Little Chinese Secret 2



















Sunday, June 26, 2011

Buffetting : Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011

I know I'm like one of the smartest arses around to spend an extra rm10 for the courier services to send the Race Entry Pack over to my house instead of me heading towards KL to face the hustle and bustle of Sweaty Land.

So SkyNet did the dropping trick, and the vest this year was GREEN~~ Yay go green for momma earth!

Now the run.

Okay seriously, I was totally targeting 40 minutes to 50 minutes.

But thanks to the weird shoes size and stupidity of me choosing a suck socks, blisters pumped on both feet of mine on the 4th km, total turn off man.

I had to walk for the next 3km because of the shitty pain the blister caused on my feet.

What's worse, my phone wasn't really working well with the headset, and songs weren't played as smoothly as they do in the treadmill! WTFudge.

I almost wanted to give up on the 5th km and just hitch a ride back to the starting point with the ambulance because of the blister.

thanks for the cheer! though we should have more in the middle instead of the end.
But thank goodness I didn't.

Gotta keep the stubbornness in the head, even if its short distance as 10km.

For the last 3 km, I just retied the shoe lace, braced myself and take the pain away into the wind.

Somehow I have like super lotsa excuses for me to be slow and trouble prone today.

1-The was drizzling. Drizzling+ Specs = Fog. But it stopped and the weather was superb for marathon later on. So yes, stupid excuses

2- I was freakin carrying my bag. Shouldn't have listened to the siblings. The phone, the touch and go was more than enough. Next run, nothing but phone and headset, period.

3- The blister. Why did I have blister today???!! I ran 3 km normally with the same shoes and socks but no blisters! Why today?!! Weird crap.

4- I totally had no sleep the night before, like I didn't sleep at all. I have no idea why my body ain't like sleeping these days at night. I had to kick in some nap with my bag as my pillow when I reached Jalan Parlimen while waiting for 7am to arrive from 5 am. I had to leave the house 4.15am to hitch the 4.30am shuttle bus from Kelana Jaya LRT, or I have to bear the traffic jam when I drive back from Dataran Merdeka.

Finish line! For 10km la.
The last kilometer was really long, and I had to stop like 2 times when I was on my way to Dataran Merdeka from Sogo.

Weak mental strength, need to work harder.

Amateur runners haha. He's better. 21km siot.

And what's best to reward yourself after 10km and a hectic week of exams?
Shell SS15 nasi lemak!!! totally skipping dinner man.
PS: Clayden! the dude with leggings! but the angmoh girl blocked him la.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Buffetting : IELTS Listening, Reading and Writing

We started off 9.00 am, when I woke up at 6.30am, and reached the IDP building by 7.30. So totally should have gave myself more time to sleep if I see this coming.

Anyway, I can't help to say that me and Y totally have this serendipity thing going on. We practically BANG into each other all the time in our lives!

1st was Post SPM, we were so close to each other in the JPA Panel.
2nd was STPM, we were totally the mad bitches in the class.

And now, our promise to take IELTS together since last year some how came true today, and we were sitting right beside each other.

So you can imagine the chatters we cracked in the examination hall, despite the existence of the red "Silence Please" button.

Possible outcome with Y? Naah. Y is too much of a friend to be considered as a mate, and we probably scream and each other every single day after we commit because of our strong personalities. Talk about Leos baham-kan each other.

So back to IELTS.

Pen and souvenir~

The only thing I can say is just be careful of their accents and key words. They always trick you with, "but", "yet", "apparently". So clear your mind of things like the hot lingerie let loose by the person right in front and you should be able to concentrate. 40 questions, 1 mark each.


It's easy. You just have to read and circle. End of story. It was easier than MUET in the sense that most of the answers require you to identify, not thinking too much. A little analysis work comes handy though. Overall, manageable. 40 questions also, 1 mark each.


Task 1 was stupid. You were supposed to transfer the data into sentences, and then summarize. I did the :
1-Intro, 2&3-Details + 4-Overview&summary method. Hopefully I got it right.

Task 2 was fun, because they were asking about positive and negative impacts of advertising, and does positive outweighs negative, which I said no, in fact the other way round.

I'm kinda worried because my thesis statement wasn't uber clear. I did state that negative impacts may overshadow the initial intentions, which is the positive part thought.

Anyway, the writing hormone kicked in once I started writing, hopefully everything turns out well.

Overall, thank goodness its over. Time to lay back and hit the malls for some good movies.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Buffetting ; Golden Friday Camp 2011

I think I've successfully put a bad image of my parents among my teachers.

Why, in making them to think that my parents made a Cinderella out of me in my house.

It was a short session before I gave a talk to my juniors on skills and important areas to tackle in the wonderful world of Chemistry *yay popping flames and colors!*

Anyway, here was how it went:

Teacher: So what have you been doing?
Me: Nothing. Just stay put at home.
Teacher: Not even working?
Me: Yes.
Teacher: Why not?

Me: Can't. Have to stay put to fetch my siblings.
Teacher: So its butler and maid duty for you la?
Me: Yes. But now got maid di, so butler jobs only.
Teacher: Do your parents pay you?
Me: No la. I don't even dare to take from them.
Teacher: Why not? You are not working also.
Me: But I'm 20. I'm not supposed to be asking for money from them by now.
Teacher: Then how you get your money to spend?
Me: I don't spend also.
Teacher:*with unbelievable eyes* You mean you don't go mamak-ing or movies with your friends?
Me: No, I stay at home the whole day. I only have my life at night.
Teacher: Then, where's your social life? What do you do???
Me: Mon, Thurs, Sat badminton, Tues,Fri, Sun gym. Wednesday Japanese class. All night.
Teacher: Aiyor, I mean real social life, not just these only la. Like go out with friends, meet up with new people and all.
Me: No choice, family matters. I'm not paying for my own living mar.
Teacher: Like cinderella.

Yes, at some points. Anyway, everything shall change after this July.

must have some lecturer look.

So, after I gave my Chemistry talk, I went back to school again for a BBQ session.

Felt so bad because I took their food! They have had extras, but still I didn't pay anything at all.

One thing about SMKSS17 was the affinity the teachers have for their ex-students. It's very touching and comforting to know that we are being appreciated, and we can appreciate the school and teacher body.

Well, from where I see, my batch's GFC was much more successful and livelier.
I even got freebies and RM50 to talk crap for one hours. Imagine I'm being paid like this every single time I talk crap.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Buffetting : Being Authoritative, again

I'm pretty well known among my guy peers and siblings that I'm VERY, uberly, insanely, unbelievably, Authoritative.

I realized this even more after I bombarded my brother when I was fetching him

*On the phone*
Me: So where is your friend's house?
Bro: Turn right at the junction before school.
Me: I thought you said the house was behind the school field?
Bro: Yes, so turn right.

*rolled eyes, turn left anyway*

*In the car*
Me: So your friend's house is on the LEFT, why keep on saying right?
Bro: Yes it was right!
Me: How can it be right??!!! I TURNED LEFT.
Bro: It's right, turn right.
Me: Okay, so lets be rational. Where is your friend's house?
Bro: Behind the school field.
Me: So, at the T-junction, where is the school?
Bro: On the left.
Me: So, where is your friend's house?
Bro: On the left.

*Right on the spot, pin drop silence followed*

Me: See. How can it be the RIGHT, when you can tell me yourself it was LEFT.
*bro silenced*

Somehow I have this fetish to shut people up when they are wrong.

It's totally orgasmic. My friends were well known of my competitive I can be when it comes to arguments, and I totally will shut them up when I start.


Because I never do something if I ain't certain of the outcome.

But its very bad. People tends to pull away from you.

And the totally worse thing is, I do that to people I'm close to.

Maybe that's the reason I ain't willing to get close to people, to prevent me from casting my authoritative sickness on them.

Yet, it is also the reason people put me on the front line as the General when it comes to problems and issues.

I guess its the price and also part of the quality as the leader around people.

Of course there are other forms of leadership and being authoritative all the time totally ticks people off.

But when it comes to war, nothing holds is Leo back.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Buffetting : Rec 2


Total Body Water % : 62.8%( up by 2%)
Muscle mass: 76.5kg( up by 2.7kg)
Physique Rating: 6(same)
Fat %: 14.2%(down up 2.7%)
Bone Mass: 4.1kg( up by0.1kg)
Visceral fat rating : 9(same)
Metabolic age: 16( down by 1 year)


Total Body Water % : 65.0%( up by 2.2%)
Muscle mass: 77.6kg( up by 1.1kg)
Physique Rating: 6(same)
Fat %: 11.2%(down by 3.0%)
Bone Mass: 4.2kg( up by 0.1kg)
Visceral fat rating : 7(down by 2*yay!*)
Metabolic age: 16(forgot to check, assume the same)

Supposed to do this weekly, but june was pretty hectic, though at one point my Fat % went up to 15.4% when I freaked out.

And now its back to this rate, hopefully the visceral can go to like 5 in another month. Don't wanna keep those spare tyres for the rest of my life.

Again my bone mass grew, I think the sensor had some problem, unless my bone sedimentation comes even faster than I thought!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Buffetting: IELTS Speaking

They had a RECORDER.

Owh well, TOEFL recorded my speaking module anyway.

A nice Indian lady with Aussie accent, hey Pavithra K, reminds me of you!

Anyway, overall I would say I stumbled a lil at the beginning.

I couldn't find a word after "entertainment *beep*" for the reason I like Subang Jaya.

Next question was the oldest person I know.

Heck, who else other than the oldest in My family? My grandma man.

Towards the end, I think I did fine. No weird Chinese accent, no Lahs or Hors.

Thank goodness I pulled off my pronunciation, right after I said "yes-t", an extra T behind when the man asked me whether if I'm taking the speaking test.

Hopefully I can pull a 7.5 or 8.

Buffetting : Rants

Amidst the lengthy scribbles and texts,
Of Gemini, Crepe, and myocardiac infarction;
Casting of shells and doves which come next,
Of the grain on the pin drop ocean.

Twisted and tangled orchids and vines,
Potato, Tomato, Liver and spines,
Criss-crossed or Kamikaze delight,
Occurring eclipse in the darkest night.

Like a cat snarling at the crystal clear lake,
Or a snowman, clustered with zillions snowflake;
Like the ostrich fleeing from the opaque figure,
Or the cub which the hunters would lure.

Let the rhapsody play, Let no echoes stay.



Sunday, June 19, 2011

Buffetting : Post ISAT Mortem

Well, the scores popped in today.

To my disappointment, my critical reasoning is still weak as ever, while my quantitative reasoning rocked.

I guess I'm not critical enough yet, and I wonder how am I going to fare in my interview.

What's worse, I'm truly afraid if the interviewers actually bothered to allow me to apply for Monash Melb at all.

Oh well, if I don't get Melb, Sunway shall do good. Sunway is much closer to home and cheaper anyway.

Yet, lets go for Melb for now.

Let your dreams fly Binn!!!!

Buffetting : Bad gym day

I was supposed to hit the CF in Pyramid for pump class today.

Yet, due to some circumstances, class were canceled and members were asked to go for their sessions in other clubs.

What circumstances?


When I mean leakage I mean HUGE leakage.

Seriously, its like the whole gyms was flooded with H2O and they had to use the pump class boards as bridges so that they don't slip under their leather shoes(for the workers).

What makes matters worse?

A Chinese(literally from China) lady hit the grill when she was hitting the exit, and was furiously wanting to complain about the matter.

The supervisor was like "look she obviously can see the grill right? It hit her right in the face,not on the head. She has got to be blind enough to walk RIGHT INTO IT,"

Statement agreed.

What's more, the snobbish attitude and weird Chinese-wanna-be-American accent puts her even in a more hateful bubble, even I as the eavesdropper couldn't take it a fellow Malaysian. *Yes S, its you. We Malaysians gotta stick together!*

The storm didn't end there.

After a few more minutes a guy came out form the gym center and told us another lady fell down and broke her arm, and is in dire need of support.

I quickly suggested they take the cane in the decor pile and break into 2 as support system for the broken arm.

Well they took the advice, and the rest is really up to imagination.

Went back home, hit the branch in Subang parade.

It's definitely bigger with better equipments, but I like the service in Pyramid better, at least they are nicer, and the shower in Pyramid is 10 times better than Parade's .

Taller shower, Stronger pump, HOT WATER.

A guy needs his hot water for a full gym sensation okay!

Overall, I think i like Pyramid more. But Parade have more room more privacy, cause its bigger.

Sorry about the lack of pic. I took some, but blogger's bitchy mode is on and I can't post'em.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Buffetting : Getting the pay

Well, I very well needed to go all the way to Bangsar South in order to obtain my pay for the last promoter job I hooked up.

It's only RM250, but for a 3 days job, its good money. Plus it came by just right on time, when I needed to spend $$$ on books.

For what?

IELTS exam.

Yes I'm that lifeless. I've been studying and taking exams for the past 6 months of my study hiatus.

Anyways, the hard part was to find the office place, CENTRIO.

Ring any bells?

Seriously, the boss even asked me to check with the locals where Centrio is, but all the answers I got was:
1-Centrio? KL central is it? 2- Centrio? I know no Centrio here leh.

I even went to the info counter in The Sphere of Bangsar South group, saw the tenure and maps, no Centrio spotted.

After 45 minus circling around and asking the boss through the phone, I finally found it.

Apparently the building was situated RIGHT on the LEFT (oxymoron I know) of the arch as you enter the Lembah Puchong Community Center or something.

So peeps out there, if you wanna search for Centrio, that's the place.

Went up, and the security system is down right latest.

From flashing cards and chips to CCTVs by the parking entrance, that place is on heck of a modern architecture icon.

Anyway, went up to 5-1, got my pay. Easy as that.

Saw a hottie while waiting for the pay, but didn't had to know the name.

I think I forgot the face right when I reach home.

Pfft, talk about superficial.

RM250, Rm150 for next month's gym membership, 50 for IELTS text books, left with 50 to be kept in the pathetic savings of mine.

Owh well, life of a student.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Buffetting : Perfume?

Hold it. I thought men use cologne?

Oops, I guess there are perfumes for Men too.

Anyway, how do you look at perfume actually?

I see it as totally unoriginal and so masking.

Seriously, if you wanna make an impression to your date, grooming is of course essential, but PEFRUME?

Are you kidding me?

I freakin' choke over them when my parents came out from their room after applying them.

I would really want my future mates(who knows, I might change, so lets stay there and that) to have the original scent of their own. And well if they have body odor, fix it.

When I say fix it, I mean go to the doc or something. There's got to be something you can do.

The only possible scent I can take from people's body is the scent of their shampoo or soap. At least its comfortable and not piercing.

And ya know what? There are people who thinks wearing perfumes by Mont Blanc is COOL, and can increase coolness

Fark off man. Increase coolness? So the people around you are defined by how good they mask themselves?

Don't make me laugh.

Shokubutsu all the way for me. Sorry if I tick you perfume lovers off. Just a thought.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Buffetting : Transforming in to Lifeless

Even right before I've stepped into the realm of medicine, I've already incorporated my life into lifelessness.

Seriously, why on earth did I sign up for all these?

Just to get to a good medicine school?

Or its just my alter ego in me wants me to be on top somewhere?

I don't know. But since I've already given all out for medicine, better stay passionate about it.

"It's all about the honey, not about the money, bunny,"

That was what my friend told me about being a doc.(future doc)

I think I will be like one of the doc who is just willing to stay in the hospital 24/7 just to work and get away with other stuffs until I hit 30.

I can almost see myself doing that.

Why? I don't go out these days, I barely watch movies, I don't do clubs or what ever.

So, yea, my work life probably is gonna be patients, med reports, and hospital. Maybe hitting the gym when I have an hour or 2 to spare, and that's that.

Partner? Till I hit 30 then.

Speaking of which, the one of the factors getting me into a lifeless robot is this:

I'm a maid, and I need to deal with pineapples now. Do you know that you were supposed to cut them into HALVES first before you dice them up? Sheesh that was new!

Look at the size its FARKING HUGE!!! It's like as long as my arm!
It took me like 5 minutes before I got the right knife to chop of the top part. Stupid juicy basket.

As random as it is, I'm lifeless as of now.

Even my friend from UK who was labeled as the most lifeless girl in A levels told me to stay put and pint off.

seriously, I'm even more lifeless than she is!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Buffetting: Double The Standards

It was not till today I've just realized I've managed to earn double standards in the house.

Well, more like double intimidation.

The idea ticked in when the younger sister was trying to ask me a favor, while mistaken me for my elder sister for the chore.(despite the distinct difference between both of us)

Lil sis: Eh, later you help me to....
Big sis: What?
Lil sis: Eh wrong person, not you.

Lil sis walk into the kitchen.

Lil sis: 大哥(big bro) can you do me a favor?
Me: What?
Lil sis: Can you help me ...(with an obvious lower tone)

Big sis: Walau, talk to me like I'm your maid, talk to your brother so polite ar? What is this??!!!

No, I'm not the eldest, the big sis is.

Yet, I was often mistaken as the eldest because of my physique(not to mention the ever-old looking face)

Hence, I was always expected to be at the front line dealing with problems.

I guess that's the consequences of having the double standards.

But then again, it might be because of my temper and upbringing that the younger siblings talk to me in a much more inferior manner.

I'm just helplessly much more stern and strict when I deal with the siblings, and I put expectations, incredibly high on all 3 of them, simply because I've been through them.

I expect them to know things I know, or at least when I was their age.

Immaturity is simply unacceptable, especially when you want me to acknowledge you as a person who is better than me.

I'm kinda the screwed up son. Average academic, Sucky sports achievements, bad looks, hopelessly hopeless in anger management.

The lil bro is good in academics, quite ok with the sports.
The lil sis is exceptionally talented in badminton.
The big sis was a state player for basketball, and still manage anger well

And they all look good.

As for me, the only thing I have more than them is screwed up experiences, and an extra bit charisma.

I wonder how far these can bring me.

Owh, supposing double standards post became a rant post.

Oh well, double standards.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Buffetting : In promtu Japan 23 Steamboat and BBQ

I have a confession to make.

There is no such term as "diet" in my family.

IT's either you eat and get fat, or you eat and sweat them all out.

So thanks to the sharp eyes of the sister in hunting down for cheap steamboats, we managed to find one near wangsa maju where the cousins stay.

the cousins. digimon show down this friday.

The place name was Japan 23 BBQ and Steamboat. It is situated near the Central Mart in Jalan Genting Klang, and apparently the promotional pricing for now is:

Adult @ 12.90
Child @ 8.90

Yes, as cheapskate as the price, my brother actually sounded, " What you expect from 12.90? All imitation food, and minimal seafood choices."

And yes, even when they boasted they have over 100 choices of food, I guess the ice cream were one of the 100s. I didn't start counting, though I was really tempted to.

Anyway,it has been a while since I had this kind of food. Ten years back we had a famous shop called Telephone Boothe which they have these steamboat+BBQ services, but it seemed to have disappeared into thin air now.

Look! The famous butter ball!

For what?

Greasing the aluminium foil!

Because the shop was also too cheap skate to wash the pan, they substitute it with aluminium foil and pandan leaves when the foils were torn. Innovative, but cheapskate.

The product :

Overall I would say its a good place to just fool around and chit chat instead of a decent dinner. Definitely better than yamcha in Mamaks.

Why? Because even cooking together on the pan itself is FUN!

And crap about how sucky each cousin's grilling skills get is totally a bomb!

What's more, laughing at all the shapes and sizes of the grilled product never ends.

Owh, apparently they serve the soup which we normally take with shark fin:

Just the soup, without the fin. At least something out of the blues.

Conclusion, don't expect good food. I mean, well the food is edible. And most importantly you get to spend time with people you are comfortable with, ie, cousins.

Variety wise, definitely less than 100 types. If you manage to go just count it yourself.

Japan 23 BBQ Steamboat
Off Jalan 3/23A
Taman Danau KotaJalan Genting KlangKuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur

PS: Apparently they have had prawns and live frogs before this according to happy happy , Aileen and Sue Ann. Just random people who I found went to this place. I guess the owner wanted to boost some business so he halved everything including the price and variety of food. Cheapskate.

Other than that, it was a fun night! And a Digimon Rumble Arena showdown was also confirmed!

I realized I used lotsa "cheapskate" in this post. Owh well, sorry to the owner. I guess you should have added in more varieties. At least add in the fungi man.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Buffetting : ISAT

I just posted on how many university entrance exams on Facebook, apparently there's one more I've yet to sit, which is ABRSM. Well, I wasn't exactly brought up in a rich musical background family, so you see the point.

Anyway, yes ISAT. What about it?

It was really a last minute decision, though this exam was already in my mind since the dawn of Monash offering medicine. I decided to take the exam on the way back from Wangsa Maju after a cheapskate BBQ steamboat session with the cousins. Well, my family was the one who found the cheapskate restaurant though, but its cheap! Okay, steamboat session another post.

And well, I registered on a freakin day before the exam. 300USD ain't lil money, and seriously I wonder how S actually did just sit for it LIKE THAT.

Worst scenario, insomnia on the night before, leaving me with 4 hours sleep only.

To add more misery to my ISAT attempt, diarrhea for pete knows reasons.

Had to drive all the way to Mid Valley, Boulevard for the exam though.
Don't ask me why, Aussie exams are as weird as Americans, I mean their location.

I was kinda surprised I put up the test for 3 hours, without noticing I was worn out physically and mentally, despite the lack of sleep and constant stomach torments.

The test was set for 3 hours and 15 mins, including a tutorial.

And about the test, like the name itself, International Student Admission Test.

From Acer site:

What is ISAT?

ISAT is a 3 hour computer-based multiple choice test designed to assess a candidate's intellectual skills and abilities that are the foundation of academic success.

The test is independently produced by the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER). ACER has an excellent international reputation and track record in the development, management and research of selection tests for undergraduate medical and health related programs.

ISAT is administered as a computer-based test through Prometric Inc. centres around the world

It's all about the way you interpret the stimulus given, and your individual response. I have no idea how the marking scheme goes, seriously, the questions they ask is just not what you see everyday.

Some of them are even like philosophy questions, and some are like, discovery animal.

"The honey bee does a waggle dance when they find a food source, which pattern... yadaa yadaa"

Like S said, "seriously?" "What the Fark" and " HArh???!!!" just pops from your mouth almost every 5 questions

I was lucky that the room was all mine until the last 30 minutes of my test, when 2 more candidates turn out.

That was also when I was just reviewing the questions, no more unnecessary moans or groans kick in.

I would say the whole test is just very random, but it certainly did conclude at least 4 aspects.

1-Logical which is your maths and all
2-Analytical which requires you to freakin read the same passage multiple times to get it right
3-Philosophical which makes to really think deep on the quote those lunatics post and interpret them
4- Instinct. Seriously, some questions were outrageous, its all about instincts. At least to me.

Owh well, now I guess I've sat for all university entrance exam for an undergraduate Medicine student. Owh, I have yet to sit for IELTS, but tentatively, should be sitting for it.

Life as a student is all about exams, and for me, I'm all about exams, whether I ace them or not.

Lets wait for the results for now then.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Buffetting : Japalore 3



Based on the result of the written examination that you took recently,
we are pleased to inform you that you are selected to attend an interview.

The details of the interview are as follows:

Date : 1 July 2011 (Friday)
Time : From 8:45 a.m.
No. 11, Persiaran Stonor, Off Jalan Tun Razak, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

If you wish not to come to the interview, please let us know as soon as possible.
We will send you notification later by next week.

Thank you.

Japan Information Service

Well, like what the email have said, I managed to pass my written examination.

Hopes, well some how I just feel like I shouldn't put too much, cause the rejection might
be too much for me to handle, typical egoistic douche bag in Leos like me.

But then again, like Y told me, just treat the interviewers as cucumbers in ties,
everything should turn out fine.

And also, lower the tempo of speech. That should do the trick

Anyway, well, seriously what if I got this?

Should I take it or drop it?

Or should I just hope for the best.

Imperial universities, public universities or private universities in the interview?

Owh well, just hope.