Saturday, July 30, 2011

Buffetting : Men's Health 2011 Putrajaya Night Run

The stage

Okay so I'm practically still having some muscle singes on my right calf when I'm typing this, swing those drumsticks like there's no tomorrow to ease the pain!!!!

Like the title said, its about Men's Health Run. I was practically nagging my way from SJ to Putrajaya about how stingy the organizer is to not have medals for each and everyone of the runners.

Seriously, who doesn't like a nice shiny bling bling medal after a good run?

I think its better than all the food vouchers and drinks given later which actually adds up to the calories we'd actually burn after the run!

Anyway, beggars can't be choosers.

The kit collection was a drag, as we need to head towards OCM in Jalan Hang Jebat to get them.
The good thing was the gang was still in holiday,(is still in holiday too) and no killer crowd when we were there.

The colors look like kinder garden!!

The kit was so so, same ol same ol. They used the same chipping system in the Standard Chartered run.

The vest was cool, but the gang was unanimous that the lady's vest was better.

The gang who conquered 12.3km. Figure me out I'm the one with largest calves.

The run was okay, definitely better than SC run because of the venue. Good parking, good ventilation, bad traffic with all the smoke but it was temporary so I guess it was fine.

And no extra baggage at the back totally whipped less pressure on the legs.

Yet, when it hit 7km, my legs started to sore, especially my balls.

I mean you know the balls or the sphere-like part of your feet right under the toe?

Never checked the term up but yes, it hurt like blazes and no thanks to the previous day's badminton session with the family.

The crowd was huge, seemingly larger than SC because every categories except for Fun Run is taking part in the 12.3km run. So yea, more people, less space but everyone was very nice. According to the DJ from fly fm we had 6000++ participants that night, which was a LOT.

The run after the 9th km was really taxing, and with everyone slowing down you tend to slow down and take a rest too, no matter how determined you were.

The right calf started to fail me and I really had to stop completely in order to ease the tense on the area.

The whole Flame of Determination kicked in when I saw the "1km more to go" sign.

That was when I sped like my pants were on fire( more like the legs because of the freaking sores!!!!)

And I hit the finish line without any pause, and holly molly I totally strained my quads in my final kilometer. Owh well, no pain no gain.

I didn't exactly timed myself, but I know I spent 26 songs' worth of time, if the mean time for each song is 5 minutes, more or less in 1 hour and 20 minutes.

For a 12.3km, I think its okay! I spent 1hour and 11 minutes for a 10km, 2.3km in 9 minutes sounds impressing enough!

The scenery was good, even more breath-taking at night with all the beautiful lighting across the structure of the bridges.

The whole place was quiet, and seriously, Putrajaya is one heck of a metropolis. Even the street lamps looked so sci-fiction-ish.

So what's up for the Rm50 we paid? Goodie bag!!!!

Look at the mountain sized bags!!!!

Stuffs included for vouchers were some fish spa thingy, rm10 voucher from juice works, rm100 voucher from watch station and 14 days pass for True Fitness and also a car sticker which sounded like "I Cheat on Skinz" or something. And also a participation cert.(I WANT MY MEDAL!!!)

Other funny stuffs included were some juices, spritzer fibre, men's health and shapes august issues, Rexona, Biore, some whey thingy, SHOKUBUTSU!!!! and owh yes, Systema toothbrush.

Figure the runners from JB can use these when they stay overnight in Putrajaya before they hit 4 hours ride home after the run.

Overall, the run was great. Definitely kicks the running spirit into me more.

Next run, Adidas King of the Road!

The dudes from my car.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Buffetting : 3rd Thon

Wee~~~ Time to hit the 3rd marathon of my life and the year!

Men's Health Nigh Marathon tonight will really kill my legs tomorrow. So no body pump tomorrow then.

Seriously, yesterday body pump really taxed my legs a lot.

What's worse, the badminton session after totally killed my waist, no thanks to the sore legs which refused to move.

Hopefully I can complete tonight's marathon in a breeze, and try my 0.01% luck to get a finishing medal(200 medals only wtheck).

So those who are going to be there, see you then!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Buffetting : Tentative Decision

Okay so thank you for tuning in my readers and bitches( they rhyme!)

The long wait of future career has been decided.

The plan is to get the both of 3 worlds, if everything goes as planned.

In order to kill my boredom in the coming few months, I've decided to accept the offer from UPM on the course Veterinary Medicine, though I will be pushed and begged to appeal all my life into changing the course to Doctor of Medicine.

Dr Hasnul from UPM, but Singaporean. Imagine me as sexy as him in 5 years' time XD
It's a long shot, but I will try for the sake of trying, and to see if my real destiny lies in saving human lives or other species'.

And if I don't like it there in UPM, I will have to opt for IMU or Monash MBBS. Yet, I'm skeptical in getting into IMU somehow, probably because of the amount of people I've known, and also the new curriculum outline which really ticks me off.

Part time lecturers, 2 hours lecture per day, and I freaking pay rm185k for it? Ello, quality teaching you're telling me?

Yes, self study bla bla bla, at least make it a 5 hours in total a day.

As for Monash, I will need to resit the bloody IELTS again thanks to the stupid writing. I will make sure I nail the writing to at least 7.0 this time. 2nd sitting and I can't pass it, I don't think I'm good cut enough to be a doc.

And the big shot MEXT scholarship, if everything goes well and I'm granted the scholarship, 7 years in Japan, and I either choose to practice in Japan or Malaysia.

According to my Japanese teacher normal doc takes 6 years of studies and 3 years of intern (OMGEE) and total years before you become a full-fledged GP ONLY.

Another 5 years to specialist.

But since I'm in Japan, no complains, I will do it as long as I'm there.

If things go wrong, I will stick to vet.

So its Vet or Med.

Nothing else for now, but I think I'm still fascinated by live saving scenarios. I just need to get the passion burning, after such a long hiatus from studies.

No thanks to the demanding family which wants me to do everything.

PS: Freedom in a month's time! No "BIN" right in the middle of nowhere, no expecting me to fetch who ever, no random calls to ask for transportation purposes and random questions, and best of all, no rants.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Buffetting : Online Attention

Holly Molly Geez!!!!!

I was actually featured in someone else's blog!!!

Told you I could totally get attention if I did the Japanese version of Friday gig!

Anyway, really had fun with all the attentions I can get.

Imagine next time when you are half way having a lecture, and lo and behold!

A video of you doing a parody of a song in front of the 100 people lecture theatre.


But I doubt Malaysian lecturers have that much spare time on their students' youtube videos.

Okay, a lil flashback!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Buffetting : Medical Check Up

It was really my first time having a full body check up like this.

For those who have entered universities should probably have had these tests before.

The parents were deciding between BP or SDMC Subang to have the medical check up, and I'd finally decided on SDMC because BP didn't have a PHYSICIAN in the house.

Apparently a Medical Officer only becomes a physician after he's gazetted as a specialist.

Playing with terms no?

Anyway, the who medical check up was just the normal stuff like weight, height, eyesight, blood test, ECG, urine,X-ray, until the last one popped in:

Faces(Stool) test for occult blood.

Dang, why is that even necessary? Thanks to MEXT.

Seriously, had a lil problem getting them because the nature called early in the morning.

sorry blogger being bitch for pictures again. so yes this is my fat hand.

Overall the body is still okay.

The blood pressure is kinda high, for a youngster like me. I really need to start taking things lightly and loosen the screaming. The family history is really scaring me.

Others were negative, and the heart has no problem.

Well, time to send those reports over to the embassy and hope that the Japanese government actually take me next Jan.

Buffetting : 3rd Tuition Class

Yay! At least my teachings weren't in VAIN.

The student finally can do some questions today with minimum guidance, and gee sweet holy molly, I didn't erupt like I did last week.

I guess people do show progress, and dear student, you have made a great effort in keeping the things I taught in mind.

So things have been going great, time have a roller coaster ride again next week when We hit earth as a sphere.

Next post is on medical checkup!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Buffetting : Sids

So the badminton mates planned this very random outing to hit down SS2's local pub, Sid's for a Ben Davis Burger meal last Saturday.

According to J the Desperate, Fridays seemed to be more happening compared to Saturdays. Guess people really only get down on Fridays.

Anyway, J initially invited the sister ONLY to the place because of his promise to give the sis a treat long long time ago.

Personally, I feel that J is hitting on the sis, and the sis knows it, but reluctantly avoiding the subject whenever the whole weird puffy scenario kicks in.

Maybe because the sis is looking for some better choices. Normally I will be the sis' mates' benchmark. Anyone who wants to get serious around my sisters must at least hit these targets:

1- Financially stable. Student? Get real. You ain't earning so you ain't getting trust yet.
2-Better looking than I do. Seriously, gotta keep the next generation healthy.
3- Taller than me, or at least my sis. With the height of 173cm, the sis is kinda having problems but I know how male ego and complexes work, so height is of inevitable.

That's it right? Well, at least when I deal with the guy, he is okay. So far the exes have been a pain in the ass for me cause they don't really interact with me but the sis. Hello, you wanna be in the family, at least get the brother's acknowledgment first you digg?

Geez it sucks to be my sis isn't it?

Bottom line, I knew the night ain't meant for me and another mate Y the Cutesy. He's kinda the adorable type, but still a lil kiddy. Definitely no no material for the sis.

As for the place, let the pictures do the talking.

Named after the person who nabbed this in 3 bites, Ben Davis. Selection of beef, chicken, pork *owh yersh* or mutton patty, single or double.

BBQ Pork ribs. so so, liked the Chinese counterparts better.

The burger was of course the best part of the whole night. Should totally hit this pub with the girls next time, on a Friday night.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Buffetting : Cross Way Path

Owhkay so lets spare you the drama, UPU have already announced their results, and this is what I've gotten:

Yea, wtheck I know right?

It was my 5th or 6th choice if I'd remember correctly.

and seriously the whole Veterinarian thingy didn't cross my mind ever before.

Like seriously.

What's best is I'd only realized its time to check for the UPU thingy when I woke up 12.30pm in the afternoon, after I saw what my friends have already posted on FB.

Take it or not?

Well, the prospective after graduation is definitely lucrative.

Ello, like most people who take care of their pets and go to vets are damn rich okay?

Whats better, even the prospects for MY future mate is better compared to treating the human counterparts.

Rich mar, what else? Probably good looking too.

But this probably reduces my chances of doing good deeds, which means less chances to attain good karma.....

Let's not go there yet.

Okay anyway, just to give you readers*and myself* a good figure of what's coming up of my future, here goes the list:

1) IMU (Partner Medical School) Got the offer earliest among the lots. Feb 2012, last resort.
2) Universiti Putra Malaysia(Veterinarian Sciences) Got them recently. Most probably appealing cause the parents ain't too comfortable. Sep 2011.
3) Monash University Clayton/Sunway(MBBS) Got into the waiting list. Yet, outcome is to be announced in another 2 weeks' processing time. Hopefully can get, closer to home if I'm studying in Malaysia, and all other current facilities. Feb 2012.
4) MEXT(Med/Dental/Pharm) Everything will be known next Jan. Seriously, really low chances, but still will keep some hope for the dream. April 2012.

Rejected universities:

1)Newcastle Malaysia(MBBS) Despite all the trouble I had to go through like personal statement, Recommendation letter and also an interview,which granted my instant offer, I had to reject because the parents didn't like the idea of studying in a developing area in Nusajaya, where exposure to dust and all is in its max intensity. So yea, you get the drill.
2) National University of Singapore(Real Estate) I just shrugged when I got the offer. Well, its not exactly what I'm looking for, might as well look at other areas.
3) Nanyang Technological University(Economics) Em, I wanted to use this as my backup plan, though I had some affinity towards this course earlier on. But somehow my steering got back to medicine after all.
4) Royal Melbourne Institution of Technology(Chemical Engineering) Totally ditched it after I got my conditional offer. Too far, too expensive and seriously, too expensive. So yes, its a no.

So yea, well, that concludes everything then. I will post up the ultimate decision when I've gotten them. Time to crack my head again.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Buffetting : Date

So S and Y both got new dates.

The weird part is, I never really get like how dates work.

I mean, okay you and another person go on a date, but it doesn't mean that both parties are committing yet.

Yes no?

But then again, how do you start off with a date?

Just to check whether if this candidate is worth going along with for a long run?

Okay, how do you even go on a date at the very beginning at all?

When you see a person, owh dang he or she's the one*i think*, lets ask em out on a date!

That's it?

Sheesh, that's shallow, let alone boring.

Sorry if I offended you peeps who started out this way.

Haven't been out on a date before, worse, I don't think I knew it was one even I was out on one before.

Nevertheless, its just kinda weird because there ain't exactly a properly laid down societal procedure for this yet.

Oh well, just ranting. It's not like I'm getting one any time soon anyway.

Buffetting : Lyrics writing

Wee~I'm in the weird mood to write out some lyrics and melodies~

I've gotten the lyrics and the song going on, but due to my limited music knowledge in the poo-poo head of mine, I can only give you the lyrics.

Kinda cheesy, but screw that, at least this is what I need now.









When I'm good enough with the notes, then I'll ask one of my friends to sing it for you guys.

As for now, laugh at my cheesy lyrics thanks

Buffetting : That Dirty Little Chinese Secret 3






Bagai melukut di tepi gantang.
















Monday, July 11, 2011

Buffetting : Japalore 4



With reference to the above, we are pleased to inform you that the Scholarship Interviewing Board has decided to nominate you for the final selection of scholarship candidates to the Government of Japan. For your information, the Monbukagakusho (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan) will finalize the decision by end of January 2012. Once we obtain the final result, we will forward it to you immediately.

You are required to undergo a medical checkup and have the Health Certificate completed by registered medical practitioner. Please submit the Health Certificate (1 original and 2 photocopies) to the Embassy of Japan by 27th July 2011.

Some candidates that have failed to supply relevant documents i.e. testimonial, exam result for the past 3 years, co-curriculum and photograph must use this opportunity to submit them in order to complete the whole scholarship application successfully. Please note that candidates who failed to submit sufficient documents before the deadline will be automatically rejected from the list of nomination.

Please keep us updated on your latest contact number and address if there are any changes.

Official letter will be send to you later.

Thank you.

That does it, I've passed the interview, along with 10 other candidates.

Sheesh, bad news or good news? It means MORE competitors.

imagine me starring in one of these~

Sigh, well lets not put high hopes, just wait for the best. In the mean time, application to other possible institutions is still very important.

So people lets channel those positive energy man! More energy, more chances to fly there, more goodies from Japan to you peeps!

I'm not kidding, drop me a holler (and cash) if you want something from there and I will send them over!

If I ever manage to get there XD

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Buffetting : First Tuition Class

I'm finally employed again!!!!

After 2 years of hiatus I'm back in contributing to the world's economy!

Anyway, its just a simple SPM Mathematics tuition, no big deal.

Everything went well I guess, though the student I'm dealing with really needs to buckle up, cause most of the fundamentals were really rusty.

The mother kinda liked me though, cause the previous tutors were kinda funny.

The lady did the homework of the student.
The one before me was late all the time, and the mother really was pissed of with em.

I guess I'm always good with parents, got this feature pre-programed in me since forever.

So its time to work again, and earn some extra bucks to fix the 0.5 fucking band of my IELTS.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Buffetting : Being Stood up

In Malaysian text, FFK(Fong Fei Kei/方飞机(canton) ) would be a much more common term.

Today was supposed to be a hike day, and I totally set my alarm to wake me up so that I can pack some stuffs 30 minutes before hand.

Even after I sent my brother to school, I suck up my headache and went ahead to the designated meet up venue anyway.

Yet, when I was there, I called 3 person, only to found out that the hike was canceled.

One had an unrecovered knee injury, another of unknown reasons.

There were 5 dudes, all 4 were informed but me.

Hey, if you really didn't think of me as one of the party, don't even bother asking at the first place.

I wouldn't be pissed off if you told me, even a hour earlier before the meet up time.

But to tell me when I was already there, and saying sorry "I forgot to inform"?

Earth to organizer, there were only 5 dudes, not 50. I think I'm one of the largest size around hardest to miss.

Fuck this shit.

I posted on Facebook and another friend asked," Dude aren't you afraid of losing friends?"

Look, if I were to be a friend, I will call my friend no matter how it is to inform something as important as a cancellation of a HIKE.

At least I will tell them an hour earlier if the event is off.

Imagine if its late at night, and it was a girl alone there.

Talk about being irresponsible.

Anyway, stopping Fb for a while now. I need some time off.

PS: Afraid of losing friends? I'm afraid I've yet to find any but a few who I can call them so.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Buffetting : Secondary Growth

After signing up for the gym for a whole two months now, my physique rating has pretty much gone better since earlier of the year.

The commitment was there, so as the diet I infused in order to loss more fats and gain more weigh.

In the midst of all these, of course I manage to shed some visceral fat, as the fat around the waist.

Hence, I was supposed to look somewhat slimmer.

Yet, it wasn't one person, or maybe two, BUT THREE person mentioned that I've gone taller.

It might be an optical illusion for one person, but I don't think 3 person with perfect eyesight can comment on this, within a week itself.

Omgee I think the at least 500ml milk per day actually allow me to spurt my height once more in my last years of puberty!

Hurray! More milk!!1 I have 14 months before I hit my last year of puberty, so yes yes lets make this baby grow more!!!!

Imagine other parts of the body grow as well *teehee*

Lets leave that to the future mate to find out.

So anyone of you peeps actually undergone any 2ndary spurt after the high school years?

PS: At least I'm safe to say I'm still a adolescent XD You old adults out there can't grow anymore!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Buffetting : Monash University Medicine Interview

Another day another interview, I'm getting numb...

Or that was what I thought.

Apparently the administration revamped their conventional/traditional interviews for med-students in 2011, just when I*yes mighty me* is about to enter their program.

The traditional interview, according various sources was a 2 stationed interview,

Station 1, the interviewer CHATS with you about anything yada yada... The same old stuffs.

Station 2, the student is given a scenario on a medical case, and he is required to describe and explain them to the interviewers as if they know cocks about medical terms.

In the newly modified interview, according to my experience today was also a 2 stationed interview.

Station 1 and 2 both have a scenario in which students are required to look through and brainstorm on the possible questions and answers to be brought up by the interviewers*talk about speculation* within 2 minutes.

After that, a bell goes off, students will enter the room and 2 interviewers will ask 5 questions in total regarding the scenario given, and students are to answer those questions.

I was totally caught off guard by this.

Yet, my speculation these days are getting better, especially for interviews.

Scenario 1 was also Grey's Anatomy identical.
You overheard a conversation between 2 person over the room.A houseman was proposing a reasonable and proper medical treatment for a patient. Yet, the senior consultant brushed it away, and was somehow posting sarcastic comments towards the houseman. The consultant then posted a new approach and the houseman immediately agreed to it. As the senior consultant moves away, the houseman turns around and wiped tears away her eyes.

Life's like a drama.
Speculated questions: What will you suggest, What will you do, How do you approach.

I hit 3 questions, but the last 2 questions was weird, and I kinda forgot about them. The last one was something like: Plenty of medical researches and practicals are based on trial and error, to what extend do you agree to this so that the areas wouldn't be costly.

I had to make interviewer to repeat this question TWICE. Gosh, wonder if that was appropriate.

I'll spare you my answers. What's most important is those answers can make me pass this interview. Then I will post my answers.

Scenario 2:

DNA has been know for its accuracy in the justice conviction system. The juries were well known for their trust towards the experts, especially scientific ones.

And the rest was kinda vague.

The questions were things like do you agree, how would you see things, and a few more again which I do not recall. Probably because I was having a headache trying yo answer those questions.

Bottom line, the new systems kinda rocked. It tickles the student's critical thinking, though I think I kinda screwed up a lil. Hopefully I can actually gain an admission, if better the Monash in Clayton.

PS: The Australian adults actually talk just like US. I mean the words they used, not their accent.

Owh well, lets hope for the best for now.

Geez, why am I always the first to be in more interviews? Just like today.
PPS: Random pictures. I have no idea why this exist in the internet.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Buffetting : Embracing Tradition 5

Considering me visioning myself to be the breaking tradition typo, its kinda contradictory for me to be the eldest son around the hose and picking up all the essential matters in keeping up the tradition around the house.

That includes:

1- Praying on the 1st and 15th of lunar calendar
2- Praying for the deceased ancestors on their deceased dates
3- Knowing what food to buy and what things to pick up FOR the prayers
4- Waking up freakin early in the morning to get these stuffs.
5- Be prepared to host these stuffs in my house in the future.

I can see myself keep holding up to these tradition, cause I'm somewhat a very traditional dude in some certain aspects, yet there are some traditions are meant to be broken.

Eg 1:
Burning the silver and gold papers. Seriously, spare mother earth. Maybe just for the sake of it, but not like a humongous dongous amount.

Eg 2:
Not eating beef because of Guan Yin. In my current house I respect the practice in the house, I don't take beef. But when I'm outside of the premise, sorry I take what I believe I need.

Anyway, about embracing yesterday's tradition, it was Grandpa's Death Anniversary, 2nd day of the 6th month of the lunar calender. Better jot this down here.

When it comes to these stuffs, the most important stuffs would be food.

We need to get the deceased's favorite food, in this case my grandpa loved durian, roasted pork, MILO, Da Pao(Big Bun) and all the nyonya cakes.

All these results in my and my dad's necessity to wake up in the morning to get them, setting them out in front of the altar, and cuing grandpa if he is done with his food or whatever.

It's fun to eat, but its not fun when you are the only person,(apart from my dad) who needs to take charge of all these.

MY elder sis does do some cooking, but when it's not necessary, most jobs are done by the males.

What happened to the other siblings?

Criminy I Hate being the eldest son.

And after food there's silver and golden papers folding and burning. Well, no comment about that. What we need to do is settle them FAST.

I definitely will keep up some of the tradition, or not most. It somehow keeps some identity in me, just like how I insisted on continuing my SPM Mandarin studies.

It's something in me which I do not want to lose.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Buffetting : MEXT Scholarship Interview

I'll be damned if I said I wasn't nervous at all.

What's worse, I thought I was doomed when I got stuck in the jam near the old The Jump on my way to Persiaran Stonor.

Yet, luck was on my side, and I managed to hit the place on time, with everything well equipped.

jam ar...

The Japan Embassy is very strict, in which they do not allow visitors to bring in phones, hence I have really limited photos for this post.

But one thing is for sure, its so hard to differentiate both Japan Embassy and Singapore High Commission from far.

They are both plain white, and both filled with bars.

The only thing different is the interior and security measures. Japan Embassy's was much more stricter, and Nicer. At least they greet you well.

It was 8.45 am when we enter the commission's 1st floor, and we were greeted with a video showcase on Japan Traveling while we wait for the lady in charge.

Got to know a few friends, though it was mostly girls. Like what Karyne said, girls are normally more punctual than guys, and yes it's true. of all 4 early birds, I was the only guy.

Chit chat a lil, and Cik Nuraini came in and rechecked our documents.

She was so nice,*bet she did this like a gazillion times* and she flipped through our applications to check if everything is fine.

I panicked a lil and she reassured me with ," It's okay I know you are nervous. The panels won't eat you up!"

And it did help.

The day proceeded with going into the waiting room before entering the interview panels' room. There was where I met few more people, a girl from Samtet taking social science in psychology, and a girl from TARC taking medicine, and a fellow STPMer Keith Conrad taking medicine also.

Pfft. 2 competitions. Hopefully I can outweigh both of them with my Japanese XD

When it was my turn, I just head in, and VERY IMPORTANT GESTURE:

SHAKE THEIR HANDS. No matter you have sweaty palms, smelling palms, whatever shit palms, shake their hands because it makes a great impression and respect.

It shows that you are prepared, and not afraid. Well, at least to me.

red stripes today~
The interview started with introduction, then asking of why taking medicine, in Japan because engineering would be so much more easier. Why Japan, out of UK, US, Australia?

Luckily I was smart enough to ask Hoshino Sensei about some Japanese university cultures. Apparently, in Japan the students do not only go for the school's prestige, but the professors' too. We have to resource out the professor we wish to study under instead of basing on the curriculum of the field like how we do it over here.

That was why I chose, Japan.

And if you were to be offered pharmacy, do take it up because it can also help people.

It was weird because they keep on stressing that I have excellent academic background.

I was like, "Are you serious? It's like nothing! Somebodies out there ought to be smarter than me!"

Yet, I succeeded in impressing them with my Japanese language scores, and also JLPT N3 when they were asking about my co-curriculum activities.

I wanted talk about Form 5, but they prompted me to talk about Form 6. So impression time.

Form 6 Council Vice Secretary cum Ad-Hoc President, Debate and Drama Club, and Event Manager+ Interpreter job in Japanese Cultural Exchanges.

Next up is impression on Japan. Technologically advance country, even better equipments than Russia and States.

Then it was politic question. We expect you to return to Malaysia after graduation, and becoming the bridge between both countries. How are you going to succeed in doing that.

I was actually predicting this question, somehow it just popped into my mind in the showers. And I just thought of medical researches right on the spot. HIV is definitely one thing which can bring both countries together. If we manage to nail this virus, we can get closer in different terms,especially with what's going on in Japan.

There are other stuffs, I think my interview was one of the longest around. They were impressed I can see. I think its because I've already done so much. I was prepared already. The Japanese from UM was very enthusiastic towards my application, I can see that.

He was like,"You've already gotten impressive academics, and you have gained admission from universities already! What are you going to do if you get this scholarship? Are you going to consider any other outcomes?"

I couldn't give a concrete answer. But I will choose Japan over any other thing else.

Owh I totally forgot about the panels. There were 5 of them, one from JPA, one from Jagam, one from UM(Japanese lecturer), one from JIS(the Japanese) and one more Malay man from I have no idea.

I know The lady from Jagam because I sat for EJU. The Japanese professor from UM was informed to us by Cik Noraini. The JPA lady was introduced when they asked me if I applied for JPA. And the Japanese form JIS is because I've seen him during my written examination.

But the Malay dude was very nice also, much better than the panels I have had in JPA interview.

We even joked about me being the ambassador in the future! And they were so cool with it!

"Practicing doctor ambassador. Imagine that."

I can't stop but to think that they were actually amazed of my application, despite of the low scores I have had in the examination. I got like 45 for maths, while people who took physics got 90. Wtheck how did they get 90 at all???!!!!

I got the highest for Chem among all applicants, but still, I'd wish I can have higher scores.

They were like," Are you sure Japan is the place with all the tremors going around? You are like the hope of your family, the brightest one!"

I'd swear I wanted to digress. Because I'd never see myself in that manner.

Anyway, they said it will be a strong recommendation from them, and I can see in their eyes they liked me.

Last question was, do you really want to go to Japan.


Lets hope for the best then. Replies to be done in August, when I will update again.

PS: Keith! Post your experience also!