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Buffetting : Tanjung Sepat

This is a late post; something I thought I wouldn't be posting but I am.

A day after the small ruminant practical ended Ice Queen invited me to join her voyage to Tanjung Sepat with the IVSA exchange students from Belgium.

The journey took us about 2 hours on Kesas Highway from Sri Petaling to the heart of the town.

Amateurs around that zone of Selangor should totally get their GPS rolling to prevent themselves from getting lost; thankfully Ice Queen's iPhone was suave enough to bring us right where we should be; the Lover's Bridge.
courtesy of calvin

Originally paved in supple wood planks across the sands into the cerulean water; now its as if hulk and hulkissa made out and tore down the whole damn segment of the bridge.

It's a good thing the water remained its color; but the sight of thrash including tables and plastic chairs was just, disheartening.

Some day, I would come by again to have a good walk, maybe some talk with the future lover of mine when the bridge is mended.

Lunch in the restaurant was BAD. Just pack your own lunch when you head to Tanjung Sepat because almost all restaurants here are a rip-off. Snack your way till dinner or throw a picnic. It would be so much better.

The visit to the Mushroom Factory was educational; and a surprising fact is the lady owner is a University Malaya graduate who have published papers and journals about the mushroom they cultivate here!

It's definitely something to be applauded because not many producers out there provide concrete published journals by scientific bodies to support the facts behind their products. Being a consumer from a science background, this would convince me more of that brilliance of their products over other seemingly scamming products in the market.

Nothing much apart from mushrooms, we ahead a little further down to visit Kuan Wellness Ecopark.

Its an agricultural product based company; something vet students like us would relate the best to. The park boasts of a robust selection of organic plant-based product; well mannered swiftlet nesting ground providing quality bird nests; a simple collection of vintage cars and some wildlife animals in their petting zoo.

The cars on display probably would attract some people, but I don't really dig vintages because they're all so small.

Their petting zoo is of about, garden size. It's nothing new to us because we have been dealing with so many different animals before in real zoos and our university's vicinity.However, its a great place for kids and couples to come over and feed the animals while petting them as laymen has minimal exposures to these animals anyway.

I'm pretty impressed with the recognition the swiftlet farm has attained. Recognition from the Department of Veterinary Services, HACPP and a few more organization definitely reassures consumers of the choice and quality of products made here.

The day ended with us going to Jenjarom to visit Fo Guang Shan Zen Temple.

I love visiting temples with closed shrine halls because they provide serenity and peace. The ambient soothes my mind and allows me to seek refuge in the teaching of Buddha more vividly.

Ice Queen said she was relieved I came along this trip because of the insights I provide to the exchange students. They were curious of the Buddha's images in miniature sizes places around the shrine hall, and what do they mean.

Initially thinking they were the deceased ones, I explained on how offerings to the Shrine hall works from my understanding. These Buddha images are actually merits. 

Families who wish to attain merits in their lives can do so by donating funds to the monastery in supporting the sustaining of the Buddha's teaching. In supporting the existence of the triple gems; Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha; Buddhism believes in collecting merits and hence bringing better karma in the future. Families may also offer these images to their relatives or deceased ones in the wish to collect merits, so that the deceased ones may be reborn into a better life with a better karma in the future.

At least that is how I understand the offering system works. The exchange students were impressed because it is intriguing have someone who'd actually understands what everything in the shrine hall meant. Well, not everything; but most of the thing.

I'm glad I assumed the President of Buddhist Fellowship back in my Form 6 days. I've learned so much more about the triple gems, most importantly Dhamma itself. I'm what I am today because of them.

The day ended with FGS as our final spot while we headed back home. It wasn't the BEST road trip; but it was certainly insightful. Thanks again to Ice Queen in pink for inviting!

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