Saturday, November 28, 2015

Auscultating : All Hail the Queen

Queen finally graduated from her Chemical Engineering program this year! Well, to be honest she actually began working early March this year, it's just the fact that she had her graduation today.

Both of us became friends whom are like the post they have in social media, we might not have met each other for a long period of time, but nothing stops us from getting crazy and freak people out in malls, cinemas or restaurants. In fact, I'm like her part-time boyfriend because I'm literally in all her family events like her sister's wedding and now, her graduation. We have become family members in some extent.

Frankly, I feel like I didn't form such bond even with best bud, probably because there is such a significant period in our lives we missed out a lot from. With Queen, we literally just click with everything we have around. 

Now that she has graduated, with her job and PhD program; I'm just waiting to attend her wedding when she finally get on the saddle. 

On the side note, N came knocking on my door again. The reason for the disappearance was the change of phone.

Well, not like I'm super happy or whatever, just that its weird that N is coming back on me now.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Auscultating : Nearly there

The semester will be ending soon, and thankfully my academics haven't been too shabby. If I'd work harder, dean's list shouldn't be a huge problem.

On the other hand, stuffs around the house is getting better. Finally got my couch, which I personally think would be extremely comfortable in the main hall.

I'm now left with a washing machine, fridge, dinner table, another couch, TV and a sound system. As well as some cabinets and shelves around the house as well.

But, it feels like I'm almost there already.

I can't wait to host my first open house with my course mates!

Despite living alone, settling the new house, various bank trips and some errands; knowing I'm keeping up with my academics is pretty satisfactory.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Auscultating : Tri

Any readers who have been following should know what Tri is all about.

21st November 2015 marks the resurfacing of Digimon Adventure Tri in the theaters of Japan.

Well, as everything around the current franchise is limited edition only, Malaysia probably wouldn't have any airing any time soon.

I made an impulse and purchased over RM1k product from my Japanese friend's help online.

Well, this is the only childhood dream I'd wish I can chase after.


Friday, November 13, 2015

Auscultating : Home Depot

It's literally HARD when it comes to moving into your own house alone.

Mom and dad offered to help, but I'd figured I should do this by myself; with only monetary help from them of course.

With the crazy renovation before, I wanted to keep budget of moving into the house as minimal as possible; meaning getting the furniture was a nightmare.

I had to literally go to every corner to get good deals, and sometimes I'd wish I've been more careful because I'm pretty sure I overspent in some places for overpriced items by few folds.

Nevertheless, you will only grow when you experience things.

I've managed to find my dream couches, but I can't seemed to get a good 3-seater sofa. The 2 seaters are pretty awesome, despite they are fabric in nature making it pretty troublesome to clean;  but the colors were amazing.

On the other note, preparing other rooms to be rented too have took toll on me. But if I managed to keep everything within budget and the next hunting in the IKEA Cheras open house does surprise me; I should be done by the end of December.

Many of my friends requested for an open house.

How am I supposed to serve people when I'm still sleeping on a 5cm thick mat myself?

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Auscultating : Only know it when it's gone

Remembered I talked about how N and I was in the bandwagon again? N pursued hard until lately.

The last time we chatted was the night before my Clinical Medicine Test 2, when a sticker was sent to my Line account.

I have this tendency to put N's messages on hold, simply because I can afford to.

Until I realized today that N is no longer in the chat box, or rather N left Line.

I'm not too sure what my feelings are telling me now. Relieved or annoyed?

But hey, I was playing hard to get to begin with so who and what am I to say about anything right?

I guess I was just simply not interested from the beginning. By qualities N probably was okay:

1- Working adult as a veterinarian
2- Okay looking
3- Likes me more than I do to N.

But I guess I wasn't really okay with N's cross dressing past, and a little too feminine in the pictures on social media? We were okay in that one video chat, probably because it was the first one; even other Line chats weren't that crazy.

Maybe I'm upset because I didn't get to do the "dumping" instead. Makes me an asshole doesn't it?

At any rate, I'm not entitled to any choice right now anyway.

1- I'm not hot or good looking
2- I'm not rich
3- I'm geographically and chronologically undesirable.

Some parts of me did really ask me to give dating apps a go, some parts of me just make me delete those apps and tell me its not the time.

It is probably not the time, and N leaving the chat room is a sign of telling me, to move on.

Well, we only know it when it's gone right? Just like everything else in life.

To anticipate for the next one, I'm on the verge of giving up. Multiple times I've told myself this life I'm probably not going to find anyone, despite the fact that I'm not even in the working society yet.

Like plenty of my course mates have told me, I'm probably a magnet to foreign cakes. A quote from my friend:


Where on earth am I going to get the money to access to them?

Friday, November 6, 2015

Auscultating : Mid Semester Break

A little extra bit of change in my post titles; I've decided to change Buffetting to Auscultating.

It is high time for me to step into my next phase of life; where clinical years and professional development kick into my life as I progress into a working adult.

Buffetting; though it was wrong in its spelling for which it should have been Buffeting, originally was intended to mean as the motion of thoughts like the wind hitting on the water of sea, buffeting waves into the blog.

Would you be able to interpret what auscultating is actually meant for?

Back to mid semester break; it will officially begin today! I'm looking forward to another busy week next week to catch up on my studies as well as my new house.

Within few hasty weeks, I couldn't believe the semester will be ending in 5 weeks. The academic semester went by so fast I could barely notice the weeks passing by; we literally have had tests every week beginning 4th week of the semester. On top of that, clinical rotation, assignments as well as presentations. I would say I've pretty much devoted myself almost 100% to academics alone.

I thought time would still go by really slowly for me, since I am graduating a year later than my original batch. Little do I know, clinical years are meant to be fast paced. What I'm pretty anxious about is my Final Year Project because I've yet to get any ideas on what I would want to work on. Small Animal Internal Medicine would be something I probably want to venture into, but nothing interest seemed to be popping in at the moment. I've pretty much given up on surgery, simply because I'm not good with instruments and art.

Nevertheless, academic life have been fruitful, and I can't wait to learn more and get into practice in full-fledged.

Back to my new house, I'm cracking my head trying to fit everything to the right spot with the right furniture and color. I'm on budget so I literally need to restrict myself in the expenditure, but I just hope I don't make my house into my weird ass hooker house.

Living alone can be a little lonely at times, but I do enjoy the privacy since I do not need to bother about anyone else apart from myself and my studies.

Yet, putting everything into one piece and making my new house hospitable would be a great challenge!