Thursday, October 25, 2012

Buffetting : Break and Recap

And here's my favorite cup of Milo-O~

Whew, honestly I didn't really come back home because I find the need to, its because the holidays would be really boring without my friends around. What's worse, I have to like drive around just for food and it really takes a lot out of me.

So recap of the life:

The semester started with quite a few bumps with the academic and all. But everything went fine, so as I've still managed to register for the courses I wish to take, with a considerable amount of credit hours too.

Lectures went well, in which I don't feel the urge to skip most classes, unless I'm absolutely exhausted to the point that I just ignore calls, which have yet to happen.

It's so funny that I now appraise most of the matters around me now with the veterinary science perspective.

An example would be discussing over how juicy and good pork would taste with a good animal husbandry. I mean, my family stared at me when I told them I have to learn about parts of food animals which they consume everyday, same goes to the market as well as economics behind them. I find it fascinating, and practical at the same time. Back fat thickness which contributes to the right distribution of fat and meat, shapes and sizes of pigs' rumps to know if they are actually fit, the due date of the sows(female big). It's just amazing that I found veterinary medicine in my life.

Academic wise went well, but I do need to buckle up to get into Dean's or Vice Chancellor's list if possible. I've promised to be good, I better be. Hence, I will need to be smart enough to balance out my other responsibility, as the student representative council's member.

The election went well without riots and door breaks like the previous session. I've got to admit the students were really professional and receptive of the whole process. And since I was the candidate for my own faculty, I had the liberty to campaign in English.So and so I was remarked to be a politician candidate, because of how I am able to manipulate words in public speaking.

Compliment or insult, I wonder. It's not like I have any intention to partake in the country's future politics, however if I am influential enough I wish to make a change in the Malaysian's mindset on our profession, as well as the animals. It was my aim and dream when I first know for sure vet med was for me.

So I've been nominated as the Ex-Committee of Student's Welfare, which the SRC was all about. Let's hope I'm able to use my identity to fight for our faculty's rights.Meetings can go up to 1am night, no thanks to the draggish President. But I like his style, as least he ain't as snobbish or sly looking as 2 of the council members whom I despise absolutely.

Back to Dogathon.

Gosh did I mention I'm only like 30% done with my progress? Heck I haven't even plan or take any pictures of my backdrop with any real dogs as test drive! Goodness I feel like I'm going to pass out right now thinking about it. Hence, my kiasuness rose from the deep and I brought my work back home to proceed. Guess I wouldn't be sleeping early tonight so I can finish my fonts and complete the backdrop by Sunday midnight, or at least by next Monday so I have time for other matters.

I guess being a new program's programmer ain't easy? I'm quite lucky to come across my Personal Assistant who is damn gifted in designing. Heck he even knows how to put color contrast! Thank you intuition for selecting him or I would be doomed right now! He's gifted with brilliant ideas. If the committee decided to keep this program, he should totally be the next programmer. Though the decor team could ALOT of his help.

And now back to relationships. With me being back with the gang, its like I have to re-adjust and know them more now. They've developed friendships a semester more than I do, and I have a lot to catch up. Yet, the thing is that I do not stick with them all the time for every lectures, because I'm restricted to from 2 subjects.

The guys:

The hostel wasn't doing me any good my swapping my spot away from Sea and slotting Boey into my place. It is a good thing for Boey, because he WILL be sticking around with the other guys while I lack behind graduating a year later. So it's all the more reason for him to take my place. So as I'm living with the Year 4 seniors, whom are really nice to my disposal, but I'm still distant from the usual gang. I don't spend 1 hour updating at night anymore, my lunches are spent with the girls instead because I have more common practical groups with them, I don't go to the gym in Putrajaya because I have mine in the Mines, and I was asked if I'm too stressed by the girls because I was noticed to be quite distant from the guys. Well, to some degree I do lays tell myself to keep a distance, because I will really fall apart when the time comes to that I can no longer be with them. It's away to protect my heart.
woohoo~ mah first graffitti! I made the cattle-looking T!
The girls:

Intriguingly, I'm in the same practical groups with the girls for most of my practical. Ruminant production, non-ruminant production, ethology and even the upcoming production practicals in our breaks. Well, I normally stick to the same quadruplets, since they were already digitally destined(Digimon?!) to be my charms for Wealth, Health, Relationships and Luck, and somehow one way or another serendipity have made them my closest sisters now. Heck they know more than my family do, but of course there are still secrets remain in me, like they have with theirs when they claim to be "girl-stuffs". Oh well, I doubt I'm the only guy they tell stuffs to only, or should I just brush this over my shoulder and not be paranoid? Hmm, let time play its part.

Rumors have been spreading among the girls, and it seemingly portrays that I might be romantically involved with one of the girls(lets put as K), whom I really only have thought as a sister. Well, sometimes thoughts do sparks, but ultimately the girls still just can only be as close as my sisters and best friends, not mate. It's even more uneasy when Big Sis told me K felt a lil disheartened when I tagged only Big Sis in the social network to contact them as my phone crashed. I was quite stunned, because I'd never imagined it would be an issue. But Big Sis claimed that girls would be girls, so I guess I should be more careful next time. The thing is, people wouldn't say things if I'd just get to Big Sis directly because a: she is already taken and b: she just pops into my head when I thought of the duo. With rumors flying the air, and K being the ex-target of one of my boys, I can't be too careful. It's like a complex, which I do not wish to blend to a further extend now.

Plus, with all the crushes coming and going within split nights, I told myself to immerse in work instead. I'm too busy for these issues now.

So I guess I should work till 2am for Dogathon now.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Buffetting : Cool down before the Sprint

Finally tests are over while I've completed most of the assignments from the vet fac in hand. So now I have 3 more assignments for the university courses to be completed, one which includes management environment, another on the comparison between the education of special need children and "selected bright children", last but not least, China's agriculture.
research on boob inflammation of cows wasn't easy!
At any rate, those ain't my priorities for the time being. My main focus now would be Dogathon.

Seriously, you bitches out there who are within boundaries of Klang Valley, get your arses to my university on 4th of November or I will hunt you down, and send my hounds after you if I need to.

Like seriously! Don't you love dogs?! I mean, like seriously! Seriously.

Ok seriously, I have to stop saying seriously. Like seriously.
 not even finalized yet. Fingers crossed 10 ways.

Anyhow, the design I had before have had to revamped because of the constraints on the film. From a panoramic layout, I've shifted it into a portrait. Let's hope the outcome looks neat.


Classes have been awesome, finally we came to the stage where we need to learn about breast milk! Of cows of course.

More like lactation of a cattle, from its boobs mammary glands, and how to play with the tits stimulate lactation from the teats.

 who knew boob inflammation was genetic?

Learning the physiology of the milk production was uber cool, and who knew about the stringent procedures we have to go through in order to ensure good milk production? Not gonna bore you with the details, but seriously it is fascinating.

me in the eyes of my girls. 

However, the student body's work isn't getting any better. There's a water crisis in our residential college, while the vet students were like hogging after me asking for a solution. Thank goodness they were nice while asking me, because they love me like that *flick head*

We've came up with solutions for the management of the college, but due to the bureaucratic procedures implemented in most Asian country, its definitely going to take days till the solution can proceed.

Goodness its like sub-zero right now, especially for the girls in the block furthest away from the water source. It might be okay for other courses, but for vets, we have coveralls to be washed, ourselves to clean, boots and also lab coats.

Don't blame us when there's a crazy outbreak of brucellosis or zoonoses in the college, because the water crisis persisted due to incompetent management.

The Supreme Student Council of the college is trying their best, but they should have done better.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Buffetting : Hurls

With Dogathon's arch design revamp, budding assignments, hurls of tests, unlimited phone calls to practical centers as well as various university departments, my kiasu-ness to make sure I top the next tests in all subjects, I think I will need my mid sem break badly.

Detailed updates until I have more time.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Buffetting : Born that way

After finishing the last 3 tests, not to mention the quizzes which popped out without me studying anything at all, I finally had the time to jot stuffs down here.

The past 2 weeks had been a real overdrive, with all the activities, assignment deadlines, student body duties and meetings come pounding on me. My weekends were like weekdays, but thank goodness today was a peaceful and easy one on me. I finally have some alone time to sort MOST of my things out, not all yet.

So back to the title, what is it all about anyway?

The university's loan application kicked in, and we were running around sending the application in.

So and so, Boey decided to pull out last minute because he claimed that he wouldn't be able to appeal for a higher amount from the loan sponsor.

The thing is that both our parents have had better income, so as the sponsors decide to loan us partially , only to pay for our tuition fees only, whereas our friends have gotten full loan. It's like RM9k to RM30K, a 3 times difference.

Boey being him, decided that Kuok's foundation would be a better loan to apply, because he'd decided that PTPTN wouldn't be approving his appeal for more amount.

So and so, he sniped at me and asked why would I need a loan, when I'm driving a new Insight, being a "super-rich people." If I'm super rich I'd be driving a Mercedes to university, or a Porche or Land Rover for that matter.

Yes, I've gotten a new car so what? It doesn't mean that I would just be like all the other youngsters out there wishing to depend solely on their parent's funds for my education.

I wish to be able to go through similar things people go through out there, paying for their loans, or even trying to strive for a First class honors to change the loan into a scholarship instead.

I was kind of furious when he posted :

"Lucky kid. Honda Insight Hybrid eh?" on my social network profile.

Look, it's not like I got it from a contest, or I've gotten it out of nowhere.

My family worked as hard, or even harder to earn income, or higher ones to sustain and improve our quality of life. I didn't inherit a large sum of heirloom and decide to spend on all kinds of luxury like my new car. The family went through serious discussions and several elimination and weighing before we've decided to put my name on this car. We weren't born into wealthy family background. Every sen, was earned with dignity and hardwork.

So what if my family have multiple cars? So what if my family seemed well-to-do? It doesn't stop us from working for what we should deserve. Plenty have stated that my family would be able to fund for my education abroad, whereby a million or so wouldn't be a problem.

But I worked hard and have gotten a place in the local university, for a good course I might add. It doesn't stop me work getting my goals my ways. I don't have to be the stereotyped "well-to-do-brat" like my cousin is while he isn't. I still get cheap Ts, I still take into account of every ringgit I could save doing groceries, I still eat by the hawker stalls. The point is, my family might be financially better off at some stages, but we are still down to earth.

Fine, he might be ranting out of frustration because his family's business is kinda in the midst of a crisis now. But telling me my family earns better as a middle man instead of being THE performer is downright infuriating.

Hello, I have to carry valves, pipes and fire extinguishers around and they are at least 10kg each. Imagine carrying 50 of them in a session. My mother have to be in the warehouse directing workers and drivers formulating routes sometimes carry stocks around, same goes to my sister and my dad. We work hard to gain those income, not by cheating people's money. That, I'm dead sure.

I've been labelled as the "rich" kid in my college as of now because of the multiple cars I've been bringing to the residential college. But guys, why would I be still staying in the college, be in a public university, and taking a load if I am THAT rich?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Buffetting : Time to Stop

I have to stop procrastinating.

Tomorrow will be the day I KO-kan my non-ruminant production notes on swine production, if possible some notes on ruminant production so I will not be confused on how to crack a bull's spematic chords or interpreting the lactation curve of a cow.

Till I'm done with my 3 tests~

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Buffetting : Feel Good Homones

The feeling of walking out of the examination hall like a boss, being the first to finish and all.

Yet, fear creeps in when you look through the notes, and there's like one or two bits you've forgotten to slot into the examination sheet.

However, the feeling before is indeed orgasmic.

Ethology wasn't that bad, was hoping for more sexual behavior questions, but only female sexual behaviors were being asked.

(Mares)Horses urinate in small amount;
(Cows)Cattle become restless, arches back to prepare to be mounted, bellows;
(Sows)Pigs become restless, stands for riding(standing heat) while pressure applied at the back, ear pricking;
(Ewes)Sheeps become restless, court rams, seeks out and walk about for rams, seclusion from flock

Female sheeps are so slutty right? Looking out for the rams themselves and all.

Wait, my zodiac sign's goat/sheep also.

Oh well, I supposed the male sexual behaviors are more "expressive":

Flehmen; showing of teeth and twitching of nose

Demonstration of strength via popping eyes, loud roars, showing off body parts(whatcha got from ye momma?)

Investigating of genitalia(frisky..)

Control of motion via pulling, pushing, cornering and slamming (oo, rough~)
Intromission, trial and error of sexual attempts.


I think the ones without pictures, you let your imaginations spread then.

Behold guys, a future veterinarian in the house, of course I should relate.

Heck, I was being related to be  expressing a heft amount of male sexual behavior of Control of Motion, because I love to push girls' shoulders from the side with mine =.=.

If you were guys I would have just smacked your chest.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Buffetting : Grateful

It's 1am, with an 8am class tomorrow, I wish to express how grateful I am here.

I am grateful my family finally supports my wish to pursue my current course.

I am grateful my current faculty is more than welcoming as well as helpful enough in my course works.

I am grateful I have found a group of coursemates who are dedicated, nice and great enough to be with for all aspects of life as a vet student.

I am grateful my course allows me to make my unfulfilled dreams to resurface once more.

I am grateful for I'm right now being able to express this gratitude.

Its tiring, but I love my current life.

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.