Sunday, September 29, 2013

Buffetting : Countdown

If you love me, please me there. I mean here.

Seriously, no joke.

Dog lovers, you no come here you no love dog. HAHAHAHHAHAHAA

Pardon me, I think I just need to pass through this week and I will be normal again.

With T having limited time for me and me limited time for T, getting into a relationship is as bothersome as the co-director says.

It's just love-hate.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Buffetting : Flash

September seemed to pass by within snaps of fingers, and so much have happened within such a short amount of time.

The time passed by really fast as if it were short probably due to the fact that I was so busy for the past 2 and a half weeks.

It's the 3rd academic week and boy I'm pretty much worn out. The fact that I'm currently holding different position as well as various portfolios pretty much almost killed me.

Speaking of which, the largest event I've ever directed is coming up in just about 10 more days! Gosh I really hope everything goes just as planned and NO RAIN ON THAT DAY.

The weather has been a delight for the past 3 weeks, now just 2 more weeks and we will be A-okay!

Academics, Events, Responsibilities.

I feel like I am leaving out T quite a lot these days. I can barely stay up till 2am to wait for the good night wish; while T seemed to be just so busy with the finals in the day.
it must have been a flash for my parents.

Maybe its just a phase? Gosh I sure hope T doesn't feel neglected. Knowing T, T should be understanding enough with my complaints of meetings all the time.

Posts to be updated post Dogathon:
1- Course Night 2013
2- Professor's Concert
3- Dogathon 2013
4- Academic rants
5- Responsibility rants
6- Central Market Lantern Festival
7- Learning Thai
8- Outing with the ZH people
9- The coursemate dilemma

That's a lot.

Now, back to academics.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Buffetting : Breather

I'd figure I need some timeout especially on my holy Thursdays.

All my commitments are now screaming at me virtually, physically, horizontally and what not bla bla bla.

Student Council, VP for Cultural Society, Co-Director for Dogathon, academics, trying really hard to go for work out.

Gosh, I'm still 2 lectures behind for my core veterinary subjects.

Add learning Thai on top of the list I think I'm practically god-like.

Anyway, I think its like critical zone for me and T, for finals is coming for T while Dogathon comes knocking over like a tsunami

But, we still find time just to know we are both doing fine. Even T knows my life revolves JUST with meetings, while academics set at night.

At least we are exchanging bits of our life, instead of just being honeypots for each other.

I guess we both are still a lil not ready yet to tell people our relationship? Like T is still shy for people to know, while me myself thinks now is definitely not the time to tell anyone else yet.

Good thing to know is, we both truly wished to be at each other's side. Checking air tickets to fly over to each other's country sounds good enough?

T: I really wish you can be right here with me.

I wish that too. Maybe just when I start to earn big bucks when I'm free.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Buffetting : In need of Charms

Not the pheromones, but real charms.

It's only 1/14 past the semester and I've been getting into multiple troubles and problems including:

1- Cutting myself with a scalpel needing a wound with glue stitch
2- Getting myself another wound at the waist from paintball shot with closeup 10cm apart
3- Losing my petrol card.
4- Constantly forgetting my belongings.
5- Being really demotivated somehow.

I don't know, the positive energy in me somehow dissipated in the mid air for no reason. Maybe its the job load? Maybe its the lack of exercise?

Gosh, I need to buckle up.

Add that to the fact that T can only connect to the internet at the university, yay my life is complete with the letters P-R-O-B-L-E-M-S.

T: I miss you!!!

I guess the last part just wiped everything else down my throat. Suck it up!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Buffetting : Tough Times

I'm starting to see, well some "flaws" in being in it with T.

We have an hour of difference, and us being both vet students have to keep up with the hours for our academics. For the past week I've been sleeping at 2am just to spend my last half or an hour before 2 to spend with with T. It is, quite taxing, especially when I need to wake up at 7am in the next morning, while the continuous work and meeting load just drags till 2am the next morning till I drop dead in the bed.

We have phone connection problems. Or at least I have. I'm pretty sure T also has the anxiety problem as I do, when we don't reply each others' texts immediately due to signal issues, driving period, battery down and what not. I have to constant tell and remind myself to be extra patient because its a LDR. 3 hours of flight away, we can only stay in control to THAT extent.

We both starting to have commitments. With T heading for finals and me heading for Dogathon, our time for each other is probably driven to only 15 minutes before our sleep. Add that with the connection problem, we only have truly minimum time. I just hope these commitment issues only last till October when September ends, and we get to spend more time thereafter.

I think I'm being pretty paranoid. With issue similar happening to a close friend; and me thinking that the same scenario happening in The Hormone Series will land on me, my conscious just can't help it.


T: I wanna hug youuuuuuu

That reassured a lot. Thanks bear!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Buffetting : Forever in Between

The middle child syndrome is soon going to be a middle person-forever syndrome.

My life revolving being stuck in between.

I was the middle child.
I was the middle person for various parties.
I'm now in the middle of two different batches of academic years.
I'm in the middle of balancing the life for friends, and for T.

With all the busy stuffs going, I'm pretty surprised I still do and can think about being stuck in the middle.

It was just lunch, and I could just see how I'm stranded in the middle, of nowhere. Lunch time after the meeting with the activity advisor, I would assume to have lunch with at least some of the friends.

But, well everyone had lunch bought for them, but me.

I can't blame them exactly, I just blame my life.

As strong as a Leo can be, with T being so far from here there is so much I can take alone.

I wonder if T remember, it has been a month.

PS: something happened this week have made me having thoughts of privatizing this piece of my mind. I'm still contemplating if its a good idea to do so at all. Or should I just leave it, since I'm losing myself anyway.

To another 3 more hectic weeks, and time to lose myself.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Buffetting : Chiang Mai Trip Day 1 and 2

So I'm finally done with reports, done worrying the fact that T might just be losing the passion, and partially done with packing for the upcoming semester.

Geez its going to be so busy until September ends, so this might prolly be the last post in September for me.

Wake me up when September ends.

So after the last day of the Conference, which was actually half a day; talking about how we can co-exist with elephants, the party of 4(me, Gummi bear, Bimbo and FabP) planned to go for our next stop, our hotel.

Before we managed to scratch our heads over the transport, a few of the NICEST CMU vet students offered us the ride to our hotel, Tapae Place Hotel.

We were truly grateful, and they'd also offered to be our host for the next 4 days of our stay when they are off schooling hours. SERIOUSLY. Where can you get such lovely people right? Totally loved them, and still stayed connected.

So they dropped us in the hotel about 4pm, and we've decided to meet them up again for dinner at about 7pm at the Arcade Bus Station because we had 2 friends from Bangkok were taking their night bus back there. Had Thai McD of samurai pork burger; but I'd prefer the beef in Malaysia though.

The dinner was awesome because we get to interact with the Thai friends a lot; those who actually had been really close to us throughout the whole conference. We talked about everything under the sun; how to count in Thai, the fares of song thaew from one place to another, how to bargain, the 7-11s in Thailand, where to head to for night life and so much more.

One interesting topic was about the 7-11 stamps. Apparently 7-11s in Thailand offers redemption just like Watsons and Guardian in Malaysia, and those stamps are imprinted with various cultures of Thailand. Collect certain number of stamps, and redeem something. One of them even wanted to collect 1000 of them to collect a set of furniture for the dormitory!

Our night didn't end there. After they've dropped us back in our hotel, we've decided to sneak out for a stroll in the Night Bazaar. Even though the place actually ran up till 12am, the stalls were all shutting down at 11pm-ish. Gummi bear and I brisked around while the girls brush up their bargain skills on the first day of shopping. Not much on the first day, though I managed to snap a few glimpse of shawl samples for my sister to pick.

Our first night ended with a call up to Flying Squirrel for our zipline across the tropical rain forest experience in Chiang Mai.

Oh I almost missed out on our hotel. Tapae place is definitely one of the hotels you might want to consider staying in Chiang Mai. The facilities are considered complete for a RM30/night/person bargain. Hot water, functional air-conditioner, TV, complimentary mineral water daily, and most importantly: Wifi at top-speed.

It's not the best, but it was good enough for our budget, and I'm definitely staying here again if I'm traveling here. Unless T is willing to let me slip into the dorm.

The 2nd day of our trip was headed to the zipline course, somewhere in somewhere. I forgot the place we went, but it was a great place definitely. I'm sure the link I posted had introduction somewhere.

The point was not the place, but the activity there. 

Let the pictures speak for themselves:

yes, a flying gorilla across the forest. yay me.

for a person with hardcore size like me, better be safe than sorry.

YOLO flying bear.

Flying Siamese twin

They even had floating bicycle. I totally freaked out.

The super nice but teasy Noey and Adrien from France. Super rich dude.

1000 baht for the experience and a decent buffet lunch, I'd say it was worth the price. I guess the competition in Chiang Mai made they hospitality top quality. 

In the afternoon of the 2nd day, after saying good bye to Adrien we've decided to continue our day for a trip to Bhu Ping Palace and Doi Suthep temple.

We took a song thaew to Chiang Mai Zoo, while there are services of song thaew sending us up to the palace and temple for fee of 140 baht through and back in front of the Chiang Mai Zoo. It's quite a good deal because those places are like 15 to 20 kilometers uphill. Driving ourselves or riding bikes might not be the best idea.

Bhu Ping Palace is the place where Her Royal Highness Queen of Thai visits during the winter to interact with the people around Chiang Mai, while it is opened for display to the public on other seasons. We hit a dud not knowing the palace was under construction, hence took a stroll around the area for some great scenery instead.

gummi bear and his new toy

bimbo as fabulous as always
FabP being her unusual self throughout, in an extremely fun way

My personal favorite spot of the palace:

The water reservoir. These in Chiang Mai are odorless, and beautiful. Puts Malaysia's at a shame I would add.

manage to snap an artificial rainbow

another snippet of the garden past the reservoir

And the Siamese twins being siamese.

And us boys being boys. 

Our next stop after we hit the quota time for Bhu Ping Palace for an hour at 4.00pm, was the Doi Suthep temple. The temple is well known due to the fact that it was the first temple, founded by the first monk in Chiang Mai who walked all the way up to the mountain(Doi). The CMU students actually have to climb the mountain on their first year, a competition between faculties to foster the bond between the students in faculty. Some pretty awesome shit right?

some of our friends are in this video too!

So while I wanted to climb the fleet of stairs up to the temple,the other 3 decided to buy the elevator ticket instead. I'm only a gorilla, I have to follow the majority.

and up we go

The people in Thailand really love their current king, because of the good deeds he did for the people and the country, hence his image almost in every critical places.

To me, a temple is a place where I can foster and develop my mental to study the scriptures better, as well as a place to pay my respect to the teachings I believe. Whether if its "holy" to a certain extent, well, I would say a place I seek refuge.

The observatory of the temple also serves as a great spot for a wholesome view of the Chiang Mai city, including the airport itself.

well, that dude must have a weird sense for angle.

I have no idea why the blur face in this take.

Our day ended with the traveling down from Doi Suthep directly to the Warorot Market for 30baht/person; where we found some, but not much food today. Hence, we went on back to the night bazaar again for food, and we got it this time:

Their durian santan nasi pulut was HEAVENLY~~~ Had to have this over and over

The rest were regulars like tom yam guung, beef noodles, phad thai and the yadaas. Good food comes on the last 2 days.

Our night ended with a booking for Chiang Rai trip, which I will post tomorrow.

Geez, 1 post for 2 days is pretty long. I think this wouldn't be the last post of September after all.

On the side note, I've kinda talked to someone very close about T, and pretty relieved I did because its so hard to contain it to myself all the time. At least it was someone close to me and someone was really understanding. 

T, well, is busy with finals soon while I will busy for Dogathon. Leo horoscope says September ain't exactly the good month for love and relationship to flourish, which I began to detect and know. T being out of reach and less proactive while I watch my phone on alert mode all the time; not a good chemistry.

That's why I've decided to focus more on the semester's commencement and Dogathon, hopefully when October 6th ends we both have more time for each other.