Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Personality Test~

Got this off Stephanie Elise's blog so tried it... not sure if it is accurate though... why don't YOU peeps decide?

Your Handwriting

If you write some strokes thickly but others are thin, it's likely that you're a very unpredictable person. Sometimes you'll get very serious about something, but there's always the possibility that you'll suddenly lose interest. It can take you a long time to complete a task--if it gets done at all before something else grabs your attention.

What type of personality do you have?

Your kindness is your charm - you are also gentle and sweet. Everybody likes to be around people with your personality. Like a psychologist, people like to talk to you to discuss their problems because you are proper and discrete, as well as confident. You look mature and people respect you. People with this kind of character are few and far between.

The Animal Test

Here is the analysis:

  1. A kind of person you will be attracted to in a real life situation is those who are unbridled and free
  2. In the process of courtship, the approach that makes you feel irresistible is being straightforward, and having your partner speak directly.
  3. The impression you'd like to give to your lover is loyal and faithful.
  4. One reason that would make you break up with your partner is his or her being emotional. If they're moody, you won't know how to please them.
  5. The kind of relationship you'd like to build with your partner is one where you can talk about everything and anything. No secrets are kept.
  6. Would you commit adultery? Society and morality worry you. You wouldn't do anything wrong after marriage.
  7. About marriage, you've always wanted to get married, but in fact, you don't even know what it really is.
  8. About love, at this moment, you think of love as a commitment for both parties.

Why do you love someone?

Here is the reason:

You think he or she is a very smart one. You love his/her brain.

How do you choose your soulmate?

The decisions you have made indicates your criteria in choosing your soulmate.
More important matters come first on the list below:
  1. Love
  2. Education
  3. Money
  4. Appearance
Emotional Test

Here is the analysis:

Your emotional controlled rate: 37%

You know how to let your emotions show but you still find it difficult to do so as often as you should. You should be prepared to let your emotions out more often. When you feel sad let yourself cry, when you feel angry, let your anger show and when you feel happy allow a smile to cross your face.

Allowing your emotions out in this way will do wonders to your physical and mental health.

Psychological Test

Here is the analysis:

  • You have a complicated personality.
  • How ambitious you are depends on the height that you answered, which is: Top.
  • You are stubborn, the size of this personality as seen by others is medium.
  • Diamond means stubborn personality.
  • You are also superior and impressive.
  • You are an opportunist.
  • Your best friend is the one you need when you are in trouble.

One Word to Oneself

Here is the analysis:

  • Your own personality is Loyal.
  • Your partner's personality is Proud.
  • Your enemy's personality is Yucky.
  • What you think about sex is Awakening.
  • What you think about your own life is Soothing.

How attractive are you?

You are extremely attractive to the opposite sex. You are not only good looking but your personality is also charming in many ways.

You know how to get along with people and can allocate your time well. You are always popular among the opposite sex.

How well will you survive in this wild world?

Here is the analysis:

Because of your kind nature, you always find it hard to turn down people in need. You always want to do so many things at once but eventually you might not achieve anything. Try to focus on one thing at a time and you will surely be successful.

Your Working Style

You radiate sympathy and fellowship. You concern yourself chiefly with the people around you and place a high value on harmonious human contacts. You are friendly, tactful, and sympathetic. You are persevering, conscientious and orderly even in small matters, and inclined to expect others to be the same. You are particularly warmed by approval and sensitive to indifference. Much of your pleasure and satisfaction comes from the warmth of feeling of people around you. You tend to concentrate on the admirable qualities of other people and are loyal to respected persons, institutions, or causes, sometimes to the point of idealizing whatever you admire.

You have the gift of finding value in other people's opinions. Even when these opinions are in conflict, you have faith that harmony can somehow be achieved and you often manage to bring it about. To achieve harmony, you are ready to agree with other's opinions within reasonable limits. You need to be careful however, that you don't concentrate so much on the viewpoints of others that you lose site of your own.

You are mainly interested in seeing the possibilities and beyond what is present, obvious, or known. Intuition heightens your insight, vision, and curiosity for new ideas. You tend to be interested in books and moderately tolerant of theory. You are likely to have a gift of expression, but may use it in speaking to audiences rather than in writing. You think best when talking with people.

You are at your best in jobs that deal with people, and in situations that require building cooperation. You are found in jobs such as teaching, preaching, counseling, and selling. You may be less happy in work demanding factual accuracy, such as accounting, unless you can find a personal meaning in your work. You have to make a special effort to be brief and businesslike and not let sociability slow you down on the job.

You base your decisions on your personal values. While you like to have matters decided or settled, you do not necessarily want to make all the decisions yourself. You run some risk of jumping to conclusions before you understand a situation. If you have not taken time to gain first-hand knowledge about a person or situation, your actions may not have the helpful results you intended. For example, in the beginning of a new project or job, you may do things you assume should be done, instead of taking the time to find out what is really wanted or needed. You have many definite "shoulds" and "should nots," and may express these freely.

You find it especially hard to admit the truth about problems with people or things you care about. If you fail to face disagreeable facts, or refuse to look at criticism that hurts, you will ignore your problems instead of searching for solutions.

The five-question personality test

Here is the analysis:

  1. Your ideal mate has a sense of humor and is lively.
  2. You always compare yourself with others. You make your wishes too difficult to come true.
  3. Success depends on someone's faith in their ability. That's your attitudes towards success.
  4. You realize that there are always ups and downs. Joy and sorrow are constant companions.
  5. You are emotional, sincere and optimistic.

What do your friends think of you?

Here is the analysis:

You are cheerful but watch out for gossips. Friends think that you stick your nose into most matters. But because of your cheerfulness, you are often forgiven. Try to be far away as possible from gossips.

Your Hidden Talent:The Mass Communicator

You have a cheerful personality and you are a naturally kind person. Your hidden talent isn't really that hidden at all: you shine among a crowd. You would make an ideal news announcer, flight attendant or model - any position that would give you an opportunity to deal with plenty of people. A tip for you is to avoid getting too deeply involved in others' personal lives - otherwise you might find yourself constantly being asked for help.

Well? DO they sound like??? Some really do but it may be my self-centeredness too... owh well... not much people TRUELY know me anyways... Honestly speaking, nobody does~

Signing Off,


Ok its chinese new year right??? I guess everyone was hoping for a OPEN HOUSE by Yong Bin again right? Kar Wyaii I really wanted to make it this week, but im bonded to my work, so i can only do it next week, but you wouldn't be around anymore!!!! Ugh... im sorry... guess everyone can't enjoy CNY with you... But anyways... I am planning to make it tooo~ B ut by the time i make it, i will be quiting my job... Willy sorry i won't be around during April if you drop by in Rakuzen~

So its that im making the open house, but im quiting my job in rakuzen because it will be sooo much burden and stress on me if I work and organized this open house at the same time, not to mention my Bloody face and body is getting worse by the day due the to stressful and never-ending work in rakuzen~ Fun... BUT TIRING!!!!! I think I can bare with it after I really completed my tertiary education~

Ok people now i need you help... For those who are interested please drop a comment in this pose so i can make sure who is coming and preparations and all ok? The details are as below, but there may be change ok? drop you comment, along with your phone number as i had "killed" my phone last Rat year and i lost all my freaking contacts... help me out here ok? Details are as BELOW:

Date:7th Februrary 2009

Time:7.00pm till midnight

Dress-code: Chinese New Year larh....

Contacts: Call yong bin or drop your number or email

Venue: Yong Bin's house, if you don't know... call me lar...

PS: Bring cash $$$$$$$$$ if you want as people love to gamble in my house... and don't forget ang pao for me ok?(jk jk) and bring anything if you want.. but try not to overdose on beers ok? i had experience last 2 years... very horrible~

Thats about it... but once again, NOT CONFIRMED~~~ Everything can be changed due to circumstances so people... brace youself~~~~

Now.. im quiting my job soon...see the consequences...

im going to lose my insentives...
im losing more experiences...
im "unemployed=penganggur" now...

and the pros...

im free!!
im working in my mum's office which ives me 5 times salary!!!
im hitting the gyms!!!
im getting back to my japanese classes!!!
im getting my hands on saxophone!!!

so... we can see the diff CLEARLY right? ok... time to entertaint my cousins~ later peeps!

Signing Off,

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ong Lai~~!!!!!

Well just finished helping my dad to put up some decor in my house... one of the very important elements in the celebration of Chinese New Year, which i will be celebrating in around 21 more hours... Since im a Hokkien(one of the branches of chinese people, which consist of several "gangs" such as Cantonese, Hokkien, Teo Chew, Hakka, Shang hai, Hainanese) Pineapple, in hokkien called "ong lai" which an exact pun for "Rich come" in hokkien too really fits in alot of partion in the decors in my house and so i was helping my dad to set them up. Thanks loads to my height and physique, i successfully hung up all the decors in the living room without the usage of the ladder.. haha self-praising and self-indulging~~~

So then... i went to mom's room with bro to ge our new year's shirts and pants on the go, and the fashion starts... this time i am much more confident in choosing my outfits as i am not as fat as i was in the past ten years (tears flowing~) wow i can't believe myself!!!! i mean i can FIT into all the shirts i bought... and i can even fit into the one my dad couldn't!!!! Finally some CONFIDENT in myself!!! Guess all the hard work and advices willy gave really worked!!! at least 45 minutes jogging 3 times per week~ though i cut down to 30 minutes, but the speed increased from 5 to 6 in constant~ and my belly lose quite a few inches~~~ thanks Willy!!!

And now back to work again... seriously Malaysians are such killers... they always visit the place a few days before the BIG holidays starts... To wear all the workers down... Phew~ Today was really tiring... Its like the customers keep pouring in every time one table was cleared... But.. it means more INSENTIVE for me so guess the hard work pays!!! And today was also the big cleaning as we will be closing for three days... We are chinese and we need break also ok~~~ And we ended the day with a Yee SAng!!! Rakuzen Style!!!! HOly crap their Yee Sang are not the Ciplak like in the chinese restaurants.. You can see and take the HUGE salmon right out of the huge plate by itself!!! Japanese style.. Splendid~!!!

Back to leng chais and leng luis... not much today because i was so busy all the time... Washing, serving, teaing... Talk about tea... I can't believe there was no WATER today!!! Oh my fucking god!!! I could hardly make any green tea for the customers and they were freaking pissed off!!! Lucky my super duper cute angelic smile turn them off their heat when i refilled the empty ocha cups...(self indulging again~) So.. leng chais i have spotted one... but too bad his family was kind of the cool-rich type which rarely smiles at you.. so i didn't bother to approach their table, plus his sister looked like some shit oni.. my humble opinion lar.. and there were freaking noisy kids around... i don't mind if they play and run around and all but i super hate it when they cry and their parents don't give a damn thing about it... Fuck those parents~~~~ My supervisor was also pissed off and asked them to leave as they had already paid the bill and done dining... and plus they were kinda "destroying" the ambience around??? Anyways, i support my supervisor fully~~~

Last but not least, im having my reunion dinner tonight... Its 3.32 a.m. now... Time to say Gong Hei Fatt Choi to all chinese in the globe may your Ox year starts with a Bull-Eyes~ Hit your way through 2009 and may you be well and happy always~ I think i should hit the hay right now...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Freaking Customers

I am complaining.. but i am some how happy about it too~~~ guess what yesterday and today was the busiest moments of RAKUZEN SS15 for the month of January 2009!!!! Seriously.. the whole place was packed!!! Only yesterday night, the upper floor(because the rakuzen im working in have 2 storeys, and im working on the top one) managed to earn RM10,000++ worth of Japanese cusiens in 5 hours' time!!! Imagine that!!!! I was walking up and down to serve and all till i didn't had the time to think about thirst nor hunger!!!! Seriously, i found out i was dehydrated (not exactly though) only when i peed and my urine was totally sunset yellow... SUNSET YELLOW!!!! hows that??? guess my ADH hormone has been working really well and my kidney had really stressed up.. time to drink more green tea at work to reduce my water pressure~~~

haha may sound gay but i saw 3 leng chai today kakakakka.... plus a really cute little boy (around 3 to 5 i think) and when he was jumping up and down i was laughing like crazy..(sauyeoooow~~) But as we know, in Subang Jaya, where most people despise gay relationships, the leng chais normally have leng luis beside them as their girl friend... Yet, i kinda made eye contact with 3 of them and they were quite nice too kakakakkaka. And 2 of them were customers and one was my collegue who is working in the kitchen department.. Guess what? H is same age as i do!!! Can you believe that?? And i knew it only 2day!!! Well, i only dared to speak to him today after 3 weeks working in Rakuzen because I thought he was the cool type.. So today i was a little nice, when he was fetching some ice for water, i volunteered to get him some, even when i was busy (coz the kitcheners get water form upstairs.. so.. i need to do the dirty work as we waiters are more presentable than the chefs And his answer was Thank you ar~) with the really soft whiney voice.. I mean how normal nice girls say thank you lar.. and i flushed.. So i didn't dared to look into his eyes and said sure no problem~ >.<

Ok that was the leng chai part... now i don't see any leng luis today coz all of them were wearing FREAKIN thick make ups over their petty faces... what is the point???!!! Foundation is more than enough ( to me) and additional lip stick is ok~ but they were wearing soo thick~~~ but i only took noticed of two lady customers.. One was my scouter's girl friend.(li choong he is my penolong pemimpin daerah petaling how's that????!!!) and a hokkien native girl.

My scouter's arrival was really pressuring... i had his pressure as his underling back in high school and now coincidencely he is my customer today... omgdness... i was liking deep-breathing every moment i step near their corner... but later his gril friend was really nice nough to make me relax so it was ok in the end.. She was really nice and cute and really the poppy type of girl.. no wonder my scouter likes her.. but his personality was kinda 180 degress different as he is the unpredictable type because his facial expression rarely change, and his smiles maybe be nice and lethal~ she wished me happy new year when she was leaving~ nice girl.. And the hokkien girl was very funny too!!! When i asked for her drinks she was like.." eh eh i only know green tea is o-cha.. what is hot and what is cold ar??" luckily im a japanese literal employee and i was able to explain the names...Atsui ocha = hot green tea while Tsumetai ocha= cold green tea so she was recalling it throughout her stay... hehe Satisfaction~~~

Thats about my working these two days... tiring but really satisfying!!! its like my life has a purpose now!!! But now.. i am really depressed~ bloggers.. i feel like my life has no true meaning any more for now... I have no one to talk to.. no one to share my thoughts or feelings with... Im changing my blog address to prevent my friends from knowing me.. and im disconnecting my connections to the outside world now.. form msn, phone calls and messages... im trying to dive deep in my heart to find out who i am right now.. so please bloggers, if you have any suggestions, do drop them~~~ well... thanks to this blog.. im free to be who i am.. may i be able to dive deeper and find my meaning of life...

Signing Off,


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Trust No One

One simple word of friday and saturday... a person successfully make me to trust no one ANYMORE... I am really sick and tired of giving my best to every friendship existed in my life. The outsiders... I still remember my very essay's conclusion... "Instead of waiting for a good friend to appear... why not be the good friend?" I have done it... for the oass 3 years since form 3... after i wrote that very essay, i remember damn well what i have written on the very book... the words are engraved deep in m heart. Yet.. today, i really want to leave the darn statement behind my life.. No more... that is it.. I had enough hurts and stand ups i have been getting since the very day i made that statement....

I have done my best... HONESTLY!!!! What have i done to deserve all of these???? Behind my backs... Under my nose... I had enough! I am just an ulucky jerko who have no one to understand the little bit pf my own feelings... all i did for all these years had been... for my friends.. for my parents.. for my teachers.. for anyone else but myself!!! I just couldn't be more selfish can I???

This goes back to the high school days... when i was a prefect... So.. in my school the whole form 4 will be aiming for the highest position in the prefects' organization.. The top 6. Yes.. it might be over but the scars are carved deep in my soul. The top 6 .. I was once announced in the body.. 5 chinese and one half chinese, quarter malay and quarter indian. I was sure i was going to make it in the top 6. Yet... Because of Malaysia's nativeship, and the school's so-called quota.. 2 more prefects were introduced into the top 6, forming the top 8. I was shocked.. yet i accpeted it.. Because i was sure i WILL make it. But I never realised how realistic it was in a malay school, (or so called KEBANGSAAN school) and I was kicked out of the top 6, making me the Discipline Officer, the next highest power after the top 6.

Top 6 holds MOST of the power in the organization, and they cover my jobscope, while i don't cover theirs. They can see my files, but i can't see theirs. They can know all my job inner informations, while i can't know theirs. I was once in there.. holding all the powers. I was once the ohe who knows everything. I was one of them. After that.. I was no one... I could know nothing. They are doing stuffs behind me, in their superior room while i need to sit outside and wait. Do you know how that feel???? How it felt??? You were once there but now you are not? It was DEVASTATING!!! From that moment onwards... I know i can't trust anyone.. Since no one trusted me. I tried... I gave others, once , my trust and they just dump it into nothingness. My best friend, was also in the top6. After i was kicked out, i know there will a gap. Now.. The gap is even wider than i though it would be. I will trust no one now.

Today, i got stood up. I trusted them . I wanted to join them > I was thinking there was a light there. Now, Im only in sole darkness. I accept the fact now. The fact that now, this very moment, i am alone. There is no one to share my feelings with. There is no one who could and will understand me. No one.. I'm just an unlucky jerko....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Money money~~~

Well, three days' break form work!!! have to start again tomorrow~ phew really love my breaks now... working is no joke... peeps who are studying out there!!! Studies ARE less stressful than working!!!! Goodness~ When will march arrive??? When will my results arrive??? Argh!!!! Rambling~ Back to reality...

Guess what peeps? My Sony Ericsson K800i has finally and also, officially spoiled~ It happened yesterday when I dropped it into sink when i was half way bathing, and it got soaked~ OMGDNESS~~~~~ Owh well, i didn't had much pressure because, >.< all the more reason to get a new phone!!! So... i have narrowed down to these 2 babies:

Prime: Nokia 5800, as what Robb had already mentioned earlier in his blog...
Price: RM1400++
Whats worth: 3.2 megapixels,touch screen,3G,Wi-fi,Youtube downloader

Secondary: Sony Ericsson C905
Whats worth: 8 mega pixels, touch screen,3G, Wi-fi,Cyber Shot, Video blog

So which one sounds cooled? owh wel im getting it after my spm results so im hoping for a huge drop in their prices to cover my budget~ Now, another issue of my life, my new and only music interest...

SAXOPHONE!!! not sex-on-phone ok? Someone mentioned it to me before when I was talking about it in the phone and he was like:"What??? You are actually into it? I can't believe I'm talking to you right now!!!" Stupid fella... YEaH! Saxophone! I got it because I was so influenced by the saxophone part of the song "gun-lae-gun" in The Love of Siam!!!! Seriously the part of the song was super good and it rhymes in my head almost every single day!!! I even hymed it during work time(when my customers were real happy with my service) until my supervisor was like," can you be quiet during work ar?" I totally flushed... So, going to call the music centre to confirm which type of saxophone i will be using in the future, as they have plenty!!!! But, i have narrowed down to alto and tenor as they are quite commonly used, and they are more , so-called standardized. Some in the saxophone family is really huge which can reach till the height of 2.0metres!!! How am I suppose to enjoy it when I need to constantly hug something which is taller than me? Well... hope i can really know some music now, as all my siblings had some basics in their pianos, as i have none.. due to my mum's theory of, " you only need to study ok? Don't waste your time"... Now, i have time... so time to learn something I want!

Tenor sax

Alto sax

And then.. I will need to hit the gym constantly after i quit my job in Fitness First, where all expenses paid by my dad(MUAHAAHHAHAHHA) because my parents were like:"We don't want you to waste your body.. Go build up so you will be more muscular and sexy," >>jaws opened<<<>.<"
SQUASH RACQUET!!!! I am sick and tired of my dunlop now!!! I need a new racquet adn shoes!!!!! Prince is the best!!!! Actually, speaking of these, my parents were only willing to feed me into gym, not saxophone nor squash.. Imean.. why couldn't i get the same treatment as my other siblings do? They get fabulous badminton racquets, badminton bags, shoes and even their outfit. The only shirt im using for squash is the "Prince" lime green i have got since form4, which my coach had gave me. My shoes, hmph i am using the super old one, which had been repaired twice and used since earlier form 4, when my squashing skills had started to improve a little. And my racquet, it took my parents till now to decide whether to buy me a new one since my tournement in Malaysia's Open back in June,2008. Now, i'm still stuck with the Dunlop my mum used 15 years ago. Heavy, bulky, old and the handle is so shitty.... My siblings get their worn out shoes, racquets and shirts replaced "instantly" with brand new ones... haiz... guess this is the only place i can ramble and rant like this...

Now... I'm really lost as i will need so much budget to replace my old items with new ones... Phone ====> Rm1500
Racquet===> Rm 370
Shoes=====>rm 120
Saxophone==>rm 600 or more
Total======>rm 2600 or more

I earn 190 per week... rm 800 per month.. I can barely pay half of my phone.... OMG!!!!!!!
Need to earn more money.. but i wonder how... any job recommends peeps?

Oops, i forgot that im also picking up my Japanese language also... stepping into Advance 1 in these coming February... which will cost me around rm 1000+++ now i will need rm 4000 to cover all my cost... even a fresh graduated accountant earn less than this... how how how??? Can't believe i will be spending sooo much!!!!

Owh well.. enough of rambling... need to sleep so that i wont be tired of working until Chinese New Year hits...

Signing Off,

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sau YeooooW~~~~

Ok... again another tiring day from work~~~~ Saw the title? It means "CRAZY" in Myanmar.. haha all my non-chinese collogues really love to use this.. It is like.. "Eh sauyoo just now arh... and today... Yupa really got me laughing till my heart's core... she was actually telling Paul downstairs through the phone that she kept doing mistakes and she said"Paul ar.. today I sauyoo ledi ar Paul.." it might not seemed as funy here but really, she looked damned funny back in the kitchen hahah.. >laughing out loud<

And, today was really sauyoo for me also... The place was quite busy today.. Everything went real smooth until the crowd got a little heavier.. and my collegues aren't free to whip up a watermelon juice for the customer.. I was like, me, preparing a watermelon juice for a customer in this high class restaurant? I barely worked for half a month? Take it easy.. SO i headed to the juicer.. I took the container with watermelon and placed in beside the juicer. Funny thing about restaurants is, something is always missing. I can't find the three pin plug, and the fork and spoons' ends are too big to fit in the slot.. I had to force my way through it. I wanted to switch off the power point, but there was a plug connected to the billing machine so i was afraid offing it may just.. ya know make the whole system down. So, idioticly, i pinned the plug right into the pins and forced my way through... And within seconds, i heard a "tick". OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The whole area's electrical supply went down. " I was asking yupa, "PAHHHH!!! Where is the fuse box? The trip went off" and i panicked like crazy... Should have took a picture of myself.... kakakkaa... and she was like,"dont sauyoo me.. i very busy.. i dont know where.. go find... fast fast.." Then Mama nam came in and i aske the same question. And the same answer bounced right back into my face.. Shit.. the customer is waiting... And the watermelon juice is not out yet... OTher customers to serve.. shit shit shit shit... Then I panicked till Mama pointed.. "eh, the fuse box is there lar i think" I was like... You think? You are the assistant captain for goodness sake!! I sped there, opened up and see a fuse poped down. Quickly i pushed it upwards.. and i can hear machines working again. It was before i noticed that the juicer's switch was still on and the watermelon started to splash quite "bloodily" around. Lucky for me everyone was out serving and I quickly used the stopper to juice it into the cup.

Actually it was real easy...
1:Juice it
2: Pour it into a high stand glass
3: Test it using a tea spoon
4: Add some sugar if neccessary
5: Add some ice for the chilling effect
6: Put some small cubes of watermelon to decorate it
7: Put a soak pad underneath the cup and serve~

Pretty easy steps for a high class restaurant eh? Owh well.. Gues what i knocked into a baby's sit right after i delivered the watermelon juice!!! Omgoodness... what was stupid was that the baby's reaction for 30 seconds slow.. I banged the chair, said sorry for at least 5 times... The baby looked at me, then his mum and his uncle, only he started crying... Funnyness... if all the babies are like that, will think twice if im specialising in babies in the future... at least gyanaecology has stuffs to do with prematured foetuses and placentas only, not freaking unpredictable babies' thoughts~

Normal Setting~
And today, i had to learn all about menu~~~
Still remember though
1:Rakuzen Bento RM75
Comes in with Sashimi, Yakimono(Unagi), Sunomono, Konomono, Chawanmushi ,Pickles,Assorted Tempura, Sushi and also Miso Soup
For those who really have no idea what they should eat upon stepping into our doorsteps, try this one out.. It has all the varieties you need form our outlet.

2: Rokkaku Bento RM60
Comes in with Sashimi, Yakimon, Sunomono, Konomono, Chawanmushi, Pickles,Assorted Tempura and also Miso Soup.
What is the difference in the rm15? It is the sashimi. This baby here gives you the sashimi and the rice itself, without another sashimi set. Plus, its yakimono consist only kabuto, while the rm75 offers unagi, the best among yakimonos.

These two are the best and most complete set of bento form our store, yet it is not the most expensive one. I had only remembered these two though, so i will only further explain the sets themselves

As we know they will definitely have Salmon in it, but it varies in the additional which is Tuna and Amberjack. By tasting the leftovers from the customers lately, which btw is not really leftovers in pieces, they left the whole set untouched(love rich japanese men~), even amberjack is more expensive, Tuna still rocks over Amberjack. So, Salmon and Tuna is the way to go~~~~~

Well, like I said the best is Unagi, which is eel in english~ Coz the sauce of rakuzen is a real deal.. splendid texture and thick, appetiting unagi tenders your stomach really well. But, if you don't really like unagi, you can have the "satays" like the Yakitori stalls, where we have grilled chilli, mushrooms, chicken and more. So, choose wisely~

is actually the stuffs which they had , how do you put it, "vinegered" as they marinates them in vinegars. So, they works as appetizers in the way.

are food which are definitely cooked ranging from prawns to cockles. You can choose too.

This darlings are eggs. From translated Japanese, is is called "humid cups" as they steamed the eggs filled with mushrooms, chicken and the japanese fish cakes in it. A must have if you truely want to have a good taste of Japanese food.

Assorted Tempura
Well, everybody know what these are. Ranging from vegetables, fish and prawns, they are coated with real good tempura flour and fried to succumb the diners with the crisp yet maintaining the freshness of the original texture. Trust me, in Rakuzen, the vegetables tempura still tast as good as it is after it is cold, the sweetness of the eggplant burst in you mouth as you crunch it, after leaving it for 1 whole hour!!!! Rakuzen rules~~~ And not to forget the tempura sauce, though i still don't get its significance. I still think tempura goes werll with tartar sauce~(drooling~~~)

Miso Soup
Typical Japanese soup with the miso paste, tofu and some vegetables in it. The most traditional breakfast of Japanese comes with this honey~

Ok.. so I have gradually introduced the good stuffs and the best of Rakuzen in this post... Specially dedicated to Willy Lam~~~ Better keep your promise and drop by k? Will post on more food and my manager ask me to memorize more of these

PS: I will have to explain all these to the customers daily... imagine how my saliva needs to replendish themselves~~~Pantingg<<<<< That was only 2 of em from the 20 sets, more is to come~~~~~~ Not to forget ala carte and also the drinks... OMG~~~ My night mare starts right today~~~~

Thats all for tonight then~~~ NExt post tomorrow~~~

PS2: I am officially an employee now as i got my EPF number from the KWSP of Malaysia in PJ, Jalan Gasing this morning.. Got to bond with my dad in the car as he explains the routes of KL and PJ which links to SJ... So.. today i finally knew that:
1:Klang is Chinese Central
2:Kampung Bahru is Malay Central
3: Forgotten which one was Indian central(sorry my dear mates)

Well, the routes are easy as Signs are invented for their reasons~ Having my 2nd driving lesson this saturday.. Hope i don't get scared by any more motorcyclist this time, and get my self a smaller shoes to step on the break without touch the acclerator of the small KANCIL!!! I'm 6 footed with such huge physique and Malaysia government ask me to fit into the driver seat of the puny KANCIL??? Owh well, most of the government servants are small, fat and short anyway.. I stresses MOST, not all okay?

OK.. tired enough, should go to my facial cleansing now and prepare for tomorrow... Target of body weight by 25th January, 85 kg!!!! And i shall wear more so called"trendy" clothes like how my sis had defined as my obese body didn't allow me to fit into any good clothes for the pass 10 years in my schooling days. Hope that my body really could go lean this year and ya know.. do what normal human does lar... kakaka no need to remind on that~~~
More water to flush the fat(darren's note), 45 minutes running at least 3 times a week(willy's notes) and take in green apples(robb's note but i think i substitute with salad)

And for the face.. Willy, i think i will be using toner and facial plus a mask my mom recommend for now as i really couldn't afford what you had listed~ I am trying to find moisturizer but watson was a real let down~ Got myself toner instead~ Trying to whiten my teeth for now too~~~ Buddha really blessed to meet these people and their advices rocks!!!!

Ok, enough for today~

Signing Off,

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Coincidence or Destinied?

There are always coincidences happening in our daily lives.. how coincidently we bump into each other in a mall, how coincidently we got into an accident, and how coincidently, the person you bossed last week became you boss..

This happened to me today in Rakuzen. Guess what? When I went to Zen last week with a bunch of friends after the movie, my friend found out that his sashimi set was a little, so to speak "expired" and he requested for the manager to check. And today, when I was half way wiping the tables after a customer left, he patted me from the back and called me "Bin Bin, how was you work today?" Thinking that he was Paul, my cute philipino collegue , I said, "Very fine!" But when he kenlt down to join me for the table cleaning session, I almost jumped when I saw him. "Uhm, hi sir," He smirked and said that his name is Tom. Whoa, freaky... I recgonized him from his voice though. He is nice, funny at times and very considerate. Actually, all my superiors in Rakuzen and REAL nice deals, they helps you, do not exactly boss you, and they used "PLEASE" all the way, when you are only a PART-TIMER~~~ How's that? Cool place to work huh? Love this place~

MY Passion~~~

And then, there was another Japanese customer today.. I was litreally eavesdropping on their conversation throughout their dinning for the sake of practicing and improving my Japanese Intemediate 3~~~ HAha, for those who speaks Mandarin, canto, Hokkien, English or BM, watch out as I eavesdrop , ALOT~~~~~ His baby girl was soo cute and adorable!!!! I super love it when she called her brother "Onee chan~~~~) whoa I totally melted~~~ kakakakakak funnyness.... only a japanese baby and I melted... what will happen to me when a real deal said that? kakakakak funnyness~~~~

So, late night, around 9, there came a big shot.. even my super manager TOm came in.. Serious VIP man.. even the chef himself(super duper good looking Jap, my collegue Ellie sighed when he walks in kakakakak) gave them free stuffs... Seemed that it was his son's birthday, he brought in cake... secret recipe choco banana... And the best thing to have a rich customer is... They always give freebies~~~~ They couldn't finish the cake so the man's name, Mr Lok I think gave us freee cakes~~~ Shit got fat again lar.... Nvm... tomorrow I diet again~~~

And his other guests, I remebered their freaking faces well... the 2003 61st Petaling Scout Troop's Court of Honour gang, Matthew Teoh, Rudy, Hong Keat and Adam RIFF!!!! I recognized Matthew once he stepped in and I said hi, but he dint recognize me so it was real awkward~~~ hahaha.... Anyways... they weren't EXACTLY a pain, but they did delayed my shift.. So I went home 11.45 today... Thanks... but your dad's a big shot.. so us do customering fellas, really have to prioratize~~~~

So confused with my sexual orientation now~~` Having so many close girl friends yet none of them are my REAL girl friend??? What am I now..... Maybe its not the time yet... give it some time then~~~ Just enjoy bachelor's life... Love will come as time passes... I need a real soul chatter now~~~ Who is out there to guide me off this dilema???? Am i really straight or possible and chances to be gay??? owh well... like what chinese said, let destiny guide me~

SO.... Having my EPF made tomorrow~~~~ Have to wake up 6 oclock... And here wish Willy and his family a good fortune in the new year and happy belated birthday~~~ Hope your dad get well soon~~~ And same goes to Darren Happy Belated birthday too~~~

Jerry Chua happy belated birthday~~~~

Leng Chai anot?? Dun vomit ar... until chinese new year then~~ you will see a better one~

Thats it for today then~~~~ going for a big snooze~~

Signing Off,

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stuffs about me...

Name: Binn
Birthplace: Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
Current Location: Subang Jaya
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Brownish Black
Height: 6'0 feet (182-183cm)
Right Handed or Left Handed: Right handed
Your Heritage: Chinese
The Shoes You Wore Today: Nike
Your Weakness: Over-guilt
Your Fears: Forgotten
Your Perfect Pizza: Stuffed-Crust Seafood delight
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Get fitter and build body
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: Funnyness
Thoughts First Waking Up: I'm still tired
Your Best Physical Feature: what's down there?
Your Bedtime: when my body feels like it
Your Most Missed Memory: my first real friend
Pepsi or Coke: coke, they have diet coke
McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's
Single or Group Dates: Single
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton Ice Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee: Cappuccino
Do you Smoke: Never ever!
Do you Swear: Yes when appropriate
Do you Sing: When the mood comes
Do you Shower Daily: Duh! 3 times a day if possible
Have you Been in Love: Yes, I think we all have
Do you want to go to College: Waiting for my result
Do you want to get Married: Depends
Do you believe in yourself: Yes if I know it as a fact, else I question
Do you get Motion Sickness: Only in cars
Do you think you are Attractive: Maybe... where else to get friends?
Are you a Health Freak: Since 2008... getting slim, vege and no fast food.. yadda yadda
Do you get along with your Parents: sometimes
Do you like Thunderstorms: When I'm indoor
Do you play an Instrument: Nope.
Ever been Drunk: Not exactly
Ever been called a Tease: Always~
Ever been Beaten up: Never... thanks to my size
Ever Shoplifted: Nope
How do you want to Die: Not that I want to but... surrounded by my loved ones when nearing death.
What do you want to be when you Grow Up: A leader. A savior. A helper. A mentor.
What country would you most like to Visit: Japan!(Gadgets central~)

PS: I got into an accident today in my first driving lesson... seriously most indian/malay i mean real typical indians and malays, not the new style are real cock suckers when they are in motorbikes... One tried to bang me, making me panic and bang into 2 cars parking. Lucky for me im still alive today and my instructor's car's radiator burst... Ne ways, no picture as I wasn't in mood at all... I feel so guilty towards my instructor.. He thought i would be fine(so was I, i was doing real great until the motorbike just ran straight into me!)

Owh well... bad day... lets do some badminton to release my stress!!!!

Signing Off,

Friday, January 9, 2009

Of Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia~~~

I bet there will be at least 3 of other bloggers out there posting something to do with this issue... Yes, today is Malaysia Badminton Open. quater finals... So, the 3 fellas who are most likely going to blog about this are:

Ee Lyn, some media fella in the msia's badminton thingy; Sebastian wong, the badminton freak/fan/synonyms; and also Fassus(JR) who went there with me, along with 5 other friends.

Reached there around 5.45 in the afternoon thanks to my dad's alphard, along with Jer Renn, Saicheong, Yi Xian and Peng Han. Had, mamak but i knew it wouldn't fill me up for long. So, got the tickets from Yuee Jhian, thanks to her we got to get the rm35 premiums and also a little temporary sponsorship from me. Seated right in the middle of court 2 and 3, we were considered luky as it was a strategic position to view the master players in the court of each country, especialy the host, Malaysia's team.

When Dae lost his shots...

Both party's reaction~~~

Didn't have the need to strain our necks, we enjoyed thoroughly. Yet, the whole point wasn't to see Malaysia to win though, it was the atmosphere and the feeling that i truely enjoyed. Fun, yet tiring to see how Malaysia's players try their to win glories for their country. I couldn't say that Malaysians are all patriotic, especially when girls are around. Eg:, our only girl mate who was there with us, yuee jhian was totally enjoying herself screaming "Lee YOng DAE" hlaf of the time, supporting Korea's victory. And there were also other group of girls who were supporting Lee Yong Dae, and also Peter Gade who was playing with Liew Darren. Well, if I were them I would too support Gade, as he really have the looks.

So, lets start with mixed doubles. As expected, Malaysia's both team lost to their opponents, Korea and Denmark. Yuee Jhian was thrilled when Yong Dae won, but she just said,"expected lar...." Omgoodness..... Anyway...

Mixed doubles~
Women's singles.. Owh well.. was supporting much more than the mixed doubles though, my pong pong deflated as i held them too hard. hahaha... Yet, they lost too... to China and Taiwan i think... don't mind the scores... the point is they lost too... Owh well...

Women's singles

Men's singles... Thank goodness Dato Lee was up to standard and whacked Simon's arse hard... double set but he did a splendid job on Simon as he smashed his way to vicotory, literally... As for Liew Darren, as new as you are, Peter Gade is much more experienced and true enough, much more good looking to beat you flat hahaha..... Peter Gade was real nice to greet us when he won!

Peter Gade VS Darren Liew

Lee Chong Wei VS Simon Samonthingy~

Gade's victory~~~

Last smash i think~

Women's doubles... Really thought Malaysia had chance against the new china team, yet they let us down in the third set... Malaysia... Die in the very last moment... so classic of Malaysia....

Men's doubles... Reallyreally bet with Yuee Jhian that Korea was going to lose this time, yet they let us down once more.... 21-19, third set.. cmon Malaysia... every single match is like the same score... Don't you have any other gimmicks left? KHoo ku ku and Ah heong... what were you thinking???? Lee Yong Dae, you really have a bunch of hardcored die -hard fan just right here in usj6....

Men's doubles... Korea Vs Msia.. lost as expected again

Ended... well the experience was real fun seeing how Malaysian's having the only patriotic spirit for their badminton players to win this tourney today... i mean for MOSt malaysians... not all... most of them show their patriotisme in different ways..... So... the experience was real deal... worth the rm 35 and the seating was just perfect... nice angles for perfect camero shots.... Well.. can't say much about badminton as im not a real hard fan of it... but i just enjoy bits and partials of it...

Plus point, met a new friend today, Yuee Jhian's old class Mate, Yu Xin from smk puchong... he is also a badminton player too... so next time if i need someone to play with.. .. he is in the list then.. including yuen and his bro.. we have 2 pairs~~~ well.. since im always the odd one out... guess fassus can enjoy their game without me.... owh well... I AM the odd one out all the time anyway... so no pressure there... walked alone when we were heading back to the car anyway... its ok.... ramblinf... hey its MY blog.. i do whatever i like to!!! hahaa...

So.. enjoying 14 sai no haha now... really touching story of 14 years old mom... save it for next blog then.. indulging in thai pop currently.... can't wait to download 4 romance~~~~

The last whack~~~~

Signing Off,

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Katsumata-san tachi~

Vip room~~~

Well, since im a college-less fella around, i can only blog about my work here from now on.. till i get my new education surrounding then~ ok so lets go~

Today, half day, 6 to 11, yet they extended to 12 tonight, thanks to our very sporting/funny/drunk/cute/handsome Katsumata-san and his friends~ Seriously, today is like the first batch of Japanese in my working experience in Rakuzen(only for one week, but its a japanese restaurant, i expect more japs) and whoa, there are hell lots a japanese in this one

Before it was full

They reserved the whole place!(the top part of the restaurant) of 25 pax, full!!!!! I mean seriously, looking at them the whole night from 7 to 12 was really fun!!! Imagine a whole bunch of japanese male customers with all their testosterone filling the atmosphere, they were drinking, smoking, eating, but one thing i noticed that, is they are being really, "man" yet they were very polite in their ways. Seriously!!!! They were bowing the to each other, even me(im a waiter) and nodding their heads throughout the night! I love Japan~~~~~

After full

Yet, funny part comes when US( the services) talk about them. Yes, they were real polite, but they ARE men. What men do? Especially typical japanese guys? They wag asses. My colluge(she is a girl duuh) got a tight whack on the ass when she was serving. She was told that she was being noticed throughout though, but that olg guy just WHACKED!!! haha so funny when I listen to her story~~~ And then there were also tired customers who just crept out of the crowd and started to sleep in the other side of the place. He was really quiet sleeper though. I mean he didn't even snore or move a single bit when he sleep!!! Cool room mate!

Super locker~~~

There were also the drunk customers!!! I'm telling you, seeing first time in real action, drunk customers ARE really funnny and CUTE!!!! kakakak don't know how to put this though its like, they will just group right in the middle of the corridor and start chatting and walking around. One particular customer was so drunk, he got mixed up with his slipper's coulour when he was going to the toilet!!! When he came back, he was literally walking with his legs intertwinned hahahah!!!!!!

Tiring, but fun seriously!!! looking at them having fun, i was damn happy too. Cliche as it sounds but the customer's happiness is ours too. The whole gang of japanese!!!! Imagine that!!! I was stirring my head to understand what they were talking about but its good too, I can use some revision`~~ The crowd today was real nice! They were smiling, actually none of them frowned at all. Just when i was serving hot tea in the vip room, the lady got frightened when her boyfriend scared her once i accidentally dropped few drips of hot tea on the floor coz it was a little too smooth on the tatami.

The best part of being in a Japanese restuarant is.... when the customers were gone, they leave us with whole loads of FOOOOD!!!! The Kabe today was splendid!!! After we send them home, with them playing"London Bridge is falling DOwn" with us, so super sporting man, its Gochisou time!!! I had scallops, udon, sashimi and all... super duper yummy. Yes, you may think im cheap enough to take left overs but seriously, i have to admit Rakuzen is goooooD~~~~~ And if u add up every table's food, whoa its like a new dish man~~~ So full, i do not need another dose back at home~~~~

So, its fun working in here!!! Tiring, but fun!!! The crew are super nice and cute too!!!! So, now i re-intro my crew~~~:::

Mama-Nam(super nice but strict at times~~` She bring food for US!!!! good manager!)
Jane-(Really nice, like an elder sister... quite pretty but she is married~~~~)
Siu Ping-(The cool, cold but warm senior... She is fun at times too!!! but she like to tease lar)
Abey-(cute, a litle plump and real nice senior.. Her words are bombastic mann... In canto though)
Junee-(someone like nam though, they are more or less the same lar)
Thuya-(the funny philipino, quite cute and good looking, but tends to compare his height and mine too much)
Paul-(the super duper nice philipino guy~~~ seriously, he is like a brother figure!!!Really like em!!!)
Ellie-(the bangladeshy, but i still thinks that she is a thai!! Funy, cute and sexy , learning japanese tooo!!! She is very nicE~~~~)
Yupa-(the pregnant lady, and trust me, same kitchen with her you laugh whole day~`~)
Kame-san-(the head chef, whoa this jap knows BM!!! Imagine that!!! BMMMMM!!! Of all languages !!! Seriously, he was so cool!!!! Kakosugiru!!!!)

Real uniform, loks abit plump though coz the shirt jagging out, new slim photo cumming~~

So, you know why i love my job now? Seriously love it!!! Tiring but the time passes really fast.. The day ends so quickly!!! The hustle and bustle~~~ Love the atmosphere~~~
People..... i feel like im a workaholic now~~~~

Signing Off,

Monday, January 5, 2009

Rakuzen - - - - Irashaimase!

First day of work! WhoAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Haha can't believe it though. After 17 years of living on planet earth, i'm now officially tagged, "EMPLOYED" haha still remember whta pn chong an pn wong said before, if you are student and you are not contributing to the country's/world's economy, you are considered and "menganggur". What the heck was that? We were having SPM back then. Owh well, its over, now we have to patiently wait for the result don't we?

So, I went there, met Kame-san the chief chef in the restaurant. Nope, I'm doing service, not kitchen haha.. Though I've got to say, they had to put the kitchen's uniform on me as they do not have anymore sizes of uniform for the servicing. They expected me to fit, "M". Excuse me, even if it was L, I doubt I could barely lift my hands in the air. Anyway...

The crew were super duper nice!!! The whole feeling and atmosphere was as if back in the high school days, being in the same room with my fellow prefects and mates doing duty together. It was hectic, yet and most importantly it was FUN!!!! Seriously!!! I had fun putting my hands on the dessert, serving the customers, getting batches and batches of ocha(greentea) done! It was really satisfying! And my collegues, they ARE SUPERB!!!! There are 2 Philipinos, Paul and Thuya, they are quite handsome though, but not the super star kind lar.. And there was Elle, a bangladeshy. BANGLADESH!!!! Can you imagine that??? She was freaking fair!!!! I knew she was a foreigner, and I thought she was a Thai cause she was fair, but not BANGLADESH!!!!!! HAHAHAHHA!!!. Yet, the bosses around, meaning the supervisor and manager were Malaysian chinese, Nam and Jane. They were really nice too!

So, the jobscope, was to remember which colour was the menu, setting the table, getting the customer drinks and also serving them. And I like the fact that they have these really cool shoes lockers, where you put them into the locker and take a wooden plate out of them. It was uber cool!!!! Trust me, if you wanna work here, brace youself. The place is like a typical literature component. They have their beginning, developement, climax and ending. The beginning is when the whole placwe was really quite, and the developement is when there are one or two customers were around. And the climax, is when there are at least 3 tables full, and their orders just comes bustling out from the elevator like no one's business!!! You barely have time to think about your thirst, hunger or even the time for settings!!!! HAHAHAHHAHAH , yet the pressure was really fun! It was back to the time when we panic in events as prefects and all the hard works we went through together. Seriously.

And, I ended the day with cleaning up the place, sweeping and mopping the tatami floors. Brilliant day it was, though i had to complain about the rigidity of the shifts. But, i'm a part timer, that's what we do.. Did I mentioned that we have free food? The sashime salad was super duper nicE!!!!!! I mean, we weren'ty EXACTLY given though. It is when the customer have some wrong orders, we get the food! Cool huh? I got that in my first day!!! Haha, bet I will have loads more in the future!!!

And one more thing, don't ask me about discounts. Seriously, I have no idea~~~ Yet, trust me the managers here are super nice. They give free desserts~~~~ So enjoy your stay here if you are coming~~~~

My uniform~~~ PS:Its the kitchen uniform i'm wearing, getting new one tomorrow~~~

Signing Off,

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Akemashite Omedetou~~~

Well well, its 2009 now... 2008, thank you for guiding me in your arms for 12 solid months. This year will be one of the longest chapters of life, which will always be engraved in my heart, my soul, and my mind. Plenty has been done, gained, recovered and lost. The four spices of life(according to the chinese cliche) sour, sweet, bitter and hot/spicy, had been magnified so much this year, that the memories just swirls in my head every single day and night. The laughters, stresses, tears and hard times were nothing but something God has blessed us with. They guided us, teached us and acted as fertilzers for us to grow strong and become matured. A little copy righted, but ee lyn, your way of listing is much more efficient.

Prefects-Teacher's day, Pn Zubee's Retirement, Kem Perdana, Prefect Council Dinner, Graduation,Prefect Annual Dinner, Prefect Installation08/09

These events has enabled me to form even stronger bonds with all the magnficent people in the board. I have learn to endevour, care and be selfless. I was shocked that my judgements and decisions were far more different than what I would have done back in 2007. For now, I knew I had become what Pn Wan had told us, we must be a coffee bean, instead of carrot and nut. Carrot turns soft after some heat, nuts will crack after some heat, but coffee bean releases aroma. In this sense, the heat will be all the hardships, moulding us into aromas, which is ourselves today. Are we gonna be soft like the carrot, or crack just like the nut? No, we had become aromas, as we had survived 2008 together, and all these happenings, will be my guidelines in my life later, starting 2009.


Pn Zubee

Kem Perdana~~~

Pn Zubee's retirement back stage~~~

Pn Zubee's party~~~


My super duper honeys~~~~

The one I've tired all my best on~~~


I am nobody in the scouts board, that was what I thought, until I had participated in the 40km in Malacca this may. It was tough, tiring and stressful. With only 5 sole warriors, we had to pace all the way along the high ways of Malacca, and all we had was ourselves(plus the rm50 we got from Sir Li Choong for extra protection). Tatt Fai was being really bossy, but everyone listened and obeyed, as WE selected him as the Patrol Leader. Yet, by the end of the Expdetition, we understood and appreciated each other. We under-estimated ourselves, but the result was much more significant than what has been expected. Fye, Brian , Adrian and Justin Kong, the expedition had also made me stronger, tougher and much more discipline. I was glad I'd made the choice to join your expedition, even I had wanted to forfeit two hours before out departure. Our hardwork, will be a huge piece of artwork in my heart.

Good bye boys~~~

Getting my 40km Cert!~~~

Passing down the pose~~~

My best Memory

Buddhist Society-House Dhana, Wesak Day, Trip to Malacca
I'd wonder, if ths was actually planned right in the beginning. I'd joined the society in form 3, after huge persuasion of Jer renn and Yik Sheng, I was really reluctant at the beginning. But, something pulled me back to the society, making me to keep my loyalty and faith towards it. I wonder if it was the people there, as they were so nice, and colourful. Yet, the most poweful force attracte dme there was Jer Renn, my very best friend who had been with me at all times in high school, in almost every aspect of my high school chapters. I wonder what would I be, if you weren't there always. And the chance they had gave me to become the President was very honourable and challenging. The plannings and drafts and letters and reports, it was nver-ending. But, I had al the help I need, yuet yin and Jer renn were always by my side, inclusive the guides form my beloved Puan Khoo. Puan Khoo was one of the very bright lights in high school which brought me serenity and peace whenever I needed them most. She will always talk calmly and so comforting that stress just leave my body when I talk to her. Thanks Puan Khoo!!!!

House Dhana~~~

Wesak day~~~

Chinese Society-Trip to Malacca, Chinese Song Competition
It is a miracle for me to know ths particular gang. They had made me found myself, and allowed me to keep my believes and ideologies. But, as i have said, it was as if it had been planned right formt he beginning, I as the President of BSociety had to co-relate with CSoiety's president which is Yuee Jhian. So, through all these, I had the chance to make friends with her, jia ven , jia jing , poh yee and the whole chinese gang. It was like a present form GOD!!! I was one of the only people(technically guy) who can actually talk so closely and "barrierless" with Yuee Jhian and Jia Ven. Honestly speaking, it was as if the whole class was afraid of her haha. Yet, she is a very nice and funny firl. With the gang of the 38 pohs together, I can laugh the whole week. And Yong Chin and gang, they had been really funny and supportive throughout the year. I am glad I befriended them and enlarged my circle of friends.

Melaka trip~~~

The whole gang in Zhao Jiu~~~ Superb satay celup!!!

The Cina gang~~~

Last but not least, 5 Setia and teachers who have taught us. Couldn't say that I truely enjoy the whole 2008 in 5 setia as I know i didn't belong here, as my heart still stick to 4 Usaha 07. Yet, there are fond memories you have cherished upon me. From Hari Keusahawanan, to the Super Star thingy which Pn Sha ha been threatening us whole year, and to the cam-whoring days, I have too, gained a number of great friends. Thank you for being there and the birthday cake, was truely an amazement. Thanks again once more.

My Super duper huge size birthday card, best one ever~~~!!!!

Now, 2008 has already ended while 2009 has stepped into the decade. I'd wish everything will be smooth this year and I hope Buddha will bless me with strength and determination to hurdle over the upcoming storms in 2009. For now, I'm going to work!!!! In Rakuzen SS15, so drop by anytime and I will be screaming, "IRASHAIMASE!!!!!!!"


Well, not exactly in my working uniform but i will post some soon!!! Wish me luck in my 209 part time jobbing k peeps? owh yea new year resolution~~~

1:Get fit!!!
2:Get laptop!!!
3:Get squash racquet!!!
4:Get squash shoes!!!
5:Get more money!!!
6:Get new hair style!!!
7:Get cool scholarships!!!
8:Get new friends!!!
9:Get closer to old friends!!!
10:Get my JLPT level 3!!!
11:Get to fly to Japan!!!
12:Get to forget X!!!

I think more is to come, yet full fill these and I shall be happy haha... And I try my best not to think about B N G relationship until I graduate~~~ Its not my kinda thing anyway~~~
JER RENN!!! THE Pirates were super nice!!! Finally finished the story and understand every single thing about it. Yeah, we watched 3 pirate of the carribean movies from 2 till 10.00 in the morning after the count down in pyramid hahaha... crazy but really was satisfying.... So, thats all peeps and happy 2009!!!


Signing Off,