Monday, December 29, 2008

Of Os, Bs, and ABs, Zen 5

Haha... have been thinking of how to continue the whole thing though... finally got some ideas, old school though but lets hope i can spin stuffs around~~~

The thunder started to strike from the blackened sky. The flashes were strong enough that it made the darkest alleys clear and bright. The cab I was taking sped towards the hotel along the liquid-slippery road, splashing water from the radiating puddles of rain. The droplets of rain smashed really hard on the windows of the cab, clouding my vision towards the outside world. Yet, the fog thickened in my head was more intense. What would Suane possibly need in this hour? I looked into the Xperia, as the white digital clock was showing 1 o clock in the morning. I scratched my head and think harder. As I sediment myself into deep thoughts, the taxi driver spoke, telling me that we had arrived the destination. I gave him a thousand yen, without asking for the change I sped into the hotel. The lobby was rather bright for it has passed midnight, I took out my Xperia to check the received calls. I called the number, but there was no answer. I tried few more times but it resulted the same. I got upset and panicked at the same time. She Clled me, and she didn’t pick up the phone now. What could have happened to her? What was the problem? I walked in circles and tried to figure out everything.

As I aimlessly walked to the entrance, I saw a person standing in the rain. It wasn’t very clear as the rain was pounding really hard. I opened the door and take a clear picture of who was that. It was a lady. ‘Excuse me lady, if you continue to loiter under this weather you will catch a cold! Or worse a lightning may get you!’ She turned around, and stared at me. I glared at her, only found out that she was wearing the exact same outfit as Suane back in the hospital. I wasn’t sure if she was really Suane, but I dashed into the hotel to get an umbrella, then went and get her. As I ran towards her in the splashing rain, the person suddenly collapsed. I threw away the umbrella and quickly held her in my arms. Oh no, it IS SUANE!!!

I carried her in my arms and ran as fast as I could into the hotel. ‘Can someone get me towel and call 911 at the same time? Please this lady over here fainted!’ I sounded and laid her on the sofa in the lounge. My voice echoed in the air and every soul in the lobby turned their face towards me. One of the receptionist started to do the calling as a few sped and got me towels for drying, The rain water dripped from the top of my head into the socks. Suane was pale and her body was shivering. The waitress passed me a towel as she start to dry Suane. She wiped Suane’s hair as another waitress started to dry the water off Suane’s body. I ran to the reception counter and ask for her hotel number. Out of astonishment, they claimed they have no record of her registration.

I requested for a recheck but they gave me the same answer. Gosh, how’d she called me just now? Where is the luggage? The next second I heard the ambulance’s siren radiating in the air. I went towards Suane and carried her up. The paramedics got hold of her and laid her on the stretcher, then brought her into the ambulance. I tagged along as none of her relatives are around, ending up with me as her sole friend, excluding Sein of course. They checked her pulse and heart beat, then found out that they were normal. I was afraid that her asthma would attack again so I urged them to allow me for the check up. I did the check up thoroughly, lending one of their sthethoscope to check in with Suane’s condition. Thank goodness she was fine. Yet, she still need to enter a ward to have a full scale check.

The white van finally reached the hospital, and Suane was sent to the emergency ward instantly. As I wasn’t holding any ID I can only witness her sending into the curtained room, waiting impatiently outside the room. Fifteen minutes was as long as my 3 hours operations. Now I’d finally know how it feels waiting for someone to be operated or checked in the theatre. Sucks, really. After another long fifteen minutes, the curtain finally opened. She was doctor Kizakura. ‘She had a fever now. That heavy rain really put a hard pressure on her. She will need 3 day’s ward to recuperate herself.’ After that statement, she pulled me to a corner. ‘Mr Trelance, I’m not sure if I should tell you this. But during the check up, we found out that she had sexual intercourse. The thing is, she had bruises over her body. So, I’d suggest to talk to her and see if you want make a police report. I’m sure you couldn’t have do this to her. See you later.’ And she strode off.

I walked slowly along the corridors of the hospital. The snowy white painted walls made the whole atmosphere even gloomier as it had been. Questions swirled like colliding air molecules heated in 100 degrees’ hear. How could that have happened? What am I suppose to say or talk when I see her? How am I suppose to ask her to talk about it? And I finally reach her room. Number 329. I grabbed the knob and twisted it as the door swung open slowly, making a cracking jitter. I stepped in and saw her. She was staring at her palms wide opened. The lights weren’t switched on and the only source of shine was the full moon’s lit that night, showering her through the opened curtains. She wasn’t sobbing, nor did she realized my presence.

I walked towards her, and sat on the arm chair laid beside her patient’s bed. I switched on the light with a click beside her bed. She jumped, turned her head slowly to her right and looked at me. Her eyes were lifeless. She looked like she has got her life sucked out of herself. I frowned and gave her a really weak smile. ‘You are alright, you are safe. Just take a rest, ok?’ She continued staring at me. I didn’t know what to do. She is the first patient whom I had shared experiences before. I couldn’t give any advice at all. The silence continued until the door opened again. The nurse brought a basket of fruits as I asked her to. She laid it on the table opposite the toilet, and told me that the doctor will be checking her tomorrow morning 7 o’clock. I nodded and stood up slowly as the nurse leave the room and shut the door with a soft click. Slowly, I reached the basket and unwrapped it.

‘Binn, can you bring the basket over?’ I hesitated but she insisted on it. I didn’t want her to get upset anymore than she had and brought it towards the bed. I slid the mobile table towards her bed and aid the basket of fruits on it. ‘Can you please wash these in the toilet for me please? I want to slice some fruit for us,’ as she passed me a handful of apples and pears. I nodded and answered ‘ok’ and walked into the toilet to wash them There is one thing I know about Japan’s tap water is that it is safe and clean enough to be consumed without any filter. I washed them slowly until and heard a “thump” as if someone collapsed.

“Suane?” I asked as I walked out of the toilet. She was on the floor, with a knife on her left hand, her right wrist blasting out with blood.

Foolish thing for Suane to do isn't it? owh well... i was thinking of letting her to die off like that haha... thx again for those who've read and sorry, my chinese still over power my english kakakaa....

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Of Os, Bs and ABs Zen 4

Took me a while to chuck in new characters.. Seemed like I had to modify them so that people don't recognize where I've got my inspirations from. There you go, Zen 4.

I shuffled towards the stretched table really hard. My ten-tanned feet weren’t willing to budge at any rat. Every single cell in my body are giving negative feedbacks and constricting me from advancing. NO way, after all these years he hunted and stalked Sein to the very corners? Does he really need to do that? Seriously! That very figure, that very hairstyle. He planned it, he designed it, he executed it.

“And then I was like, ‘hey the autopilot is not switched on yet’ and the amateur was panicking and shivering! Hahahaha….” Geez, that sinister laugh. It must him. Who else possess the ability and weirdness to do that laugh? I sat beside Sein, doubting that he would notice, and ordered myself sa-ke. Quietly, I enjoyed myself, canceling the noise and irritating laughs of the person. It continued until Sein called me again, realizing I was already sitting beside him and showing him my Xperia.

“Young! Why didn’t you told me you were here? I was starting to worry about you!” ‘Yeah, you were STARTING to Not already have. Seemed like you are having loads of fun with this fella over here to me.’ I answered with an icy tone. He gave me an im-so-sorry face and stood up. ‘Remember this guy? Cystol Howal from 5 Akazakura! He too pursued piloting, but the defensive division.’ Yeah, he was all about military and the engineering mumbo jumbos back in high school. Owh great can’t believe I had t meet him here, I was expecting an old friend reunion, not lame ass confrontation. Anyway, I have to bare with it, just to entertain Sein, how long can we meet each other from now? Sein sat back and took a bite of grilled chicken. ‘Scrumptious~ Kindori’s the best!’ ‘Isn’t this the first time you’ve been here?’ I asked out of anxiety. “We came here after the air craft systemic conference during our first year. It was really intimidating knowing the smarts in Japan. Yet, we became better didn’t we?” answered Cystol out of nowhere. Sein nodded while I practically ignored Cystol. We had issue back in high school. I just couldn’t stand his ignorance to everything and his self-indulging personality.

The night was really boring. I couldn’t say much to Sein because of the bloke sitting beside him and Cystol was literally stuck to Sein, even when Sein was heading to the gents. I lost my appetite to eat and had just gulped my sa-ke after ordering it. Sein was enjoying himself with Cystol, recalling everything about engines to auto pilots to cabins to motors and every single detail about air craft. Don’t they have anything else to share other than work, work and work? After one long, tiring hour of staying in Kindori’s, I’ve decided to leave the magnificent place, due to the ignorance of the two and my tiredness. ‘Sein, I think I should be going now. See you next time, if we have any chance at all,’ and I strode out the shop.

I was stomping furiously across the lit streets of Chiba drive. The knocking clacks of my leather shoes on the tarred-black road were loud enough to attract the very attention of the bustling crowd of Chiba. Embarrassed, I hurried to the nearest mart. The automatic door sensed my presence and slid open. I sighed and stepped into the fluorescent lighted store, aimlessly wondered around the food corner. Wow, Japanese are intelligent. From rice curry to instant pork chops, the food genre never fades. Yet, I had really lost the appetite to put any of those into my lips anymore. Disappointed, I walked towards the beverage section and got myself a packet of nutrition jello. When I was about to pick one up, another hand intercepted. I moved my hands away and looked up. She had a pair of dazzling jade-green eyes. Her hair was wavy and silky, laid on the shoulders when she was leaning down to reach the packet. Her nose was pointy and she looked vulnerable. Without noticing I said “sorry” to her even though I was in the Japanese mart. She gave a sunlit smile and pushed her sideburn behind her ears, revealing her left ear, accessorized with a dangling sapphired-earring. “It’s fine. I didn’t expect a Japanese to speak such fluent American dialect.” As she stood up straight. She looked like she is in her 20s and she was around 174 centimeters tall. She stepped back, and smiled. “Well, I didn’t expect someone would say that I’m a Jap! By the way, I’m Young Binn Trelance, from Malaysia,’ and I held my hand out. She shook my hand as I gripped it firmly. ‘Greetings, I’m Jeraldine Rose Lewis, an Aussie.’

Of course! Her slang was so obvious! Can’t believe I’ve missed that. Instantly, I grabbed another packet of jello and continued our conversation. ‘So what took you here? Didn’t you have enough back in Kindori’s?’ she asked with a teasing tone. I paused and asked ‘How’d you figure?’ along with an astonishing expression. She chuckled and answered ‘The smoking smell from you of course! Plus, Kindori’s is the nearest barbeque store anyway.’ I gave her a smile and answered ‘Well, let’s just say someone let me down.’ ‘Your girl?’ ‘Naah, it’s a guy. Old friend. Suppose to be a great night but an annoying ass tagged along,’ She frowned, ‘Well, you have got to really hate this “ass” huh? He bugged you that much?’ ‘Ever since he entered my life in high school,’ as I shook my head hard.

As we strolled to the cashier and paid for what we’ve got, we talked about Cystol. Surprisingly, I was able to whine all about Cystol to a complete stranger I’ve met in a mart while she was willing to listen too. ‘Maybe you do care about him after all,’ explained Jeraldine as we sat on a bench facing the glittering night life of Chiba. ‘NO WAY! I mean, he literally disgust me! How could I possibly CARE about him?’ and I took a sipped off the jello. She twisted the cap of the bottle again and again but it wouldn’t budge. At last she handed over and asked for my assistance as she said ‘Normally people who hate another person do not care about him at all. But in your case, you exceptionally took note of his every movement… Owh well, different perspective I guess,’ as she claimed her jello and took a sip. ‘Ugh, that would be my nightmare. Back to you, how is it possible for such lady like you to be wandering in a mart at this time, alone? No date?’ and I leaned forward and look at the sparkling sight of Chiba. She laid back and gave a sigh. Before I could ask why, she spoke ‘Well, let’s just say I have work up my sleeves that kept me away from getting a mate all these years.’ ‘Oh yeah, what is your affiliation anyway?’ She took out her ID and a business card, putting them on my hands which are holding the packet. I set the packet aside and screened thoroughly. “Broadcasting manager, Lespawn Network,” was printed on the card. ‘Whoa, broadcasting manager! No wonder you had no time for these kinda stuffs! Must be tough huh?’ ‘Yes, and I’m going to stay here for few months’ time for the meeting and courses for exposure purposes. What about you?’ as she slipped her ID into her pocket at the left side of her purple candy-striped shirt. ‘I’m a doctor. I was suppose to operate on a big shot’s wife today but it went a little haywire today in the theatre, so I need to wait till she passed the critical stage.’ And I took a long sip off the jello packet. She nodded and took another sip. ‘Aren’t you supposed to be waiting in the hospital until you get a call or something?’ ‘Well, they haven’t called me yet so I think I can use the air outside the medical centre.’

And I stood up and walked by the bars of the garden. She joined me and asked, ‘How long is your trip?’ ‘Maybe a week or two. If her condition persisted, I may need to stay for months. Well, Japan is my second home anyway so I should be fine.’ As I finished my jello, my Xperia rang. ‘Excuse me,’ I looked into the caller ID and found that it was from a house number, not that I’ve known nor recognize. With anxiety, I answered the phone. ‘Binn, its Suane here. Can you come over to my place now? I really need your help!’ her voice was trembling. Almost the same tone as she was in the plane. ‘Uhm, Miss Lewis,’ ‘Jeraldine, please,’ ‘Okay, anything. Well, it is really great to know you tonight. But someone needs my help right now. If we have any chance to meet again, till next time okay?’ ‘Call me or email me if you need any help either. Take care.’ As I bade her good bye, I sped all my life towards the nearest cab station. She was in the same hotel as I do, but which room? Never mind that, first get to the hotel.

Thats the jiff of it... So, comments again thx loads and wait for the next zen~

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Of Clutches, Breaks and Accelerators

The accelerator was the scariest pad on the car.. seriously... especiallly for manuals.. whoa no joke! Yea, i went for the amali and all bla bla bla.... The fun part was the driving part, although for our group, the stupid muniandy guy left us high and dry for 45 freakin' minutes for his lunch. Ok fine, I was the 1st person to volunteer everything. From the basics which includes the driver seating, then the mirrors, then seat belt, free gears, hand breaks, starting the engine, signals, lights, and the wiper.. not to forget the honk! That was easy as pie... the real deal was the driving part! Seriously, the 1st person who step into the driver's seat unexperienced was freaking scary!!! I mean i was stepping and releasing the acclerator every single split second because of the looseness of the pad itself!!! I freaked out! Ok the starting was, the steering was steered to the right. SO the instructor said, 'kanan kanan' I was panicking, then steered the car towards the right, releasing my clutch. Before I noticed, I almost banged into the tiang! I was doing the "OMG" face from the cart while Yuet and Ann Nee was laughing their ass off looking at me from outside. I pressed the clutch as full force and sighed, said"lucky~" The instructor was like, "Lucky? You call banging into a tiang lucky arh? Steer properly to the lefT!" And ijust did what ever he said. I just realised the way of driving the manual and auoto is totally different. The manuals can actrually move WITHOUT accelerators! Nvm, it is hard to describe the whole awkward situation here, you just have to see how I reacted throughout the drive. In the end, I was nominated as the "FUnniest DRiver of the DAy" by the two sweet girls in our group, consisting of seven fellas, including yuet, ann nee, two other guys and two other girls and also, ME. Its ok, FIrst perosn and first time laying my legs on the pads, I think i was ok for not banging right into anything... Hope I can do better in the future 16 hours lar~~~ Please buddha, give me the strength, skill and will~~~ Body, don't betray and disappoint me~~~~

Ok, now khye theng think that thinking about this is useless and nonsense though I can't stop thinking about it, as people constantly seek for my answers for this topic. Yes, boy and girl relationship. SPM is over now and everybody is kinda in the lovey dovey mode... I have no idea why people actually bother to ask me for guidance, especiallt when I am the on,ly person who had never have any experienced in this specific field of "love" thingy ... jingy...
The worse part is, every single time people ask me about it, the answers naturally pops out from my mind for them, but never for myself. I really hate getting pined in the middle of this dilema.. It would be easier for me to not think about it at all, but taking all the factors around.... It jus jolt it all the time. Again, to X... Gosh X is getting colder by the second.... Messages were literally replied only ONCE, and hangs there forever... Forget about X, seriously I'm trying.. I have no idea why am I so paranoid... I wished I had been more decisive in these matters... X, you cloud into my life too much.. It's kind of hard to wipe you off screen just like that... Gargh!!!! Somebody help me!!!!

Wonder if this was the reason something grew on my head... I'm going for an operation soon~~~~ Yes no joke the bob o my head stopped growing, yet i still need to remove the freaking scab on my head.. Although the hair grew back, just for safety precautions I guess wakaka..... No worries there I guess... Anyways.. just wish me luck lar... I feel like my body is getting old by the day now... Guess I should do more squashing...... Anyways.. I think i am having the ideas for Zen now... wait for the next post of the story if you liiked it~~~~

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Of Os, Bs and ABs Zen 3

The icy prick on my forehead forced me to rekindle my eyes. I was looking on white ceiling of the dome, trying to recollect my conscious. “ Chuyishitekudasai. Okyakusama, Narita Kuukou kara Kouromubia e tobu no hikouki ga yonjyugofun naka de suhpatsusurutokorodesu. Okyakusama, anatatachi no bangoguchi e ittekusasai. Jyouhou manhiku.” The native Japanese accent slow became clearer upon my awakening. From the blur to clear, I saw two paramedics. They were asking if I were alright. I nodded and said yes. They were both Japanese. Another announcement came up in English, yet the native accent did not fade. Slowly I climbed up from the couch and saw several personas surrounding, including Suane, Sein and the lady who just gave birth. “What are you doing here? Please get to the nearest hospital now!” I urged the lady. She sped towards me and said, “Not without a picture of you and my baby!” and a flash shoted right into our faces. “You shouldn’t have done that to your born baby! Yet, since it has been exposed to so much, a little neon flash wouldn’t harm much.” I said. I can’t believe I uttered such words from my own lips. As a doctor, there are plenty pledges and policies and all so… owh well. She bade me goodbye and slowly strolled away with her husband and the newborn. Sein patted me from the back and asked, “Are you alright? You sure you do not need to go to the hospital?” I shook my head and checked my belongings. I turned on my Xperia and checked the time. Another 45 minutes till lunch. Suane came out from my back and asked the same question too. “Are you both jinxed or something? You are asking the exact same question!” They giggled among themselves. “Well, I think I have to report to the HQ first. Young, later?” he held his hand to his ear and make the phone call sign. I nodded and turned back to Suane. She was ok now. Besides the fact that her hair was a little messy, she was fine. I stroked her hair to tidy it until she checked my forehead , “ You sure you are ok? I mean you blacked out back in the plane! It is no joke ya know? Don’t you think its better for you to check in the hospital or the paramedics in the airport?” I shook my head,: “Hey, I’m a doc, Suane. Its my body we are talking about. I think its my blood glucose level. I haven’t take anything in my stomach since yesterday noon. Since its near lunch, wanna go for a bite in the streets of Chiba for lunch?” She picked her luggage and shrugged, “After I tidied up myself in the ladies’ please? Will you hold my luggage for me?” She handed over her green-colored oval-shaped luggage and went to the ladies’. I took it and went to the same direction she headed. I waited and scanned the surrounding. As the most sophisticated country in the world, it is a normal thing for the whole place to filled with people form different races and ages. I see scouts from various countries, bet there is a jamboree going on. Then there were plenty of vacation agencies’ tours and loads of businessmen and women strolling around the silvery tiles of Narita Airport. Restlessly I slipped my Xperia out from my left pocket, and checked my messages. “+601X-XyZyzYx” was the number. I opened the message and found out it was from Sein. “Dinner at Yakitsuki, Chiba? Will be waiting there,” Well, he really wanted a chat huh? Owh well, he will need to wait for me to check in first. The crack from the door knob broke my inner silence and a refreshed version of Suane glided out. Her hair is now tidily combed and her horrified face now became more cheerful and energetic. Surprisingly she didn’t use any cosmetics on her face, almost every single patient of mine had a thin layer of base cosmetic on their faces. She wanted to retrieve her luggage but I insisted on doing the dirt job. And we walked to the exit for the cab.

“Aren’t you going to pick that up?” Suane reacted when she heard the ringing from my Xperia. I broke myself from stoning and picked up my phone. After the conversation with the receptionist, I frowned really hard and sighed. Instantly she asked why. I ignored her even though I knew I shouldn’t but my instinct told me to keep it low. I requested the driver to move to Chiba Hospital immediately and muted until I reached the destination. Suane became restless after the sudden silence for 15 minutes. Upon reaching the entrance, I asked Suane to wait in the canteen while I slide into my scrubs. I hasted in my leather shoes and took my stethoscope from my bag. I totally forgotten about my luggage but I didn’t had time to think about it. The E-M-E-R-G-E-N-C-Y words lighted in red even it was a Japanese hospital. For the next three hour’s process, I’d really keep it as a record… I shuffled out from the boards, with my head looking at the ground. No good. Even with Chiba’s best doctors, the complication we had in the theatre was beyond mankind’s imagination and explores. Suane was no longer be seen. Well, it IS normal, especially you stood a girl up right in front of the nose. Mrs Nakagawa’s body couldn’t take the radiation we had. It was a really horrifying scene. Anyway, I need to get my room checked in before the time ends. It was 6.45 shown in my Xperia and it was dark already outside. It is Japan, so obviously it gets darker earlier than Malaysia does. I called for a cab and made my way to Takahiro hotel.

The sophisticated technology in the hotel was breathtaking. I’d really love gadgets since young and I never wait to get my hands on them. I literally pressed every button in my vision range to test their functions. From the toilet to the bed, the buttons never ran out of sight. Gosh, there are ten times more buttons in this room compared to Malaysia’s best hotel rooms. I undressed myself and got into the bathroom. The hot water flushed around my body as I turned on the tap. Relaxing and refreshing. I could really use the rejuvenation. As I wanted to fill the tub with water, my phone rang. I ignored it, assuming it may be some hospital work and reports to fill in. Yet, seconds later, it rang again. It continued a few more times. Yes, it must be an emergency. I dashed out the bathroom naked and felt the cold sting on every inches of my body to grab my phone. Murmuring, I looked into the caller ID.

It was Sein. Oops, I totally forgotten about the dinner. I wanted to answer the phone, but just realized that it was a Video Call. I rejected the call and grabbed the towel. After 5 seconds, my phone rang again. Goodness gracious, another video phone call? I barely had the time to put my clothes on! Yet, it was a call form another guy, so it shouldn’t be any problem. I answered the call, with my upper body naked. ‘Are you ready for the dinner? We have been waiting for a long time ya know?’ the image form the phone poped. We? I thought you and me were the WE! Are there any other WEs around? ‘Uhm, just another 15 minutes. I was kind of busy juts now. Promise to be there in 15 minutes!’ I answered, then hung up. I slid into my white slacks and put on a white sleeveless, along with my white jacket. Promptly, I got my identifications and keys, then whizzed out of the room.

Kindori was as beautiful as how its name sounded. The neon sign was hanged gracefully with golden bulbs, twinkling with a rhythmic pace. Even with the spectacular lightings, the shop didn’t moved away form its traditional design of native Japanese grilled-chicken shops. The scrumptious smelling smoke puffing out from the cloth hooked my body into the shop, but the urge of meeting Sein and the other person too hasten my footsteps. I recognized Sein with from his broad, lean shaped shoulder and his handsomely combed hair. Yet, there was another person sitting beside him The person was rather smaller size than Sein, not very, around below average height compared to a normal Asian. His hair was combed neatly to the side ways with a huge stream of line in between and he was a real chatter. I listen closely to his voice. Oh no. It couldn’t be. Of all the people in the world, he Combo-ed with this person to form a WE???

Who is the other person? Still wondering what kind of character to put into it... Well, wait till next post peeps!

PS: JR, your visual-reading thingy u have wanted... Hope u like dit this time~

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

NEw Stuff

Just found out how to utilize the ACD editor~ A tribute to the gang who went for Genting TRIP!!!!

Comments please!!! I need to improve....

Hope you guys liked it!

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Cash in Cash out

Wakakakakaak !!! People, this download freak you are reading now has finally got his own external hard disk!!!! Was it 160 250 or 320? nope ITs 1000 GB!!!! which is = to 1 TERRABYTE!!!! Whoalalalla!!!!! I can download what ever heck kinda sized of videos in my pc wihout selecting and crying and having headache of deleting which files now!!! hahahaha so super happy~~~` As May Zhen says... JUBILEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok terrabyte was rm 376 including 2 % taxes, then i got myself a radio, really sleek look and suite my style alot... posting a picture later... and that was all!!! 4hours of scrounging around, and i've got only 2 items, why> no budget!!! I wanted to get myself a rm220 mp5, but i m getting a new laptop after chinese new year ne ways so might as well~~~~

Okie dokie~ Photo time~~~~

Christmas Season in KLCC

My new acoustic-themed sleek style radio

Sonata~ nice brand

I wanted one of those~~~~

The hectic atmosphere in the convention centre

Spent Rm500++ total for myself~ so hope i can get myself a new laptop by march before my semester starts~ Wish me luck peeps!!!

PS: Sorry about Of Os Bs and ABs late posts... will try to get my ideas jolted now...

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Flying Colours

Yes I did it! I passed my undang test for reading it 24 hours b4r the est started haahah.... I passed with a 46, ok for an average people, my friends scored 48 with lucks, accuracies and wisdom... I have waited 4 hours, actually much lesser than my ex tuition mate, Chua in the place, he had waited for 6 hours haha....... ok lar it was not that bad... kesian yuet ar... one more to pass oni... wonder why malaysia wanted us to take all these nonsensicle tests. owh well.. I've passed it now its just the 6 hours course and by end of jan, i shall obtain my P license!!!!!

Back X, met X again lately... Should I just let go? X is obviously not noticing me..(Duuh X is always crowded with people). I wonder if X ever noticed how i felt... Owh well... I've been on9ing with X and well, our conversations had been so professional. Happening I was also msing with Yi lin the same time, the feelings were really in the mixture dilema. We were talking abour dreams.. my very dream was to become a doctor, with full financial aid form various sponsors of course. X was aiming for the sky, you do your math. I did consider taking the same path as X and soar togtehr, yet I have been thinking, why persist? Why not just let myself get loose and relax? Ugh, binn let go~~~ This relationship wont't work and you know it... Why am I blogging and talking to myself at the same time?

B&G relationship(boy n girl) >sigh< does only monks and nuns can skip this chapter of human's life... How is it that I could aid other people in their love lives when I am banging the wall literally every second of my life?(banging on the Pc monitor now) So lost and so confused... Seeing my other comrades getting into relationships and had the courage to let go, i'g realy wished i could have done that light years ago... Form5 would be a much easier path to walk if i had done that. Yet, my stubbornnes persisted. Crap... What ha really got into me? Somebody save me......

Paths and chances, walk and grab, soar and hold, ugh... which and what to take? Time to decide... shall i take the long way out or the alternatives? Is diving into the clouds better, or holfing the sthethoscopes arond the red-crossed building much more satisfying? oh god please give me a hand in deciding

PS; the story, i think i nid to hold it back... I've got issues to worry about~

Signing Off,

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Front Seat

Yeah... the front seat... how could I ever link it up to my blog? It was the Genting trip... Well i think my pictures speaks a thousand words for me so i will skip the boring diary crap..

Since young we though that sitting in the front seat meant power and status(coz thats how it goes in my family) so among the siblings we had really competed for the seat. When it came to teenagers, front seat had became a burden because almost everything, I mean everything is under our control and care. That includes getting tissues, the CD player, the bottle of water, the air-conditioning and loads of stuffs in the car... Yeah so everyone will be aiming for the second portion of seat of the car, especially in SUVs or MPVs ( Sports Utilized Vehicle>i think< and Multi Purpose Vehicle) But, in trips involving outing with friends instead of family, the front seat would be a sacrifice and symbol of loneliness. Maybe you may think that I'm overacting and yes I do that a lot, today was really a tough day. I have predicted that if an extra person boarding the car, that means one person gets left out. I mean during the rides in the theme park in Genting, someone will be left out as it goes in pair and we had 11 persons. Yet, all the rides were only less than 5 or 7 minutes only. Sitting infront with the driver for 2 solid hours was freaking boring and lonely. Honestly speaking, I had really wanna break down back in the car, seriously. Who wants to sit alone right in front where you can talk to no one and just listening to your friends doing the hahaha at the back? I mean it is different if the driver seat is occupied with your friend, at least you could have chit chat and all but with a complete stranger? I had really sit on the floor at the back seat. I listened to song throughout the ride form the top of Genting back to Subang Jaya, and seriously the emotional songs in my playlist made me even lonely and sad... Gaaah.... I had to sacrifice..... Now, Im taking my undang test tomorrow at two, and I hadn't study a single crap... owh well, there goes my days in the front seat and back seat, by January 2009 I would be taking the driver's seat for good....

Back to the trip, I finally understand how fragile friendship can be with such significant difference in ideology and policies. Well, since I really wanted to blog about this, I don't mind saying the person's name Jia Wei, Heng ; yes it is him, My so-called best friend from 2006-2008, July. I have no idea how this happened, but he is really an odd one out. Lets start with Quarantined. Everyone wanted to watch Quarantined the zombie show from Hollywood before going to the Haunted Mansion(btw is a freaking turn off) to get into the scary mood but this freaking stubborn bastard refused totally to join. He said its a waste of time and money and he never ever want to do that. Because of his stubbornness, the whole gang to 10 person had to give in and watched BOLT, the darn boring Pixar's animation which makes no sense, it really put the name of Pixar down, really don't watch it.. The plot was totally a disappointment. So, whose fault it was? Heng Jia Wei. He was really , I mean really selfish throughout the whole trip, it was like his sense were turned off and his typical Malaysian's ideology pops out like a freaking 500degreed pop corn machine. I mean isn't it obvious and known that coming to Genting, it is unavoidable to spend on food and fun? If you hadn't expect and prepared for this, why bother join the trip at the 1st place? I mean if the decision the party made was really off-beat then of course, we will ditch the idea. But everyone was really in the mood and the condition was acceptable, why can't he just give in and enjoy? I really hated the whole scenario. And, back to friendship. After July 1st, 2008 we barely talk to each other. Maybe it was me who avoided and ignored him at first, but most of the comrades noticed, that he was the one who was antisocial ever since. During the trip, from the name "Yong bin" it turned into "this fella" i mean, come on if you don;t know me, duuh you call fella But hello? Being in the same class for 2 freaking years and seeing my name in the namelist for almost 367 days a year, you can't remember my name? Ok, fine maybe I was really, REALLY self-centred but then again, in the hotel, and throughout the trip, Jia Wei literally stuck with Sai Cheong in almost every second and ignored most of the people in the trip. I don't think anynoe else's conversation with him lasted more than 5 minutes exceptionally from Sai Cheong, Peng Han, and maybe when waking up Yi Xian. Antisocial... I had wonder why his stubbornness and rural-ideology had emerged like mad but I just couldn't fin the solution. Everyone, I mean everyone had grown, matured and became rational. But jia wei had technically reversed his mentality and the 2 whole years of learning management as the Head Prefect was dumped into the recycle bin. Gosh... I wonder if the messages he had sent to everyone was that real.... Questions and thoughts.. Jia Wei, I had really hoped you had take a look in this post and reflect yourself int he mirror. Ignorance is not a bliss. Some times, PR skills and really important, especially when we are heading into the era which there are boundless limits... Everyone will be watching you and your manners, watch it just a little even you are that close with the people you know best... Think big and think for the situation, not yourself... Adaptation to circumstances is the assets as a Pilot too, this soft skill can save 1000 over passengers in on board... Reminder.... Whoa, 3 freaking paragraphs on complaining about jia wei, I think most of us can write a book on "complains about jia wei, Heng" right? haha... yet we bared with it, because we were all considerate.

Well, the genting trip would be really fun if the 3 paragraphs didn't occur at all... Even though i skipped the 3rd strike of space shot, i was glad I did.. 2 times was the limit, JR we made the right choice. So many promises we have made.. But can we succeed them? would this be one of the last time these 11 personas go for a trip together? Will we still be this close? Some of us may even become distant after not going to the same paths or colleges... Example, me who wanted to go to Japan for studies so much... So many questionable facts, yet no possible answers exist. Truely, this party of 11 people were the people I had share all possible secrets with:
Peng Han, you are fun and exciting, be with you everyday would be something called life
Sai Cheong, witty and full of attitude, yet that was what I had liked about you, I felt comfortable around you, and you are the typical dream guy, work on your shyness around girls.
Yi Xian, sensible but sometimes overdo stuffs, you have your very limits, but may be u should work on your wisdom at times.
Jer Renn, we are like the perfect twins if the size of our bodies do not differ that much, you know what i mean and i can't bare losing you in myb life.
Iman, you are realy cute and full of surprise, work a little bit on your limitations, you ARE the prefect man.
Arief, you know how to have fun and you are very considerate, yet i had to say you need to watch your limits
Shaung, you are too nice, buff up a little and don't let others manipulate you easily, be nice yet firm with your grounds at the same time...
Yuet, you are really perky the whole time... but just control youself at times ok? don't overdo stuffs.
Yi lin, you are really nice to talk with and all the jokes you mae with yuet really aided me throughout the trip.. Thanks loads.
Jia Wei, I had my complaints.. Seriously, this trip had really made me to dislike you even more for some valid reasons, but I will try my best to open up, at the same time i hope you would do that also not only to me but to the people around you. Trust me, they felt exactly what i felt.

Okey... Picture time!!! To compensate my quotes' disappearance...

Group Pic!!!


My proness in adjusting self-timer

The jantans~~~

Snow world!!!!

Before Bumping Car

Cool Pic

The best Picture taken

With the clowns

in the hotel~

Nite Shot

The obscene shot

Picture perfect?

Thats about the genting trip, i think i will hold the annual dinner post back for a while... Chop chop i will study for my undang now!!! Wish me luck peeps!

Signing Off,

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Love of Siam---รักแห่งสยาม, or Rák Hàeng Sà-yăam

Shit im so shitty..... Im hooked up with gay-themed movie again!!!! Urgh~~~~ Thx to cousin IVY~~~~ She invited me to watch and I got addicted... Darn~~~ Anyways... Just wanna blog about it~

It was a 2 hours and 30 minutes movie and pretty long actually for a normal Thailand movie. What was the actual good part about this thai movie is the "normality" and its close distance towards reality. Unlike most of the thai movies which stressed on gay movie which filled with transgenders or transvesites, this movie revolved around two "normal"(so to speak) kiddos. They are Tong and Mew(not the one from pokemon). Lots of sources stressed that it was a gay movie but it was actually talking about so called "forbidden love" and actually from MY opinion, and also various sources, this movie had stressed at love doesn't comes from only different sexes but also the same ones too. Yes, most of the time its really deep and strong bond of friendship, yet huamns are full of miracles and when these miracles bloom, anything could happen.

Owh well i think I should go to the sypnosis part..(Copied and pasted from Wikipidea)

Mew, a stubborn kid, is neighbor to Tong, an energetic boy who lives with his parents and sister. After accidentally spitting gum into Mew's hair, Tong wanted to befriend Mew but was unsuccessful. At school, Mew was cornered by several other students was harassed until Tong stepped in to defend him. Tong was injured and apoligized to Mew for the chewing gum incident. Mew was grateful for Tong stepping in and responded that they were even. The two became good friends from that point on.

Mew plays on his grandpa's piano and is joined by his grandma, who begins to play a song. Mew asks his grandma why she liked that song and his grandma responded with telling Mew that it was played for her by his grandpa. It was a way for him to express his love to her and explains that one day, Mew will be able to do the same for the person he loved.

Tong's family goes to Chiangmai and returns without Tong's sister Tang since she wanted to stay with her friends a couple days more. Tong bought Mew a present and decided to give it to Mew piece by piece in a game of Treasure Hunt. One by one, Mew found all of the pieces except for the last one which was hidden in a tree. The tree was cut down before Mew was able to retrieve it leaving the present Tong bought for Mew incomplete. Tong was disappointed at their misfortune, but Mew remained grateful for Tong's efforts. Tang called her parent's and told them that she would extend her stay at Chiangmai until the 24th of December. Tong looks at his calendar and realizes that Tang will not be able to attend the Christmas play he would participate in.

After the Christmas play, Tong receives a phone call from his parents telling him to stay with Mew and his grandma. After spending the night at Mew's house, Tong awakens to the sight of his parents along with Mew and his grandma. Tong is told that his parents are going to Chiangmai a couple days to look for Tang. Tong lives in depression until his parents come back, only to find out that Tang may be lost. Tong is devastated and cries in front of Mew, who is trying to comfort his friend.

Months have passed and Tong's family decides to move. On the day of the move, Tong finds Mew sitting on a ledge overlooking a pier. Tong says his final words and departs in a car. Tong looks back only to find Mew walking towards the car before coming to a stop and crying for losing his best friend.

The boys are reunited during their senior year of high school at Siam Square. The musically talented Mew is the leader of a boy band called August. Tong has a pretty girlfriend, Donut. The meeting stirs up old feelings that Mew has harbored since boyhood, his love for Tong.

Mew's band, meanwhile, has a new manager, June. She looks just like Tong's long-lost sister, Tang. After meeting June, Tong and his mother, Sunee, devise to a plan to pay June to pretend she is Tang, in hopes that it will pull Tong's father out of his alcoholic depression. Tang borrows a story from the Thai film Ruk Jung, saying she has amnesia, which is why she has forgotten how to say her family's Catholic grace at the dinner table.

Mew is also the object of an unrequited crush of a neighbor girl, Ying. But Mew has strong feelings for Tong, which have inspired him to write new songs. The manager as well as the entire band were all impressed with Mew's composition.

The boys share a prolonged kiss in Tong's backyard one night after a party in honor of the return of Tang. Tong also spends the night with Mew, which causes his mother to worry.

At Christmas time, as Tong and his mother are decorating a Christmas tree, they have a heart-to-heart talk about making choices, and Tong asks his mother to let him make his own choices.

Tong then goes to Siam Square for a date with Donut. Mew's band is playing nearby, so Tong abandons Donut and tells her he cannot be with her. He then rushes to see Mew play and is guided there by Ying, who has accepted the fact that Mew loves Tong. After the performance, Tong gives Mew a gift, a missing nose from a wooden doll that Tong gave him when they were children. However, Tong tells Mew he can't be his boyfriend but that doesn't mean he doesn't love Mew.

The movie ended with Mew putting the missing nose back to the wooden puppet, saying "thank you" and cried quietly.

What was surprising was not only the story itself, but also the quality of the movie. I didn't expect thailand dramas would be this worth watching, especially when thailand's horror movies had haunted me for ages. I didn't feel the slightest bore in me when watching this for 2 and a half hours, and actually, TWILIGHT bored me like nobody's business. Owh well maybe im not that for the normal ol' romances and candy sweet stuffs... The relationship between Mew and Tong was really well developed but sometimes there are always funny thoughts pops out. Mew hadn't made a friend since Tong departed? Ok fine maybe its not friend but really close mate, but he really hold his feelings real long after 6 freaking years.. And Ying was such a sweet and nice girl! She was literally crazy over Mew! Haha, I would have accepted her if i were Mew! Yet, we ARE humans, again, you can't expect to accept just anyone, even if she is a supermodel or beauty, feelings don't just develope that way does it? I didn't ejoy the presence of Donut at any rate, the director should have just ditch her out of the movie.

Back to Tong and Mew, ugh its just so sad to see Tong's mum going through all of these stuffs, lost of daughter, alcoholic husband, and soon-to-be gay son? Im no husband or parent yet, to me she should just let go and try her best. Tong can live a normal person's life even if he had been together with Mew right? Why not let them try? A phrase from Tong in the movie really hits me hard in the heart, in the scene when he was helping his mum to decorate the Cristmas Tree, he asked of his mum''s opinion on which doll to hand on the tree and his mum asked him to decide. "What if you didn't like my choice? You would be mad again.."

Whoa these words really have been so meaningful. I mean not only in love matters or sexual directions, this includes almost every aspects in our lives including out career, our choices and future mates or children. As a typical asian/chinese family born boy, I never dared imagine me get together with another MAN. What if my parents don;t like it? What if i had ashamed my family? What kind of problems my parents may need to endure behind their backs and right in front of their face? >shake head hard<>

The AWARDS::::

(Copied and pasted from Wikipidea)

Starpics Awards
  • Best Picture
  • Best Director (Chookiat Sakveerakul)
  • Best Actor (Mario Maurer)
  • Best Actress (Sinjai Plengpanich)
  • Best Supporting Actor (Songsit Rungnopakunsri)
  • Best Screenplay (Chookiat Sakveerakul)
  • Best Cinematography (Chitti Urnorakankij)
  • Best Original Score (Kitti Kuremanee)
  • Popular Film.

Kom Chad Luek Awards

  • Best Picture
  • Best Actress (Sinjai Plengpanich)

Thailand National Film Association Awards

  • Best Picture
  • Best Director (Chookiat Sakveerakul)
  • Best Supporting Actress (Chermarn Boonyasak)
Bangkok Critics Assembly Awards
  • Best Picture
  • Best Director (Chookiat Sakveerakul)
  • Best Actress (Sinjai Plengpanich)
  • Best Supporting Actress (Chermarn Boonyasak)
  • Best Screenplay (Chookiat Sakveerakul)
  • Best Original Score (Kitti Kuremanee)

Star Entertainment Awards

  • Best Picture
  • Best Director (Chookiat Sakveerakul)
  • Best Actress (Sinjai Plengpanich)
  • Best Supporting Actress (Chermarn Boonyasak)
  • Best Screenplay (Chookiat Sakveerakul)
  • Best Original Song
The film was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor (Mario Maurer) and Best Composer (Kitti Kuremanee) categories in the Asian Film Awards at the Hong Kong International Film Festival, but did not win.

The movie also reached a rating of 8.3 (out of 10) on the Internet Movie Database.

Goodness... Imagine that... I wanna have one of these prizes if I had the chance in the future.... Now i really wanted to learn THai~~~~ Snap i still have my japanese to work on... Ding dong....

The trailer~

Pieng Ter by Witwisit Hiranyawongkul.. Darn he composed it himself

four main cast From left, Kanya Rattanapetch, Witwisit Hiranyawongkul and Mario Maurer, the last girl, dun bother she suck..

Kanya Rattanapetch, she is so sweet and funny...

The main actors, Witwisit and Mario

The final scene which broke me down.. seriously...

Official Poster of THE LOVE OF SIAM~~~~

My opinion it would have been 10/10 if donut wasn't there, yet her presence for the developement of the story was crucial so its 9.4/10.0... Seriously, SPm leavers, feel bored this 3 months and dun have NS, watch this movie.. even if you are straight or what ever.. It may seemed to be gay, it meaned more than it sounded...

Honestly speaking, I would have rooted for a happy-ending movie... the scene when Tong said he can't be with mew, ugh.... really heart-breaking... The last scene was the ultimate tears... Really.... Gosh why can't stuffs work out properly and nicely? Glad i've watch this movie... Guess im going to continue indulge in this movie later.... Alrighty... Going to Genting today and lets hope its a safe trip(it better be one)

Thumbs up people and Hurray Thailand box office!!! Asian rules!!!! (maybe Malaysia need to work harder)

The really meaningful quote of the movie...

"When there is love, There is hope"

Signing Off,


Of Os, Bs and ABS Zen 2

I wanted to give up actually coz this post deleted itself but i had the time to redo it back in kedah, so might as well eh?

Another rumbling occurred. Suane was really intimidated. She can’t stop shivering. It’s simply amazing that I could still sit still and calm her down. Maybe the operations and adrenaline pumping in and out daily in the field had made me stronger, bolder and calmer. “Attention passengers. Please do not move from your seats at any rate. Please sit still and wait for the plane to land in 15 minutes. I repeat…” What is the matter with the captain? What is the matter with Sein? My goodness I can’t believe he is the captain handling this! Didn’t he expected this to happen? Questions of him start pouring into my thoughts. All of the mistakes he had made this very trip. I couldn’t stop my mind until the silence in my mind broke by a piercing scream. I stood up to screen the area but the steward urged me to sit down. I obeyed but my instincts told me something was going on. I peeked through the cleavages between the seats behind to check again. “Binn did you hear that?” Suane spoke. I listened really deep into the crowd. “Someone help! My wife’s water just broke!” I sprang up instantly. It was real. Can I do it? Can I save the infant and the mother without my trusted equipments? I had no time. I had to haste.

Something pulled me back. It was Suane. She held my arm really hard and murmured, “Please, don’t leave me here. I’m terrified. It’s all his fault. He should have piloted the plane professionally… he should have… he should have….” And she broke down. Eyes were staring at me. I ignored them and gripped her hands firmly. I knew I had to reassure her for her to keep still and steady. “Look, if you think you can be safe, you CAN be safe. It is all psychology making here. Now, I am not leaving you. Someone else needs my help. You can do this alone. Let me help her. Please?” I looked into her eyes. They were so fragile. Any little matter can easily shatter them. Her confidence wasn’t there anymore. It was as if I was facing a three years old child. Just when I was about to push her hands down, she picked up her senses and requested, “Bring me with you. I’m a girl and I know perfectly how she feels. Then I wouldn’t be that far from you and I can help you out right? Please?” I nodded and gave a weak smile. And we sped to the source of the scream. The lady was lying on the floor. The stewards gave up forcing me to sit still. The lady was moaning and the amniotic fluid was over the blue carpet of the magalunium’s base. Her husband, covered with sweat was reacting frantically. He was confused and lost. He kept screaming, ‘Any doctors or midwives here? Please! She is about to give birth any second!” I squeezed through the stewardesses surrounding the woman and sounded, “Are you idiots or you had never learnt science? The lady needs her space and oxygen! Disperse RIGHT NOW!!!!” This time they had to listen to me and they moved away immediately. Most of them was giving me a suspicious look and doubted my profession. Its normal, I abruptly attached my identity on my pocket and started to work on the lady.

“Stewards, make sure the crowd is calm and do not let people step near the compound. Stewardesses, get me some clean cloth and some hot water. Quick! Get me some sterilizer and scissors too. Chop chop!” I moved my attention towards the woman. She was moaning and screaming of pain. “Suane, go behind her and hold her still. I need to check her womb now.” She jumped to back and hold her. Suane was comforting the lady with her soul-touching words. She is a natural. Slowly, I opened her legs and looked into the womb. Third phase, the endometrium walls are constricting every 2 minutes due to the oxytocin. The baby is coming out anytime. “Uhm, ma’am. I’m here to help you okay? I’m a doctor specializing in gynecology and you need to follow my every instruction. You clear?” She nodded very hard and gave another scream. Naturally, I thought.

“Attention please passengers. We are landing on the Narita Airport in 10 minutes time. Please do not move away from your seats. I repeat…” What on earth is Sein thinking? There is lady going to labour here and he still insisted to land? What is the matter with him? “I demand your captain here right now!” Before I noticed Sein appeared behind me. “Yes? May I be your assistance?” he asked. I looked at him, with rage flaming in my eyes and spoke, “Yes you can actually. Can you postpone your landing? There is 2 person’s life is at stake here, the baby and the mother. If you think that you are responsible enough, you will allow me to perform the laboring process before you land, Mr. Captain,” I said sarcastically. He gave me a confident smile, obviously to cover his mistake and replied coolly, “Of course, Young, Anything to make sure they are safe. I will make the announcement immediately. Good luck in the process and please make sure they are fine,” and he strolled back to the cockpit. Cocky man, if anything happened to any of the passengers he will be on the blame. Du uh, he wants them to be fine. Anything, as long as I have time to save the baby and the lady. Jerk.

“Ok, breathe like this,” and I showed her how to breathe according to the normal labour phase. She followed and screamed again. “Ok, I understand it is painful but it is going to be over soon ok? Every scream, try your best to push REALLY hard!” I told her. She nodded and did exactly how I conveyed. “WHERE IS THE WATER AND CLOTH???? AND YOU CALL YOURSELVES TOP CLASS SERVICE???” I scowled desperately for the items. The stewardesses rushed in with the knocking sounds of their high heels on the floor. The one who was bringing the cloth broke her heel and fell. The cloth was all over the floor and she sprained her ankle. Another scream occurred. “I was expecting CLEAN cloth?” I asked her. She gave me the I-am-innocent look and I ignored her. “ UGRH!!!!!!!!!” A tiny hairy sphere-like object oozed through the vagina. It’s the head! “Ma’am continue you are doing great! Continue!” Another push, the whole head is out. I rested it on my palms. The stewardesses were all screaming of joy or disgust, I have no time to discover. The water and cloth were sent. Suane was still by the side of the lady, gently whispering to her. The lady showed no sign of stress besides the pain of the uterine wall thanks to Suane’s great job. I concentrated on the foetus. Its head was still covered in placenta blood. “Okay ma’am around 5 more pushes and it is out! PUSH!!!!” I can feel the whole supportive atmosphere from the crowd. They were also screaming and yelling, “PUSH!!!” Every single push the infant’s body gets visible and moving out of the vagina. By the last push, the whole foetus was in my hands with the umbilical cord, attaching the infant’s belly button to the mother’s placenta. Swiftly and gently, I razored the umbilical cord with the sterilized scissors from the belly button and covered it in the new, clean cloth after I cleaned it from the blood with the warm water. I gave a little pat on its buttock and it gave a low cry. “It is a boy ma’am and he is very healthy. Congratulations upon your successful labour!” and I walked slowly towards the lady. The whole crowd clapped and cheered. I swear I heard a few , “Way to go doc!” a few times. The woman held her baby and all, I mean ALL the ladies were crying. Few of the men cried too. Bet it is magnificent to witness such significant happening. Well, it is my first time outside an operation theatre so I can’t say I wasn’t touched at all. The baby made a few cry and the woman say to it, “You are blessed. You are protected. And you are special to be born in the borders of the country. Thank you, for bringing my child to this world,” she said after looking up at me. Her husband grabbed my hand so hard and showed his gratitude by hugging me. I was half way suffocating in his arms. Suane chuckled when she saw me. I gave her the i-am-dead-soon look form the man’s back. By the time the man released me, I felt a sudden weak jolt in the back of my head. Unnoticed, I landed on the carpet and blacked out.

Haha thats about it for Zen 2, hope you enjoy it~ I m so out of ideas right now

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Be a YB? I am YB!!!!!

So we went to the Parliament today and we get to see the MPs' debate among each other... Though it was quite disappointing because not all of them were there so not much of a quarrel scene came up... i dun know why i dun feel like blogging about it much... maybe im not in the mood... there are photos so enjoy~~~~

Monday, December 1, 2008

Of Os, Bs and ABs Zen1

I know my language suck but just wanted to drop a bomb shell in my blog hahaha... Hope i do not bore you people.... Anyway... I'm the one suppose to be entertained(syok sendiri~)

The bustling air in the air-conditioned dome was quite disturbing. I maneuvered the trolley towards the registration counter for my ticket. “The flight to Narita Airport, Japan is taking off soon. Passengers please be at gate 12 in 45 minutes time. Thank you,’ Oh, that’s my queue. My increased my velocity towards the registration counter. The ticket was imprinted with the details of the flight to Narita. I checked my pockets. Thank goodness my Xperia was still with me. My wallet was still intact too. Can’t be too careless nowadays. I checked my camera album in the Xperia. The picture taken 10 years ago not only saved in the memory card but also engraved fresh in my heart. How I wished I had told him what I felt back then. Everything would be different by now. I slowly motioned towards gate 12, where the other passengers hustled around the man-made corridor leading to towards the aircraft. Boeing 747, I presumed. I presented my ticket and marched in with my luggage into the cylindrical magalunium structure and headed towards my sit. The people were really interesting though. It has been 3 years since I went to Japan and also been in an aircraft. My business class ticket was really meant for employees in the business field. Almost 98% of them were holding PDA’s and laptops in their hands. The others were families going for holidays or just lonely travelers, and I was one of them. I stepped to my sit, G91, a window sit finally. I excused myself the lady around the her 20’s into my seat. Comfortably I sat down after I stuffed my luggage into the upper compartment of the seat. I took out my Xperia and checked the schedule. I should be in the theatre by next morning 10 sharp. This unlucky woman really needed my help though I can’t say that I really wanted leave my other babies in Malaysia for Mrs. Nakagawa’s case. “Attention please. The flight heading towards Narita Airport, Japan is taking off in 30 minutes time. Passengers please switch off all telecommunication and electronic devices to prevent interruption to the aircraft’s system.” I pushed the “off” button and waited shortly. “Good evening passengers. I’m the captain of today’s flight Sein Carlos Lscent, may you have a pleasant flight. I lifted my head.

I couldn’t believe what I’ve heard? Sein Carlos Lscent? It have got to be the same one I’ve known since ten years ago. There aren’t many Lscent who wants to be a pilot who stays in Malaysia. The lady sitting beside also shut her book hard. She glared at me, with her determined eyes and confident lips.Before I knew it, she spoke, “Young Binn Trelance? Class 4 Ginzakura 2007 and class 5 Kinsakura 2008?” I was shocked. How’d she knew which high school I’ve been? I gave a really hard stare on her face and finally realized, “Suane Tissle Teafle? The counseller Madam Lee’s daughter?” I couldn’t believe it. Amazingly after ten years we manage to bump into each other on the plane. “I bet you have your stethoscope in your pocket, right?” She said as if she have been stalking me. “Yeah, how’d you know I became a doctor? You haven’t been sneaking around me for ten whole years have you?” She giggled and replied, “I knew you wanted to be a doctor and I knew you would be one. You have all the traits since I know you,” I nodded and thank her. “Did you realize the captain’s name?” I asked. “Sein Carlos Lscent? Yes, he was our classmate back in high school right? I wonder how is he now…” “ Didn’t you stay in contact? I mean weren’t both of you kinda sorta together or something?” “I told you, I didn’t want to start the relationship. And in the end he didn’t give in and we lose contact,” I nodded and excused myself to the toilet. I walked to the cabin and waited quite a moment. When the person came out from the cube, I saw his badge on the left pocket, shining in gold and engraved with the letters “C-A-P-T-A-I-N”. I examined it for a few seconds before he asked, “If you don’t mind, I would be back to the cockpit, gentleman.” “Owh, sorry I was kinda checking you out,” Oops, checking you out? What am I some sex maniac? “He stared at him with the ‘what-on-earth face and then rested his right arm on my left shoulder, “Young, its you right? I recognize that tone of yours! It’s me! Sein Carlos!” he said. I smiled, “ I though you have forgotten how I’ve looked like. Lucky for you I still remember your funny face, hahaha,” We laughed for while and talked about our lives after high school. He persued piloting and became a full-fledge pilot. I has also finished my medical studies and became the life bringer in the pit houses. “Really? Well my future wife ought to consult you in the future!” Sein reacted. “Didn’t you get married these ten years?” “I’m only in my 20’s and I think getting a stable income is essential for me to start a family. Pus, I would have invited you to my wedding!” he gave a laugh after his statement. Wow, he didn’t get married after ten years. “Why are you flying to Japan?” I answered, “There is a lady in Chiba which needs my proficiency to recover her health. So the hospital decided to send me as the main doctor and Malaysia’s representative for an international medical conference in Tokyo. By the way, the girl you had a crush during high school is on board too,” I said with a naughty tone. He gave me frown. "Anyways, wanna join me for dinner in Kindori for dinner?My treat," asked him. Weird for a guy to ask a guy though, but i accepted and asked him to call me upon arrival in Narita Airport. He slowly glided towards the cockpit. His back was really strong and dependable...Wonder if i had that kinda shoulder?

By the time I sat down, Suane asked about my trip to Japan, I explained like how I did to Sein and asked about hers. "Well, I'm an accountant now, like how I pursue it ten years ago. I have stablised a firm in Malaysia, if you need any help or reference in the future, give me a call," as she handed out a name card. Suane Tissle Tiffle, Director, Calculus Acc Sdn. Bhd. Whoa, I had never imagined her to own a firm all by herself, not before she get married. "So, hows you boyfriend? I asked." In astonishment she replied," How did you figure? Owh well guess you didn't see any ring on my hand huh? Well, lets just say I wish to focus on my career before I start my family hehe..." I heard that some where else, just now out side the cabin. But i kept quiet and replied ,"Well that is really new style of you. Women now adays are very ambitious and that is simply amazing," She gave me a funny look and loosen up, "Binn, i think you should stop doing that.. I'm more comfortable talking to you as a friend... No need the formalities," I sat up straight. Take a long breathe. And replied,"Can't agree more.. I guess my middle name is much more easier to call eh?" "Yeah, dust bin and long beans and Mr Bean.. Owh all sorts of funny names we've got for you last time," giggled Suane. The whole journey was full of laughter.She was going to Chiba too to meet a client to establish a contract fr her company's service. She has got to be good to have a Japanese company as her client. And the company was GenkiDenki!!!! The second largest electronic chain around the globe after Sony! We discussed about our path of life, our daily lives, hobbies and all the memories we have shared in high school. We were never out of topic. Until when Suane got tired and fell asleep. I stared at her hard. What would have happened if both of them were together? Will they be what they are now? Questions circled aorund my thought and I couldn't sleep, even when i took sleeping pills. She has great feautures. Great smile, fine confident lips, strong, charming eyes, long slender hair, great smile and she is the typical devil's body and angel's look catergory girl. She was out batch's most "wanted" girl but she didn't give in to anyone of them who were trying to impress her or ask her out. Instead she stucked with me, haha, I was such a girl magnet back then, not because of my looks, but my sensible side of approaching girls. But, something pulled me back. I thinked really hard. What was the factor? What was my problem? All the busy work after entering the medical school has blinded me from thinking about all lovery dovey for ten whole years. I looked at her while she was asleep. Such graceful face, she slept without any funny noise or sound. She was practically sleeping without any movement. I adjusted her blanket and went for a drink. The waitress at the cabin was shocked when I appeared for my latte. She fixed me a cup of it, and i strolled back to my seat. I saw a white figure standing beside Suane's sit. It was him, Sein. He knew she was on board. He knew she was sitting beside me. He is the captain anyway. After he stood for around 2 minutes, he walked back to the cockpit. I watched him, without saying anything I went back to my sit, sipping up my hot, creamy latte.

The whole place shooked hard. My latte was spilled all over her blanket and she woke up out of the horrific atmosphere. "Oh my goodness, faster get the blanket away!" I grabbed her blanket. She pushed her long sideburn to the back of the pixie-looking ears, just a little more curvy and took a sheet of tissue and started wiping her skirt. I took more sheets until another shake occured. We were both confused. "Attention passengers. Please do not panic. The aircraft is having slight interference with the unexpected clouds in the air. Do not fear and we will be reaching Narita Airport in 30 minutes. For your safety, please buckle up your belts immediately. Thank you" The Japanese-native slanged English was noticable enough for me who have mastered the language for 7 years in Kyoto. We both buckled our belts and started to discuss about the incident. "You think the captain is capable enough to bring us to the airport safely?" she asked. "Don't worry, its Sein as the captain! His was one of the best students in Physics back in Hanabi High," I assured here. Wit a cold tone, "Yeah, and he had always ran away form complications. No matter what he do other than homeworks," "Well, this has everything to do with his homework! So, have confident in him ok?" I reassured her. She nodded and stiffen her body. She was really scared. Obviously, she has no one to depend on this trip all the more reason to panic. I held her hand and said, "Look, I'm right here ok? I will make sure you will be alright, ok? At least have confident in your reliable brother!" Yes, Madam Lee has always treated me as her son, like I have to take care of every single family member in school grounds. I can feel the shiver and shake form the hands and I grapsed her hard. Sein Carlos Lscent, if I had the chance I will punch you right in your face for doing this...

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