Saturday, July 6, 2013

Buffetting : Typical City Boy

So it came till the first day of the porcine farm practical in the deep vegetations of Siputeh, Perak. The supposingly-Thai vet turned out to be an Indian, and here goes the ice-breaking session. When it became my turn, I blurted out “Subang”. “Oh, a typical KL boy arh?” was reciprocated while the party burst out into laughter. The vet claimed he was right when he heard others laughing.

So and so, me being the neurotic me started questioning the others on why am I being labeled at the “Typical City Boy”. Apparently I’m being categorized, along with the other Klang Valley region born course mates, as typical city dwellers, with the common denominators of:

1-Dramatic. Yes, apparently we are all good enough to host a stage play with theatrical dramatic effects. We laugh and burst into different spectrums of emotions in instant while all other Vetsouls can’t. Hmm, I really wonder.

2- English. Yes, apparently we are all well-English educated with the ability to baffle others with our extraordinary flair for the language. We are able convey fluently and switching between Mandarin and English is a finger tipping task. Like Heat from Klang can’t do that.

3- Rightists. Yes, apparently we all stand up for our rights out and loud with some consideration of consequences; we just stand up. I’m not too sure if that’s a typical city dweller’s ability; what happened to the myth of almost 80% of the population of youngsters today can’t speak and communicate well? Do we, the only few of us make up the 100% of the Klang Valley youth’s population.

Damn, and this bugged till now. With raging hormones and constant struggle with my inner emotions, the last thing I need is being labeled as a typical city boy. So what are your definitions of Typical City Boy?


  1. well... just ignore them.

    1. Haha, I just wish the label wouldn't be there or affect their perceptions on my abilities as a vet-to-be