Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Buffetting : Times

It was until last week that I thought I couldn't be anymore closer with my friends.

True enough I had my issues, and being the hard-headed and fun-killer one in our gang, I practically stormed everyone with my constant "PMSes"-Teenage boy version throughout the whole trip.

I have no idea what the hell is wrong with me.

It's like I don't know how to have fun, or rather to have fun with my friends.

Maybe I have actually accepted the fact that, I'm not designed, or destined to have real good friends beside me to have fun.

I can swear, I barely talked to anyone about anything individually, nor speak about our problems and issue.

Most of the time in the trip, I would just sit alone by the passenger's sit, end of the boat, end of the cable car and just, enjoy the trip as if I know none of my friends at all.

Well, I did join the bed talk, sea-talk(derive from bed, just we do it in the sea, pretty cool huh?),water polo and other funny activities we've created out the blues.

Yet, I still can feel the loneliness in one corner of my heart, as we went there in 9, its only natural for a person to be left out without a partner.

Well guess what, I am the one most of the time.

Maybe I should just leave the group, since we had 11 originally, and 10 would have turned out to be an even number, and well, its better for the whole group instead.

What am I talking about, it's as if I'm writing a memoir instead of telling how fun Langkawi was.

Sorry readers, I think I have issues , big time issues.

You are here to know, read and share them with me, and here I thank you.

Nevertheless, Langkawi is truly a paradise, for retirees to relax, for youngsters to explore, for working groups to splurge(on chocs and liquor) and even for kids to just swim in the ocean of swimming pool.

I had fun, seriously. It's just that I had the fun most of the time, ALONE.

Fine I promise I'll blog about Langkawi in details for next 3 posts... though I haven't update constant lately

Zany Zephyr

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Buffetting : Life Principles

Can't believe I had to rea
ch for the dictionary to check up on the word principle of my post title.

Yet, the point of the post is about what you believe in your life.

Another barbecue party was held and once again, I'm the handy man who needs to start the fire, get the pits, charcoals, food and the yanky-dadees for everyone.

Credits given to my dad who woke up early to stroll me around the market in ss15 for the raw food.

And there we go, the plan was well executed until the whole gang of us forgotten about SKEWERS when we were heading to my ex-tuition teacher's place.

I did halt my sis to make a simple U-turn to get those stuffs.

"Mr Lee has all the utensils so just go ahead okay?"

Fine, you are the driver and the eldest around so supposingly you are the wisest around.

Once we reached there, TADAAA

No skewers, no thongs, everyone was done MANUAL.

Imagine BBQing a chicken without any skewers and your only equipment around was a pathetic, well fine FEW pathetic pairs of WOODEN chopsticks.

I controlled my temper and went on because it was suppose to be FUN.

Until one point when I was told my wooden chopstick is burning.

I just ignore and told them, just dispose them by the end of the day then.

And my cousin teased me by telling I have to get rid of 2 pairs since I was using 2 different chopsticks as a pair.

I just returned lightly saying, well the process isn't important what matters is the outcome.

then my sister snapped and bombarded by telling she doesn't like what I said and my attitude.

HELLO?! If you haven't noticed, I was the one starting the fire and cooking non-stop for you guys okay? And fine I didn't complain about this, because I'm a GUY.

So I snapped back by saying I don't really have a choice.

First , we have no equipments.

2nd , I'm the only one doing MOSt of the work, not all.

And 3rd, I hate unorganized events.

Then she was like,

"why do you have to make sucha big deal out of it? we are enjoying anyway?!"


you enjoyed, I was simply pissed off.

you might be enjoying your stuffs but I have my principles.

I like plans to go by the book, not off the chart.

Even if it had gone off the chart, i'll fix it my way.

Accept it or screw it, you digg?

And don't give me the pep talk and long lectures if you have no SOLUTIONS.

And I stormed into the house.

Fine, I might seemed stubborn in this sense but honestly, I'm done being the puppets of others.

I'm an adult I have my thoughts.

Chopsticks, yes it might be a mistake to burn them off like that.

But I know the gravity of the matter.

I'm not that stupid.

Plus, mr lee gave me the permission to burn them off the pits so, HOLLER.

Come to think of it, she actually banged me or not marinating the chickens earlier on.

Honestly speaking, I'm not STUPID.

I would have give the maid a hand if I knew she would be busy but she wasn't!

The whole house is going to be empty for the whole day without us being in the house and she didn't have to cook lunch or dinner, so how busy can she be?

Marinating takes max one hours, and she have 7 hours without anyone bothering her the whole day to clean up the house.

So tell me, do I need to give a hand, when I have done marinating with her twice this holiday?

She is the kitchen expert not me, so logically speaking, there wouldn't be any point arguing over if I need or not to help my maid out with the marinating.

That is how stubborn the women in my family can be.

anyways, I'm certain I did the right thing, because everything turned out well in the end.

Let them hate me or what ever, because by the end of the day, the experience I've gained is much more precious.

PS: Watched Storm Warriors 2. Trust me, invest one the first movies instead... better plot, though the recent one have impressive VFX, but it doesn't mean anything.

Have to bail no2 for another day of recapping with old mates.

Thanks for tuning in.

Zany Zephyr

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Buffetting : Time to move on

I guess I'm one particular person who tends to stuck in the old times, and never willing to step out of it.

Seeing how people around had moved on, I couldn't stop thinking,

"why can't I do the same thing? am I that stubborn?"

At some point, I do see myself changing over the years.

Yet, some how I've became more and more cynical , most events that occurred lately.

Why did these happen?

I am not sure.

The Gradual effect is there and, it's just so hard to capture the feelings in words.

I'm somehow more evasive, to the point that I am not willing to share anything over the air or net.

Hiding this blog by changing the address again and again proves everything.

I think, I'm more comfortable being alone.

It is good to have companions, yet it is not a necessity, well at least not in my life-dictionary.

I've screened through facebook today and I've just noticed these two person's recent life:

I'm a stalker? no they were once people who I'd wished I'd made them together, yet the same time wishing they weren't going to make it. The picture above shows J, my old "husband"

And the picture below shows X(the guy aka my ex-boy friend)

A bit weird for a guy to have these kind of relationship huh?

Well, I'm no ordinary guy then.

I had a crush on the boy, seriously I mean for a max of 3 years full.

From the day I've realised, I never wanted to miss the chance to see him everyday and even if I had missed it, I sulked about it whole night long.

This has also haunted my nights when I was having my SPM(malaysia's high school exam), and I couldn't understand my own feelings.

Was it a real crush? Or it was just pure admiration?

I had dreams over him and sometimes, HER.

J, right she appeared in my life when I was in form 4, the peak of my high school life.

My emotions and physical pressure were at the extreme in that period of time.

I liked her?

A lot people thought I did, and at one point I've almost hypnotised myself to fall in love with her.

I'm not sure how and what her thought was, and I never wanted to ask because I'm afraid of being hurt(knowing where I'm standing and my qualities), and last of all I knew the answer would be a NO.

So I've just continued being her closest male friend(literally) where she was able to tell me all her thoughts about him,her or it.

And it came to the day when she discussed about HIM.

I can tell you, my emotion was stirring with absolute blur.

I couldn't differentiate my wishes or curses.

My friends though I was having a dilemma in siding for friend or for love, but honestly , I never wanted to tell anyone because it's just so outrageous knowing someone so close to you yet you didn't know he could had such high tendencies of being homosexual.

And well, I kept quiet, and let everything flows.

During that time, she being SHE, didn't want to start of a relationship and everything didn't work out.

It was a relief, yet a disappointment because I was literally the middle person.

It was a blessing yet a curse, being their catalyst, double-edged sword so to speak.

And today, I've finally got to tell myself, it is time for me to go on, to find myself.

Someone, no matter she or he, as long as we can talk, we are on.

I've come to terms that my primary goal is to work hard for my life, my future.

Love, is something useful, yet not necessary.

Call me cynical, try walking my life.

What about me?

I'm still me~

Promise you guys will further frequent my post.

Zany Zephyr

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Buffetting : Companion

Finally got myself down to start working on this post... Well, sorry for neglecting you blog!!!!

*My maid just flunked a plastic bag to attract my attention, then tell me she wants to head back to Indon... wtf???!!!*

Anyway, working on today's issue, COMPANION.

there plenty types of companion:

A) As fun mates

These guys are the ones who will call you out for tea, dinner or parties(sometimes to clubs) and as the names said FUN.

B) As study mates

They go everywhere with you, with one extra item, BOOK. They talk about Le Chatelier's Principle, vectors, Centrepidal Forces or what ever you are able to relate to academia, wherever you go. I've seen people of such, it might be fun in the beginning, in the end it turns out to be REAL pain in the ass.

C) As talk mates

One phone call and you will need to listen to their problems. I personally have no problem with that, because I DO enjoy listening to their problems, secrets or any grudges they have against anyone, including me.

D) As play mates

These are those who calls you out to the motel and have a one night stand. Never had any friends of this kind, not going to have one either. But they do exist.

E) As soul mates

Walking down the aisle, you will put the ring into his or her finger and there you go, happily ever after.

Well, I guess I'm going to brag to the E-prone topic.

You see, lately everyone, I mean EVERYONE is into the "lovey-dovey" hype, when a gir/.boy friend is a must in their lives.

Remember Jess and Sein from Of Os, Bs and ABs I written last year? If you had noticed they are derived form actual people.

Jess would be Jessica Tee, and Sein,would be Sai Cheong.

Well, this column is to hide the post above form my brother~~

I DID mentioned I moved on without SC. and true enough, I did.

He got himself a girlfriend now and , it wasn't a surprise at all, its just that there are still stuffs stirring inside me which makes me dislike his girlfriend in the first sight.

I don't know if its me or its the "rivalry" thing.

But something else happened, I disliked Sc as well at the same time.

Well, old cliche but, if (爱得越深,恨得更深)you love that deep, you hate that deep.

Uncertainty is surely stirring in my head.

I've talked lesser to him than ever compared to everyone, I am sure.

I've distanced myself away from him, to make sure I forget him in one way.

I must say it worked.

I am much more matured now, compared to the "love-dove" pressure I had back in form 2.

It is pointless to get involved now, and get tied down.

It is much more free, to be able to have all the time for yourself, and concentrate on whats much more important , like Chemistry and Biology~

And I know what I want.

What I want isn't available now yet.

What I want comes only I get the answer.

When am I getting the answer, I don't know.

But one thing I know is, I need to work hard for my bright future in the corporate world.

I need to know more, and yes, once again my thirst for knowledge is BACK.

Zany Zephyr

Monday, December 7, 2009

Buffetting : New skin

Well, I've got myself a new skin and for previous readers, you can the posts are back!!!

For new readers, if you wanna know me more, hit the arhives!

Zany Zephyr

Friday, December 4, 2009

Buffetting : Prepared

Must get prepared for tomorrow's SAT!!!

Peeps, please pray hard~~

Zany Zephyr