Saturday, September 14, 2013

Buffetting : Tough Times

I'm starting to see, well some "flaws" in being in it with T.

We have an hour of difference, and us being both vet students have to keep up with the hours for our academics. For the past week I've been sleeping at 2am just to spend my last half or an hour before 2 to spend with with T. It is, quite taxing, especially when I need to wake up at 7am in the next morning, while the continuous work and meeting load just drags till 2am the next morning till I drop dead in the bed.

We have phone connection problems. Or at least I have. I'm pretty sure T also has the anxiety problem as I do, when we don't reply each others' texts immediately due to signal issues, driving period, battery down and what not. I have to constant tell and remind myself to be extra patient because its a LDR. 3 hours of flight away, we can only stay in control to THAT extent.

We both starting to have commitments. With T heading for finals and me heading for Dogathon, our time for each other is probably driven to only 15 minutes before our sleep. Add that with the connection problem, we only have truly minimum time. I just hope these commitment issues only last till October when September ends, and we get to spend more time thereafter.

I think I'm being pretty paranoid. With issue similar happening to a close friend; and me thinking that the same scenario happening in The Hormone Series will land on me, my conscious just can't help it.


T: I wanna hug youuuuuuu

That reassured a lot. Thanks bear!


  1. Glad you guys are finally in commitment. LDR is tough but I believe in you both that you guys will gonna have a great future together.

    1. There was never a "clear" statement on "we are so doing this", but we both know we want to make things work, at least for now. I'd wish we can and will still lead great life together, but sometimes we can only plan so far. Lets see how it goes.