Thursday, February 28, 2013

Buffetting : 2nd Chance

It was until today that I’ve realized, and saw that everything has a second chance, including relationships. Remember the post I’ve written about a pair of dear friends who didn’t manage to turn out as a fruitful relationship? Apparently,  the guy is making his move, the second time.

The best part is, the girl is also accepting him, slowly. It’s like the high school drama all over again. If I were to be available right now, any other guy out there would scream “idiot” at me. So this girl rejected the guy last year because there wasn’t a chemistry between them, claimed her. But he claimed that she was still having feelings for another guy out there, seemingly the high school friend.

However, being a semester with her again tells me that I just be that high school friend, because of the rumors and lovey dovey stuffs people have casted behind us, especially the 38 girl gang I’m super close with. The attempts of putting both of us together were countless while He’d actually said he was fine with me being together with her and all.

The very fact is, I’m not interested, and I see Her as a very close friend to speak of everything but spending our lives as mates in the future. I have no intentions, and or I have the time.  I’ve made it clear to Her, Her best friend also one of the 38 girl gang, and everyone else, I am not looking for a relationship here in the university and not now. Logically speaking she would be the best candidate for my future including her height, her personality, and some of her affections which I feel like a total douche to put those feelings aside.

However, this made another route for Him, for his move. Her bestie asked whether or not if I’m jealous. Honestly, I’ve never felt so happy before. I mean, both of them are the closest people I speak to from both sexes in the university life, and we care for each other. Seeing them having a chance to be together again, it just takes my breath away. It’s as if life is pretty much perfect right now.

But wait, I’d probably need a backup plan to distract myself from these affections, seeing I will be spending a longer time in the university than them. Well, I have a Dogathon to look forward to, a Saxophonist apprentice-ship, a new Student Corporation to set up, and some bucks to be made. The physiology professor did mention to the class that we should always get a mate at the toughest time of our lives so that they live it through with us, and stick to us for good. I’d probably live the rest of my life alone I guess.

Or, it might just be that I’m not capable to love right now. I guess being a Leo, and being a person who have to running away and around from and for nothing as placed quite a substantial effect on my views on relationships. Not like I’ve yet to be in one, but it’s probably I do not dare to be in one. The drama, the commitment, the views and the network thereafter, is probably what I’m really worried about right now.

Damn, is it because of the Water Snake 2013, or is the universe trying to send some signals to me? I should totally lift my focus to something else right now.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Buffetting : Stepping in Warzone

It's the second week of the semester yet I barely have the time for updates. Guess vet school and its activities has taken a toll on my free time to blog.

Honestly I'd wish to write more here whenever I could because there's so much that I'd want to express, but I just can't do it now in the social network.

What's different is that I no longer wish to express them in the social network anymore. Being a public person for a semester has really thought me how to confine my emotions and thoughts, at least just enough before I set them loose and cause havoc in the atmosphere.

The 1st week went by in a blink after CNY, with all the food, new subjects, new lecturers, new jobs, new labs, new classmates and some old friends along the way.

Dogathon, student rep council work, studies and vet dinner performance. Gosh it was like a roller coaster ride. As how my friend would put it, my whole life right now is like a jumbo sale.

Believe or not I'm actually writing now from a nutrition lab only because I have a 30 minutes span to linger until my crude fiber specimens are done being digested.

The thing is I kinda hate being free right now because it means I'm actually not making progress in my work? It's like there's a sense of insecurity injecting into my mind telling me "hey it's not the time to rest yet!"

At least not until Dogathon is over, that's for sure.

Well, I hope I don't lose this because if I did it would really do  a damn substantial amount of damage on me, even more on my ego. Classmates for the rest of my veterinary life? Ahh, I have more than that to worry about.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Buffetting : When I Move On

I'm pretty sure everyone have their ways of moving on, be it putting things aside, delete from their memories but still keeping the physical attributes and all.

As for me, I've just found out that I throw stuffs away.

I got this out of my stash of collections when I will cleaning and packing up for the university hostel-coming, and me being me, I'd usually keep memories and stuffs from the past for the old-age reminiscence purposes.

However, without 2nd thought after reading the wishes from the 17th birthday card, I've just decided to drop it into the discard pile.

Seriously, that's a sign of me moving on to me. When I cling to stuffs, I have physical memories of them, not in bytes. When I do this, it really proves that I'm just so over my past high school life. The people, the memories, but definitely not the experiences.

Being a pathetic person like me, I'd ought to blurt out "I barely remember high school" one day. No offense to best bud, which is obviously the best thing ever happened in high school, apart from Monkey; but seriously that period and some of the the people is just so not worth my time.

Looking at the wishes, I'd realize somethings like "Friends forever" or "Stay in touch" doesn't mean anything when two person or more don't deliver or be able to communicate over time. Time seeps in and just rip two person apart from being friends to acquaintances.

Oh well, I guess I have moved on indeed. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Buffetting : Lands of Cats and Polar Bears Day 2

It's CNY and lotsa juicy family drama! But lets get Kuching over with!

Day 2 was indeed a LONG one, probably because we have had to wake up at 7 in the morning to line and wait for our breakfast in Kuching's best noodle house yet infamous LOUD and "Guai Lan" owner near Waterfront.

The Kolo Mee was indeed subtle and a good one to start the day with, and the Pork Coffetti aka as "Jeng" in Kuching was FREAKING Fresh, but I had to say the soup base was rather bland for a heavy seasoning consumer like me.

But, the kolo mee was good. The tinge of vinegar added totally brought the mee to a whole new level.

The whole meal spent up to 3 hours inclusive of waiting, serving and eating. Like seriously, the owner only serves you when they know its your turn. Asking before they come, or making unnecessary remarks only brings shame upon you by the screams and loud tantrums of the chef, not because he has anything on you but because of his nature. 

But, we were well-warned by polar bear and the meal was successful. Best Kolo Mee in Kuching, DONE.  

Next stop was the Southern Kuching Municipal Building visit. Like seriously, when was the last time you'd actually VISIT, not for business, to your own Municipal building?

The last time I've checked, never. It's either license for my dogs, or summons. The special thing about Kuching is there's actually 2 regions, the Southern and Northern Kuching municipal council. Polar Bear's under south, and he hated north because of the incompetence and corruption northern council have been.

We dropped by because Polar bear noticed THIS in the papers:

It's actually a compilation of plastic bottles made into a Snake shape in celebrating the arrival of the Lunar Snake Year, as well as the word 2013. Not convinced? Try looking at this instead:

Ignore blur auntie hahaha.

After the short visit and toiler break, we headed back to the water front to pay the Chinese Muzeum a visit. It's free, air-conditioned, and well maintained by the local council because of the valuable spot of the Main Bazaar as a tourist attraction; something KL council would ought to learn from.

There was a theater room like those you see in Singapore which tells how Chinese came about into Sarawak, their contributions, and traditions. A simple 5 minutes video, but was good enough to explain.
Then there were pictures, diagrams and chronologies of different Chinese dialects, celebrations, and antiques. I was totally amazed by how the council managed to put things into order in the museum, because KL and Subang totally have nothing at par like this.

Chinese out there, can you spot your family name?

We did stop by another museum with fossils and what not, but I totally wasn't in the mood for field trip so I'd kept my camera in my bag while I just glanced through everything in there. IT was the ethnology museum down Merdeka Field, but I was totally bored so yea. Did snap some pictures in the garden behind the museum, which I think is perfect for dates and picnics. Selangor no longer has the same greenery to fit awesome picnics and dates.

The day proceeded into a local Pasar tani for a short break and purchase of Tam Pui and looking into Sago Worms. Master Tai and I wanted to have a try, but didn't have a chance because by the time we'd wish to get the worms fried they would have died. We wanted to try raw, but was told off by the public not to do so. Damn. During Sabah practical maybe?

The 30 minutes drive to Polar bear's uncle's farm was short and bumpy.I was screaming loud inside the Vios with Sea the driver because of the bumpy road and the heavy load the Vios have had to carry.

The farm was HUGE, literally. It's at least the size of a whole SS12 area, no joke.

There were pig farms(from growers to finishers and sows), crocodile farms, aquaculture tanks, enzyme tanks, durian plantations, banana plantations, and some others which we have yet to explore.
Saved a piglet from suffocating by the sow. Totally felt like a vet.

Is the uncle rich? Damn.
Is the uncle good-looking? Pretty Damn.
Is the uncle nice? Is pretty, but wasn't back in the past.

Overall the uncle was nice, but Polar bear have his own views.

The farm would served as a good place to learn as a vet student, even as a business associate or even an agriculture student. IF I've had the time, I would get his contact and stay on a month or two to pick up some skills.

The trip ended pretty late with another field trip session when Wind have to open his big mouth and start to ask about production systems for the pigs and the bananas. The uncle is pretty well-equipped with knowledge for him to compete in the Sarawak market, even to the point in knowing specs for nitrogen-tanked sperms from the States. A place to learn, definitely.

Without even a shower after the farm visit, not like we've done any laborious dirty work,(my lecturer would have screamed at me talking about biohazard) we went to the CHEAPEST western food restaurant I've had in my life in Kuching, namely, Sharing Planet.

The location is right in the middle of a housing area, but the ambiance was excellently furbished and designed. I totally hated the idea of huge tiles with holes in the between them because my chair kept on sliding down, b but the portion of the food, loved it.

This is a grilled dory Fish set. The price? Rm10.90. IT was HUGE.

The total cost to feed 19 hungry vet students was only RM370, with an average of RM20 for each of us. Bare in mind, we had sirloins, T-bones, Lamb streaks, and even drinks. We were all stuffed after that. With this amount, we can only get bones in TGIF in Selangor.

No more TGIF in my life again, because the whole franchise is just overrated.

The night ended with a live-performance of Wind trying to stuff a 1kg Bull-Horn Banana in 10 minutes' time.

You know the huge bananas they use to make Pisang Goreng with? Yea that's the one and Wind had to stuff it into his tummy in 10 minutes.

The guys chipped in and helped out with some bites, but naturally its impossible to finish the bananas.

Yet, Polar Bear had his share of fun.

Day 2 ended happily with loads of laughters and stripping session of Wind's undies in the guys' room, and with a deeper love of mine into my batchmates.

However, something kept pestering me, telling me I'm about to part from them, very soon.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Buffetting : Lands of Cats and Polar Bears Day 1

Kuching of course! Though cats and bears are of course, from complete different family in the taxonomy.

Polar bears due to the fact that Polar bear became our tour-guide for the whole week in Kuching!

It was a 7days' trip, so a very lengthy post ahead, but I will let the pictures do the talking more.

The trip was pretty well planned, by Polar bear of course. He did a superb job coordinating the time traveling from one place to another, from one food stop to another, and from one house to another too.

The best thing about being in public university is, you get really close with your coursemates because of the 1st year hostel deal. What more, for us vets we literally spend all our time under the same roof no matter in the residential college or the faculty, making us a far more close-knitted circle. A very large one I might add.

So back to Kuching, a lil extra history: Kuching was named not only because of the number of cats around, but also because of the term-"ko-ching" which was a term of harbor during the olden days when Charles Brooke first came to Sarawak. The term "ko-ching" originated from Tamil, if not mistaken,(do correct if I'm wrong) and because of the frequency it was used previously to name the harbor, Kuching finally got its name.

Accommodation was free for us guys because we squeezed into Polar Bear's brother's abandoned room. 8 guys, with 4 bulldozers. It was fun spending night with the boys, but I had to complain about the heat because I have the most fat in the bunch!

The girls rented Polar bear's direct senior's house from Kuching, so it was RM500 for 7 days. Considered cheap for a place to accommodate 11 girls, which ended up with 19 girls and boys by the end of the week due to a break in attempt, scaring the girls.

The first day started with settling down, of course, and spending the day walking around Attap Street. We had the famous pork satay for tea time before we hit for Polar Bear Momma's home cooked meal. The pork satay tasted like most satays with the marinate, but when served hot it was pretty heavenly. I bet the owners prolly would stand a good chance against Kajang's Haji Samuri satay to serve the Chinese community there.
Dinner started even before we knew it did; while the PBMomma single-handedly prepared food for 19 hungry vetsouls, the party raided PB's room in searching for relics and remnants from what PB have lived.

Lo and behold, the certificate with all state's sultan's signature. PB's elder bro is an avid scout! 

Dinner was awesome, with PBMomma serving us a hefty load of Hakka homemade dishes such as Braised Pork Trotter(ceh wah so culinar); Yellow Wined-Chicken, typical Friend Beehoon, Sarawak Fried Beelin, Sarawak's Super HUGE Loh Bak aka Penta-Fragrant Roll and also Asam Chicken Broth.

The night ended with us walking around the WaterFront and Main Bazaar making a fool our of ourselves being the noisiest bunch in town. It was 11pm, being the Tourist spot itself, the main bazaar had fireworks of laughter thanks to us.

Courtesy of Bimbo!

Let's continue with Day 2 Tomorrow alright? It's time for bed!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Buffetting : Vet Camp 2013

I didn't manage to post about last year's because of the vet-med transition fiasco when my mood plunged into oblivion mode last January in 2012.

However, 2013's vet camp totally made me love my batch's peeps even more after the 2012's, by 100 folds.

It's like our batch's people fixes into each other puzzle pieces perfectly in making things work wondrously, something which I wish would happen in Dogathon, seriously.

Anyhow, I was part of the organizing committee this year, meaning more sleep debts and tiring walks and test runs. The whole idea of Vet camp is to bond the DVM1s among themselves, as well as between DVM1s and 2s, as we will be the ones running programs very closely throughout our DVM lives. That includes Dogathon. The vet camp last year met its objective, how about 2013?

Day 1 started out with traveling 2 hours up to Raub, with a lil minor accident when my Hilux lost its balance due to a sharp turn. Almost turned out to be a massive explosion, thank goodness there was no cars around us when the tires lost their controls. Must be the oversupply of food on my car.

After fixing the car in Bentong with a quick but bad lunch, we got to the camp site for us to settle down most stuffs, especially the programs and campsites. The night was the hardcore part. We had to travel into the rubber estate to go through some paths, and also the oil palm plantation at the other end of the camp site for site conformation for our programs in the subsequent days. It was indeed a dark night, very. The street lights along the tar road were 500m apart, while there was NO light source in the plantation.

Depending on the torchlight was our only option, and switching off means complete darkness. Like blinded darkness. However, that served as the best platform to stargaze. Damn if I ever have a plantation I must build a observatory right in the middle of it.

The night ended with a lil drama with our officer adviser's absurd remarks. He claimed that:

We had no teamwork.
We had no planning.
We had no competency.
We had no respect for him.
We had nothing stated above because our anatomy lab practical test reflected so.

1- We have had teamwork which he had to be blind to not see it. He's a bitch, and he is blind.
2- Our plans worked out so far, the only thing that is wrong is his existence. Period.
3- Don't talk about competency when he hasn't even been around to see our work. Bitch please, you were away every single time we need the faculty's Ford Ranger for emergencies.
4- You've freaking lost my respect when you told me you are LAZY to drive us out of the camp site to get food. Don't start. Seriously
5- Wait how did anatomy practical test come into the picture? I do not need to be a 4.0 scorer to know which person is suitable to cook or to program an activity okay? Plus, I've got news for you bitch. I don't take anatomy this semester! Not like you've got the balls or brain to care!

So the post-mortem was pretty much a bombard session on that bitch, whom we all hated in unison.

Day 2 started off with me being awakened by the rain falling into my Hilux while I slept in with Sea. I took the backseats while he took the passenger seat. We woke up abruptly to shut the windows, and went back to sleep. Oh that was a classic.

We proceeded to the rubber estate to make preparations for the night's trail trekking, only to be swarmed by a gazillion numbers of famished mosquitoes.

It was like a feast for them with us wearing only short-sleeves, and tiger balm didn't seem to work pretty well, The hour trying to tie flags along the trails of the rubber trees was treacherous with those blood-suckers pestering us, while I constantly screamed in agony because of their attacks.

Preparation continued after we left for the oil palm plantation, with all our jackets on this time. Preparations are now much easier, without much pain this time I might add. Looking at wild boar trails and checking out potential scorpion signs was quite intimidating, and test run was tiring because I had to carry a dude around a few palm trees with another dude while a dudess stay on her breathe on "AHH" until we made it back.
Other test runs included were trying to bite apples off a string, running in mazes, spinning around a wooden stick and trying to toss a bean bag.

The mid-day started off with the juniors coming in an hour later than we have expected, while I constantly have to pester my camp leader to modify the whole agenda because of my pesky designation; Stage Manager. From changing lunch before ice-breaking to camp site making after prayers, gosh I shall not take advantage of my stage managers during Dogathon! Luckily I had three of them!

Day 2 and Day 3 continued with activities, those which I shall not bore you, while during Day 4 everyone is almost zombie like. Camp commanders didn't sleep at all; camp leaders stayed up all night; while I had to skip post-mortem and sleep like a pig because I'm driving, WEE~

Missed the torture night, but I totally heard "WAKE UP, WAKE UP!" in my slumber.

The last day totally marked something, DVM 1 and 2 did bond. We had fun a lil bit here and there, and of course with certain people only. The rope-skipping was totally fun, and dancing our epic theme song, "Party Rock Anthem" was again nostalgic, and epic.

Day 4 ended with our theme song and dance, Stronger, which I totally fell in love with. Can you actually believe there are people who are studying in Serdang, Selangor who don't know the lyrics of STRONGER??!!!

Seriously, what have your laptop and vet books have done to you? A person as lifeless as me knows Stronger.

Anyway, I've enjoyed my Vet Camps as organizer and participant. UPM Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, I Love You!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Buffetting : Zoologico Outing

It was pretty in-promptu when the Bimbo gave me a call before I wanted to hit the gym on that very Friday evening.

Before I continue, lets have a lil intro about Zoologico club. It's a club focusing on wildlife, where as the counterpart club of the faculty,Veternak focuses more on the small, domesticated pet animals.

The committee had an outing for themselves to Asian Water Park in Puchong, just to celebrate the end of the semester; and of course to reward the fantastic job for the activities they have planned throughout the semester. Impressive, far more than Veternak have I would say. But of course, Veternak plans the major annual events while Zoologico focuses on on-going ones.

So the first night was about getting there because the place had really mini-version signboards instead of the obvious ones, so we'd actually got there after 2 hours of departure from the university.

The BBQ session ended up to be quite a good bonding session with me pestering everyone with their really sucky barbeque skills, as well as gossips around the faculty. It really scares me seeing how gossips travel at light speed around the faculty, imagine how is it going to be when I'd actually got involved and committed one day. But, I guess that will not happen in my uni-days.

The night was spent gossiping more about other people, discussing how STPM totall ruled the whole faculty, which dean was the best one, problems in the club and events caused by our own faculty's students, and how Wind might end up being gay after spending tremendously long time with Sea.

Before we got knocked out, the guys have decided not to camp and slept on beach chairs, banana boats and sandy gazebos instead. However, I snicked into the camp with Polar Bear cause the mosquitoes wouldn't quit bugging us literally.

We started the next day with extreme water sports! I totally forgot all the names, but we had 4 water activities spanning over 2 hours as many times as we want. The price was RM90 including food and boarding, but it was fine seeing how we'd actually enjoyed the whole process.

That includes being overturned by the rides into man-made lake, with crazily buffeting torrents. I personally liked the kayaking, but it the other rides like RX6 which requires 3 person to lie flat on a float and speeding behind the motorboat around the lake at high speed was epic.

The whole outing served well for bonding among the members, as well as establishing a better network with seniors and my batchmates alike. Not like I've not established them before, but this was a better platform to strengthen them better.

Whether or not if I would come over to this place again, maybe after a while. The facilities are for like a day only if you are taking the cheap packages, and I think a day is more than enough. Maybe with another bunch of people.

Personal favorite shot.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Buffetting : Where To Start?

The holidays I had for the past 3 weeks have been quite fruitful, but INTENSE.

Heck I barely have any days left to dally in my own room, while I constantly have to pack my luggage for different occasions and outings.

Where exactly should I start?

My intense meetings and appointments to serve the students as the SRC;
My training as the SRC;
My outing with the Vet Souls to Kuching;
My experience to love my current batch than the juniors in Vetcamp;
My gossips in Vetcamp;
My Zoologico club outing;
or my new Digimon Adventure UMD experience?

I should put the SRC post in the SRC blog instead. This blog should be free from responsibility callings.

As for Dogathon, well its about time to pull things together.

Now where should I start?