Saturday, March 3, 2012

Buffetting : The Actual Reason

I was pretty much surprised myself, till I'd actually found out the actual reason I did not wish to take up medicine just lately.

I do not want to associate myself with my old life.

Old life meaning staying in Subang Jaya, meeting the same ol people whom I just need to throw a pebble in the air and I hit someone I know.

What's more, the driver's duty, the never ending phone calls from the family to perform tasks, last bu not least the bitter memories Subang Jaya had scarred me with.

I was talking to one of my girl friends from UPM yesterday while she asked me ,"How're things going in Monash?"

The answers I got was," Well, it's just like my old life. Old life meaning what I usually do in my old home. Same company, same faces, same venues, same experience."

"While UPM gave a new life, one I was looking for ever since I knew Subang was not the place, at least not the ONLY place which I'm contained to. That's why I loved it so much there. It gave me, a NEW life."

That took me long to realize. I need not travel to Japan for a new life, nor to Singapore for that matter.

20 kilometers away from home, was vivid enough to give a new life, torn away from those scars which I was left with.

That took me, really long to realize.


  1. Seems like u really hate subang.... x.x!! Move to PJ!! :P!

    1. haha that's just 20 minutes ride! People form subang still exist there man!

  2. ):

    UPM really seems to be THE place for you.

    I hope you find something new and worthwhile while studying in Monash. Maybe it could be a good thing. You never know.

    Let's hope for the best! (:

    1. UPM was the best. I don't know how to put it into words, but it was heck of an experience, and it was literally a new life. New friends, new environment and new system. No one knew who I was and there's no expectation or what sorts.

      I just had to do my best to show what I'm capable of.

      As for Monash, well it GAVE me some good impression before,but as for now, it's just another cash cow from Australia to me.

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