Monday, November 30, 2009

Buffetting : Adults

You know at one point of your life the adults will start suspecting you or your siblings of watching the "5354" literally "不三不四"(nonsense or more towards 18sx) videos or pictures?

Well, I've been through it and sadly, I don't watch those kinda stuffs due to unnecessary stimulation or what-so-ever the super duper straight guys out there would have given as an excuse.

Anyway, you know what I found out?

I was sorting out some Internet problem for my uncle (who had children whose ages are larger than mine) and I accidentally clicked his "Recent file" in the Start menu.

I saw *russian-teen-sex-fuck*

From then onwards, I know how lonely and bored one man can be alone in town.

And how horny can adults, even our own parents be.

Well, its human nature I know.

But please, don't let us see that ok?

You were the ones asking us not to watch, by the end of the day you are only showing mere hypocritism.

Well, that was all i found out so far... Wonder if I could find condoms in my house?

Okay, there goes the fantasy talk.

SAT 1 here I come~

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Buffetting : You're Beautiful

Have you ever seen something really beautiful?

Have you ever felt the joy and excitement seeing a newborn?

I felt it today, right in my house compound.

It's a miracle.

It's the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Even though they weren't my real child, it is as if they were there forever.

Cherishing them is truly, truly my job right now.

Meet Ichibana(一花)Tachibana(立花)Mako(眞子)and Yukito(雪兎).

Today, its their birthday, 17th November 2009.

This is one memorable day.

This means more responsibilities, yet new hopes and joys for me.


Back from my good mate's birthday bbq.

Tiring and stressful, after a 3 days planning and one whole day of preparation.

But it's satisfying seeing everyone enjoying themselves, though I can't say I've enjoyed, MUCH.

Guess I'm still too stressed out to have fun.

Anyway, my new babies has made my day.

Yes, my chemistry score was satisfying, where else my Biology and Maths was disappointing, as I didn't put in much effort, like wise to my Chemistry. General Paper was surprisingly high for me, obtained a highest score among my subjects. Guess it is truly a sure score subject.

MUET is still in the marking process, though I've set myself in Band 5, due to my unraveled and logn-winded One-Malaysia essay.

Total CGPA of 3.67, I'd say its real good for a first year finals, especially when I'm still in Lower 6.

Guess I do have the potential for more, the key is to put in more effort.

Okay, SAT 2325 here I come.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Buffetting : Wild dream

Yesterday was the last day of finals, so we went on for a whole day of fun.

We as in the normal gang of us who do all the nonsense together, though my banana friend had to endure a lot due to his limitations in the chinese language, so screw it.

Though I had a real good time and was worn out by the time I've reached home, I can't believe what went on.

I had a sex dream. Period.

Just for illustration purposes, what I had in the dream was really, really, I mean period, REALLY different.

Well, since you are reading this from me, you can choose to click the X button or continue.

Yeah its the first one I guess. Maybe because my friend said that I fantasize about the Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2, no pun intended.

It's just so weird, because the subject was my friend's friend, whom I doubt I have more than 5 lines of conversations before.

And, maybe I should privatise this blog if I really want to further detailing my story, so if you want to know more, well stay tuned and get invited.. >.< id="gwProxy" type="hidden">

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Buffetting : Fucked up

My dog just got fucked, literally.

Though I can't blame her much, since I've only noticed her sudden growth at her tummy.

80% pregnant said Dr. Bala.

Well, guess I somehow going to be a grandfather soon.

20 more days to go.

Wonder how I'm going to feel having my own grandkids, or granddogs... whatever its called.

Beside the point that my dog mated with some unknown male, guess everything is alright.

Update more after my examination.

Tomorrow, seriously I need to pick up my books or I;m so dead for the papers coming up next week.

2 more months to SAT!

Zany Zephyr