Saturday, June 1, 2013

Buffetting : Ending a Semester, etc

The semester ended on its last academic related matters with my last co-curriculum session under the Swimming Basics course's Mega Project-- Including water polo, treasure hunting and battleship. We all know how it went.

The best thing about the whole session is getting to know people. With the university's policy on single sex grouping for sports as revealing as swimming, we ought to stick to male in my course.

The dudes up there are from 3 different courses, 3 different background. What makes me feel that relationships are awesome because they can actually be built within minutes if we work on it. Something I feel I have not being doing these days.

Upkeeping relations however, is a totally different game.

 So wrapping up the courses that I have been taking this semester:

Veterinary Anatomy 1:

Histology was so so until I get my hands on the microscope. Straining on the eyes, but getting to know stuffs were satisfying. Same goes to gross anatomy dissection. Exploration was fun, but ultimately it is tiring. Can't imagine myself performing surgeries in the future just yet.

Veterinary Physiology 1:

With STPM basics, physiology wasn't particularly hard to score. Something I find really important in the parallel course of learning about anatomy. That is why  both courses are linearly programmed so we get the best of both worlds as one.

3- Veterinary Nutrition
A course that I would have enjoyed if I don't have my hands full. The intensive amount of knowledge required to know all the different components of feed, requirements, repercussions and phases ain't no joke. I guess I should make full use of my study week.

4- Veterinary Ethics and Jurisprudence

Need I say more? I totally adored this subject, and the first lecturer who focused on the Veterinary Surgeon's Act, code of ethics, and the different acts on Poisons, Feed, Food, Pesticides and Animal; took my breath away with his brilliance in that subject. Apparently he is brilliant in every subject he ventured into.

I guess I liked this subject more because I loved debating and exploring all possible options in a scenario? And prolly the fact that I always scored in the subject.

5- ICT
One subject that I feel its not absolutely necessary in our curriculum, but I still did my best to get the knowledge out of the computer technology realm. Although I might not adore the idea of full time html programming, but knowing that I can make wonders with codes is still delightful.

As the semester ends, I feel like my time is too, almost up.

The time for me to be with my current batch mates, and the time for me to start bracing myself to walk the rest of the path with a stronger will than ever; the will to walk alone.

So and so that I was talking with the elder sister about the mom on how I care more about finals that my mom. Apparently there's a phone issue but no one else but I have to settle it. I'm having my finals from 10th to 23 June, when I'm also leaving for practical on 23rd itself.

The sis stressed that I should invest at least a bit of time to get the phone issue settled, in the midst of my finals. and my finals are now less important than the stupid phone?

My sis's version: My mom is less important than my finals.


And the other day I had a long chat with the Best Bud on several issues.

One particularly hit me, exclusivity.

Yes, apparently we should never see ourselves as exclusive ones; be in romance or friendship.

I guess I should really step back and look around, on the places and fields I wish to venture, and the people with it. At some point of my life, I'm really tired to maintaining relationships. The balance thing, is pretty hard to attain when the mind is playing with your thoughts.

I just feel absolutely miserable right now. As an old acquaintance have pointed I might just be emotionally constipated, and I'm probably am.

I can no longer seek another person to confiding in matters, simply because I'm just too damn tired of playing the dodge games, or being considerate or me trying to open up and what not.

I just can't. The contacts in the smartphone apparently deemed no good, and blogging still remains as the best place to confide.

I should just do this, its the best anyway.

What a way to end a semester.

Back to sea of delocalized notes. Making love with the veterinary knowledge should do me some good.


  1. You might need to buy another thermometer. It's bit too big and it takes longer to get the temperature. 20 secs or 1 minute?
    anyway! congratz! finish 1 semester

    1. Any brands to recommend? I've yet to get a chance to look into the usual ones they use in the clinics. Or did they use the mercury ones?