Monday, June 22, 2009

KZB on: The other road

There were 2 roads.

One was smooth and glamorous looking, even a dog would have taken the route.

One was rough and ugly, even the tiniest ant will prevent itself from taking the route.

Yet, little do they know, each route would have nurtured them in different ways.

Smooth and glamorous:
Your journey was easy and still, until the hidden dangers start laying their paws on your, undetected, unprepared. With strong confident, you end your journey with none, returning you with nothing, but mere regrets.

Rough and ugly:
Your journey was full of danger and encounters, yet you never failed to let you guards up and fend yourself from them. You persevered, you grew, you lived. Your confident was built slowly and slowly, bit by bit till the day you had end your journey, you have became a much better person compared to the previous you.

I can't believe I took route one, when I had precisely lived route 2. What was I thinking when I took route one? Do I not see the difference each of them would have made?

Well, guess what they say love is blind. Don't get me wrong, I didn't exactly took route one because of X, X was one of the small factors. Yes X was in the March intake but I was truly blinded when I made the decision.

Anyway, I was told that the other road is still there for me, and provided that I feel comfortable is what I'm doing, I can always take the special route which had exist for me.

I took the letter. Now its the matter of getting my uniform or prepare to pay for my next semester.

Peeps, I don't care anymore. This is my road, my way.

PS: I was blogging this in a CC due to temporary PC-less circumstances and I am listening to form 4 kids laughing and playing ... MAPLE STORY.


Swithering Away,

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

KZB on: The answer

An apple, may seem to simple by its own.

But, with a little help from a knife, it can do wonders.

If I had an apple, I will just go to a place, where I meet people I call friends, cut the apple to proportion, and share with them.

I this, I not only gain fullfilment, but knowledge, bonding, and who knows I may even meet a new friend.

So peeps, sometimes you can always think stuffs in another angle. Nothing is definite because matters are dead, you are the living ones who are able to be flexible turn things into another way.

See how flexible the world is now? A useless purse but still people with i pods thinks that this little thingy is worth the money for the sake of fashion...

Owh well, 2 weeks of nothing to do.... FAT burn project i guess

Swithering Away,

Monday, June 15, 2009

KZB on :Distance

It's just a around about away, but it takes that much of energy to reach there.
It's just a phone call away, but the phone is that heavy.
It's just an email away, but nothing could be typed in it.
It's just that no matter how hard I try, it is just not meant to be.

guess this concludes as an emotional post for you peeps..

Anyway, just a question for you.

If you had an apple, what would you do with it?

So, what's it gonna be?

Friday, June 12, 2009

KZB on: After all these while

Well peeps, thanks for tuning in then.

Today was the last paper, thank goodness its holidays after this.... 2 weeks of INTENSE FAT BURNING!!!!!!

Haha oh well....

I don't really want to talk about my exams due to the meaningless studies of mine, and my inconsistency, my irresponsibilities, and most importantly, my stubbornness...

After this, I wish I can really do a better job in listening to others, not only myself.

Anyway, after the biology killer paper, everyone went to pyramid for movie.

Yea it was suppose to be the PM10 bonding session but NOOOO Binn must go to the buffet with his family~~~ I can see how Hannah's reaction just turn when I said I wasn't going... Yes I did say I can be the transporter, but hey, nothing is definite right?

Went for Tenji, good food, but i have to say the ambience in door wasn't satisfying. The outdoor, however, would be better if we went for dinner instead.

Price? RM40, for a 5 hours buffet it's more than enough. Haegen-Dazz, Fresh Oysters, Soft Shell Crab, Sashimi and Sukiyaki, All unlimited. Not to mention their splendid refreshing coconuts, whoa it cost more than rm40 in total!

But its recession now, business have to go on, so I guess most of the enterprieuners do what they have to do to keep the economics rolling... Sheesh , I'm a science student for Pete's sake!

Guess I have 2 more weeks to catch up with my body and homework... Was thinking of switching to STPM instead, but I wonder if I have the time and tide to do so.... I don't care what people say now, wasting my time? I think I would be much more steadier this way...

Think again? I have 2 weeks to do that! Now, back to sit ups!
We get to park in the building, literally..

Swithering Away,

Sunday, June 7, 2009

KZB on: Lost in Confusion

Gawrsh~~~(remind you of Goofy eh?)

It have been 2 long weeks....(or more) since I laid my fingers on this page... Well all I can say is, what college students going through now and all the reasons they can't blog(at least not much...) , I can finally understand.....

Wanna know how college life is?

It suck...

The myths about college is fun, you can do this and do that...

BAAAH!!!! You kids out there... better double check all the freakin' reasons and details you need when you wanna enter a college for your course... or else you are gonna end up like poor Binn here suffering in his A levels....

And Taylor College???

All the glamour and stuffs do not apply if you are stuck in A levels... Really... Wanna have fun???

Go get ICPU,SAM but not A levels seriously... You have assignments yet they aint counted in your finals and worse, you will have like 36 chapters for each subject to cover...


I think I'm saying this most probably because im in march intake, but that doesn't deny the other facts that I have mentioned... So be wise, don't take march intake, and better still, don't take A levels....

GRARGH!!!!!!! Sem Exam in 2 days and I'm still freakin' blogging man!!!(this is nuthing lar.. I played Kingdom Hearts 2 for 5 hours yesterday...)


Shit lar... how am I suppose to score with all these distractions in my room???!!!!!

Don't blame anyone but youself... Yes I know that...

Guess this is one event in my life that will make me a better person eh?(hopefully....)

My dreams... I seriously don't dare to think about them now, due to all the happenings swirling around my life right now... I am not as joyful prone as I used to be, nor I have the enrgy to get cheered up like a little boy anymore...

Everything is so dull and "matured" , so to speak right now....

Guess my speculation was right, the second you step into a tertiary education world, you are an official adult... Resposibility will start pouring in, not to mention stress and strain(yeah all hail physics!!!).. You blood pressure will just soar like nobody's business and you will start to envy those who ain't studying...(stupid but well, life's like that...)

One more year to go.... I wonder if I could go to the end... I'm so tired right now... It's only 1/3 way through and I'm freakin in the express class ...

Guys... I'm tired... I finally understand why the suicide rates are soaring, and exceptionally high near colleges(owh yeah HANNAH!!!)

I'm getting weaker... I'm getting darker.... Life is not as fun as it used to be now... I need a break...

Swithering Away,