Sunday, April 20, 2014

Buffetting : CM Day 8

I really wanted T to come in to the hotel so we had more time today. I woke up at 6.30 hoping T would come in, but it was 7.30 when T popped in.

I made T come up, and well, stuffs happened. I feel like I need to protect us both here, so I will leave this out to the people I'm really comfortable talking with.

The rest of the day was on Songkran. More people, more sales for the cap and drinks, and more tiring because of the whole water splashing thing.

I would say the Songkran ain't as fun as I thought it would be? In fact it was pretty tiring and I couldn't wait to get back to the hotel. Maybe its because T had to leave for home earlier because I didn't tell I'm staying longer and I screwed up T's plan and I should have said I am staying longer earlier so we have more time so kill me nowwwwwwwwww.

But I had a fair share of fun with T's friend, N,another girl with all our gossips about , well, T and a few of the friends whom I know.

I feel like I had to be there and help out vending because they will and have helped me so much in my stay; while T is away back home. The Thais there really thought I was a Thai, when I fooled like almost all the Chinese, Malay, Japanese and English who were there travelling.

Heck, I'm that good hahahah.

I find that handing out with T's friends allow me to know more about T not just from where I see, but from where the friends see T too. It's definitely something T wouldn't realized I'm taking advantage of.

But thanks to that, I can conclude that, we can and are definitely going far. My insecurities have been solved pretty much to the maximum level.

T's level of busy is like, worse than mine. That, I'm pretty assured from the way I see all the other vet students in the university is juggling with. So, there's no secret, no not telling me because of whatever.

It's just, plain busy.

I am glad T is busy. It means participation and initiative, something I would love to have in someone to be in the rest of my life.

The day ended with a good Lanna food with N, P and G. They were great hostesses and I had a great time learning bad Thai words from G, and linking diseases from BSE to Lyme disease in the whole time.

The conclusion of this trip is,

1- I have learned a lot in the elephant camp, and I might be looking into it again. It is definitely not the most lucrative job out there, but I will need more time to think over. T is looking into this seriously, and maybe; just maybe we can do this together.

2- I have learned so much more about T, the family, the favorite color, lactose intolerance, different sizes of everywhere of T, and I couldn't be more happy.

3- I don't mind giving up my life here in Malaysia for T. I can mingle well everywhere apparently, and T's friends love me as much as I love both T and T's friends. It's like a perfect mix.

4- It was my dream relationship. It wasn't love as first sight for me, but it was for T. And I'm glad we made it this far.

5- T's past relationship didn't happen because of distance. I feel like I'm living the perfect dream, because we came this far, with a greater distance compared to the past relationship.

6- Thai will now be my 2nd focus instead of Japanese. I don't wish to give up Japanese yet, but since I'm already having a considerable command of it, its not a bad idea to switch a focus now.

It has been a magical week. Time to get serious, and put what is important in front right now. TEST 2!!!

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