Friday, February 28, 2014

Buffetting : In wave

I thought I was in dire need to technological boost, until the mother appeared when I'm back home today with an Ipad in her hand.

I guess I'm not the only one who is requiring these now.

Of course these gadgets are maximally utilized in our family for work purposes. Decorative stuffs like dolls or what not became something unnecessary or efficient-less in our house, and shouldn't be considered in our stash.

Soon, my hands on the new gadget, soon.

As for T, well, I've came into conclusion that we need to live our lives exclusively at times too. I can't be wondering all day on what is the activity feeds on T, while sometimes I need live my life too.

Until we meet, 5 more weeks for me to prepare.

Equine Workshop here we go!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Buffetting : Friends

Today was generally dull, but the mingling with some of the vetsouls made my day.

I had 3 different topics with 3 different parties.

Earlier on the day, I was told that I'm exposing plenty of my life drama in the blog, to the point that I somewhat intruded some of my friends' privacy in the blog- one which I agree to.

This is my blog, true, but it should not, and never should impose on others. And that, I apologize, Bimbo.

Somehow my blog is at its most resourceful stage right now, and the world seemed so small with connections to me in ways that I can never imagine. It's a good thing I have yet to let the world know my real name.

Later on during dinner, Queen and Lady boss got me accompanied while we made some catch up. Well, I shouldn't explain further because it might cause some sensitivity issues; I guess I should only relate to mine. We were looking at how the horoscopes actually do match our personalities. We are all typical stereotypes to our own horoscopes.

Mine was;

(Very authoritative, definitely needs someone to lick their boots; deep inside they lack insecurity)
2、愛整潔,即使是獅子男也十分愛整潔。(OCD in terms of cleanliness)
3、喜歡胡思亂想,性格較極端。(Overthink, with extreme personality)
4、喜歡裸睡。(Love to sleep nake*YES IF I CAN*)
(Easily touched and cry. Love to have body contact with others*YES*)
6、有些悲觀。有較強的依賴感。(Pessimistic with a very strong sense of dependency)
7、偏執,苛求完美。具有雙重性格,很抗拒有人走近。(Perfectionist. Sometimes with double personalities, rendering others to get closer)
8、經常表現出不在乎,無所謂的態度,其實內心彆扭的很。(Usually portray the vibe of ignorance, but there are so much more swirling inside)
9、常表現強勢,其實內心十分脆弱孤獨。(Often showing dominance, but deep down inside they are weak and lonely)

Apparently I'm 100% of all these, although I see myself in an Aquarius. The girls managed to give examples of all these in my daily life(to my surprise), seeing how expressive I am when I'm with them. I guess I am a very typical Leo.

Before I got back into the dorm, I met Galah. We chatted a little on our practicals and on our future onset. Somehow or another, I give others the impression of pharmaceutical line because of my tendency and frequency of talking. It's weird, because I really don't see myself in sales. Although my language proficiency does put me in a regional possible setting, I do wonder if I would go that far, to work for another company instead of myself.

Expecting Galah to take on PhD, he on the other hand was surprised that I've expressed my interest in pursuing PhD. Its definitely a huge leap, but its something I wish to complete in life. I would definitely be the first PhD holder in my family though.

At this point of life, I've decided not to worry about how my relationship will be with Vetsouls or T, being in separate world and time. I get the time for my own, and I shall use it wisely for my self-development. I will always have time for Vetsouls and T, but I will no longer put them all in my first list.
somebody is done with the finals. with the same tone of color choices, I wonder if there's somewhere inside T's head ringing.

My family on the other hand, until they have learned to live independently without needing me to constantly kill my time for the joy of others; well I'm not giving them any chances to exploit me. I'm such a bad boy. I wonder why.

PS: I came about THIS on LDR, I wonder if the last one is relevant lol. Really, I just wanna let it go but signs are showing everywhere.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Buffetting: Pure Mind

I strongly believe either T has an extremely pure mind, unlike mine.

Or its just the communication barrier messing around.

I did try my best to drop hints here and there about the, ya know big "S" but T didn't really get me.

Heck I even tried to link this with teriology the subject on mating and breeding, but it was just even more confusing.

I guess the cultural and communication difference can and will be a problem in this LDR.

But April will be stepping in soon.

To Biolexus: I TOLD YOU T IS LIKE SUPER DUPER PUUUREEEE. Like tomato pureee pure.

We've definitely gone past the hot period. As in, things will be parts of our lives to distract us from each other, and we will only get to each other when we are available.

More like most of the time, when T is available.

It's a give or take being in the LDR.

I can't be too worked up over the time that T is not investing, nor can T when I'm not around.

I can't be stalking T*which I am gulp* all the time, because knowing some details might just make me wonder too much.

The really important thing is space.

Sometimes I do wonder how long I can keep up, like will I give up in the middle of this?

Let's not think about that. We have our promises, our future visions.

T's graduation, and mine. Maybe a trip to Japan for T's work and my practical?

Maybe I'm overthinking about the last one.

Lectures were fun, posting on the CNY gathering with thy coursemates in the next post!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Buffetting : Right Time

It really fascinates me on how T actually does this magically all the time.

T finds the right time, and the right occasion to drop by Line with the simplest words to make my day, and make me feel so much better and reassured on where our relationship is going.

And the funniest English which leaves me wondering until explanations are made. Haha.

I admit, sometimes I think, a lot.

Just on yesterday's post proves how much I think over a busy week.

What I'm hoping is, the horoscope really speaks what an Aquarius look at the relationships.

Serious, logical and long term.

At least that is what I'm looking at.

First week has been awesome. I can totally feel my gear on 5 roaring towards the end of the semester for a fruitful one.

To a great semester, and I wish April comes fast and slow at the same time.

Slow enough for me to lose my spare tyre

Quoted from Hottie "The people love you for who you are, not your looks. So chill out."

But I wanna present the best, mar.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Buffetting : Mistake?

Have you ever looked into your significant other half's family picture, and something from inside screams:

"You are on your way in destroying their family. This is a mistake."

So today it happened that, me, T and T's mother like the same post.

I clicked on the profile to check out who would that be, and it was the mother.

She is this sweet lady, and I browsed through the pictures and the pictures of their family popped out.

The lovely family, with the sweet smile on their faces. T looks like the father, but smiles like the mom.

Somehow when I looked through, the voice screamed a little. Tears dropped, and I begin to wonder.

What if I became a homewrecker?

Will T be mine?

I've came to the conclusion after the vet-med fiasco that, no one but myself will account to my own life from now own.

But T, loves the mother a lot. I know it. I can see from the pictures stored to things closest to T.

Maybe I'm overthinking? It's just me. Sometimes being in relationship its not just about the both of us. The family needs to be considered too, yes no?

As for mine, well, I'm prepared for the worst.

But what about T?


Aquarius today: They know what kind of relationship they want, the dilemma between passion and love is always what they need to face in life.

Sounds like me, lololol

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Buffetting : New Semester

Well, its another new semester again!

New subjects, New lecturers, New labs, and definitely new experiences.

I'm pretty much done with the activities now, so its time to focus back on my self-development.

Academics, Music, Health and Love.

Definitely new elements into my life of now.

So and so to the point that people like Biolexus and Jboy would really think I should totally be prepared for the big "S" when I visit T in April.

It's definitely something huge, like freaking huge.

The intensive workshop on the outing was, mind-blowing literally.

Touch of Midas, readups, sharing of experiences and me being innocent me; well, its really something huge to take on.

I guess I shouldn't think too much as of now, like what Best bud have said. Just let it happen if it does, with preparation.

Geez, preparation and expectation, where to draw the lines?

On the side note, I've taken up the initiative as the course rep for an important subject, vet pathology this semester. Let's hope that wouldn't eat up my life.

With another semester as VP of the cultural club, Malaysia Vet Student Association on its roll, and the vending machines; I better be free enough for myself this semester.

Targets for this semester:

1- GRADES! Don't slack anymore!
2- WEIGHT! Health and looks all in a package! It's time to keep the waistline less than 34"!
3- MUSIC! That sax is piling on dirt! No more delay!
4- BACK! If not there goes Fathers' day and everything that comes with it.
5- T! Learn more and start to go deeper in aspects of life!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Buffetting : Mailed Love

Just got another mail done today to T.

It's the 2nd to T in our relationship, I wonder if I can keep on doing this in the long term though.

The V-bomb will be dropping in this Friday, what's lucky is that those who knew aren't around me to tease me, while I'm still single among the people away from university.

Speaking of which, I managed to come across an article on both our horoscopes:

On T(Aquarius)


(Aquariuses are horrifically rational, materialistically consider the future of their partners; if they think there's no possibility, they would just let go. Aquariuses wouldn't fall in love easily, but once in love it would be deadly, and remember the person vividly. If an Aquarius decided to be with you, it means you are the one and only forever. It's not easy to hear "I love you" or the lovey doveys from them, probably just " I miss you" during the hot season. But, they would just startle you with the 3 words in situations when you are amazingly unaware; while when you tried to get those words back they wouldn't. What's worse is, their faces wouldn't be showing any signs of confession or anything.)

Some parts are true though, but there's was an ex. So what happened to that?!

I like this part, because it somehow soothes me a little thinking that T really went through this before the confession was made. Let's hope the stereotypical Aquarius is in T.
(The rational Aquarius doesn't usually lose their temper, nor many people can do that either; unless those are important matters. Being logical too can cause Aquariuses to impose on others ie: Even when both are madly in love, if Aquarius were to think that they are actually a bother or wall in blocking the partner's future, they would choose to leave without any reasons)


(Aquariuses usually think that they are lonely; but the real thing is, its not that there aren't anyone around, its the person they wish to see is not around.
Aquariuses have the habit of looking into their phones when they are out; if they don't look into the phone when they are out with you, its obvious that you mean a lot to them.
Aquariuses take time to kick into the mood, although it might seemed that they have lots of friends; the ones that matters to them are usually that few. Most of the people they know can only be labelled as "Acquaintances", and usually wouldn't be bothered to contact them. If you are being called by initiative by Aquariuses, then it really means that you are something to them.)

I should totally start reading more on Aquarius these days.
On Me (Leo)

I've decided to go everything on handmade before I get my own income to get like fancy gifts for T. It's unfair to my parents to actually spend on someone else instead of me; but minute amount less than RM20 in budget would probably be better since eating out with the family can sum up to more than RM30 per head.

I guess; in fact I believe with a small budget plus a genuine feeling and love will do the job.

Plus, I can get crafty with my right brain now since I have to go handmade; which can kill my time more.

(Some said, never get into a relationship with a Leo easily; because Leos will take everything to gamble with love. If you can't make love your everything, be sure not to gamble with a Leo. Or else, you might end up with a very deep scar in the Leo, or worse, the price you would need to pay playing with the fire.)

(Leos are proud, its obvious from the may they walk. However, as proud as they look they are sensitive at the same time, lack of security. Leos are usually quite the big temper, often mistaken as an easy bully target from their warm outlook; yet they can be really nasty, astonishingly conflicting in their personality, super high self esteem, very materialistic, serious, looking into problems too clearly and swirling with storms inside. Once a Leo fall in love, its probably the one and only in the life time. A Leo's love is very very precious, because its extremely hard for a Leo to fall in love; forgetting this first love probably takes forever.)


(Leos are playful in nature, inquisitive and retain their childishness no matter how old they are. Being with them, just be more creative and colorful; if possible they would cherish partners who can be part of their growth and discovery in life. When his being childish, don't say that he's being immature because he's only childish in front of the person he care most; this is also when he's being the cutest and most innocent. Leo's will not succumb to sweet talks of people they don't like, nor will give up love because of them. When a Leo decides to be in love with you, without a doubt you are definitely the happiest person on earth. Give Leo your utmost trust, Leos will return you with the most romantic life ever. The sad part is, Leos don't give into love easily.

(Leos are generally nice to everyone, because its like 2nd nature to be nice to them; usually giving wrong vibes and signs that they are interested and involved with multiple people. They would do anything for people that they like, buying things for the people the like, remembering words of the people they like. To Leos, friends are like family, while lovers are like the sun; family situated in the heart, but the heart is always revolving the the Sun)
Pretty true on me with all the scandalous gossips about me with multiple girls and on how I'd actually became a huge mountain preventing admirers from advancing to the girls I'm being involved in those scandals, but I have more to discover about T.

I'm dateless on Valentines this year, as of always; but I'm not exactly the dating type, so I guess I shall be the otaku waiting for T's messages on Line in my bed~


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Buffetting : Connected

I guess I'm just exaggerating.

But T dropped by for help again, academics.

This time was tips on studying. Bummer, I'm not like a pro in this, but I tried.

I shared a few of my tricks, usually its just to score in exam; but what I really hope I can do is help T knows the stuff T needs for future undertakings as a vet too.

Plus, my tricks are for like pre-clinical levels. T will be stepping into 5th year, I wonder if those tricks would still work; let alone in THAI.

But I like these kind of relationships. It makes us more than just people who look for each other for some sugary, buttery talk and full stop. We are indeed part of each other's lives.

I would love to have more common grounds apart from academics, but its still baby steps. Once I'm back in the field and start in a volleyball team, maybe we can connect more.

I mean, I'm not like playing volleyball for T am I? Wait, I think I am. But I do have what it takes to be in a team!

I felt connected tonight.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Buffetting : As Per Told

So it came among the elder generation about the future spouses of our generation;

The choices, the timing and the decency.

Apparently, we should be doing what we were told.

The comparison was made between my elder sis and another cousin of mine same age as me. I'm only one year younger than my elder sis.

The verdict was, my sis should take her time while my cousin sis should get married ASAP.

Both eldest in the family, what we were told of the difference is that 'we have our reasons, you will see. Just follow as we speak'.

Oh great, apart from my core family, the extended family is involved too.

Well, we are THAT close, but bringing up my nature of relationship, with T even more; feels like having a death sentence when they were talking about my sis' situation.

Still single, I mean my sis; although there are admirers. She "should" take her time, as they say.

I of course took my own sweet time. No THE question bombed on me this CNY, thank goodness. 

I guess knowing that I have 3 and a half more years plus being ambitious drew the lines; little do they know I'm with T now.

I just wish, things would be easier even among the extended family once we have decided to take this long term; because so far I see it as me only instead of we, YET.

What are the chances right? 

Speaking of which, T's account on the social media states "in a complicated relationship". 

If I'd changed to that I would receive millions of questions. I guess I should still be decent and keep a low profile.

OMG CNY FAT FOOD STORM!!! I need to shed shed shed before April!!!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Buffetting : More than

At least T and I have something a little bit more than daily lives of ours to dabble around:


It was probably a random gesture, but T actually sent me an excerpt of the assignment to be handed up for me to vet.

Me being the grammar nazi tried my best to control my arms, and just tweaked here and there.

Overall the excerpt was understandable, I was expecting worse grammar; so I just shifted some words here and there.

Spoke a lil over the assignment T is working , then allowing T to move on to complete the work.

It seemed trivial, but I felt like I'm at least a part of T's life which I meant, and the gesture was spontaneous.

At least T trusted me with my English lol.

Thanks for trusting me, at least we are more than just.

Now, to burn those calories gained after the food storm!