Sunday, December 1, 2013

Buffetting : Mission Freedom

Finally the campus election is O-V-E-R.

Man I never felt so free in my life, over responsibilities that is.

A lot of drama, politics and hardwork involved. Staying up till 5.30am in the morning making illegal posters? I think I can call that dude my brother.

Anyhow, time to drop serving and working for others; time to initiate Mission Freedom.

What's exactly MI:Freedom all about?

Freedom to spend more time on thyself
Freedom to spend money without being its slave
Freedom to enjoy life not in the expense of tied to monetary issues.

If MI:Freedom works, I think I can pursue in any field in the veterinary pool I want upon my graduation.

Wildlife with the Elephants?
Marine mammals with the Killer Whales?
Dairy farm with the Cows?
Veterinary Hospital with the Small Animals?
Vaccines with the viruses and bacteria?
Pharmaceuticals with the Livestock?
Translator with the Thais, Chinese and Japanese?
Dining outlet with the Livestock?


Just spend the rest of my life adoring T?

I'm more ambitious than the last one LOL.

T did ask me to go over to Thailand for my Masters. Not my first choice, being Japan was my fever and all.

But at the same time, T wasn't sure if Thailand is the place for T's masters either. Imagine if T went to the States while I got accepted in Thailand.

REALLY? Another 4 more years of separation? I can't take THAT much of a LDR.

Planning T's Christmas present is really exciting! Lots of photoshooting involved; but let's hope the greeneries in Ladang 16 do our photoshoot some justice.

Seeing that I'm no longer that busy, I am vacant for paranoia. People around me keeps on telling me that I will definitely fall into the busy abyss again seeing how, well I like to fall into that abyss.

I have only 4 more weeks before the semester ends, with 3 weeks of intensive poultry farm practical; then Chinese New Year.

Getting into shape, learning new instrument, familiarizing with the new language, getting good grades, juggling relationships with 2 different batch mates, looking for a passive income...

Man, I guess I AM still in that abyss!

It's definitely a mixed feeling now. But I'm pretty glad that I am ACTUALLY free. No more phone calls or emails to attend to for once.

Time to be more in love with T, and also making sure its not a one way thing!


  1. i was in the abyss last week,i took a 2 day off and i went into the abyss againXD
    can't T do his masters at here?(x sure about the choices though)

    1. No don't want him to do it here! Malaysia's standard for both T and I's fieled ain't the best one out there. XD

  2. Yes, work on things with T. Make sure you're on the right track.

    1. I'm TRYING REALLY HARD. The connection is constantly a problem. It's like 5 minutes chat and then I waited till I pass out into the sleep. Frustrating because the time is really limited; but someone told me LDR is really all about patience and trust. Thank goodness I bough the April plane ticket.