Saturday, May 12, 2012

Buffetting : End of Vet or Med

So its officially over. My struggle for the past 10 weeks have now been put to an end.

Vet or Med forever?

It ends today.

It ended on Monday technically, but I will announce May 13th 2012 as the official day of Vet OVER Med.

*Confetti Canons and Applause plus Cheers(VET VET VET!)*

It was a long fight, long struggle, and a long conflict.

Honestly if this didn't end this way, I would probably be enemies for life with my mom.

Yes she loves me a lot, spends a lot on me, gave me education, send me to facial appointments, lotsa other stuffs. But this really meant the MOST to me.

Understanding my point of view,and accepting what I really want. Geez, I hope when time comes things will change for another kind of matter, but that's for another post.

What changed her mind? Hmm, I think the Wesak spirit inspired me a lot.

Honestly when I handed over the letter on Wesak morning, the res of the day(half of it) I'd just gave it up to faith in my words. I didn't bother to think about it, I just worked my way off Wesak volunteering in SJBA, another place I seek refuge in a lot.

Until after lunch, when I finished my shift in the F&B division, and when the parents showed up and talked to my best bud's mom, Auntie Lam.

All hell broke loose when she told me my mum wasn't really keen, and was quite upset talking about me. Instantly I felt stress showering me, and the whole HEP thing kicked it. It was horrible, its like I have totally no idea what to do.

It was as if I was asked to either jump from a cliff and hope that gravity somehow fails, or gravity works and I become what I become.

I was like a totally different person from morning, and I just sat down there and holding my tears back from breaking down. Thank goodness my other best bud Monkey was there holding me on. Thanks Jia Wei, you know we fight a lot, but we somehow got too much in common to not be best buds XD You know I love you la.

Although his suggestions were, like kinda useless, but they were helpful there and then.

Till Auntie Lam introduced me to the Seafield headmistress, whom I forgot the name but I dang very well remembers your face! The talk was brief, but it was the ultimate solution.

I never wanted to get Dad involved in this, but she said,

"If anyone's to know how to deal with your mom, its your dad. He did it for the pat years, and he can do it now. I'm a woman, I know how this works."

Speaking like an American woman. She's a Buddhist by the way.

Her daughter is a working MD now in UK, struggling, but working to her specializing in 5 years time? When she is 35. Great. Good luck. My metta for you.

So the conversation ended abruptly, and I called dad instantly to have a Dad-Son talk which I NEVER had before to get things settled.

Wow, I certainly took plenty of steps, a long way to get to Vet school, I better nail this piece of mozzarella.

Going against my mom, Spending one sem in Msia's so-to-speak best Med school, Dad-Son talk.

This is like THE turning point, like I've repeated so many times, of my life.

The thing went on for a few days, from Wesak Friday to this Monday. I was literally sending Metta every single night just to get this right. Its so funny and pathetic that, I only seek refuge in the Dhamma on occasions that I'm totally lost. I guess I too take the Dhamma for granted.

It took me for like 1 hour to gather my courage and talk to my mom on Monday night. Seriously, I have not been this restless before. In interviews I know I can pull things off, easily. This was worse than any interviews I've been before.

This was more like a court case, to me.

After a 30 minutes of deliberation, mom gave in, and said,

"Do whatever you want. You are 21 soon, you decide what you become."

It was like a instant relief, and the barrier between me and Mom instantly shattered. Our conversation after the minute she said what she said was totally different, and was lightened up.

Thank you mom. I promise I will work dang hard to be the best vet around.

As for now, I'm living my last bits of med school slowly. But there's not much attachment, I can see myself pulling away from most of the entities in Monash soon. It wasn't really hard. In fact I am dying to live away from that place, considering how everything was over-rated somehow. Heck we don't even have enough lecture theaters.

Vet or Med? Veterinary Medicine please. At least I'm doing both.

PS: Happy Mother's Day to mothers out there. If your children know what they are doing, just give them your support.


  1. finally, u got what u wanted so much..that's great, really great =)

    1. yea i know right? but time to face the facts, I have heck lotsa things to catch up with. first with COURSE REG/

    2. yeah, me too...i dont know why im so lazy to send the application form even though i ard use their money to buy stuff for the research..mwahahahha =P

    3. lazy? app form send only la. registering for the courses is the pain T.T

    4. need to apply online, fill up all the form...then find referee, get their signature..all those done, off to mail my proposal and all those to them..errrmmmm, too much..

      haha...oh well i try my best to get it done this week =P

    5. ok! lets do our best this week for upm then!

  2. Replies
    1. THANKS BLONDAY~ But that also means I'm not longer around next sem, so you can have MORE fun with peanut!

    2. since when have you and I ever hung out for me to have MORE fun with peanut when you're gone? >_>

    3. we didn't EXACTLY but the sense of existence was there wart~~~ and I meant you can have more fun with peanut without me around! haha i bet its gonna be a lil weird with me around, remember you said something about peanut complaining on fb?

    4. you have never been a source of 'interruption' to our 'fun'. and whats this thing about FB? I don't remember

    5. I was not? Owh man! XD

      I don't know, you were saying it over the msg in fb

  3. I suppose the headmistress you were talking about must be Mrs. Teh Seok Im?

    All the best!! :)

    1. I think so? I forgot to ask about her.

      Thanks! May I know who you might be? Just curious how'd you get here XD

  4. So happy to read this post. =)

    1. thanks mynn! You too good luck with UPU!

  5. so, Welcome back! see you next sem and hope u can cope it up! =D

    P.s: I like that, "If anyone's to know how to deal with your mom, its your dad. He did it for the pat years, and he can do it now. I'm a woman, I know how this works." ! that's is so true!

    1. Haha hopefully lor. Its a really slim chance that i can join my previous batch. so many core courses with pre-requisites.

      haha i know right? the lady was like "I'm dead sure about this okay!"

  6. Congrats! You finally get what you want. It's really great to hear this :)


    1. haha thanks! you still have yet to clarify your mysterious identity though!

    2. I have nothing to clarify.. I am a stranger. Hahahahaha

  7. Hi, I'm interested in taking up veterinary medicine, and I wonder what the chances are of getting in to UPM with A levels? Thanks!

    1. You are not the first one asking, but public universities have strong policy on only taking governmental pre-university students into the local program.

      Only international students are eligible for admission using A-levels.

      Subsequently, you can call or email the Deputy Dean of Students Affairs and Undergraduate from the website, to reconfirm.

      So far, I have had 2 acquaintances tried, but no avail.

  8. oh! u did send.
    Very Well. Giving you a huge congratz after 2 years now. LOL
    Awww. just wanna hug you.

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