Monday, April 8, 2013

Buffetting : Majlis Silaturahim 2013

It's the very week of the year again! When almost every DVMs need to take time out of their hectic study lives to invest on making up a performance for the Majlis Silaturahim.

Before proceeding to the post, I'd guess its courteous to explain a lil history about Majlis Silaturahim in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UPM.

random favorite senior picture

The event was founded by one of our physiology professor, namely Professor Dr Mohd Ali Rajion who apart being a passionate physiologist, also a passionate performer himself. He had a rock band, took up the position as Head of Department of Cultural Performances in our university and was even promoted to a Professor because of his passion by an external invigilator.

 middle one in the first row

Prof Ali didn't wish for the vet students to JUST study and cramming notes into their brains, so he started the Majlis Silaturahim in the 1990s, as a platform for vet students to develop their creativity in performing arts.

In 2013, the DVM3s in charge of the event came up with the theme: Under 18

For university students like us, it can be a hassle trying to recollect the lost "uniforms" we had back in high school, but recollecting the memories, very easy.

Seeing everyone back in their high school moments was fun, however reliving mine wasn't particularly sweet. Most of my coursemates agreed that the best time of high school was during 6th Form, seeing how the most influential ones around were from 6th form.

However, Under 18 wasn't just about high school. There were primary school and kindergarten moments to be relived in this event.

So what exactly do we do?
fellow drama queen!!! Should totally see her swishing her pony tails

All DVMs are required to prepare a 15 minutes performance. They are encouraged to use muscials, visual aids and acting to make their performance as interesting as possible.

Make ups, dress ups and character buildings will have extra scores in the performance.

The preparation took us one whole week from story line, casting to video shooting and editing. I would say even if all of us didn't manage to practice as vets we would make a good production team.

I, with my size, is obviously going to be the bully. And with my side kick, Sea, we make a totally perfect Giant-Suneo team to bully Wind.

We practically just became ourselves on stage performing. Well, I had to pull the bad-ass bully look which contradicts my usual goody-two-shoes look, but it turned out to be well-blended
Wind and Sea

Like Vet Sport, Silaturahim also has an Ali Cup, named over the founder of the event:

And this year, we really had high hopes, because even most of the other DVMs thought we should have gotten the cup because of the way we've presented the performance. At least our performance had everyone's eyes on us all the time.

But the DVM3s figured everyone should be a winner, so they've managed to get at least every DVM a winner of a category and the cup went to the DVM5s this year.

Well, I'd enjoy their performance with the very modern and abstract dance performance on putting out flames with water. But I'd figure our batch's was much more, enjoyable.
The event ended with everyone trying to relive their memories snapping pictures over the decor team:

petrified prefect by the gangster

when being a tall person doesn't spell sweet

Next year its gonna be our batch's turn. I guess I'd be somewhat the emcee or somesort. Definitely not the director after dogathon. I need my time for sex. Crap I mean, Sax.


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