Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Buffetting : Next Station

And this week is an official die hard week. Still can find a slot for this post due to unfinished schedule-preparation, so I guess I'm going to have a tough day tomorrow also.

So we had out debate last week, old news but late is better than never.

The 1st debate experience was okay, considering the face that my team never even discuss out ideas together at all, so practically we worked our way blindly in the whole process.

Honestly speaking, my team have much better speakers, or rather more aggressive speaker with much more eloquence. Yet, I guess the swaying and unfocused ideas lead us to failure.

The whole topic was about "Test scores as good indication of a school's competency," and my team as negative.

Had fun as the third speaker rebutting all the opponent's points using my style and brawn, not to mention periodic drama and sarcasm.

Anyway, the whole point was, I wasn't focused or prepared. With my current charisma, if we were given a second chance to debate with the same team, we can beat them flat, along with plenty of Christina's help of course.

Next up was MUET exam. Listening was a wreck and dang it, I lost my entrance slip temporarily. Hopefully I can find it soon.

Guess what? I finally had my first blood donation. It felt so HUMAN to donate blood. It wasn't THAT painful and watching your old blood flowing out of your own body is definitely a healthy sight... Imagine your body producing new blood. So much more healthier and just taking livers and another internal organs of poultry or pork.

450 cc of B type blood can save 3 lives man. And according to the doctor in charge, there is a shortage in B type blood because its so rare, which I wonder how true is that because B antigen was suppose to be dominant... owh well screw it.

Well, after bustle and hustle, its time for another round of celebration again, more like a belated one.

Like always, I-man, the counterpart of Ip-Man, was blur enough to not see this coming, so we did quite a good job in surprising him and calling his mum, again.

So we talked and had dinner in Manhattan , which ended up quite abruptly with returning our house right after the dinner. Honestly speaking, I would love to just go home because it was so late and I can feel the dizziness in my head coming up so bailed, along with everyone else.

Practically school this whole week was boring due to the emptiness of the class, caused by the annual photography session. The editor-in-chief did a great job in getting a photographer cheap enough to not say 1,2 and Cheese due to his unprofessional attitude and the stupid teacher in charge, Zainuddin. Owh well, what to you expect from a typical wantan right?

Next up, Golden Friday... Gosh can't believe I took up as the main committee again. Should have declined... Till next time then... If there is even a next time...

Anyway, will be having more pictures.. By the way, finally I've decided not to log into Facebook for a month, but whether if I can not log into the laptop, is another matter.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Buffetting : Departure

Sometimes you just have so much time to think and you literally forget the fact that you are still wide awake at 3.30 in the morning.

Many of my friends have left Malaysia in pursuit for their future.

Like them, I too do have my own dreams.

Mine was to fly all the way to Japan.

Some how, I just have this affinity towards that country.

I'm not the crazy die-hard fan of ANIME or DRAMA, aka Otaku(お宅). Otaku is actually derived from the original word itself, the actual meaning of "home". Since these people usually spend their time at home watching anime or drama, people give them these names just to summarise things up.

Enough with j-lessons.

And these thoughts came up.

If one day I were to leave the country, I will choose to leave in silence.

It's just the intuition I have, to leave that way.

Not that it is cool(at some point it's way too cool), but I just don't want or need anyone to be there.

It's not like anyone have been in most of my hard times, and it has become a natural thing that happens to me everyday.

Lately, I've been having thoughts about leaving the group I'm in all these while. It just seemed to be the right thing to do right now. No more obligations, no more stress, and well, no more friends.

In most quizzes, I answered friend as my most important thing in my life. And now, I've finally identify that, I don't live with friends.

I don't live with anyone. I live by me.

Well, thanks again blogspot for having a space for me to scribble.

Till next post then.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Buffetting : For Knowledge

As promised from the last post, I'm suppose to talk about my "surgical" experience in my school's bio lab last week. Yeap, finally the dissection of mouse came.

I can't believe I remembered promising myself that I will not have to dissect a mouse in form 6, because its way overrated, even for a 19 years old boy. But some how, knowing that I need to dissect it, the memory just flashed back.

Anyway, the experience was okay, though I kinda missed out a few facts here and there, because I wasn't giving correct instructions to my "surgeon" that day, Luke. So he snapped a few important veins and arteries here and there.. but our teacher was nice enough to not penalize us. I've got to say, she knows her stuffs.

Anyway, the 3 period worth of experience was okay. I was damn tired on that day so practically everything just swooshed away just like that. Somehow, I think I will be a very impressive surgeon someday, ignoring the fact that my hand trembles a lot by just holding the scalpel for more than 1 minute.

Owh well... by the way, we managed to keep our mouse alive until we accidentally snapped its vein, so enjoy the video:

To sum things up, mid-term is coming way too fast that I can't even cope with my homework without staying up till 2 am on daily basis. Guess the pressure has finally come.

But, I still do appreciate this path I've chosen. I'm much more matured now. Which brings about, I might want to leave what ever groups I've joined.

Well, that's that, till next post.

Buffetting : Appreciation

Just a little recap on my late achievements:
Finally done with my Japanese Advance One class, phew got a Grade A with 93/100. Long way more till I truly master the language, but I am having high hopes.

Got a golden medal for "Bullet Throwing", direct translation from BM's lontar peluru and a silver medal for the Marching event. Quite satisfied, though I wished I could set a higher record of at least 10 metres for the BT event, but too bad I slacked my gym training, I managed to take down the other contestants with 8.8 m only. Oh well.

The school is really trying their best to provide ample benefits for us, the Pre-Us, or in layman's term, Form 6ers. They will be holding camps, workshops and activities to boost our co-curicular marks and also preparation to face STPM.

Well, I can only be thankful to the school for putting their greatest effort in trying to help us out, and also the utmost recognition for our marching event lately.

well, that's all for this post.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Buffetting : Entanglements

Somehow, there is always this surge of entanglement in my life, between my family and my friends.

And believe it or not, I usually prefer to join my friends instead of my bloodlines.

Well, guess I'm just the type who doesn't stick much with my family at any circumstances.

As for this time, the entanglement would be my grandma from my paternal side's 80th birthday.

Supposingly , this was something to be happy and celebrated of, but me being me, the joy didn't quite spurt up.

Due to various "feuds" , the whole event didn't turn out to be up to expectation.

Since it was done in the rural areas, people from an urban area like our family naturally wouldn't be satisfied.

Plus, I had to skip my good friend's farewell on the night before because of this event, where my mum insisted for me to abide to the curfew real hard this time.

To make things worse, I was appointed as the commander for my current school's Pre-University march squad on the morning of this event.

See how things were getting hectic this week?

Did I mentioned that I had my Advance 1 Japanese test on the night I was having the last dinner in 2 years time with my good friends?

Yea I know, my life suck.

Hopefully I can ace my test with at least a 90% score, did studied like hell for it.

Owh yea, all the hard work paid off. The Pre-U squad managed to get a 2nd place for the march event!

Surprisingly we beat the PBSM team, seeing how good they were on the previous days' practices.

And as expected, the Yellow house managed to nab the 1st place as the overall performance. 1st time in my high school life, where by the house I am in got a 1st place.

Speaking of which, I have been in the Yellow house for a sports house for 12 years of my life. I'm not sure if it is a mere coincidence or god intended. If it was, what significance does it bring about behind it?

Gosh there is so much to write about due to the constant current of happenings drowning my life, yet I don't have the time to jot i down anywhere other than in pictures by my faithful n86~

Well, guess I just have to let the pictures to do their miracle work shouldn't I?

Do not let these beauties fool you. They can be really, really mean.

Example: Ewww~ Yong Bin doesn't wash his underwear!!!!!

Just because I wasn't able to finish my sentence.

PS: Slicing and dicing another mouse this coming thursday, will post more on the process next post.

Just a preview: