Saturday, March 23, 2013

Buffetting : Vet Dinner 2013

As opposing to last year, I was part of the organizing for this year's Vet Dinner in Bangi Golf Resort.

The preparation was, HARSH.

I mean, even coming up with the name of the theme was a huge debate for some religious representatives. As if we were going to have ceremonies or rituals worshiping Poseidon when we are in the middle of the dinner.

The theme was Poseidon' Paradise(Someone had to stick its tongue in it) The Atlantis.

I was in the performance division(yes no joke) as well of publicity. Well, I would say I've done a fair job in getting at least a lil bit more people into the dinner because of some connections and the way I work around with the seniors.

Living with the year 4 guys under the same roof HAVE its perks.
helped out with decor!

Anyway, prep for the opening performance was fairly easy, apart from the fact that we've had to get new clothes and some funky hats on to be a lil more "performing".

The pain was the venue.

We were supposed to have control over the dimness of lights, but the management apparently forgot they have yet to install the switch for it.

We were supposed to be the only event happening that night but the management forgot to bar other clients too.

We were supposed to have rostrums and 2 VIP rooms, but the management have had to give 1 of them to someone else. Thank goodness our VIPs hate the room and wished to be in their seats when they arrived instead.

Despite all odds, we manged to pull it through.

The night started out great, with marches and all. And here's the video of the opening performance!

PS:  Danny, I know we totally sucked but everyone enjoyed XD

The dinner proceeded with performances as well as collage for the Final Years, because that's what the whole dinner was about and for. The dinner also included some certificate presentation for the committee members of the faculty club, VETERNAK and Zoologico ; not to forget the directors of the faculty events:

Vet Orientation, Career Week, Dogathon, Vet Sport, Vet Camp, Pro-Kasih, Majlis Silaturahim, as well as Vet Dinner itself.
The drama Queens!

Our faculty might be small, but our activities NEVER stopped in the whole year course. Every month has its activity. 8 faculty activities out of 28 weeks of lecture, I bet not even the medical faculty is capable in doing such.

 The night ended with a blast and lotsa photography session, as well as closer knits between us DVM2s, though I'm graduating with DVM1s instead.

The idea of me ditching sem 2 for medicine is totally regretful

It was a great night, and everyone who worked hard deserve to enjoy the full of it.


  1. Ban that resort forever!you didn't ask for rebate or discount for what they did?:D

    1. Tell me about it. Nah, even their supervisor sounded like a bitch. screw that place la.