Thursday, September 19, 2013

Buffetting : Breather

I'd figure I need some timeout especially on my holy Thursdays.

All my commitments are now screaming at me virtually, physically, horizontally and what not bla bla bla.

Student Council, VP for Cultural Society, Co-Director for Dogathon, academics, trying really hard to go for work out.

Gosh, I'm still 2 lectures behind for my core veterinary subjects.

Add learning Thai on top of the list I think I'm practically god-like.

Anyway, I think its like critical zone for me and T, for finals is coming for T while Dogathon comes knocking over like a tsunami

But, we still find time just to know we are both doing fine. Even T knows my life revolves JUST with meetings, while academics set at night.

At least we are exchanging bits of our life, instead of just being honeypots for each other.

I guess we both are still a lil not ready yet to tell people our relationship? Like T is still shy for people to know, while me myself thinks now is definitely not the time to tell anyone else yet.

Good thing to know is, we both truly wished to be at each other's side. Checking air tickets to fly over to each other's country sounds good enough?

T: I really wish you can be right here with me.

I wish that too. Maybe just when I start to earn big bucks when I'm free.


  1. revolves just with meetings??high five!our life is the same...i always do meeting and sometimes we mee eating during our

    my big boss coming tomorrow...a bit nervous@.@

    1. Tell me about it. I had a 6 hours meeting just last Saturday and I hate it already.

      Big boss? I have none, but i have to attend also...

    2. i will be very happy to have that 6 hours meeting of yours,recently i had to attend 9am-9pm/10pm meeting for 3-4 days....

      good thing everything is fine today...thank god the big boss in a good mood

    3. If my life revolves around meetings like yours, kill me.

      hahah oh well, big bosses require sensitive touches and pedaling to pull the cogs well.