Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Buffetting : The Rally

Well, finally I have had the mood to babble about the Alive Rally I went for last Saturday.

I wasn't exactly enthusiastic over the rally, because :

1-It's a Christian rally, and there are some extent of preaching expected
2-I was going there alone, in which originally there were suppose to be a few more friends to tag along.
3- I was freaking tired over the 4 hours of badminton session before
4- I was really having a huge problem to explain the activities I will be exposed to in the rally, and you know how typical Chinese FATHERS deal with these kind of stuffs.

So anyway, since I've saved the night for Rowie princess, and not going to the rally because the weather was pretty sucky and the fact that I'm going to be all alone the whole night didn't stop me from sending mah butt to Taman Rimba in TTDI for the rally.

I guess the concert part was okay, but its still very Christian orientated in the lyrics. I joined the crowd, but I didn't care to sing. Reading the lyrics just made me think about what they actually mean.

Owh well, I did my claps and all, it was okay, I guess worshiping more like singing to praise God.

Next was a relief cum joke session with the pastor.

Funny, perky and witty. Good with words.

But when it came to the preaching, goodness it was all pressure man.

It's weird that the preaching became the rally's main event.

It was suppose to be Youth orientated, and gosh they sure are smart in using pressure to make people to "join" the Christian "kingdom". Weird, they used the word "army" somewhere like its gonna be a war, which really ticked me off at one point.

Okay screw that, lets go to contradictory questions.

1) Let God be your friend, and let Jesus enter your heart because he is the One who came back to life, no one else did.

Question: So are we looking at Christianity because of the supremacy of God? Or because Jesus had the ability to rise from the dead?

Fine give or take, Jesus is the son of god. I have no details of the bible to proof how Jesus got conceived, and almost every details of Jesus' birth history was vague and depended on Various sources. I wonder why? Siddharta Gautama had clear dates and details on his birth and death, and they are undeniable facts.

And rising up from the grave, there are records of people who have special abilities to control over their body functions due to their strong control over their mind, in which they can slow down their heart rate as if the whole body looked dead, and even after days of burial, they are able to climbed up form the graves alive. Look, if there are Other people who were able to do this, what makes Jesus special? Fine the records weren't as clear as those of Jesus, because the Other people weren't celebrities like Jesus, and who would have took note of the Other people who rose back from the grave? If you wanna talk about special, Buddha was equally special, he could see your past, present and future lives!

2- Let Jesus enter your heart and make a change. Be courageous to make this move. Let us pray for you.

Question: Hello, there are tonnes of people out there making huge changes without stepping into Christianity. Prime ministers of Malaysia were all Muslims, didn't they make any changes? The changes might be bad, but ain't those changes?How big of a change by stepping into Christianity can make? Do people get rich instantly by entering it? How do people gain satisfaction by joining it? Getting new friends? Knowing there's Someone you can Count on every time? Face the facts, its one by for himself. Even if your loved ones were to help, the will is upon an individual(to me) to make a difference, not only joining or knowing there's someone there.Pray for me? So are you telling me that if I don't step up and join Christianity, you will not pray for me?

3-Come allow Jesus enter your hearts. Jesus died on the cross for YOU.

Question: When, Where, Why?
I wasn't even born when Jesus got crossed. How can he died for me? For what he got crossed for me? I wasn't a criminal or anything, nor could I because I wasn't born! And he got crossed where? Definitely no where near Malaysia. So how could he have died on the cross for ME?

4-The enemies are stealing the hearts of youth away from Christianity. We need to snatch them back.

Question: Are we in for some war or something? If you are talking about hearts like purity, diligence, integrity and all the good values, fine, we should stop drugs,smokes or alcohols from taking youths away from the good values. But away from Christianity? Sorry but by the sound of that, its like you are telling the youths that they are property of Christianity, to me. Can you use better terms?

There are tonnes more questionable facts the pastor delivered that day to me. I perceived it as an outsider, a person who does not know Christianity at all. So I was making assumptions.

320 clicks for 320 participants!

As for the other activities, well I enjoyed the bimbo-istic video, the company I had for nasi lemak, and also the girls who thought I was rowie's princess.

They were like:
Girl A(Christine): You know when we screamed "Is that your boyfriend??!!!" All the pastor looked over!
Girl B(Forgotten her name): Yea! All of us were like, omgod Rowena brought her boyfriend!
Girl C(abigail): Omg Rowena you know what I've realized? We are related! Like distant cousin related!

Okay, all girls, but what to do, the person who brought me there was one. The guys were really cool too! Joshua was great, he practically introduced me to all the coolest guys around. Titus, Peter, Tempo, Eugene, and Sam. Sheesh, why do I only remember the dudes' names while I clearly spent more time with the girls.

Overall, I would say maybe not another rally for me. Too taxing on the spiritual and analytical side of me. I could have like gazillion questions for the pastor while he preached. But I really loved the people there! Warm, nice and down to earth. It's like, Hey mate we are friends yo!

Damn I looked fat in this picture! Sorry for the blur. Amateur cam man.
Definitely more fun than the typical Buddhist association adults. Though I've met a few who are real cool also.

Conclusion, the company was nice, just the idea wasn't really my cup of tea. I do not mind sharing knowledge, but preaching is too much for me.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Buffetting : Sprained ankle, again

Geez its like when bad things happen, they all come in a series without any spaces for my to catch a breath.

With the new sprained ankle, I'd probably need to skip my whole week's work out routine, which means my blob will get bigger.

Fark man.

It's not that I do not want to get a new shoes, its that I don't know where, and I'm not sure if I really do need it or not.

I'm stepping into university soon, and its a hardcore course. Devoting time to gym is something I promised so there's no change in that, same goes to series of marathon. But as for badminton, I do not exactly have a long term plan for it.

Sure I'm in the training team now and all, yet its all temporary. If I get a pair of shoes now, what if I do not continue after 3 months?

Hmm, I guess I'm just over worrying. Should have gotten the shoes ages ago to reduce the damage to be done, and done on the poor legs.

Well, look what over worrying got me into. Swollen elephant legs, which were already swollen before, its just that the size before was teenage elephant, and now adult elephant.

*Elephant trumpet roar*

Walking is still possible, its just very annoying that the pain persists, and it feels like your leg is gonna twist anytime soon because of the loose knob. And yes, the leg feels like its swollen.

I'm so gonna miss gym for the rest of the week!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Buffetting : Hitting the Dental.

The last time I checked, I had never had an appointment with any dentist outside school. You know Malaysian government have this dental service thing for students up to standard 6, and its like you're-on-your-own after you step into secondary school?

Well, lucky for me, there was a free check up when I was in Form 4, and jolly that lady dentist scared the heck out of me about my dental health.

And after all the years being afraid of the painful drilling screeches and gushing liquid in the mouth, I've finally came to consensus that I need a cavity filled, pronto.

Dr Yap was cool, steady and also fun! He's not like the funny type, but he keeps his patient occupied with questions and interactions.

The drilling wasn't as painful as I've pictured them during showers(thanks goodness!), guess the other pains I've went through did a miraculous job on increasing my tolerance against pain, taalk about being MAN-ned up.

3 cavities, 20 minutes and Viola~ I'm good as new, with strong teeth! The only minus to this awesomeness is the yellow shadings for gourd-know reasons. Maybe I should get a whitening session or something...

when I have the $$$, and when I start dating then. Which probably around like, 10 years from now.

The fun part comes in when my sis started her session.

2 dead teeth. 4 cavities to be filled. 2 obstructing wisdom teeth. Owh yea, what about braces?

It felt so adult to be able to commune with the dentist with all the terms and conditions, even more when my sis suddenly just kept quiet as I dealt with the issues. I was expecting her to go all Elder-Sister like though.

Guess she is finally accepting the fact that I'm going to face all these soon as a med student, and she will need to confide in my when it comes to health problems.

Owh well, I have a long way to go don't I?*question pointing to Medie, Savante and and all docs out there*

Overall, thumbs up to Dr Yap. Great session, good hands, not to mention no consultation charges for 3 cavities of mine. Dental filling came up to rm180, but its worth the money, I think.

Sorry about the rally post delay, I need to compose my mind before I can go full blast on the night.

Chop chop~

Buffetting : Personality test, again.

Can you differentiate "Liking" and "Loving"?


In the midst of walking down the street, a part-timer came over and asked you to fill up a questionnaire. Skeptical over the information's destination in the end, you decided to fake one of the details. Which one would you fake it?

A.  姓名(Name)
B.  電話(Phone number)
C.  年齡(Age)
D.  婚姻狀況(Marital Status)

My answer:

一開始,你只會在心中肯定你是喜歡對方的,但是不會輕易對別人說「我愛你」這三個字,因為那對你而言是很重要的一件事,必須要考慮清楚,才可以許下承諾。 你很看重自己的感情,在投入前,總會陷入長考,思索你和對方的適合度,等到你確定那真的是你想共度一生的伴侶時,你的心就會放在對方身上,毫不動搖。

I'm sorry you guys who know nuts about Mandarin has got to google translate because I'm SOO LAZY to do so.*Squint eyes for XD*

Somehow the result is true. I'm am so very,de,super,freaking careful when it comes to promises, even more when its something BIG*I have been using this word alot, no eye-dear why* like, saying 我愛你/I love you/愛してる/I cinta pada You.

It's what I would do exactly, even when I have a crush or whatever they call *wanting to see that person everyday syndrome* is, I will tell myself off in the shower, its not time yet, and that person is a just a friend.

Allowing myself to step into a love matter at this point of my life is definitely a no no, plus I'm not even sure if I'm ready for it. Why?

A-I'm not earning my bucks yet. Spending the other half's bucks? Kill me.
B-I'm not matured enough yet, not I'm sure of what I really want. Getting into a relationship? Naah, Kill me.
C-I do not think I have a high EQ to take instant break-ups or instant reforms. It's just too much. Being involve is not something like one night stand. Touch and go and no feelings harmed.

I'm such a turn-off ain't I? Overly-careful, especially when it comes to these matters.

I bet its the too much free time I have now before I enter the med school which allows me to have space to develop weird thoughts and extra unnecessary(for now) matters.

Which means, I've got to get back to business ASAP, or its A levels-STPM transition fiasco again.

Owh, the other answers' results?

要你愛上別人是需要時間的,你認為要給對方清楚的交代。假如隨口說說,不僅會讓對方受傷,你也必須要承擔這個責任。你寧可和對方表明「喜歡」的感覺,也讓 對方知道「喜歡」是怎樣的交往程度,給彼此寬闊的空間,慢慢培養感情。進可攻,退可守,到時候說再見,也不會太傷感。假如能繼續發展,也算是水到渠成的美 事。

一開始,你只會在心中肯定你是喜歡對方的,但是不會輕易對別人說「我愛你」這三個字,因為那對你而言是很重要的一件事,必須要考慮清楚,才可以許下承諾。 你很看重自己的感情,在投入前,總會陷入長考,思索你和對方的適合度,等到你確定那真的是你想共度一生的伴侶時,你的心就會放在對方身上,毫不動搖。


  你對於「喜歡」和「愛」的定義完全不清楚,說明白點,是根本不在意。對方愛聽什麼,你就說什麼,對你而言,沒有界定的必要。你不怕說「愛」,那絕不會 為你帶來負擔,因為你想走就走,不認為需要為自己說的話負責。舊情人如同翻過的書頁,展開戀愛的新頁後,對過岸EA便不復記憶了。

Go google translate la. I'll translate the question though.

Owh, I went to a rally! The post on it probably will offend most christians, but its just what I perceived it personally. The full post should be up any time soon!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Buffetting : The Reason 2

It's just weird to see adults constantly repeating(doubled I know) things that they want us NOT to do themselves.

For example,

Scene A:

M:Eh don't drive so fast I'm so scared my heart is flying out.
B: I'm driving with kembara at 60kmph. Fast ar?

While mum drives in Alphard

M: You want to take over me? In your dreams. Not gonna let you go through.
---swooshed the Alphard over to the right lane, break profusely and step on the gas---
B: ....(almost bang into the window.)

Scene B:

B: Fuck, should have hit Fatt Choi. Idiot!
M: Play mahjong only, so angry for what, later Siong Gam Qing( jeopardize relationships in canto)

When mum is playing with uncle and auntie.
M: Niama(Your mum) I wanted that card you have to take it and sek(eat) me to gek(make me angry) me ar?
B: ....( if want to play till siong gam qing, why are you adults keep playing)

It's so weird that the adults always get mad with each other because of mahjong, and claimed that they wouldn't want to play with each other anymore, but by the end of say 2 weeks, Max a month, the mahjong fiasco hits again.


And adults expect us to speak the truth.

Hello, Cinderella goes home after twelve, Pinnochio always lied, Snow White slept with 7 men, Aladdin was a thief, and our parents are doing something they ask us not to do.

So, how are we suppose not do what you ask us not to do?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Buffetting : The Term

What's the term for wanting to see a person almost everyday again?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Buffetting : What Matters Most--and the rest of it

It only crossed my mind after a long hiatus from relationships.

Well, maybe they crossed my minds when I'm half way to dreamland, yet things didn't really get into line before this.

It was Marckie's birthday and the family(although I'm have like no direct blood relationship) just gave him a mini party, and hopefully you liked it*if you are reading this at all XD*!!!

On our way back, we talked about, well relationships.

What matters most?

Well, being able to talk is probably the first thing.

How else a relationship can go on without any stimulates, primarily TOPICS.

Be it about a day at work, definitions of words, or just the dust you got on your shirt will do fine.

Of course, most couples do already passed this stage.

Next, what matters second?

I guess being in the materialistic environment for a long period of time has molded me into thinking that, whether you like it or not, looks do come in.

Maybe the factor shifts between various individuals, some claims that love transcends looks and racial.

Face the facts, its the 21st century, almost everything is first impression-basis.

Argue with me that people who matter about looks are shallow, including me.

Personally, looks probably boost one's*well at least mine* confidence, even more when the partner is of a better class.

Example, if your partner is sizzling hot, has the face of an angel, well-educated and mannered, do you think you who is as fat as the pig in the sty, damn color(barbaric in hokkien) and ignorant is well coped to be his or her partner?

I don't think its fair. They presented themselves well, and have made effort in doing so. Being ignorant and looking sloppy is definitely not an option.

Gosh what am I saying.

Well, I guess I'm not matured and ready enough to get into relationships get, or sex for that matter.

Sex is just something, BIG.
No, not even sweets can tempt me into sex.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Buffetting : The Reason

All of us do things for specific reasons.

1-We study so that we get into university, then get a good job for a good living,NO?
2-We go for sports so that we keep our body healthy and fit, so that we live a good life,NO?
3-We(post-stpmers) look for jobs so that we can earn money, get things that we want without needing to hold our hands to the parents for cash, NO?
4-We opt for scholarships and better university criteria, so that the parents can ease on the expenses on US, NO?

Somehow, the brains of the adults, including the elder sister can be so cynical and nonsensical, till they can't differentiate the point of us youngsters do things.

Before this, they say I wanted to take up Mass Communications because of my best friend did. And till today, people I've met in Education Fairs never stopped asking me to take up PR as my degree. For my best friend?

Before this, they say I went for squash because I wanted to be with the girl in the session so badly that I went 3 times a week. At least by now, I can play with most average squash players. Plus, the girl has a boyfriend now. For the girl?

Now, when I said I'm signing up for a gym membership, they say I go because of the gym buddy. Hey, you can't blame a person to have a partner in doing sports right? Even you need an opponent for badminton, why can't I opt for a gym bud at all? Because gyming doesn't need any companion? BULLSHIT.

Now, when I wanted to work, they say what for? You earn like so little a day and you learn nothing. Look, I'm trying to loosen the burden on you so that you don't have to freaking frown right in front of my face when I ask money from you. Don't you think I feel embarrassed and bad whenever I held my hand out for money? I'm 20, and unemployed. Why? Because you never let me to. Work for you in your office? Please, I'd rather work partner in Rakuzen again. I need some time off from your rants and nags also.

Now, when I wanted to apply for scholarships, you keep on pushing the documents I required away from your list. It's just the pay slip and monthly expenses! Do you need a decade to sort those out? The scholarship applied is meant to EASE YOUR BURDEN. Not mine! I can just ignore and spend whatever shit money I want on anything and continue to ask money from you, but I chose NOT TO. Why can't you just help YOURSELF out? Seriously, sometimes these evil thoughts of being ignorant comes into the mind, and I can just fuck everything once and for all, but I didn't.

Seriously, what more can you want from a child? I'm getting into med school, I've brought glory to the home by being the first human in both paternal and maternal that aced STPM, I never smoke or do drugs, I do all the housework, despite my rants and complaints, seriously, can wanting a gym membership and a saxophone AND working with parties I want to being irrational and inconsiderate?

Who are the ones being inconsiderate here?

FML. I don't know how many times I have to say this, and how long I can take this.

Buffetting : Choices, Again and Again.

The offer letters dropped in, from 2 places, IMU and Newcastle, both which I've went for the interviews.

depressing isn't it?

As for the overseas, well, sad to say NUS and HKU seemed to be just a dream, as the peers of my same age has already received and went for their interviews in the respective countries. Pathetic I know, shouldn't have been so active for Co-curriculum activities and just focused on my studies instead. Could have gotten a 4.0 or something.

Anyway, now that I've received the offer letters, time to make my move. To take which university's offer.

I was supposed to head down to Newcastle in Nusajaya for a tour around the campus, just to expect the environment I will need to adapt for the next few years, not to mention the entertainment, logistics and also necessities abundance.

Yet, I do feel that I do not have enough time for any of these right now, as I kinda promised to attend a Christian rally(not sure how to come out to my parents though) and a sales event with my friends. So yea, suddenly I'm so busy when thing are needed to get done.
So now I still have to decide which to take, cause I bet they require me to pay some amount to confirm my place, just in case I pull back.

HELP people.

Buffetting : Of Os, Bs, and ABs zen 7

I cried as hard as I could. I could feel the stare Binn had on me, and I do not blame his helplessness. I clenched my fists so hard that I swear the manicure I did last 2 days went down the drain. "Suane, I.." Binn didn't continue with his sentences. My sobs and whimpers echoed in the room, slowing down as Binn looked onto the floor. I took a deep breath, choked a little due to the cry and recompose myself. I was hoping that he would hold my hands, and tell me everything will be alright. I was hoping that he would lend his shoulders, and comfort me till next morning comes. I was hoping, real hard.

Yet, Binn stood up abruptly, took out his phone, and blurted "Wait here,",followed by a shuffle towards the door. The door clicked as I leaned onto the bed. As the vivid memories of Sein pounded on me behind the dark allies of Kindori, tears rolled down my cheeks. I felt dirty, I felt disgusted and I felt intruded. How could I have not protected my first time for my husband, even more to a rape incident! What will my husband think of me next time? If Sein can rape me, he could have raped or slept with multiple partners before this! What if STDs come into the picture? What will become of my health?

My heart pumped faster and more furiously as those worries emerged. Without me knowing, my body dragged itself into the bathroom. As the thoughts slowly fading away in my head, a gush of hot piped water blasted over my head. I looked up and stared at the figure in the mirror. Weak, fragile, souled out. The steam filled up the room, and the reflection fogged out. I've got to clean myself. I need to clean myself. Without further due, I reached out to the shampoo dispenser and thrust the button with all my might. The oozing continued, until the door banged open, with Binn hurried into the room. My legs got tired, and slowly I slid down to the floor with walls as my lever. Whimpers started, again.

"Suane, please Suane..." Binn mumbled softly. He always had this gentleness in his words, and always during critical times. It was like yesterday that the first day Binn came up to me with his genuine care like no other. The October when we had our trials for the government exam, the scores were literally down the void. What accompanied me behind the old gymnasium block was the scent of sweat stains, buzzing of bees from the apiary and the hot green tea milk Binn made. The block was where we first met, where we shared most secrets and where we hid whenever there's a spot check. Who would want to be near any bees anyway? It was like the end of the world, and the naivety I had back then, that examinations were everything still hits me every time I thought of it. Binn had all the chance to take advantage over me when I was at my weakest, yet till today he held back. The stream of water slowly stopped as the tap screeched a little. The puddles of water splashed and the warmth of a towel covered me."Come on, get your butt up." What is with the perkiness anyway? His strong grip forcefully got me on my feet, and he walked me to the basin. "I never knew you had fetish for extensive usage of shampoo. I thought all accountants are extremely calculative."

I'm not in the mood, you digg. Shuffling out from the bathroom, my hands slipped off Binn's due to the uncleaned shampoo. A sigh filled the silence while I sat on the patient's bed. Binn tapped over and squatted in front me, wiped the liquid off my hands with the towel he got off my head. "What do you want to eat? Chinese? Western? Greece?" and the perkiness never ended. He continued to ask multiple questions as he dried my hair, without any of the questions close to "How are you doing?". Before the coldness of the water on my hair went off, I stood up, and uttered,"Get out, now." He laid the towel on my hands, stood up smiled and turned around. The door cracked and I sounded,"Why don't you ever ask me how am I doing?"


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Buffetting: Tied Down

How frequent does any of your family member buzz you?

Everyday? Every hour? Every fortnight? or Every month?

Well, I guess Everyday is for average people, Every fortnight is for busy people and Every month is for uber busy people.

As for me, I fall into the Every hour category.

It's just weird that when you are a lil techno-savvy in the house, all members coming pounding on you asking about every single silicon,wires and coppers about the computers and electrical appliances.

And from bothersome, it can evolve into annoyance, and ultimately it turns into enraging.

Over the years, the whole family has been so dependent, and it really does bother me when they just call me all the time just to expect me to fix something for them.

What's worst, as I've gotten my driving license, the butler frenzy never stopped, and because of these butler duties, I've been bounded to all the needs of my family.

As of now, as the maid goes MIA till the new one pop in I have to cover 50% of the existing house chores, as I'm the so-to-speak free-iest one around, due to the 9 months break before university intake.

So back to how being tied down affects my life. I'm joining a fitness center, and I'm picking up saxophone really soon. The problem is, I have been all cash out, but no cash in.

It is not like I didn't try getting the jobs, it's that I have to reject them every single time I was offered.

A: Mattress promoter in PWTC.
Parents: It's so far, and promoter jobs give nothing to you. Don't go la.

B: Tuition teacher in a center
Parents: Don't want la. You need to fetch your brother, maid not around. You are needed in the house. Low pay somemore

C: Teacher's job in ex-school
Parents: So low pay, morning some more, you sure you want to go meh?

Look, you are the ones asking me to get a job out there, now you are telling me not to take the job. Can you adults make up your mind? First you complain I'm slacking in the house, once I've got my jobs you say I'm needed around.

Contradictory beyond reach.

Well, these are the problems people don't see anyway. Some even comment on Facebook that because of my "Typical Picky Malaysian" syndrome that ended me without any jobs.

Kinda hurtful, because it wasn't me that was picky, it was my parents. I always told my bosses money ain't issue to me, because experience is what I'm seeking. So, if I'm that picky, would I actually take up a job which requires 8 hours of work and only RM50 per day? Even promoters get RM100 a day without 8 hours of work.

But I don't blame the judging, as normally laymen perceive things on the first sight,thought, and condition. It takes closer bonds for people to understand what one goes through.

I'd just wish things will turn out right eventually. Although the parents have nodded to the membership and saxophone, I still don't feel comfortable using their money. People might think that I'm able to work for my income, which I really do hope I can.

Yet, due to these family issues which got me tied down, I can only dream and hope that the maid comes in ASAP. Fuck My Life seriously.

When does this shit ends?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Buffetting : Influence 2

It's getting really frequent of me to post things about my family friend from Singapore.

I have no idea why, some how my mind is gravitated towards Singapore from Japan lately.

Probably because of the dis-attachment from Japan since last year after I've successfully screwed up my Monbukagakusho Mathematics examination, not to mention imprinting WRONG ID number on my test papers. FML back then.

So the whole attraction thing goes from the north to the south of my place, and it feels like nothing stops me from going to that country now.

Yet, I think its just the sudden urge I'd always have since the dawn of my very own thoughts.

We all know Singapore is better in most stuffs compared to Malaysia, and their universities are like top-tiered ones, and their rankings are in the 50s list, while Malaysia's are in like, I don't know,200s?

It's just the thought of studying in Singapore, and working hard towards getting a place there only initiated lately, since I've entered A levels I think.

Plus, the meeting of the Singaporean family friends in addition to the knowing of the cousin, some how Singapore has managed to attract me more than ever.

Even "Every Singaporean Son" form National Geographic channel caught my attention in the mamak place behind my house.

I was like, "Goodness, what have Yvonne and family has done to me man?"

But of course, I'm not turning into a Singaporean yet, not all Singaporeans are as awesome as the people I've met here. There were worse, like the fat arses who blocked my view back in 2007 when I was watching some animal show.

Fine maybe I had more than 3. Japanese class mates!

Well, I guess being in the house with less than 3 outings in multiple weeks can do pretty much damage to one's brain, especially this one. The house chores, though ain't that hectic is getting boring, and the constant application of scholarships and universities now soon becoming a pain, not to mention the never-ending worries of money on everything else including a new saxophone, new gym membership and where-the-hell to get the money.

Did I mention I got myself into education line?

If everything goes well, I'd probably working in my previous school as a substitute for my ex-biology teacher, cause she is going on a MATERNITY LEAVE!!!!

Well, she is a nice teacher, so no grudge against here. I had one against the skinny head back in the form 5 school, same size, but much more crooked and fucked up.

So yea, things around pretty much was boring, but the Karaoke session yesterday was plain awesome. The screaming made my throat to hit multiple orgasms in a night, and lucky I was smart enough to bring in a 2 litre of H2O for lubricating purposes.

Okay side-tracked. Pardon me.

Back to influence. So yes, it can be both good or bad, I guess. The good thing is definitely the fact that I'm going into the healthy lifestyle right now. I'd practically go for sports every day other than Weds when I have my class. It's either badminton or body pump, with the same company every day. So there's a motivation, and making commitment seemed logical.

As for bad, guess I am pulling away from my family, which I have had always wanted because of the dependence they dropped on me since the dawn of time. Getting away from them now and then, especially my university days is definitely preferable. Rebellion? Yes I'm hitting puberty late, so kill me.

Anyway, I think I've actually attained a certain amount of karma and luck, in the sense that this particular family was sent directly into my life right when I needed company and someone to coherent to most. I guess our karma just crosses each other somehow. I bet we were like a family or something close in our previous lives XD okay overboard.

That sums up the influence I've had lately. Good or bad, I think the outcome will show in a few months' time. Back to scholarship applications.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Buffetting : IMU Interview

So far, this is the 3rd interview I've had in 2011 for entrance into a med school.

Well, since its the third, and because it's IMU(no offend meant), the nervous issue seemed to be toned down a lot, though the interviewer did say that I looked tense.

Probably due to the tiredness I have had on that day itself from sending in the Singaporean Scholarship, not to mention house chores.

It's just so stupid that even after I've told the family that I'm having an interview, the clenching on to me and asking me to do everything still persisted, regardless of what I need to deal with.

Okay, post on complaint next time.

So, I''d practically just talked my way through, literally for 15 minutes in the room.

I would say that the interviewers weren't particularly interested in me, and maybe they were just already too tired after multiple candidates stepping into the room.

The whole went just like a ice-breaking session, who am I, my background, family check, hobby(i know right, what the heck?) and the game would be the situation given:

Tim was given the power to put a position into his firm. Paul, his friend applied and was qualified.Yet another candidate also applied and is more qualified than Paul to take up the job. Tim was deciding whether he should be impartial or inconsiderate to choose between both candidates. Finally, Tim chose to be impartial as he is not willing to drop the friendship.

Okay, what would you do.

This is pretty much Malaysian stylo question.

Candidates choose to agree or disagree. Of course I'm the type that disagree to almost everything, for Pete's know reasons.

Gave them my reason, its unfair, gotta be professional, if Paul were to be a good friend he would know Tim's position and perspective, explain to Paul what's going on, yada yada, you know the drill.

Ended up with me asking about some this and that about IMU, viola and I'm done.

Anti-climactic I know, can't believe the interview went so boring.

Maybe I expected too much, who knows.

My mum even said that I was condemning the interviewers, as I stated that the scenario given would be Malaysian Education System all over again.

Yet, after thinking about it, if I were not to sound my opinion on things like this, no matter how sensitive it might be, I don't think I would be a good doctor.

Imagine you were asked to hide things from your patient as a doctor.

I won't be able to do that. It's unfair.

It's a different matter maybe, but to me it relates.

Woohoo, more differences between me and the family, way to go man.

Guess it's the part of puberty which hit me real late.

No pictures, IMU's interview is a lil bland. Maybe things will be different upon enrollment.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Buffetting : Embracing Tradition 3

I never did made any posts on Cheng Beng(清明), the pronunciation in English due to how Hokkien derives the words back in Sg Petani.

As for the festival in English, there's 3 version:

1-Qing Ming festival. As easy as its made.
2-Tomb Sweeping day. Well, because that's the main activity during the whole process.
3-Pure Brightness Festival. I have no idea how bright things can be, when the old Chinese poems has stated this:




Thanks to the rain, I got to see rainbow!(jakun sial)

Direct translation available from Wikipedia.

Anyway, this year's CB(Cheng Beng, no other derivations) was indeed as denoted from the old poem. The sky was rather dark, and there was rain for just a few minutes while we were dealing with the very 1st ancestor of Teoh who set the foundation in Malaysia.

From where I heard, 张乌翻(Teoh Wu Fan, i think) had plenty of children. The problem I was thinking was, why are we the only ones doing the tomb sweeping?

The next in line was 张国华(Teoh Kok Wah), who was a teacher, an interpreter and also a person who had ambidexterity(able to to write with both hands). He had only one boy, my grand father and the others were all females. That explained why we were the only ones doing the tomb sweeping so far.

And my grandfather was 张志正(Teoh Zhi Zhen), also named as 张阿狗(Teoh Ah Dog). Why dog? No idea. Those days nicknaming after animals were cool I guess. Well, he wasn't a great man to begin with. He drunk and smoke, and ended up with cardiac infarction. The Teoh family,(well at least mine) was then prohibited to live with lifestyle including tobaccos and alcohol. I personally love alcohol, but its either shandy or wine, others would probably turn me off. As for smoking, only people who are ignorant enough of their health and people around them can live with that. I can't.

Anyway back to the family history. So I'm like the 5th generation in Malaysia now, pretty long isn't it? Normal Chinese family goes up to average of 3 or 4, while mine hit 5.

Well, my family is pretty much the average one. Not really big shot or what ever. But I'm proud that my family is still free from scandals or crimes , plus my dad was like the police officer so you get the drill.

So lets get to the women of the family!

I was so proud because the famous lady from Chinese literature,秋香 from the"唐伯虎点秋香" was married to my greatX2 grand pa! Proof?
I didn't lie~

Not much history. Same goes to the next in line 吴亚朱。Guess the ladies are always kept in the kitchen back then.

Next come to my grandmother, still living and kicking. Her surname is definitely 谢(Cheah) but I forgot the rest. She came from a really dark childhood though. Parents passed away early, had to work for the grandma's sister after her grandma passed away, pretty much the maid around the house. In the end, got married to my grandpa.

She's okay, but there are plenty of family drama stirred up and heard when I hit adulthood which made me think twice about her. There ain't no doubt on how she love us, and I'm glad to say I'm one of those who got pampered around her, but pretty much all the cousins get pampered around.

Anyway, the fact is there were that many dramas, not cope to be scandals yet, but they are too long to be posted her. I'll save it for some other time.

Last but not least, camwhoring when things get boring around the place.
Cute no? Okay I will try again when i got my abs XD
Wild Sex. Got this while I was getting an extra long stick to allow more air to enter the burning boxes of golds for the deceased.

Their crabs were die for! Filled with eggs! And the family who ran it was really nice too! We had to take the crabs because we went across 2 towns and 3 restaurants to get CRABS!!!

Despo I know, but still. CRABS.

Till next post

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Buffetting : Patriotisme

Are you patriotic enough to said it out loud, "I love my country"?

Let's not go to shout outs, what about the actions you have done to show your love of the country?

Well, so far I don't think I have done anything BIG for Malaysia, nor aware of anything that I have done.

Yet, what matters isn't the Was, but its the Is and Will Be.

Picking up a career which enables one to commit himself fully into aiding the people of the community just reflects this.

Honestly speaking, I am the Fly High type and I'm totally fine in not working in the home country upon graduation.

Sure, Malaysia has been a nice place, great home, great people. Yet, there's just a vibe or rather sting which just remains in the mind that this place has also made me despise it a little. Probably because of what the constitution, or how the politicians governed the system.

Well, of course for youngster like me, education would be the trigger.

If my parents were the ones who pays for my education, why couldn't i choose where and which country I work for?

Because the country provided everything?

Well, the "things" provided are debatable.

Anyway, I do intend 3 years, or maximum 5 years' of service for Malaysia in the future, just to serve the community and fill up the "at least you tried" controversy.

Why can't you work further?

Depends. Like I say, matters are exposed to circumstantial factors.

The chances of me leaving for another place is higher, as I really do look forward in living in another place and culture. for the rest of my lives.

Malaysia was a great place, and it is going to turn out to be a better one. Living here in my retiring days is definitely fun, but not my wild years.