Sunday, February 3, 2013

Buffetting : Vet Camp 2013

I didn't manage to post about last year's because of the vet-med transition fiasco when my mood plunged into oblivion mode last January in 2012.

However, 2013's vet camp totally made me love my batch's peeps even more after the 2012's, by 100 folds.

It's like our batch's people fixes into each other puzzle pieces perfectly in making things work wondrously, something which I wish would happen in Dogathon, seriously.

Anyhow, I was part of the organizing committee this year, meaning more sleep debts and tiring walks and test runs. The whole idea of Vet camp is to bond the DVM1s among themselves, as well as between DVM1s and 2s, as we will be the ones running programs very closely throughout our DVM lives. That includes Dogathon. The vet camp last year met its objective, how about 2013?

Day 1 started out with traveling 2 hours up to Raub, with a lil minor accident when my Hilux lost its balance due to a sharp turn. Almost turned out to be a massive explosion, thank goodness there was no cars around us when the tires lost their controls. Must be the oversupply of food on my car.

After fixing the car in Bentong with a quick but bad lunch, we got to the camp site for us to settle down most stuffs, especially the programs and campsites. The night was the hardcore part. We had to travel into the rubber estate to go through some paths, and also the oil palm plantation at the other end of the camp site for site conformation for our programs in the subsequent days. It was indeed a dark night, very. The street lights along the tar road were 500m apart, while there was NO light source in the plantation.

Depending on the torchlight was our only option, and switching off means complete darkness. Like blinded darkness. However, that served as the best platform to stargaze. Damn if I ever have a plantation I must build a observatory right in the middle of it.

The night ended with a lil drama with our officer adviser's absurd remarks. He claimed that:

We had no teamwork.
We had no planning.
We had no competency.
We had no respect for him.
We had nothing stated above because our anatomy lab practical test reflected so.

1- We have had teamwork which he had to be blind to not see it. He's a bitch, and he is blind.
2- Our plans worked out so far, the only thing that is wrong is his existence. Period.
3- Don't talk about competency when he hasn't even been around to see our work. Bitch please, you were away every single time we need the faculty's Ford Ranger for emergencies.
4- You've freaking lost my respect when you told me you are LAZY to drive us out of the camp site to get food. Don't start. Seriously
5- Wait how did anatomy practical test come into the picture? I do not need to be a 4.0 scorer to know which person is suitable to cook or to program an activity okay? Plus, I've got news for you bitch. I don't take anatomy this semester! Not like you've got the balls or brain to care!

So the post-mortem was pretty much a bombard session on that bitch, whom we all hated in unison.

Day 2 started off with me being awakened by the rain falling into my Hilux while I slept in with Sea. I took the backseats while he took the passenger seat. We woke up abruptly to shut the windows, and went back to sleep. Oh that was a classic.

We proceeded to the rubber estate to make preparations for the night's trail trekking, only to be swarmed by a gazillion numbers of famished mosquitoes.

It was like a feast for them with us wearing only short-sleeves, and tiger balm didn't seem to work pretty well, The hour trying to tie flags along the trails of the rubber trees was treacherous with those blood-suckers pestering us, while I constantly screamed in agony because of their attacks.

Preparation continued after we left for the oil palm plantation, with all our jackets on this time. Preparations are now much easier, without much pain this time I might add. Looking at wild boar trails and checking out potential scorpion signs was quite intimidating, and test run was tiring because I had to carry a dude around a few palm trees with another dude while a dudess stay on her breathe on "AHH" until we made it back.
Other test runs included were trying to bite apples off a string, running in mazes, spinning around a wooden stick and trying to toss a bean bag.

The mid-day started off with the juniors coming in an hour later than we have expected, while I constantly have to pester my camp leader to modify the whole agenda because of my pesky designation; Stage Manager. From changing lunch before ice-breaking to camp site making after prayers, gosh I shall not take advantage of my stage managers during Dogathon! Luckily I had three of them!

Day 2 and Day 3 continued with activities, those which I shall not bore you, while during Day 4 everyone is almost zombie like. Camp commanders didn't sleep at all; camp leaders stayed up all night; while I had to skip post-mortem and sleep like a pig because I'm driving, WEE~

Missed the torture night, but I totally heard "WAKE UP, WAKE UP!" in my slumber.

The last day totally marked something, DVM 1 and 2 did bond. We had fun a lil bit here and there, and of course with certain people only. The rope-skipping was totally fun, and dancing our epic theme song, "Party Rock Anthem" was again nostalgic, and epic.

Day 4 ended with our theme song and dance, Stronger, which I totally fell in love with. Can you actually believe there are people who are studying in Serdang, Selangor who don't know the lyrics of STRONGER??!!!

Seriously, what have your laptop and vet books have done to you? A person as lifeless as me knows Stronger.

Anyway, I've enjoyed my Vet Camps as organizer and participant. UPM Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, I Love You!


  1. I see nice chest!!!

    I see nice chest I see nice chest I see nice chest I see nice chest I see nice chest~


    miao miao~


    1. Holly molly its a camera illusion la! My chest ain't as nice as you have imagined!

      WOOF WOOF~


  2. True, nice chest. But so kewl that your classmates had such a camp!

    1. oh emm gee not you too! It's camera illusion! hahaha

      And the camp is our faculty's annual event, so the coolness continues forever! But the degree of it, I think mine's the best so far XD

  3. at first i was like...ohhh who's the leng chai sexy guy with nice chest in the 1st picture and then it was you!*blush*

    1. you've got to be joking la~ with that gorilla face I'm nowhere near leng chai standard XD

    2. It's manly!you know lar,the alpha male thingy.
      Lile malay says you nampak jantan sangatXD

    3. Haha believe it or not, I'm being called alpha female all the time by one of the dudes in the coursemates.

    4. Prolly the jealousy from how close I am with females and he's forever alone? XD

  4. fuiyo sucha drama camp!! me wanna hear more stories tau :P

    1. Hah! Dramas circulate in my faculty like Baskin-Robbins on the 31sts!

      When our time match mar can spam you lor~~~ And your cooler cum heater portable style is still with me also!