Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Buffetting : Passing Torch

Heart and I finally made our decisions for the next co-directors.

Boy it was a tough call with all the issues and problems circling in the midst of making our moves.

We were tied down so hard by the two major student body organizations, not to mention our personal bond with the presidents of each club either.

Sometimes people don't see what we see, that we have actually agreed on unanimously.

Not even Polar bear, not even Big Sis. We both actually share an experience together, which others don't.

I guess this is it, one of another my relief and relinquish.

Come to think of it, Heart probably have more stress and people to deal with because the people she love most and spend the most time with are the ones in those organizations.

As for me, well, sad to say I'm torn between worlds. Just like I'm torn between Malaysia, originally Japan and now Thailand ; not in the original batch, not in the current, and yet nowhere else to turn to after my relinquishment because of, everything running in my course of life.

My vision back when DogathonTM 2012 ended was just spot on.

T is kinda facing the same thing, probably feeling the same way, but how much can we do for each other with oceans apart?

Now that I'm no longer tied nor bound to any worlds, who's free out there for an outing?

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