Thursday, July 30, 2009

LS, Honours

There are several types of honours in our current society.

One of them would be the certificate, ie, Bachelor in (Subject) Hons.

Another of would be the honours that the government present to a person after he or she did something great for the society or world.

The last one would be, the honours which people give to you, invisiblely from how the speak and talk to you.

The honours I had received recently, was the last one.

Unexpectedly, the teacher s in SS17 was overly-observant.

Honour to do what?

To be the head prefect.(or someone with some position)

This time, I did not work for it.

But my friends did.

The whole bunch of people who are in probates now are working their ass off, and here i am given the opportunity.

It would be so unfair, to all of them.

But one thing i have learnt from past experience is, nothing was ever fair.

It depends on luck and your environment.

In this case, I'm quite lucky and unlucky the same time.

If I hadn't been through A levels, there is a high chances I would say yes.

But now I'm in pure confusion of 50-50.

I know I shouldn't take this. I have 5 subjects to cope with, not to mention an Advance japanese class to attend, excluding my busy life with my family and last bu not least my personal development period.

Here comes the transition period again.

I'm flattered and honoured to be selected by the teachers. I wanted to reject, but its just the psychological thing in me keep telling me not to reject.

It is such honour and rare ocassion that people look up to you and select you.From where I know my teachers last year didn't favoured me much, most probably I looked dumb and clumsy when I was a real buffalo.

I know you readers must be thinking that I'm just beating around the bush, and keep praising myself but hey, I'm really cracking my head off this issue.

Its no joke. Seriously.

If i reject, what are the teachers would think of me. And would I regret later on?

If I accept, how would the probates think of me? I didn't even go through a single course of training in SS17 yet.

A really painful dilema.

I'm just trying to consider all the outcome for now.

What is the best for me?

To go through a pilgrimage again in the board,

Or to lead a normal life, and get into an interesting university again?

I'm not hoping on public university, its just that I don't like to let people down.

gosh, I can't satisfy everyone, why can't I understand this very fact?

Bin bin bon bon

Sunday, July 26, 2009

LS,Legacy of Malaysian's Star-Yasmin ahmad

Well, she isn't exactly the celebrity-star, but her arts, truly made her shine as the utmost brilliant legend in Malaysia's movie industry.

Who is she?

Yasmin Ahmad.

Yes, Malaysia's very own Ang Lee.

sorry can't find any other personas to relate her with.

anyway, I can only say this is a great loss to our filming industry, as she has made so many prominent work, which had such huge impact on our society.

I guess one of the movies which made such huge leap is Sepet.

She had successfully brought the special identity of Malaysia as the one unique multiracial society, where everyone lives together. Even with such different family and religion background, we can still live together.

The politicians of Malaysia today should really learn something from her productions.

Not to forget her meaningful Petronas Advertistments. They never failed to hit the G-spot of my soul.

hong ming, now the whole world knows you like her~~~

here's another meaningful one. this is what family is all about, not only how great their children are.

and another one, which im certain Yasmin Ahmad too had made this.

But truly, the one on Hong ming and his girl friend really hits me.

Our children are colour blind, why not keep them like that?

Yasmin, I wonder if the politicians do watch TV at all.

But sadly, on the 25rd July 2009, the 51 years old producer passed away on 11.25pm due to brain haemorrhage.

"She possessed the knack on how to capture the essence of Malaysia through her movies and commercials."

“She had a big heart and vision that we usually don’t understand. That was why people misunderstood her. But she never intended any malice,”

“Her movies are watched by all races because they can all relate to the messages conveyed."

Well, all i can say is, please Rest In Peace Yasmin.

To all Malaysians, especially the one in Entertaintment industry, you are one great Hero.

Now, is Petronas' 2010 CNY Ad is going to be different ?

PS: Her latest produtcion Talent Time is airing soon. So do google it or watch it.

PS2: Check her blog, though it's going to be deserted soon.

Bin bin bon bon,

Friday, July 17, 2009

LS,Life and Line

Engineers of Tomorrow~~~

After 5 weeks, I've finally stepped in to the grounds of Taylors University College again. Well, I did meet some of my old friends here and there..

All asking the same ol' "why are you in WHITE?" question.

Anyway, the main purpose is to participate in this:

Most may wonder... Binn hated physics why is he doing this? well because I am a sub, but i still did contribute ideas and energy to the whole project throughout the period ok?

Anyway, the whole idea of this competition is to find the best design of CO2 generated car, without any leakages in form of liquid or solid. Objective, the furthest car from the respective team wins.

so my school(ss17 if you are lost) sent 2 teams, 1st team comprising Jia wei, may yuan ,jia chen and me(sub but i still get the cert~>.<) and a second team of Yong Shiang, Tien Siang, Calvin and Yi Won.

I'd say we make a perfect team, 8 of us. Creativity, inovation,communication( well we do argue at some point) and spirit. We may not have gotten champion, but we know if we had enough resources we might have a better chance.

Yet, we still got what we had achieved. Now, during the competition.

I'd say the whole place was tense because it was filled with Chinese and you can smell the "kiasu-ness" in the air literally, of the stud's sweat and all.

One thing is for sure, there are much more men over the ladies. Don't ask me why, its just the stereotyping atmosphere in the parking lot. We were lucky to be the first group to laid in the yellow track.

Our first trial was quite sucky, because the car moved towards the left. We were suppose to fix the problem, and i knew it was the left balancing rod of the car, because the right one was doomed to oblivion, I'd suggested taking out the left one.

And there we go and people insisted on not changing the structure claiming we have no time... so we went on without any changes. The only difference was making sure we had enough pressure for the car to move, without any chance for the reactants to leak the CO2 gas before we screw the nozzle in.

Did we make it better?


Nope it got suckier. Same problem. Car tilted to the left.

Owh well... I still remember May Yuan's quote during the competition.

"Pressure kaw lat..." ---May Yuan

On the bright side, the 2nd group did a very good job. They had problem in their first trial due to the worn out nozzle they have been using. The gas kept leaking from the spacing between the nozzle.

Problem identified, we lent them our nozzle since it was in perfect condition.

There you go. From 0 cm to 859cm distance. With our amount of reactant I'd say we did a great job.

Did I mentioned my group's score? First trial was 256 and the 2nd was 231. Bummer huh?

So.... The by the end of the day, our school got the 2nd place, 2nd runner went to SMK Taman Sea and SMJK Yin Hwa nabbed Champion.

I am still whining because I don't get to have a trophy like the guys in group 2,but I was a sub and I still participated, any of you readers did?

Last but not least, I present you pictures:
seriously, i think i have a flair in behaving like an engineer... maybe its in my option now.

How they sleep in the class... candid of the day~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

LS, Flu rage

Lately the weather has really been a killer around Subang Jaya.

The haze, the heat and the hath of my classmates.

Things ain't going good around me nowadays.

There is always an unlucky thing called flu in the world and it just hit me today.

Chilling the grilling, i'm not infected with swine flu. Jia wei was hoping one of us in school get it so we can have at least a week of school off, but I'm not giving in, not yet.

Ditched school, and end up staying in the bed till 10 o clock in the morning.

Sleeping do allow your body to adjust itself back to gear 5. So sleep more.

Anyway, the rage doesn't end there.

Another rage called school transfer hit me.


The kiasuness of Chinese society. And sad to speak, I'm one of the chinese.

It all came by when my friend's mom who happens to be my mom's friend in the badminton court. and the "owh my son is in Samad doing 5 subjects after he left SS17 for it. What about your son?" kicked in, and I end up hearing, "Eh, since people do so, why don't you go for it too? Since you know someone there now."

If you want a son like that so much, why don't you take my friend as your son instead.

Sometimes people just contradict.

It was just an ordinary dinner while we were discussing about squash and badminton again. I know girls same age as my younger sister who can hurl much more powerful smash than she does in squash.

And there my parents go," Everyone is different!"

And when I said so, they went," You never know if you never try!"

Hello? Binn to EARTH!!!

I'm different too!!! I know I hated physics. Why even bother asking me to try when I HATE the subject?!

Maybe its me being me again.

Allowing people to tell me what to do.

And me not being able to tell myself what i really want.

Hate me hate me hate me.

Well, honestly I don't mind giving it a try. But I'm just worried if I could handle it or not. I'm no superman or Dexter the genius.

I'm just Binn who enjoy life and hanging out with friends.

I don't do Challenge the Limits.

I'm good in my own ways.

But the thing is I don't have the courage to tell.

That is why I'm here.

Great. Back to square one.

I have had enought advices by now. Which to take , I have no idea yet.

I've chosen the hard way.Now I have to take the EVEN harder way?

One day you seen Binn go "kuku"( meaning crazy in BM) in the streets, please just get someone to kill me on the spot. don't bother sending me to Tanjung Rambutan.

Bin bin bon bon,

Thursday, July 2, 2009

KZB on: Fingers Crossed

It wasn't that bad, considering what I have went through. Lately plenty of thoughts just pop right back into my oblogata.

The BIG Question, why.

Honestly, I think it doesn't make much different with or without the answer. I'm now doing everything what I think is best for me. What others think? I don't give a damn anymore.

Why college and not STPM was always the question.

Some said it is not recognised.
Some said it is still in BM
Some said it is too tough.

And yet, the last reason still seemed a little too off hook to be a reason to not take STPM.

Recognition wise, STPM are much more recognized compared to even what I had taken, Cambridge A Levels in everywhere else.

BM, need not to worry anything as Pengajian Am is the only subject in BM if you are in the Science Classes.

Tough? Come on, how many Malaysians have done it before?

Well, I have to admit I did make a mistake once, but now that I have understood what lies before me, I have no doubts in standing strong in my principle is claiming that STPM worth better and more compare to college.

Life as a uniform-student again?

As Ann Nee says, we do not have to pick the right combination to college everyday since uniform is a must. So I am glad to say, stress no. 1, Slashed.

As Yong Shiang says, we can spend less on other stuffs and be more disciplined in our financial management since most of the college go-ers are from the wealthies and they splurge in Starbucks every single week without fail. Lunch? Pasar food is much more healthier and cheaper than Starbucks at any rate. stress no.2, Slashed.

As Puan Ooi says(she have a 16 karat on the right hand!), we can use the money invested on collehe pre-university on the degree instead. Who knows in 2 years time the money might just multiply by ten itself? STPM provides even wider coverage of knowledge compared to any other pre-u programme in Malaysia, and best of it is, it is free. stress no.3, Slashed.

As how I've seen my friends are doing, they have fun yet study at the same time. They are smart and fun. Not to say my previous class wasn't fun, but in my current class, I feel more relaxed and enjoy the fun! PM10 was rather stressful , and geez 8 of our classmates got into the top 21 in march intake. So stress no. 4,Slashed.

There are a few more stresses, but I think i still need time to get over them, especially to deal with X. Peeps who found out, please keep your lips sealed because my life doesn't just revolved around X, I might find myself Y, Z and who knows an Omega pops up?

Just had my class photo today, and boy I miss group shots! Watched transformers 2, but Star Trek gave me a bigger boom still. Sorry T-fans out there, but Binn Binn go for trekking more~

Loved Bumblebee... wish to have a car with such emotion and sophisticated personality in the far future~

Anyway, waiting for a laptop to use... End of july!!! I'm gonna hunt for my best buddy for the next 3 years!


Swithering Away,