Friday, February 25, 2011

Buffetting : STPM Post-mortem

From this post, you should probably know how my results went.

Anyway, after I've looked through the pictures posted in Facebook by a junior lately, I've just realized one thing.

I have no one around me when I receive my results.

Yes, the teachers was around me, not to mention the cameramen and juniors who were waiting for my results as well.

Yet, sadly, there wasn't anyone I was hoping to be with me, when I opened up the seal.

Yes, my life can be that pathetic.

After 1.5 years of intense studies and hard work, I think I have also earned myself an adequate amount of hatred and resentment from most people around my life.

Not that I'm not aware of that, but I chose to do things which can reach my goals.

I have this friend of mine, he is ten times smarter than I do.

Trust me, you haven't seen him in action while solving multiple maths puzzles.

Even though he didn't get all the scores that he wanted, I do envy him in a way,such that everyone who cared for him was there, giving him support when he needed most while he tore his results slip.

Most people may see particular personals high and mighty, actually deep down inside, it is something else that they have always wanted.

Well, I have adapted in getting these kind of stuffs by myself.

For all those years I lived as a student, I was always alone getting those results, those acknowledgments, everything.

The parents' schedule were tight, though they had time for the younger siblings. Hence, I have come to terms that I should practice taking things down alone, preparing me for the life I need to lead for the next 5 years.

Well, that's all I can say for my STPM. The results were just side tracks, because I knew I can enter the university even if I were to have my normal monthly scores.

Guess I should never put my hopes high for anything else other than,

pathetically studies.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Buffetting : Babbling Books

I knew Pos Laju was expensive, but I never knew it was RM50.40 just to send a 0.011kg worth of letter to Hong Kong.

Anyway, it was for a greater purpose, hence I shall persevere.

Back to the title, the reading thing has finally kicked in. I reckoned I need to some enhancement in my deteriorated English for the past 1.5 years.

And the one of the books I chose:

I'm almost done with TKAMB, at its climax actually. It's kinda stereotypical plot, which I'd probably know the answer of the ending, seeing how Atticus managed to move the girl's determination a lil to pin down Tom.

Who are they? Read the book man! It is good, for leisure.

I happen to know Monash University Foundation Year used this book as their English subject manual, so going through hassle to read a book can be disturbing.

Yet, I have to say the way Ace Edventure, my drama class back in high school made the whole thing really fun. We practically had to record ourselves taking over the characters in the books.

TKAMB was okay, and the author managed to capture the troubles girls at the age of nuisance entering exploring the world with ruthless behavior. Scout, was the real deal.

The next book:
Its Sherlock Holmes by the way. I'm not sure if the person on the drawing is him, but this book was certainly a bargain

RM7 for Sherlock Holmes COMPLETE story?

Call me a sinner or what ever, this book is a MUST man.

Although I read like 5% of the book before STPM, reading it from the start should give a better and clearer picture of the whole chronology.

Owh yea, did I mention that I'm now back to comic recollection mania too? Detective Conan is finally coming back to haunt my used-to-fill-with-STPM-books-shelves-and-now-are-dead-empty shelves.

Minus the fact that I'm reading the BM version of it, since I've started out with BM.

Well, at least I have something to keep my BM in check~

So, what books are you reading lately?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Buffetting : Facing the STPM facts

Time to face the facts.

The results were out yesterday, and the only answers I've got wasn't particularly for myself, but for people who ask about them.

Scenario prior to release of results:

A: eh so you still studying ar?

B: no la... just finish STPM ni.

A: Wah, so results out ledi do what?

B: Don't know hows the results leh... so see first lor..

A: owh, ok ok~

Scenario after the release of results:(simulated by ME)

A: eh so how is your STPM results?

B: 4 As lor..

A: Wah! 4 flat ar?


*awkward silence and eyes staring at Buddha knows where*

A: ok la... can enter uni di..

Get what I mean?

Well, I think I shall spare you readers from my bitterness, lets talk about the process prior to receiving the results!

So, I was there a lil late, about 12.15 when most of the ex-form 6s were sitting in the hall with weird stares.

When the Principal announced that no 4 flat candidates existed, my whole heart sank and thoughts were plain:

" Please A- for PA is fine, just let me have all As for the core subjects!"

And you know how fussy principal can get when it comes to stuffs like results. So, went on babbling just to make those butterflies in the stomach get from jazz to cha cha.

As clock strikes 12.30, all teachers were given the power to release the STPM results, academic records, co-curriculum records and testimonials.

I was the third person to get the results, but even before I got mine, the form 6 accounts teacher came up to me and said:

Y: Wah yong bin congratulations ar!

B: Hah? What do you mean? No one got 4 flat in the school ! Whats there to be happy about?

Y:Aiyar, but you are already the best student in the school already!

B: WHAT???!!! How'd you know? I mean...

And my class teacher called.

I went over, got my slip and documents. A few more teachers popped up and start asking what am I expecting, and saying that I should do well and all sorts.

I smiled and replied and when I was to walk out of the hall to open my slip, the Pre-U coordinator insisted on me to open in up in the hall.

I shuffled back inside and stared at her.

Before I knew it, there were like at least 10 cameras, including DSLR and HD digital cams snapping their way, forming a parameter around me!

As dramatic as it sounded, I am not joking!

Within seconds, I saw a huge another sea of delocalized black hairs, tudungs and yellow uniforms surrounding me.

Gosh, can you imagine the pressure and looks of anticipation in their eyes? Even my anticipation wasn't as glaring as their stares!

The whole process took quite a while as I tore the side pieces sealing the slip.

Why? I was freaking trembling when I tore the pieces of papers and I swear I was going to cry.

As I opened up the slip,


Taadaaa... 4 seconds spent to screen and confirm my results.

And I just screamed like a man, followed by burst of tears.

I was like outta control! I guess I wouldn't have cried if I were to opened the slip alone outside the hall.

But with the immense amount of pressure from the crowd, I just couldn't help it.

It was just too much too handle.

The principal stared at me, and I started shaking her hand with all my energy.

Before I took my hand off, she asked:

"Eh, takder hug ke?"

I pawed my body on hers and just cried and cried.

I have to admit her body was real comfortable to be used as mattress material, minus the perfumes cause I never like perfumes.

And the whole process continued with hugging and thanking the teachers, and of course receiving blessings and congratulating words from the teachers and juniors.

The juniors, didn't hesitate to come over and asked about tips on studies and co-curriculum, at the same time to touch my hands in order to get some "aura" so that they can do as well, or better than me in 2011's STPM.

Manage to keep at least an A- in every exam
Somehow, I think I have already adapted to the environment where people come over and ask questions from me, because of the small population of students in SMKSS17.

They were real amazed of the fact that I can keep up with my studies, as well as SEEMED to be active in the co-curriculum activities.

Undeniably, I was active in most eventing co-curriculum activities instead of the core ones, like sports or uniform body.

Yet, I was lucky and also wise enough to nab opportunities while they are available to increase my co-curriculum scores. So, those activities are as below:

Asst Secretary of Form 6 Council, it was pure support form seniors while they elected the committee last year, but I did a fare share of job by somehow taking over the president's job in throwing fun raisers and handling events.

Photography Exco of Debate and Drama club, as cheesy as the position sounded, I took it as it provides some marks in my card. Plus, I was also the sole photographer of the club during meetings and debates, so not much comment on it.

President of Buddhist Fellowship, it was pure LUCK. The teacher in charge was searching for a person who had some background in Buddhism and I think she found her way in getting my history from the previous school and *ding*, I was elected as the new president. Since it was a new reconstituted club, I had to work hard to pulling in members and arranging meeting sessions(though I'd just reused the minutes from the previous school), along with new speakers and venues. Yet, it was a enriching to be given the honor and run the whole club. The talks and stories by the speaker reminded me of how analytical I've became after 1 year of form 6 studies.

Not to forget Koperasi!!!! I've dedicated a post for it. Well, had my share of fun and learning on hospitality and accountancy. I'm glad I mad a right choice in being a part of the great family. Thanks Koperasi SS17, you peeps rock!

And all the events around the school. Thanks to some jackass who submitted my name for some weird emcee job, I was practically sentenced to be the emcee of 80% of the school's events. Fine they did help me in my presentation skills, but the long hours sitting there and asking the students to repeatingly going up and down the stage without my chemistry homework was real torturing you digg?? Guess it started off with Pn Beh's retirement, Jap Exchange,Hari Graduasi 2009, then stuffs like Form 6 Marching and Golden Friday Camp comes in...
You guys are Z-BEST!

I guess my form 6 life was pretty much colorful. STPM was just one of aspects, with 50% weight I would say. The experiences, the teachers, the company, and the school, I definitely have made the perfect choice entering SMKSS17.
Now I'm officially relieving my Secondary School Life.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Buffetting : Drama Prior to TOEFL

I had to switch lifts, just like the ones in Amcorp Mall to get to the office suites.

Driving all the way to Sheraton in KL for an exam all by myself was pretty satisfying, seeing the frequency I usually travel up there.

You might wonder why is there a test site in Sheraton hotel, but I have seriously no clue how the Prometric TOEFL testing site ended up in suites of offices in a hotel like Sheraton.

Anyway, the whole process went really smooth until I had to sign some forms to rectify I'm me.

The policy of ETS in handling IDs is:

The test candidate taking the test in the country of citizenship should present National IDs with a recent photo, name and SIGNATURE.

I guess ETS is such globalized till the organizers overlooked that Malaysian IDs do not have signatures of the holders on them.

And guess what?

At least 85% of the Malaysian candidates showed up today was denied of their test rights because they were unable to present such identification, including ME.

Since most of us applied through the internet, the reminder of "Malaysian IDs do not have YOUR signature" doesn't pop up in the bulletin screen, resulting us in failing of present such IDs.

Those who managed to apply the test via agents like Prometric, ELS, or their respective colleges managed to get such reminder, and they were able to present their IDs, such as passports and also letters of registration.
17 Floors!

The closest ID with my signature was of course my passport.

The weird thing about the society is, the people usually ask questions and delays the problem longer than it already is, without taking any further actions to solve problems.

Scenario comparison:

When the lady in charge stated that the passport is the only valid ID for Malaysian~

A- I immediately called my dad to get the passport over

while the others

B- Debate and argue that its impossible to get the passport, along with further emphasis on the missing statements which give instructions on bringing the appropriate IDs.

I mean, just solve the problem already.
The solution
The Malaysian parents were pretty much over-protective of their child, as the whole family were brought to send the children for a TOEFL test. *roll eyes*

There were several reasons given on how the parents couldn't get the passport"

1. I stay in Banting lar.. It took me 2 hours to get here, and now you want me to get back and get the passport ar? Ridiculous la...

2. I come all the way from Klang you know? Passport in safety box wor. Safety box in bank wor. Today Sunday bank not open wor. How? I want to sue your company la.

Fine, it take you that long to get the passport, but why can't you just try to get it in time? At least you were able to proceed if you made it.

Who keeps passports in safety boxes? I mean, if you need your TOEFL scores urgently, I'll bet your daughter is leaving Malaysia real soon. So, why not keep it at home just to be on the safe side.

The family from Klang clearly hasn't done enough preparations, nor they were inquisitive. They had to travel back to Alor Setar to sit for the TOEFL test, which was a dud because of the PC breakdown. I mean, if you got so far to know that there's a PC breakdown, don't the people in charge there mention of anything about IDs? How'd you get into the test site at the first place?
Or you were just ignorant?
My testing site~
I have to agree that ETS' instructions weren't clear for Malaysian students. Nevertheless, I think adults should take action immediately to solve problems instead of asking questions which was answered multiple times.

The lady in charge declines all test takers IDs without the fulfillment of photo,name and signature. The whole scene is recorded in video and audio. So, stop repeating the stupid process and start taking actions already!

Imagine a patient came in and explained his condition. You as a doctor keeps on asking how was his condition. By the time you take any action, the patient probably died of the same reason he have been telling you.

Rage probably clouded the judgment and thoughts of the parents, because their kids weren't able to sit for an exam because of a silly signature.

I swear that the parents were about to bribe the lady just to allow their kids to take the test from their tone of voice.

I wonder if they ever considered the damage they could have done to the lady in charge if ETS were to find out she were that lenient.

Anyway, I got my passport and sat for TOEFL. The reading,listening and writing were okay, seeing how much exposure to these materials I obtain everyday.

When it came to speaking I stunned and froze for a few seconds before I'd even started due to a temporary nervous break down.

Probably due to lack of exercise on the speaking test.

I mean, 15 secs to prepare and 45 secs to answer?

My family eyes popped when they heard this.

Well, that's pretty much how my TOEFL test went.

Reading was fairly easy, even easier that MUET's .

Listening was okay, its just the jotting down of points was really tiring because the info was compact and heck the process was so fast.

Writing was also okay, I'm just glad I surfed onto the web to get some last minute recaps on the ideas and examples required.

Speaking, well I've said so much about it.
PS: I have new, barely used TOEFL books for sales! Email me!

So, I would remind of all future TOEFL takers in Malaysia:

If you are a Malaysian taking a TOEFL exam in Malaysia, please do bring your Passport with you because your IC does not have your signature imprinted on it!

Getting my STPM results tomorrow, so wish me luck~

Buffetting : Revoking The Style

Binn has decided that...

I wanna revoke my writing style from this post onwards!

The previous posts since I've entered Form 6 were pretty bitter and overly matured from where I've seen it.

Since I will be stepping into university, a whole new environment and companies, I probably should revert back to my bubbly'ol writing styles.

As self-centered as the posts will sound, I guess that's how I best express myself~

Look forward to my future postings! (which is like in a few minute later.. *squint eyes*

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Buffetting : Can't Get Her Off My Mind

Have you ever seen one person and just "POOF" her image just sticks to your head like FOREVER.

Binn doesn't really have like super strong affection for this particular person, but the way she brought herself and the features are just so, vivid in the head.

Binn presents:

Raina Hein!

Noticed her while watching America's Next Top Model(aka ANTM), during her finals with rival Krista White.

They were both really good in their shots, and its impossible to imagine laymen being in front of the camera strutting around and pull out poses like they do.
Can you imagine posing with only one accessory with THAT size?

Personally, Raina was the favorite because of the positive energy she brought in the show, and her casual self is actually much more attractive than her model self.
Loved the family picture!

Bubbly, perky, natural. Pretty much something Binn want to be, as well as finding them in the future mate.

Yet, those positive energy had slowly drained off in the recent years for some reasons which are still unknown.

Anyway, Raina sticks in head because of her look, personality and most importantly, her upbringing.

So, are there any personalities, be it same or opposite sex sticks in your head?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Buffetting : Embracing Tradition 3

There so many cultural practices in the Chinese tradition, and some were shared between ethnics while some weren't.

拜天公(Bai Tian Gong/BTG) is one of those which is practiced by most Hokkien families. Due to the large number of Hokkiens practicing this culture, it managed to nab a significant number of Chinese from other ethnics to practice them as well, under the wings of Hokkiens of course.

BTG is celebrated or rather, performed on the night of the 8th day in the lunar calendar, and the ritual of praying and gold paper burning starts usually around 0000 hours of the 9th day in lunar calendar. Unlike the CNY reunion dinner, BTG plays a much more significant role in the CNY of Hokkiens, which explains the hassle of preparation and details for the day.

Preparations includes the folding of piles and mountains of 金纸(Golden Papers), buying tonnes of 供品(Sacrificial Things(with the lack of words)), and also preparation to be hauled and screamed over minor problems by the mother.

As the eldest son of the family, Binn can get away from nothing. Each chore and duty requires my participation with maximum devotion and output. Although the responsibility comes with the reason that Binn has nothing to do for the next 8 months, I bed to differ as I had to complete the similar tasks whether I liked it or not for the past years. Unlike the younger siblings who are allowed to get away with the tasks, Binn had to pick up after their mess.

The typical chores includes folding golden papers, sticking up red strings around fruits and packets of nuts and tin foods, helping the father to carry things around the house, serving the food and pig.

Did Binn mention pig? Yes because behold:

More like pork I guess.
The night reached its climax when the piling of the golden paper mountain starts. This is when all the criticism from each and every one of the family starts to devouring each other. Issues such as:

1. The paper you folded looked like thrash.(mum)
2. The way you stack looked as if the whole pile might crash any time.(elder sis)
3. The shape of the circle looked like an egg.(binn)
4. OMG, you are so fat already stop sitting of the seemed-to-be-broken stool!(bro)
5.I can't stand the girl you like at school she looked like AUNTY only.(elder sis)
6.You know, there was a guy at school masturbated and put the semen on the pass of my teacher!(younger sis)
7.(younger sis) There's only one girl who looked pretty in scho../(snapped in by elder sis) Yer she is so ugly and they say she is pretty??!!!

And the conversation went on till the whole burning fiesta took part:

And the night ends with a stuffed supper.

Personally, I don't think I will celebrate BTG as much as I do now in the far future. Maybe just a small gathering and some traditional food, but I wouldn't follow as rigid as what the book the father bought as referral says.

Plus, my dream house for the first 10 years in my career is a condo, and the rest a gold course. So, I can take my time.

So, any other CNY traditions to share?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Buffetting : Embracing Tradition 2

Back to upholding another tradition.

When it comes to CNY, what youngsters anticipate most?

Yes, Ang Pao, also known as Red Packets, or Red Envelope as suggested by Wiki.

The whole diversity of ang paos are available in the link stated, so Binn shall spare you the eyesore of a long post.

As for Binn's family, red packets don't come around that easily. As cliche as it sounds, there ain't no free lunch in the world, not even for kids.

What the family does is that, when there's an adult distributing angpaos, the kids are all required to line up, and wish the adult with phrases and chinese 4 versed idioms in order to pass the Family Quality Check and receive their red packets.

The typical idioms normal goes like this:(pardon me for the weird translation cause Binn's doing direct translation)

恭喜发财(Congratulation on getting rich),万事如意(All Plans Proceed as Expected),
金玉满堂(Gold and Jade Filled in the House),身体健康(Best Health Attained),
年年有余(Blessed with Extras Annually),步步高升(Getting Higher Every Steps),财源广进(More Business and Financial Fount) and the list goes on.

Binn normal lists 20 just to be on the save side, usually within a minute's time.

Why? Being one of the eldest around, there's a certain reputation and standard to keep up.

So, any weird traditions you keep at home?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Buffetting : Embracing Tradition

Just before stepping into the realms of responsibility and sensibility, heading back to the hometown was fun and pretty much unwavering.

Yet, as time passed, it became a burden, even more when you are the eldest around. There are expectations to be attained, no matter how one wishes to flee from it.

From the decors, to the last bit of grocery duties, as the eldest son everything should pass the QC of the parents, and the siblings no less.

Of course, it wasn't all that bad. It was fun, and satisfying when your room gets a new tangy look after 2 years of misery, diving into seas and seas of delocalized notes, books and color pencils.

Why the color pencils?

This is why:

Back to embracing the tradition. The lunar new year shows the sign of gathering most, to Binn.

The fun of gambling, eating IMBA food and drinks are just ways to commute.
Fine, the ice creams ain't that IMBA so blame the 8mp camera.
The red packets filled with blessings of the elders are now seen as the status of a family's wealth in the modern kids' eyes;

While to the adults, its more like the distance between each family; the more the closer.

As we perform each practice, what's the point of them?

To make sure each and every one of the family members are there to participate, hence gathering.

The CNY traditions in the family are pretty much upheld till today, and there are so many of them.

One of it is being back to the paternal side's hometown, all the way in the state of golden maizes, Kedah.

Each year, one of the brothers take charge of the reunion dinner. Although there are 6 siblings in the family, only 4 brothers take part, including Binn's.

The sister being the woman, and also another prequel of drama behind it, doesn't take part in organizing.

The youngest brother, due to another prequel of personal drama, is unable to take charge too, hence resulting in only 4 so-to-speak capable brothers.

The prequels will be discussed in further posts under z-family drama.

So this year was the 2nd brothers' turn, and next is the Dad's turn. And only during the Dad's turn, Binn and family gets to have the reunion dinner with the maternal side of the family. This happens as Binn's family is in SJ, hence the whole family form the paternal side comes down from Kedah to celebrate.

It's kinda weird, cause thee TRUE reunion for both families only upholds every 4 year, just like the 29th Feb babies.

Yet, if other families were to take their maternal side of the family into account, the whole restaurant probably can't fit them all.

Guess its still superior to the paternal side then.
Some of the cousins from the maternal family.

Of course, Binn personally enjoy the company of the maternal side, due to the high frequency of weekly meetings and outings together. Unlike the paternal side, meeting up or chatting is just probably through the net or few month basis.

The paternal side's members are fun, but the clique is much more prominent in the maternal side to Binn.

So that's one of the tradition of Binn's CNY, and more has to come.

What's your CNY tradition?