Monday, December 31, 2012

Buffetting : Nutshelling 2012

2012, was an extreme year. Much more extreme than 2011.

2010 was crazy, but 2012 was THE battle. Looking back at myself over the past year really have told me what a busy man I have been in 2012, especially in the later months.

January : The year started out very depressingly. Very.

I was forced to enter a course which my family would be happy while I suffer in unsatisfactory and anger. The whole month was enveloped with much rage and madness, any single fickle will render me restless and berserk. I was torn between identities and lives, and knowing I had no full control over my life literally sucked.

But, I was lucky to also have things to take my mind away from stuffs. In this case, my other life with my Japanese class saved me from heck load of madness

February: I've finally accepted the fact that I've no control at this point of my life, and I just have had to give in. The long hours around the family in an awkward atmosphere was no fun. I was literally vindictive down from my core swearing I will not get attached to medicine,

Getting to know a whole new bunch of people seemed to be weird, especially I'm the only one who is 21 and from STPM.

March: I might have gave into enrolling into a med school, but nothing stops me from keeping in touch with my true love, the vet school. I did my very best to have no strings attached to the med school, which I'm glad I did because the place didn't really deserve my love and devotion for it compared to vet school.
My active participation in the faculty event have already determined my firm stand on my future.

April: I lived in the constant struggle one whole month, trying to figure out what is important in my life. I've lost friends, family relationships, health and at some point my temper and mind. Meditation didn't work while I storm through the house in Tempus mode every single day sniping down every family members I see in my way. I was determined that I hate the family I'm in and I was absolutely ready to leave if I had to. The talk I had with my counselor in med school helped A LOT.
I do not deny I have a bunch of good team mates for my PBL sessions, but I'd figure I love the veterinary medicine side more.

May: The month to invoke the Wesak spirit finally got me the courage to end the Vet-or-Med cycle once and for all. As blessed by my karma, I finally broke the barrier of my parents in looking the vet profession at a prejudice manner, allowing to reach my full potential as a veterinarian instead of a stuck up physician.

After settling one of the last hoo-ha as the leader of my group in Monash, I'm good to go. I left abruptly, while some actually noticed my disappearance, I've managed to make a quiet exit.

June: The month of most rambles, because of my withdrawal from med school I had to start participating actively in the family business due to the lack of manpower around the company. Driving duty and working hours were off the chart while I sulked every single day and night for the next september to come.

However, having a life outside of that by immersing myself in Japanese classes have also opened up new doors for me to interact with cross-cultural entities.

July: Back to the vet business, I've started to make my schedules packed with practicals to get back into the saddle, at the same time away from the crazy life of a company assistant and driver. Participating in these practicals made me even more determined to serve the animals and society as a veterinarian, and the path I've chose and stubborn on was absolute right for me. 

August: Turning 21 was supposed to be a big thing for the community like mine. But for me, it went by just like that. The planning was totally ad-hoc, and it wasn't really well-received by the family. I had no help, no aid, no suggestions, only complains and blames. Sucks to plan your own 21 birthday, without support from your family or friends. Thinking of the guest list itself was a migraine, but I'm relieved things just turn out right.

September: Stepping back into a familiar grounds, familiar face, a familiar smell of the hostel and faculty. I'd never once regret my decision. The course, the outcome, the career opportunity, the whole design of the profession, the management and the people. Helplessly involved in various activities of the university, I've became a mad machine upon entrance.

October: Venturing into a newer aspect of the university has opened up my views and perspective while dealing with people around. Being a member in Student Represent Council is no joke, but hopefully this have, and continue will enlighten in me various ways.

November: Putting up an annual large event is no joke, especially when you are one of the programmers. Looking out for juniors who can help, getting them to help out while you stress over the design and making of the backdrop of the game was a long, tiring task.

Yet, knowing that the same gang of friends who will be there for you all the time in needs, is a priceless feeling of gratitude.

December: I've managed to complete a lot in the whole year.

An enrichment program.

A dogathon program.

Getting elected as student rep.

Participate in a mural drawing.

Making trips to places.

Planned a Christmas event.

Overall, I've been through hell and heaven in 2012.

But 2012 have also taught me, when there's a strong will, karma will make its way out.

May 2013 be a blessed one for all sentient beings.

PS: Being a vet student made me a better Buddhist.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Buffetting : Official

It's also known as the Corporate Shirt in our university, when we need to put this on as a formal identity as a SRC member.

Pretty cool, but it also means more work.

Commitments oh well..

I totally should get back to finals.

Why domestication takes place? LALALALALA~~~

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Buffetting : Out of the bubble

Looking at some of BestBud's photos do hit me a lil hard on how he've gone far in living out of the previous bubble of his life.

He's been through a lot I would say, being in a foreign place with really troubling circumstances. But he got through anyway, and he enjoyed well to graduation so it's a good thing for him.

As I reflect to myself, I somehow have yet to live out a certain bubble.

Or have I?

Somehow I just feel like I'm still running away, but from what, and to what exactly?

I feel like I'm not being myself, at the same time I feel like I'm pretty much very occupied right now to think about doing stuffs other than work now.

Or I should just let time take its way in making a flow out of my current situation?

I've always thought I've finally got myself on track getting back to vet school, somehow I get into mazes one way or another.

Or this is just the way my life is?


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Buffetting : Christmas

I'd still remember the Christmas in 2011 was a dreadful one.

It was study week while I was dragged to the UniStud Singapore with the family, when I clearly was trying my best to stay as long as possible in the public university.

I succumbed, and went on. USS was so so, the rides were nice, but I wasn't fit for it then for Pete knows reasons.

The past Christmas in Singapore was boring, no presents, the lights around was sucky, going into H&M was just plain pointless, and all I was longing to is getting back to the hotel and sleep.

2012 was different, when the cousin decided to get a party on.

Had food, had present exchange, had gossips.

The exchanging session was fun, with me being the freaking spokesperson again.

But overall it was okay, at least I enjoyed it to some extend.

Except of the part of me being the bbq chef for 4 consecutive hours.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Buffetting : Neither World

Being brought up as the eldest son in a Chinese family has indeed molded me into a pretty fatherly figure to most of the people around me.

So as so to the extend I've become the typical "father" to most of the people I know around me.

I consider matters like a father would.

Take measures like a father would.

Heck, I even dress up like a father would. Except, not like mine.

I'm sure I've developed this father syndrome after Form 6, when I've had the taste of reality.

Things weren't as cream and sweet as they were portrayed in shows, and bad things hit you hard and nasty in your face by daily basis.

I've survived hardship in a very destructive manner.

Yet, somehow I still do wish to break free from just being the father figure.

True, I can be source of ideas and advices if people needs them.

But some how I'd just feel like I need someone I can too confide in instead of pulling everything into my vortex of nothingness.

And outing today somehow reflected on how my romantic relationships will go one from now:

Probably none.

I'm just too different to fit in neither world.

I guess I should put an earlier renouncement.

It does seemed to be a flee, but it's too also a relief.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Buffetting : Secrets

We all have them, and it takes a lot for us to reveal them to people.

Heart and Lady Boss was with me during lunch and we've discussed about how "down" they got during the hormonal time of the month, as well as farfetched thoughts can bring instant tears to them.

And we came to the point to decide if we want to share.

Everyone had their reasons to hold back, as for me, not the time.

Which is pretty true.

Dogathon is coming while committees are in. I can't afford to let smudgy relationships to incur right now. Not right now, AlexL.

Plus, I can always do this after the event, when my time spent with the others would be minimal.

So telling them then wouldn't be a huge impact, I hope.

But still, I don't think its necessary until I've found the one.

More secrets? Oh you betcha.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Buffetting : Sign

Finally had the last Friday to catch up with the girlfriend, Queen.

Somehow we managed to connect really well as fellow Leos, and time seemed to have no effect on us having fun thrashing the Japanese restaurant with our ruthless laughter and more than 3 hours stay.

Can you believe after a 3 somersault collision Queen still managed to survive with her Kelisa's mirrors and  glasses all broken? No scratches on faces, no flying out of the car even though without the seat belt.

All she had was a bruise and some broken glasses in the mouth after the collision.

After 4 incidents of accidents happened in my week, it was as if there's a sign somewhere trying to tell me to slow down in my driving, perhaps my own life before something happened.

Catching up was fun, especially on romance. Queen got involved for a very good period, short, but good. So and so she'd actually fell in love for real after her previous romantic experiences. But, it didn't turn out well either. She fell for him, but he left without a single note after all the promises.

And when Queen got her friends to finally dig this guy out, the answer was, "I was pitying her."

If I'd ever meet him, which Queen bet on he will beg for forgiveness because he's a man, I would splash his face saying that Queen's too good for him.

Then it was my turn, and Queen said I'd better invest time in looking for one soon. Her theory is that I'm too afraid, and still lives in my comfort zone of wanting to get a PS Vita, to be comfortable

At some point, maybe its true. I'm, still too afraid to step out.

What's more, I'm really occupied right now. Stepping out would mean more commitments than I already have, and if I'd ever have problems with the relationship I would go haywire and everything else would crumble.

Which brings me to an attempt yesterday which I shouldn't have make at all. It was a close call, but I couldn't imagine what the repercussions would be if I'd make further ones

I should have totally be in control instead of allowing my body to move by its own.

So many signs these days, and so confusing.

I'd wish I could tell everything, but I'm a hopeless all-in sucker.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Buffetting : When they come

Should totally be settling the rest of the chapters included for non-ruminant production Test 2.

Finish deciphering 3 chapters, but memorizing awaits. 4 more chapters to decipher.

Hatchability, heritability, fertile eggs, poultry welfare, different strains and breeds of chicken, whoa I love my course!

Until I have my next holiday not flooded with tests and responsibilities~

Monday, December 10, 2012

Buffetting : While it Lasts

Told the others how insecure I felt during the Muar trip.

How I wish I could have been more stronger last year.

Nevertheless, I have to be even stronger for the upcoming years, seeing myself losing in the midst of blur.
Shall immerse myself in non-stop gym activity and what not when the time I am with myself after semester 5.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Buffetting : Life Goes On

It's weird that when I got elected as the SRC, everyone assumes that I should be different.

But I beg to differ. I still enjoy going to events, collecting merits to stay in the residential college in the subsequent years, and I still do hang out with people.

I do need to devote time for the SRC work, but it doesn't mean I should not have other lives.

I may not be the most outstanding SRC among the board members of 45, but I can still be the one SRC whom people can get close to easily, even more among my faculty members.

The Light Festival in our college was awesome. Great performances, good games( I even won one) and most importantly great people. Everyone was so supportive of each other in the hall when the event proceeded, something which I'm very proud of as a Malaysian.

Had the experience to wear an oversized Jippa and Dothi while taking stunning pictures with my dear sisters donning themselves over glistening trinkets of the Indian heritage.

personally like this the most, cause i look okay in it haha~ and no, Heart and I are really close friends only.

After all, I'm not joining next year anyway. Moving out on the 3rd yr to have more time for myself!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Buffetting : Inspiration

Have had the enrichment talk with the favorite lecturer yesterday while I get inspired by the way she handle things.

Daredevil style.

Because she knows her facts, she's got immunity, and whatever she does  its of the best interest for the animals, not herself or anyone else.

It's a good thing, because it really shows how there are still people care for animals not in a biased perspective or blindly.

Something which I think I need to learn with the situation I'm in right now. Sometimes I don't have the facts but I still do sound, which puts me in a compromising position. Therefore, stop, think and speak. Take my time.

As for the SRC, I began to learn to filter meetings because I personally feel my faculty needs my devotion more. It's a headache for my fellow mate in the other faculty as he holds a position in the top 5 while he needs to attend all these meetings, but seriously I'd rather not.

Although I wish to make something great out of my university life, I think Dogathon has it more than SRC.

If there's one final blow, I'd think I would just quit.

Crap, there's a thought.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Buffetting : Enrichment

Day by day as we live our lives, we repeat our mundane lives.

Wake up, work,eat, sleep, shit and the cycle repeats itself.

Yet, in the midst of these, we indulge ourselves in random enrichment so we don't get too stressed, frustrated or robotacized in the whole process of the cycle.

That includes going for movies, exercising, making out, have a social life and all.

While I sit through the talk of one of my favorite lecturers on the Environmental Enrichment for Zoo animals, I was relieved that I stood strong on my choice.

Or else, I would be spending my weekends in libraries, social life, and what not instead of learning to fix harp traps and brainstorming on how to solve problems for the animals' welfare.

As the animals live their lives captivated in mimicked enclosures, they are not as easily deceived as the public thinks. They investigate, unravel, get bored and end up with bad behaviors causing psycho and physiological impact on their health.

I got into a group which is supposed to come up with an enrichment program for, Flamingos.

Oh great, with budget and time constraint, I guess Youtube and Google should be my best friend for the next whole week.

Worst part of the assignment, not nutritional enrichment. Meaning no enticement using food.

Great, I better get my tools very much noticed by the flamingos.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Buffetting : Separation

I've decided to not my life as a SRC meddle into my life as a veterinary medicine student as well as a growing young adult.

So head over this site to know more if you want updates.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Buffetting : Stay or not?

u better dun be a student representative if u cant even think at students side^^

This was what I've received from a senior SRC when I refuted relentless in the social media group page of a fellow SRC of mine in another faculty. The thing is, he's alone in that faculty with everyone bombarding him, while his fellow SRC ain't doing much.

I was indeed enjoying my bombardment until the whole thing came to a sensitive issue of "image".

Sometimes, maybe I would have been able to go out there by myself without a burden of "image".

With the Dogathon burden coming up next semester, the predecessors suggested I take off from the current SRC position, which I'm considering heavily after the statement up there.

Or should I just stay by the sidelines for now? I hate the "grey" area in life because trying to figure out these areas just sucks.

My guts told me to just watch for now and let the other fac's SRC deal with them before I've promoted him to a even vicious state.

Maybe I should just do that, as focus on my faculty's instead.

Sometimes, being thoughtful can hurt too I guess.

And the thought of, stay or just focus on Dogathon?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Buffetting : Accepted

Took the challenge with a fellow Co-Director.

It's going to be a tough ride.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Buffetting : Turn Off

Somehow, I find people who fail to deliver well in decent English a turn off.

I'm not expecting Cambridge, but Junior English should do well even.

Back to Dogathon, the cards are laid, should I play it?

Buffetting : Taken

I'm pretty sure most of you have watched the movie, either the first or second, which I have yet to.

However, today I've managed to get myself involved into the drama.

Apparently my dad was blackmailed by some private number saying that I was kidnapped someway or another.

And the weird part was, my dad only realized it was a hoax after he got the call the 3rd time hearing the cries of the boy kidnapped.

I repeat. The boy.

My aunt and sister was so stressed out because I was in the class with my phone on silent while they couldn't contact me.

My dad sped down to Serdang just to make sure I'm fine.

It was till the point one of the presidents of my faculty's club got Polar Bear to get me on the phone to make sure I'm okay.

Even one of my fellow SRC rep in my class got called from the office double checking on me if I'm okay.

Geez, could the kidnappers have picked the wrong target? Me, of all people.

6 Ft tall. Ex TKD black belt. 90Kg. Ex-Policeman Dad.

Doesn't sum up to a good target though.

Dad called and told me it was a hoax after he said that he heard the cry similar to that of mine when I was smaller.

He instantly thought it was me instead of my other two younger siblings which, in my opinion quite weird, and a lil bit offensive in some ways.

Hello I'm  6 Ft tall, DAD. Of all people your first thought was me? Am I that WEAK to you?

Maybe because I'm away from home.

Anyway, a strange vibe telling me I'm going to be asked to become the next Co-director of the Dogathon.

Should I take it?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Buffetting : Life As a Dogathon Programmer

I was lucky, to be summoned by one of the programmer heads in the latest Dogathon committee as one of them. Since most of my good friends were in it, and for me to lost my direction coming back to the university, I took up the position.

It's a new game, and it wasn't easy.

Setting up,
Starting to put pieces together to realize its not working and changing the whole design within hours from the days you have spent,
Having limited amount of resources,
Realizing the limitations you have,
Predicting all possibilities jeopardizing your program,

Kind of a nightmare, but that was what made me love my life.

Changing the design was the nightmare.

From a vertical standing twin arch, I had to minimize it into a single standing one. Not to mention limitations by the cardboard itself of 2mX1m, quite a hard confinement to dabble on.

The nights of trying to put them together and thinking hard on color contrast while consulting my Personal Assistant who (THANK YOU KARMAA) is a freaking talented artist, I practically just knocked out every night trying to live my next day.

Life was literally at its fullest back then, with a lil bit of social media update here and there.

Life as a programmer didn't just revolve around my own program, as it was just setting up and camera angle locking; I had to help out with other programmer's prep like they did for mine.

The PA was a great asset to the programming team, too bad he was hoping to take on multimedia next year instead of being a programmer.
ain't he the cutest PA or what?

The oblivion was 3 days before the Dogathon.

The weather on Friday wasn't bad, but the management was. Wooden pacaks meant to cover the marathon tracks and programmer's boundaries' designs weren't sent to the venue because the lorry didn't come on time. Way to go equipment division!

What else, my humble Hilux have to come into roll.

Thank goodness I'd borrowed it or else we would be sitting vets in the venue.

When we were about to hit the field after 3, after the Friday prayers, Miss Doomsweather decided to pee on us. After a hefty hour of doing nothing, all of us decided to get the ball rolling, DVM  style(with gum boots and all). Seriously, this is the time when you know how useful tools we are told to get ARE.

Friday ended abruptly, with Saturday hitting us even harder.

I was supposed to get my backdrop tested on Saturday, but ended up helping other divisions instead of my own. The parameter was already set up, but Ms Doomsweather decide to throw her PMS on us, with a rain heavier than no other.

I gave up in trying to conduct a test run at all, while the rain continued pouring even after night fell.

Can you imagine 6 guys in the rain trying to put a 50kg banner up around 2 trees under the rain more than 200mm?

It was epic, and thank goodness for the gumboots again.

It was wet.
It was dark only with some lights from the spotlight 500m away.
It was pouring.
It was muddy.
It was cold.

And it was just US again. You never fail to see only that few faces left only in the end of every single Dogathon, and the night before.

The night ended with us going back to the college soaked and holding ourselves together to give a final preparation for the next day. A final cardboard decor 4 hours before we hit the venue the next morning. Wow.

The day itself was just nice, and really was a close call. Ms Doomsweather was on her mood swing, but it wasn't much of a huge one.

The morning was perfect, we were really hoping for a dry night, but the field was still muddy. Dang.

My program went on so so, would have been better if I broke my bubble and promoted harder.

But it would have been even better without our own sponsor doing the same thing for free. Heck, it was Pfizer. The director said I did a splendid job hitting half of my target, while he was expecting less than a quarter.

*shrug shoulder* thanks? I was really aiming for a sell out though.

Anyway, I loved the backdrop. The effect would have been better if the pictures were shot at night.

Wrapping was, easy. Throwing everything?

Life as a programmer was challenging, but honestly I felt really useless, as if I was a failure.

The program didn't turn out as I expect it would.
The participation wasn't impressive.
I had competition, from my own sponsor.
Ms Doomsweather wasn't playing nice.
I don't think I gave it all.

It just feel really devastating when everything ended by 3pm when we started packing. I wasn't in the mood to talk or discuss my program outcome. I just wanted to pack everything and go back to the college.

Everyone else' program was a huge success.

Hide and Seek was a hit, I can literally hear screams every 5 minutes.
Catch and fetch got a haul. The participation was immense.
Master Hunt was better than ever. I heard they've gotten like up to thousand ringgits in sum of the participants.
House of Horror managed to get lots of people towards the end when they've decided to give away the prizes far more lenient.

As compared to mine. As new as the program is, I just didn't feel up to par. Overly ambitious? Very I guess.

I was down to the point I just got all these negative thoughts swirling in my head.

Like when it comes to next year, I'm going to be in a different world again with my current batchmates.
Like why do I have to be the different one again? It's like I have to run away from people because I'm just too afraid.

I ran away from A levels because I was afraid of the pressure.
I ran away from Subang Jaya to Serdang because I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to live with the old life there.
I'd actually planned to runaway from UPM again, because I'm afraid I'm going to be different!

It's like running away is all I do, and sometimes it really boils down to how my family has steered me into.

"There's an expiry date on blaming your parents for steering you into the wrong direction"-- JK Rowling.

I don't know. If I were to be more persistent back last september, I would  have been with my batchmates?

Sometimes things just haunt you out of nowhere huh?

Being a programmer was awesome. It's just that, I'm not sure if I will be able to lead divisions next year, seeing how fucked up my program was this year. Will the program be sustained again? I don't know.

It's quite unsettling seeing how being a programer hits me this hard.

Wait, I have another work now, Student Rep of my faculty. Oh great.

After this, I somehow realized, like it or not, I'm destined to be alone.

So be it.
you have to give her credit for the commitment right?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Buffetting : Hyper much?

So we were talking about how we are going to live our lives from now on.

Polar bear is certain that he's not going live my life of extremities in pursuit of my career and ventures.

Preferring a balanced life between fun and work, polar bear said he would die in my shoes.

I can't afford to just live a comfortable life without striving, that's not me.

And it's even not me to just live my life as a normal small animal practitioner, because I have my choice to be proven right. Defying the family, the extended family, the teachers; I need to justify my path and ambitions.

Which brings down to how many credit hours and labs which I will need to go through next semester if I ever wish to catch up with my current batchmates.

Anyhow, the conversation went on to how the seniors look at the juniors, and our interaction.

Apparently, the guys could never understand how I have the energy to go "HI!!! What's up?!! BLa bla bla.." with all Tom, Dick and Harry I see in the faculty in the morning.

Most of them said they just don't have the energy, nor see the need to do that.

I don't know. It just felt natural to talk and catch up with people that I know, senior or junior. Just a few chats, and it makes my day.

Boey even go to the extend of saying he might sound fake to be so hyper in the morning.

Seriously then, do I sound fake in front of the others?

Updates on Dogathon will be made tomorrow at home! So stay put for my journey being a programmer this year!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Buffetting : Dogathon 2012

Being a programmer myself, the day just ended quite abruptly.

Will have a full update once I feel my body again.

It was nice seeing you in the flesh Soul! Thanks again for helping! I totally owe you a lunch.

As for Alex, gosh both you and Kenny looked so sweet together! And so sophisticated la both of you, speak also like so bertamadun unlike me XD

Time to crash for another week of tests before the mid sem break. Nighty guys.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Buffetting : Break and Recap

And here's my favorite cup of Milo-O~

Whew, honestly I didn't really come back home because I find the need to, its because the holidays would be really boring without my friends around. What's worse, I have to like drive around just for food and it really takes a lot out of me.

So recap of the life:

The semester started with quite a few bumps with the academic and all. But everything went fine, so as I've still managed to register for the courses I wish to take, with a considerable amount of credit hours too.

Lectures went well, in which I don't feel the urge to skip most classes, unless I'm absolutely exhausted to the point that I just ignore calls, which have yet to happen.

It's so funny that I now appraise most of the matters around me now with the veterinary science perspective.

An example would be discussing over how juicy and good pork would taste with a good animal husbandry. I mean, my family stared at me when I told them I have to learn about parts of food animals which they consume everyday, same goes to the market as well as economics behind them. I find it fascinating, and practical at the same time. Back fat thickness which contributes to the right distribution of fat and meat, shapes and sizes of pigs' rumps to know if they are actually fit, the due date of the sows(female big). It's just amazing that I found veterinary medicine in my life.

Academic wise went well, but I do need to buckle up to get into Dean's or Vice Chancellor's list if possible. I've promised to be good, I better be. Hence, I will need to be smart enough to balance out my other responsibility, as the student representative council's member.

The election went well without riots and door breaks like the previous session. I've got to admit the students were really professional and receptive of the whole process. And since I was the candidate for my own faculty, I had the liberty to campaign in English.So and so I was remarked to be a politician candidate, because of how I am able to manipulate words in public speaking.

Compliment or insult, I wonder. It's not like I have any intention to partake in the country's future politics, however if I am influential enough I wish to make a change in the Malaysian's mindset on our profession, as well as the animals. It was my aim and dream when I first know for sure vet med was for me.

So I've been nominated as the Ex-Committee of Student's Welfare, which the SRC was all about. Let's hope I'm able to use my identity to fight for our faculty's rights.Meetings can go up to 1am night, no thanks to the draggish President. But I like his style, as least he ain't as snobbish or sly looking as 2 of the council members whom I despise absolutely.

Back to Dogathon.

Gosh did I mention I'm only like 30% done with my progress? Heck I haven't even plan or take any pictures of my backdrop with any real dogs as test drive! Goodness I feel like I'm going to pass out right now thinking about it. Hence, my kiasuness rose from the deep and I brought my work back home to proceed. Guess I wouldn't be sleeping early tonight so I can finish my fonts and complete the backdrop by Sunday midnight, or at least by next Monday so I have time for other matters.

I guess being a new program's programmer ain't easy? I'm quite lucky to come across my Personal Assistant who is damn gifted in designing. Heck he even knows how to put color contrast! Thank you intuition for selecting him or I would be doomed right now! He's gifted with brilliant ideas. If the committee decided to keep this program, he should totally be the next programmer. Though the decor team could ALOT of his help.

And now back to relationships. With me being back with the gang, its like I have to re-adjust and know them more now. They've developed friendships a semester more than I do, and I have a lot to catch up. Yet, the thing is that I do not stick with them all the time for every lectures, because I'm restricted to from 2 subjects.

The guys:

The hostel wasn't doing me any good my swapping my spot away from Sea and slotting Boey into my place. It is a good thing for Boey, because he WILL be sticking around with the other guys while I lack behind graduating a year later. So it's all the more reason for him to take my place. So as I'm living with the Year 4 seniors, whom are really nice to my disposal, but I'm still distant from the usual gang. I don't spend 1 hour updating at night anymore, my lunches are spent with the girls instead because I have more common practical groups with them, I don't go to the gym in Putrajaya because I have mine in the Mines, and I was asked if I'm too stressed by the girls because I was noticed to be quite distant from the guys. Well, to some degree I do lays tell myself to keep a distance, because I will really fall apart when the time comes to that I can no longer be with them. It's away to protect my heart.
woohoo~ mah first graffitti! I made the cattle-looking T!
The girls:

Intriguingly, I'm in the same practical groups with the girls for most of my practical. Ruminant production, non-ruminant production, ethology and even the upcoming production practicals in our breaks. Well, I normally stick to the same quadruplets, since they were already digitally destined(Digimon?!) to be my charms for Wealth, Health, Relationships and Luck, and somehow one way or another serendipity have made them my closest sisters now. Heck they know more than my family do, but of course there are still secrets remain in me, like they have with theirs when they claim to be "girl-stuffs". Oh well, I doubt I'm the only guy they tell stuffs to only, or should I just brush this over my shoulder and not be paranoid? Hmm, let time play its part.

Rumors have been spreading among the girls, and it seemingly portrays that I might be romantically involved with one of the girls(lets put as K), whom I really only have thought as a sister. Well, sometimes thoughts do sparks, but ultimately the girls still just can only be as close as my sisters and best friends, not mate. It's even more uneasy when Big Sis told me K felt a lil disheartened when I tagged only Big Sis in the social network to contact them as my phone crashed. I was quite stunned, because I'd never imagined it would be an issue. But Big Sis claimed that girls would be girls, so I guess I should be more careful next time. The thing is, people wouldn't say things if I'd just get to Big Sis directly because a: she is already taken and b: she just pops into my head when I thought of the duo. With rumors flying the air, and K being the ex-target of one of my boys, I can't be too careful. It's like a complex, which I do not wish to blend to a further extend now.

Plus, with all the crushes coming and going within split nights, I told myself to immerse in work instead. I'm too busy for these issues now.

So I guess I should work till 2am for Dogathon now.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Buffetting : Cool down before the Sprint

Finally tests are over while I've completed most of the assignments from the vet fac in hand. So now I have 3 more assignments for the university courses to be completed, one which includes management environment, another on the comparison between the education of special need children and "selected bright children", last but not least, China's agriculture.
research on boob inflammation of cows wasn't easy!
At any rate, those ain't my priorities for the time being. My main focus now would be Dogathon.

Seriously, you bitches out there who are within boundaries of Klang Valley, get your arses to my university on 4th of November or I will hunt you down, and send my hounds after you if I need to.

Like seriously! Don't you love dogs?! I mean, like seriously! Seriously.

Ok seriously, I have to stop saying seriously. Like seriously.
 not even finalized yet. Fingers crossed 10 ways.

Anyhow, the design I had before have had to revamped because of the constraints on the film. From a panoramic layout, I've shifted it into a portrait. Let's hope the outcome looks neat.


Classes have been awesome, finally we came to the stage where we need to learn about breast milk! Of cows of course.

More like lactation of a cattle, from its boobs mammary glands, and how to play with the tits stimulate lactation from the teats.

 who knew boob inflammation was genetic?

Learning the physiology of the milk production was uber cool, and who knew about the stringent procedures we have to go through in order to ensure good milk production? Not gonna bore you with the details, but seriously it is fascinating.

me in the eyes of my girls. 

However, the student body's work isn't getting any better. There's a water crisis in our residential college, while the vet students were like hogging after me asking for a solution. Thank goodness they were nice while asking me, because they love me like that *flick head*

We've came up with solutions for the management of the college, but due to the bureaucratic procedures implemented in most Asian country, its definitely going to take days till the solution can proceed.

Goodness its like sub-zero right now, especially for the girls in the block furthest away from the water source. It might be okay for other courses, but for vets, we have coveralls to be washed, ourselves to clean, boots and also lab coats.

Don't blame us when there's a crazy outbreak of brucellosis or zoonoses in the college, because the water crisis persisted due to incompetent management.

The Supreme Student Council of the college is trying their best, but they should have done better.