Sunday, December 22, 2013

Buffetting : Solution

I never stopped to amaze myself at different circumstances in life.

A simple task of trying to fix the glutinous rice ball soup(Tang Yuan) made me realize that, I can now solve problems.

It seemed to be really trivial, but I'd figure it would give me some head start and spark on, I am actually stepping into adulthood and responsibility sooner than I thought I was.

This year the festival was different for our family because we didn't make those TY ourselves, but bought from the market instead. The soups were left on the altars from morning till night because dad forgot to inform us, while us being kids didn't really bother.

When dad decided to reheat those soups on the altar, only to realize some of them went a lil stale during the heating; mom almost went berserk on him. It's quite pointless because the berserk wouldn't solve any problem, like those episodes of tantrums before at home or at work.

The fact that I automatically fixed it by changing the soup, chucking the rest of the balls into cold water and making a new sugar solution base to rid the stale smell totally caught me off guard.

I became a solution machine at some point.

Maybe its a skill I pick up being in the university for the past 14 weeks solving others' problems but mine?

It's definitely useful and employer-desired-skill.

But sometimes I'd wish I could develop more skills and visions further than managerial level.

Or maybe I'm really just meant to be someone to be in the health field; fixing elephant's musth maybe?

On the side note, T has been really quiet these days. I mean, I get the test loads ans all, academics over lvoe and I really look up to that. But one text before you sleep wouldn't hurt right?

What happened to the passion, the pictures of events, the constant curiosity we had?

It's just not right to let it fade out like that, and I would really like to preserve this. But, for only one side of the party to preserve it, ain't going to make everything work, yes no?

Man, its only the 4th month, I swear I almost had one of the breakdowns and giving-up episodes last week. The constant gives without being reciprocated and all did tax on my mind, really, but sometimes T didn't really get what I wanted to tell.

I guess love is a double-edged sword; it makes your heart fluff up, and eats you up like a blood-thirsty macrophage at times.

Come on now, let's work harder!

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