Saturday, August 29, 2009

Buffetting : Targets

Today is when everything starts anew.

No more games.

No more easy way out.

It's serious time.

Targets of the year:

1- Knowledge
2- Grades for SAT/STPM
3- Healthy mind and body
4- Understanding my needs and desires.

Thats it for the first buffet. Just finished watching Nodome's Cantabile... quite a fantastic drama from Japan, now to concentrate on studies.

Zany Zephyr

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ls, Last Stigma

For now, I will stop my blog for a period of time, a period until i have truly found myself again.

may we meet again, next February 12.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ls,Its here

After 3 months of misery and sorrow, finally something good came into my life which is able to make me happy.


My laptop, AKA my NEW GIRL FRIEND!!!!!

Though I can't say I was very happy as I thought I would be, thanks to the shop which messed up and the laptop I was supposed to get yesterday went berserk.

And here I could only get it today.

Anyway, this baby i got off the PC Fair last week was a real bargain.

With only RM 2699 I got 8 free gifts and a 4 GB RAM upgrade~

The whole lot... Loved the bag.. click to enlarge~
Uhuh... stated up there..

Need to use this more often~~

Imagine using this in starbucks... LAME~~~

Now, to explore my girl's content~

Steamboat frenzy tonight~

Monday, August 3, 2009


Conning is such a normal thing happening to our society today and we barely know it happened at all.

This incident just hit right on the spot, with me clueless of anything which was going to happen.

Well, I can't say im upset because the conmen were my own buddies!

That faithful evening was suppose to a birthday dinner for our birthday princess that day,
Ms leong~~~ you are finally 18 and legally.. so get a room with the guy lar.....

And we ganged up in Zanmai for a dinner and all....

So half way through the birthday song, suddenly Binn's name pop up.

I was like "Huh? What on earth???!!!!"!$&*#!##@@!!!

Since when the party was for me? Mine is like 10 more days to go!

I've only realised i was't hallucinating until I saw the cake,

with the red cream all over choco indulgence... The only thing I said was,

"Blardy ShEEET!!!! You guys CONNED me into doing this so you can sneak up a birthday cake ar?????"

Anyway, I was glad they actually cared to throw such event for me, although I was quite pissed when I didn't know much about the whole thing.

Friends, are truly treasures which fall from the sky. Grasp them hard or they might just leave you one day.

So, being typical SJians, we did what we do best:

oopsy bad camera man~

some discussion about masturbation i pressume.

One of the fav shots~ And when iman was enjoying the vibrator(jia wei's phone) in his ass....
from the mirror image~

Last but not least, happy birthday LEOs~~~ or rather August Babes!!!!

PS:I've rejected IT from my last post. Guess I can concentrate more now.

Joke of the day:

An australian college girl was suppose to get a cheek cell for her biology practical. Yet, when her college mate watched it under the microscope he saw nothing but a tadpole. Curiosly, he asked the lecturer to double confirm his image.

The lecturer looked into microscope , and stared at the girl. He ended up with, " Guess you must have had a fantastic job before you enter the lab."

What job?

We know the answer~

Bin bin bon bon