Friday, January 31, 2014

Buffetting : Back in Town, and thinking

After 2 and a half weeks of isolation from the urban, I'm finally back in a place with decent internet access!!!!

I should be talking about Cny, the preps, and perhaps report on my poultry practical in the deep outskirts of Karak town, but something struck me otherwise.

There was this interview with a celebrity on the radio the other day, while one of the topic they were discussing about was:

"If you had a partner in the future, would you be bothered of the nationality of the person, or the language you would be sharing to communicate?"

This struck me hard, like REALLY hard.

It's not a secret that T and I do have a certain degree of language barrier here.

The answer from the celebrity was:

"I'm fine with any nationality, but I would still prefer best for the partner of mine to speak in the language I'm comfortable with, in my case Mandarin"

I'm okay with dealing T in English, since T is putting effort to get lovey dovey with me in the language T thinks I'm most comfortable with.

Mandarin as mother tongue, English as first language, Japanese and Thai as social interest; I'm still struggling on which to be on active mode with T.

I personally don't mine any ethnicity or nationality; in fact I'm proud to be with a person with total different background for the richness of culture behind it, but I wouldn't living in the bubble of both of us only forever right? Gosh I hope not forever.

I wouldn't say my English is of Cambridge level, but I would still put it above average. T's probably would be like, hmm, on the way to average? It's not a bother now, but I would probably know more when I go to T's place this April.

So, would you love to have your other half with a language you are comfortable with, or would be fit into that other half instead?

Ponder-worthy question.

PS: It's T's birthday today! Supposed to pos-laju a handmade bracelet over, but CNY caught me up. I guess I shall do it next few days.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Buffetting : Understanding

I guess I'm being loved after all

Thank you for giving me a reason to love you even more every day.

2 more papers to go before we talk more!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Buffetting : Way to Go

Procrastination at work, rest assured.

3 more papers out of 4, and my finals mood is totally still on mid semester break.

Woo hoo, way to go.

Best bud and I have been talking a lot these days, about our relationships and situations.

I'm probably the amateur here, seeing how experienced he have been, after all the time which I have been missing with him growing up in this part of his growth.

Being together with T tells me one thing, as possessive as a Leo can and should be, I need to know that T is still a very busy person.

Like it or not, T made efforts during the holidays in Thailand, and not being able to stay in touch after the university starts means that T is in fact busy.

From the days which I use to be so upset for T to not reply or even drop in a note; I'd realized these days I don't get so upset over it anymore; or at least after T's semester resumes.

I guess we need space, and I should totally begin do what I like to do.
T is pretty crafty, while I'm more of the ship wrecker XD

I chose to be in love with  T, because all the criteria were met; and T couldn't have picked the best time to appear in my life. I don't know how well I fare in the circle in Malaysia, probably not so good; maybe I might get some degree of attention; and being able to get physical here in Malaysia totally outweighs everything.

But I chose to be in love with T, and let those chances here be.

The way to go, at least how I see in relationships is, go all out if you know that's what you want in life. Distance, is just an excuse; of course a very good one, but really, if distance were to be a problem to begin with, you might just not be into that person after all.

After all, being in love is getting over crazy someone right, T?