Thursday, February 28, 2013

Buffetting : 2nd Chance

It was until today that I’ve realized, and saw that everything has a second chance, including relationships. Remember the post I’ve written about a pair of dear friends who didn’t manage to turn out as a fruitful relationship? Apparently,  the guy is making his move, the second time.

The best part is, the girl is also accepting him, slowly. It’s like the high school drama all over again. If I were to be available right now, any other guy out there would scream “idiot” at me. So this girl rejected the guy last year because there wasn’t a chemistry between them, claimed her. But he claimed that she was still having feelings for another guy out there, seemingly the high school friend.

However, being a semester with her again tells me that I just be that high school friend, because of the rumors and lovey dovey stuffs people have casted behind us, especially the 38 girl gang I’m super close with. The attempts of putting both of us together were countless while He’d actually said he was fine with me being together with her and all.

The very fact is, I’m not interested, and I see Her as a very close friend to speak of everything but spending our lives as mates in the future. I have no intentions, and or I have the time.  I’ve made it clear to Her, Her best friend also one of the 38 girl gang, and everyone else, I am not looking for a relationship here in the university and not now. Logically speaking she would be the best candidate for my future including her height, her personality, and some of her affections which I feel like a total douche to put those feelings aside.

However, this made another route for Him, for his move. Her bestie asked whether or not if I’m jealous. Honestly, I’ve never felt so happy before. I mean, both of them are the closest people I speak to from both sexes in the university life, and we care for each other. Seeing them having a chance to be together again, it just takes my breath away. It’s as if life is pretty much perfect right now.

But wait, I’d probably need a backup plan to distract myself from these affections, seeing I will be spending a longer time in the university than them. Well, I have a Dogathon to look forward to, a Saxophonist apprentice-ship, a new Student Corporation to set up, and some bucks to be made. The physiology professor did mention to the class that we should always get a mate at the toughest time of our lives so that they live it through with us, and stick to us for good. I’d probably live the rest of my life alone I guess.

Or, it might just be that I’m not capable to love right now. I guess being a Leo, and being a person who have to running away and around from and for nothing as placed quite a substantial effect on my views on relationships. Not like I’ve yet to be in one, but it’s probably I do not dare to be in one. The drama, the commitment, the views and the network thereafter, is probably what I’m really worried about right now.

Damn, is it because of the Water Snake 2013, or is the universe trying to send some signals to me? I should totally lift my focus to something else right now.


  1. we are in the same boat,i'm afraid a bit to start one due to time constrain and need to solve some issues in my life.but most of the time i just don't feel the need to start one yet,might be due to my busy schedule.

    1. ditto! but i wanted to start when I want to, or when it comes. People keep telling me to get a date but there ain't any out there!

  2. ur professor is right. Even though u have friends to support u, having someone that really understand and will be there for u through the hard times will make it more bearable.

    As long u are willing to try and not simply reject anyone, ur time will come =)

    1. sigh... i don't think i will ever open up to someone else though, being an evasive person and all.

      not simply reject anyone? hahaha, like there's anyone out there. even if there was, its just hard to make a decision.

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