Thursday, May 28, 2009

KZB on: Lost in Glory

So yesterday was the dinner, and today was really a big day~

Though it ended with a lost, but I've gained experience, knowledge, wisdom and owh yeah, a new friend!

Guess who it is?

Its Kamal from Brunei!!! Looks pretty hawt for a Malay guy right?

He is only 16 this year and due to funny systematical error, he end up in under 19 boys.. Yeap I lost to this cute guy over here... straight sets, 11-3,11-2,11-3.. What to do.. people train more than I do ... Body also fitter and faster so its quite up to expectations that I will flunk my match...

And the players today were really intimidating yet respectable. Both male and female players in the court was fierce, energetic and precise.. Unlike the unexperienced me, my traits are totally opposite... The South African female players really caught my attention because of their stream-lined uniform and cool swift moves~~ I spoke to one of them , and her accent was like~ whoa.... melted when she said "Second~" haha what a sweet girl!

Anyway, plenty of people got a shock of their life today.

Why? Because I went to SMKSS17!!!!

Haha its like everyone keep asking me the same question over and over again... I went around the school to check things out.. Met like the whole gang of SJians in the classes... No matter in the bio-science or engineering class, there are people that recognizes me and know me~~

Haha what to do, SJian spirit!!! Seriously, its like seeing the whole form 5of SJ all over again seeing all of them over there. It was like
"Eh Yong Bin what are you doing here???!!!!"
some just stood up and *point finger*
"Woi Yong Bin!! Hello!!! Whagt are you doing here la???!!!"

Owh I miss those days!!! Although this happened the first day in college, it felt different in another school.

SS17 is the ideal school for Pre-University.. I can't believe I end up doing A levels and paying 30k for my ore-university studies... Stupid right? But what is done IS done.. No use crying over spilt milk.. I can only do my best in A levels now.

Alright back to main point, I was there to fetch Kian Yip for All Stars because we are having our match at almost the same time... So we went there together..

How I manage to get him out?

with a very innocent stare ," saya sepupu dia...."

Yea.. and they believed...

Owh well~~ A huge thanks to Kian Yip for showing the school around!!! SS17 is a great school for STPM!!!! And the teachers looked very nice and dedicated too!!!!

Although it was bad news for both me and Kian Yip, both of us went back with a very lighted heart because we both gave our best shot for our repective opponents, and we have NO REGRETS!!!!

Yes, regret is one thing in life you should try your best to avoid and forget. Why?
Its the one thing that is going to pull you back in every aspect in you life~ Kian Yip, 2009

And we went for POOL~~~ Gawsh I really hated the environment because of all the freakin lifeless fellas who book a ticket to heaven by smoking in the place... Yuck~ I can still *sniff sniff* smell the smoke in my nose now....

That guy over there was super nice!!! He taught me how am I suppose to rest the stick(or what ever it is called) on my fingers and how to switch them alternately in different situations and angles... Kian Yip was a great teacher, but the shop keeper did a better job in hitting the "pool-sense" into me~ >.<~~~ Great day, so sad that I have to end it with studying Statistics for my maths test tomorrow!!!

Swithering Away,

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

KZB on: All Star Dinner 2009

Well, the title speaks for itself right? The dinner is held in Hilton, Petaling Jaya. If you have no idea where is it, AmCorp Mall shall give you a good picture of where the building is~

Anyway, today wasn't really a good day for me to drive around, provided that I almost blew up the whole car every 5 minutes im driving it....

I didn't know that the T-junction in SS17 is going to be THAT jammed, even by SJ's 7 o clock standard... Was suppose to fetch "Foong Shiang though, but due to the jam....To make matters worse....

My car went out of fuel... So I had to drive to Petronas in SS17... and Ya know what sucks the most for a driver???

I forgot to wind the petrol notch back to its position!!! Imagine what is going to happen if the petrol leaked man???

Alright save the drama for next time.... Anyway, the worse has yet to come...

I went to SS17/3.. and I couldn't see where Foong Shiang was and I went round and round just to get to her house and ended up having her brother to send her over to Khye Theng's house instead of the original plan... So LAME~~~

Owkay so that was still fine.. What went basillisk was when I drove the whole gang of SJians to SHah Alam instead of PJ....


Actually its kinda my fault because I didn't recognize the route and Kian Yip's directing was WAY off today, so we ended up paying toll fees to Shah Alam and drove all the way back with a U-turn to PJ with Federal Highway....

My very coach!! he have squash balls all over him man... He is the best guy to coach squash in da world man~~(until i get to go some where else lar >.<)

Geez... Sometimes you can really feel that you are getting older by the day, because of all the knowledge you need to absorb as a DRIVER, and highways are like... How many are there????

The dinner was fine, everyone dressed up real nice, but the scary part is when you step into the Kristal Ballroom, there are like hundred pairs of eyes staring at you..

Me n Yaenn~~~ Super sweet right~ coach said she have PASSION for squash~ nyak nyak~


Because we were late for half an hour... Thank goodness the Malaysian timing ALWAYS, i mean ALWAYS taps into the guest of honour, so we had time to kill even we were late..

Its sooo intimidating to see the pros gathered in the same hall and we know that they are THAT good because they flew here just to play... And the best part was...


Feed me with what?

Hot hunks and Chicks!!!

Fine make it more me... all the leng chai and leng luis~~~

From Hong Kong to South America and Australia... Gosh they are soo pretty and good looking when they are in their dresses and shirts!!! There were at least 20 hot guy and hot girl alerts every single time I look around!!!
Group Picture!!!

Did I get anyone's number??

No... There was a few Hong Kong guys that I wanted to talk to but failed due to "technical" errors... don't ask....

And another girl which told me that taking cakes for dinner is healthy, I was about to know which part of Selangor she camed from, until Kian Yip snapped me from the back and tell me I'm cutting some one else's line...

I should have stayed longer to get her number!!! Owh well.. Guess my clicks are enough to entertain me for the night~~~

Gradually its just a dinner to welcome the foreigner players and all to make them feel more Malaysia a day before the match.. There were 14 different countries playing in this tournement, inclusive of Pakistan,Australia,India,Hong Kong, Japan,Korea,South America,Russia,Indonesia,Iran, Singapore,Sri Lanka, Brunei Dahrul Salam and last but not least, our very Malaysia..

The organizers were ok... its just that the guests' english need A serious make-over... If you had gotten any videos from the Sri Lankans, you will get what I mean....

The whole thing ended arounf 10 plus, and it became a cam-whore session for our circle, because we are the only ones Jakun(meaning barbaric or un-sophisticated) to snap pictures in every corner of the ball room!!! What to do, we have our cam-whore king and queens mar... Kian Yip, Khye Theng and Yaenn respectively.. so , predicted lar...

Official Camera Man: Binn.. *as always~~~*

Best Pic of the Day... Though its super blurrrrrrrr

Owh yeah, this is an interesting video: *tips* notice the change in facial expression~

For more pictures: got to this *link*

Swithering Away,

Sunday, May 24, 2009

KZB on: Useless Malay TNB technicains!!!

ALright this happened on the exact same day Hannah went missing for 2 hours... But rewind 1 hour before.. It was a living, DAYLIGHT nightmare for me...

Remember when we were younger, when the electric supply was down due to some construction or what ever reason the MAlaysian government had gave? We enjoyed the No-Lights sessions and no-Air-cond sessions by having a cup mee and talk about all sorts of nonsense until the power supply is back...

But on that particular day, it wasn't as enjoyable as you think it is this time....

It was dark, and it was hitting night already...

Imagine when you need to complete assignments, you have no lights to guide you..

you have no PC access...

you have no coolent in you house...

and worse of all..

you can't even go to the toilet because it is soo dark!!!!!!!

Yea.. and we suffered for a few hours...

Wanna know why ?

Because the freaking TNB technician cut down my house's power supply!!!

I'm telling you this guy is soooo going to get sued by my parents man...

I mean how can you cut down the power supply of my house, when it states in the warrant or what ever hell paper that the house is in SS13/3B!!!!!

And my house is in SS12/3B!!????!!!!

Are you blind or you are numerically illiterate???!!!!!

I'm telling you this even put my perceptions on Malays on a even worse state..

No offense but this is a national fact that 99.9% of malays in the country is a real PIG!!!!

Even my own malay friend accepted and admitted the fact that this is SO TRUE!!!

No sense of resposibilities..

No sense of respect...

No sense of numbers...

I wonder how he became a technician man... that PIG!!!(Literally he is SOOO FAT!!!!)

I called the TNB headquarters and screamed at the customer service man....

Kesian the fella.. Hazran TNB customer service department, if you see this im sooo sorry!!! You did a great job in the phone ok?

And when he came to revive the power supply, he was like smiling and giving the I-m-innocent look and shook hand with my dad..

Right after he took off I told my dad to screw him upside down with the laywer letters man...

See what I mean? SS12/3b and SS13/3.. hello you work for subang Jaya branch you don't even know where is it meh???? Malays lar... maklum lar Melayu~~~

And we were thinking of compensations too!!1

I mean really, 7 solid hours without electrical supply in Subang Jaya...

Say WHAT>>>????!!!!!

You have GOT to be KIDDING ME man!!!!

Reasons for TNB to compensate:
1) Discomfort
2) Business documentations... my family runs business on fax ... i think...
3)Public Humiliation... we were the only house got cut man... embarassment lar...
4) Lack of security... people can just jump in without us noticed at night.. its DARK!!!
5) Useless technicians who don't have theintergrity of the service sector...

Sheesh i can become a lawyer man...

Anyways... It's a sad sad thing to see that these people who sit down comfortly enjoying their lives with the government covering there black asses while we have to work so hard and yet do not get the rightful recognition...

Malaysia.... Boleh lar....

Lastly, I'm not critisizing the whole race owhkay... its just 99.9%... the 0.01 % left, they rock the whole world man!!!!

In this case, my good friend Iman rocked the whole race off man!!!!

Swithering away,

Saturday, May 23, 2009

KZB on: TUC's student went missing!!!

I called her number, and I found out that she left her phone at home.

I called the last person she was together with, and I couldn't get the person.

I was scared, my course mates started to ring me up to confirm the situation.

5 minutes passed....

I see her screams in my head.

Did she get kidnapped?

Did she got raped?

What can happen to her?

She look strong most of the time but she IS vunerable...

My heart beat increased by the second....

Gosh, what can happen to her???

I panicked, I called and called.

By the time I was about to start my engine, a call came.

Shit. This is bad.

What would my college life be without her?

Gosh... every seconds passed by was a shiver down to my spine....

"Hello? Bin are you there?"

MY heart skipped a beat.

I hear her.

"Where the hell were you????!!!!"

And she went missing for 3 hours for everyone who knew her well.

Owhkay she was found at last around 8 something that night. Gosh it was a real hard night for us man. WE were like calling each other to make sure some one saw her and anyone who had seen her around....

She was last seen at the web , and no one else saw her after that...

I knew she went for some Q&A session of the movie Sell Out because the crew and cast came to the campus but I didn't know it was going to be THAT long.

She didn't expect that too but she left the her phone at home... Come on, you can call using the library's phone right????

Anyway, lucky for her and US, she went home around 8 plus and we managed to contact her...

What's stupid was, it was 8 at night and she WALKED home, ALONE!!!! OMFG!!!! Hello its 8 pm in the dark lar... anyhing can happen to you ok??!!! NExt time get a free call from the shops la!!!!!

Total missing time: 2 hours and 17 minutes 49 seconds....

Geez... this girl so owe me a lunch man...

Wanna know who she is?

All credits go to this guy.

Hannah you owe me a HUGE WAFFLE!!!!!!

Swithering away,

Saturday, May 16, 2009

KZB on: Moving On

Finally, I don't feel THAT tired, once in 6 weeks' time...

Gosh, who made up the myth concluding that college life is NOT tiring and FUN???


That bloody son of a goat is sooo dead when I find him or her...

Anyway, glad that things are finally settling down...
Oops, college didn't stop me from cam-whoring... (>.<)

Maths work, COMPLETED, its just bck to form 5 again, its just that homework plays a major role now...

Gaah, forces in equilibria... feli at the back¬

Physics, I never liked it, nor im liking it now... The subject supposed to be fun, but i just like the way stuffs goes which I can SEE, physics is so abstracts most of the time..

Woohoo¬¬¬ Smart Shu Hui is in DA LAB¬¬¬

Chemistry,liking a huge big chunk of it now.. I can only say my form 5 teacher suck big time, and my college lecturer rocks big time... Need more understanding, but I'm sure i will get the hang of it..
Found time to mimic cyclops¬

Biology, well it is FUN but sometimes I just feel like its not the favourite subject like it was back in secondaries.

Last and it is the least likable, Thinking Skills.. I'd rather have GEneral Paper than this piece of junk.. It just provides nothing but a massive HEADACHE in my life, especially when everyone's way of seeing things are different, and the answer is down to ONE only... Flunked assumptions, but i think i can still handle the others...

We even had birthday parties in da class...

Subjects, done, now the teachers... Jee Can did a bang up job in stating each lecturer's traits and motto, and it was so funny to see him showing it, and how each of the college mates actually mimics the teachers!

Maths, Miss Choong is okay, its just that when I'm really tired, her voice is very sleepifying... literally...

Physics, Mr Vara is a very nice guy, and he made a clear cut in every aspect in the subject, I can only say I don't put enough effort in it.

Chemistry, Mr Lucas is very proffesional, differentiating fun and work, but his lessons are cool, and our class just loves him, especially our treasurer... no names mentioned...

Biology, Ms Durga is all about FUN, and biology lessons were never dull, due to the over-self-relinquishing of our classmates, but it is a good thing, it prevents the original bio lessons to be boring!

woohoo¬¬¬ biochemicals in pure form! Cheok Tung at back¬

Thinking skills, Ms Ester is nice by nature... but she is too funny at times, in the sense that the cassmates really really pass out in the lessons... but it is the subject itself, or maybe she is just that bor*ing originally?

anyway, SNAPSHOTS!!!! Geez, I need to get a BETTER phone big time!!!!! I can't stand my useless phone's resolution man!
My overly-awesome-posome-sexyly-deliberately-technically-amphoterically-genrally-practically-beautifully- classmates in action!!! WE had a blast in AC talking over... STUFFS¬¬

our one and only Hannah!!!! Had to give her face lar.... why did you close down yer blog again?

Anyway, I had a blast this week... Finding out how each and every of ourselves searching for our soul in college.. Our class is real cool, and i bet, by next year's graduation ceremony, everyone will cry.. Because we we are too good for each of ourselves..(literally-academically-physically-emotionally-really- REALLY)

So, now I have to really get a grp and start liking college because i asked for it.. Form 6, may we meet next time¬ or rather... never gonna meet you again¬

Next target, completing A levels with a bomb!!! (A bomb okay... not bomb only...) shit being lame now...

PS: Funny, college have been so busy nowdays, X actually slips off my mind completely nowadays... guess my affection for X has finally diluted off through vigorous work load and squash trainings... Anyway, X is finally out of life, time to get on with the main priority.. No lovey dovey for me, at least not until I complete A levels¬

Swithering Away,

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

KZB on: I am still there

I can make it, I have to make it.

The best way to deal with it is to manage my time, my aims and my goals.

As had been taught in today's Student Portfolio workshop, I must set goals.

So what are they?

Short term: Make TAF A blast along the pure-committee group members

Short term 2: Improve my squashing skills by July.

Short term 3: Semester Exam, at least a band A for all subjects.

Short term 4: Get enough money for a DSLR

Short term 5: Lose TONNES of weight.

And to succeed them, I really need to put if effort...

Owh well, maybe i should stop bragging about MYSELF, and i think one of my classmate in college have had enough ramblings of mine and he/she/hshe made it so obvious that he/she/hshe hates it.. owh well one of the FLAWS that I have...

Anyway, back to full time squashing, hopefully I can keep up with Yaenne for the All Stars.

And 2nd filling for Star Trek!!!!

A little facts, it has got to be the best science-fiction movie I had till today,beating Star Wars because Star Wars is just plain lulaby~~~ to me that is, and offense to Star Wars fans out there~

Music was great, effects were realistic, plot was splendid, elements were right-on-tracks, the only thing is sometimes it DRAGSSSSS, but it glued my butt on the seat for 2 hours, even for a 2nd time viewer I'd say its awesome!

I think most of the peeps enjoyed it thoroughly..

And I love the scene when Spock was about to be toasted by the missles from the Romulans, and USS Enterprise just warp out and send the missles back to dust.

It was like, WHOA!!! The teamwork and timing was perefect... And the warping from the ship, again nice timing!

I really admire the engineers on the ship, their passion, specificity, brilliance and most importantly , TEAM WORK.

That is something which I can hardly find it now in my study environment due to lack of ECA activities.. Guess I need to get involve more to the OUTSIDE world huh? (Nuff Nang here I come~~~)

Over all, I rate it 9.5/10.0, 0.5 due to the dragging I felt.

College ends at 5 again tomorrow, so I'm heading to bed right now~

at last, a good video on Blacks beat Whites, Whites beat Chineses, and Chineses beat Indian~

Swtihering Away,

Saturday, May 9, 2009

KZB on: The next leap

Finally, the speculation/expectation/though-projection/stress-ejaculation is finally over. JPA results was a dud. No surprise there, as my BM was a downer, anyway, that wasn't the point.

The point is, where to go now?

I have the real tendency of not fullfilling what I have said, especially towards my own interests, literally.

I just had a lecture from my mum, telling me how much she had actually "paid" and sacrificed just to make me someone usefully, or rather so to speak, "professional".

Yes, the PROFESSIONAL term.

Defination: Source from Wikipedia...

A 'true' professional must be proficient in all criteria for the field of work they are practising professionally in. Criteria include following:

  1. Academic qualifications - a doctoral or law degree - i.e., university college/institute
  2. Expert and specialised knowledge in field which one is practising professionally
  3. Excellent manual/practical and literary skills in relation to profession
  4. High quality work in (examples): creations, products, services, presentations, consultancy, primary/other research, administrative, marketing or other work endeavours
  5. A high standard of professional ethics, behaviour and work activities while carrying out one's profession (as an employee, self-employed person, career, enterprise, business, company, or partnership/associate/colleague, etc.)

yes... i wonder how people actually put all these into categories, but it doesn't mater now does it?

my mum put doctors,lawyers,engineers,architect and even accountants as proffesionals, and the rests are out of the list...

and i think im such an idiot, to actually tell her i had interests in IT and Computing, who knows maybe Mass Comm and Business today, when I should have expected that she will bang me with the "I had paid 30k for a science's Pre-U" philosophy..

I dont know.. Its like what she wants instead of what I wants. Everything I do will be held into someone else's eyes, especially hers.

She makes me feel guilty, owh she is doing a bang up job there man...

One thing I had always realised when my mum asks what I wish to pursue is, mot of the time she will tell me that medicine is the best, it beats the rest and all you need to pass the test... But have she ever thought what i will always carrest?

nope, she seldom does that. 1 out of 10 convo on my career only I had the chance to ay, "I may be interested in so and so."

I have no idea what to pursue yet, and I kept my options wide by taking A levels.

Little do I know, that A levels had became the very factor, that had limited my lifetime, in a way that I can never change.

"I want to do A levels!!!" I bloody-darn said that. So its my turn to clean up the mess, my duty to deal with it. I will have no more choices other than purseing sciences, which I find, not going to be what I really want, at least not yet.

But dang it, I became my own limiting factor by "keeping my options opened"

No more leaps fo me. I darn screwed.

After today, I will post only on ocassions. I do not have a life anymore

I, can only say, my life beforethis is over.

Its time for me to live a new life.

A hell of a life...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

KZB on:I Can Relate to Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Alright.. talking about girl friends now are we? Well, I can only say, I always had girl friends, but never any of them had ever make it through.

The guy-girl thing actually started when I was in the standard 5 days, when the puberty started kicking in and we all started to have little secret groups to discuss about who we like and what are the possibilities in the future had for us.

But, there has got to be a freakin little party pooper who goes to the whole class, announcing ever single secret shared...

And unfortunately, I was one of the "spotted" ones, as I was the most noticable in class;

Tall, Fat, HUGE.

And I had a crush with a girl, quite cute, tall and bgi also, but wasn't fat...

The only thing I had ever liked about her because of how she had cared for me.

Gosh, she packed my bad.
Gave me medicine when I had flu.
Even make sure I don't get screamed by my teacher for not completing my homework.

If she ever lived with me....

*disk scratched*

Once she knew that, she kept distance. When I mean distance, serious... in 10 feet you can't see us at the same place.

And that is when I know, unless I became a better/fitter person, I have no chance.

Time passes as puberty has completed most of its course, and it came to Form 2's Valentines,
when most of my friends, boys of girls had their first date and mate (rhymes huh?) in their secondary lives, even admirers~ And I was still stuck with the ol' me.

And I tried to confess to another girl this time. She is the type which need protection and guidance~ but eventually she rejected also.

Main reason:

You look like sheeeyyyyt...
When i was way in form 2, and she is my cousin lar okay~~~
Yeah, i know.. c'mon we know the facts right? No matter how you put it, the image of your partner must be GOOD...

And from then onwards, I was afraid, Intimidated to step intot he sea of "Love" or rather, affection anymore.

But, I gained something else. the fine border I made with every girl I dealt with, which is not to fall in love in them, had enabled me to become great friends with almost EVERY, i mean almost every girl I met till today.

It is not the kind of bond which normal guy and girl can form, at least not before they become official "couples". And this is how I get into trouble real easily.

I'm the kind of guy who most girls will tend to pour all they feel to me, without have to worry me spilling the beans because of the trust I had gained.

And gosh the amount of secrets I had till today, I can write an autobiography about it.

But, still I appreciate and honour the bond I had formed, and I know the significant of being a girl's friend first, before telling her that, "owh hey, I think I fell in love with you."

And the troubles, yeah...

The guys in my school really hates me, but they had to really be careful because one word, and the image of them by the girl they like is going*phhhheewwwwww~~~~* into the ocean~

And this was really true. There was this girl from tuition, I had only known her in form 5. And there was this friend who likes her since form 4, and they know each other since form 4.

One particular day, I sat beside her due to the insufficient seats in my tuition centre, and we started talking, REAL lot. It is really a high tendency for me to chat easily with girls especially, maybe because of my chatter box and "49% feminine" side. And that is when the guy stared really long at us, as I felt his "savaging-aura" piercing into my skin.

But, the girl was real nice, and we continued our conversation, in chinese.(yes the guy is a banana... too bad huh? no eavesdropping~) Till the end of the year, the girl had also shared several secrets with me, which I had successfully kept until today.

And it was after SPM, and the girl asked me out for a movie. And shit, she didn't ask the guy. I didn't want to boast or say anything about it, because I know he was going to be upset, but he asked me instead.

I had to say yes and uh owh... his glare was like... 10000 watts on my face man....

Anyway, most of the stuffs finally worked out and well, we are still good friends!

And back to family, my mum has always been worried.

Mum: eh bin, you are always surrounded with girls in you photos ar... Next time you girl friend jealous then how?

Bin: Eh... then i won't take her as my girl friend lor... because only those girls which send my heart beating like crazy only i will like one lor.. if not memang furthest is best friend lar..

Mum: Aiyor.. you better becareful later you become sissy orh...

*sudden silent*

Bin: so you are saying I should take more pictures with guys lar?

Mum: can also... but not too much ok?? later become gay then die lor...

*sudden silent again*

Bin: next time i will make sure there is guys and girls in all my pictures lar then...

Mum: good good... eh later become pondan!

* smack head on wall*

And honestly, I don't have much experience with the girl friends and all, but all I can say is, I really respect girls as who they are , instead of most normal guys who will just say," the girl damn hot..."

Hey, I'm 49 % feminine and 51% masculine, what you expect lar???

Thanks again NuffNang if you are reading... maybe I should watch this movie with a GIRL this time~~

Nyak nyak~


Swithering Away,

Monday, May 4, 2009

KZB on: Decisions

Gosh, another month and I will be sitting for my semester exams... Time do NOT wait for men....

Anyways, it a freakin(i got to stop using this word man...)

Honestly, today when Miss Choong asked about what we wanna do in the future, I doubted my mind for a few seconds.... And i started bragging... What are you gonna do in 5 years' time?

I said, I would be probably completing my Pharmacy Degree in NUS, then working for companies in Singapore if I ever going to be enrolled into the university. Then, until my comrades who had fulfilled their degrees, we will once again congregate and build our own firm, with 2 consultant doctor, 1 accountant, 1 PR manager and me, as the pharmaceutical dispenser..

I wonder if this is going to work out, especially when I am the "come-one lets PARTAY" typo, instead of the "research and get the noble prize" typo. Seriously, my success in life is to let people know of my existence, not because of what I am, but who I am.

Akira's ambition was really enticing, which is standing on the stage of Noble Prize ceremony, which I have no doubt in him if he ever sets his mind on it. He have what it takes to put his hands on biotechnology, but I wonder if he needs social scientist? Just kidding lar akira don't kill me kay~~

So, Medicine and Phamacy... Owh ya, which brings me back to, to take SAT or not. It is indeed a prestigeous recognition, but doing SAT now, is as if A levels is futile and meaningless. YEs, I DO need to for various university applications, but I think my main priority now is to excel in A levels. About the application for NUS, I am still wondering shall I ponder for my As and A2 results, or to take SAT instead for the earlier application.

Like my cousin had said, she wants to rest for a while after A levels. I couldn't agree more, but does the application deadline waits for me? I realy need to check up on all these man.. SaT subjects, aint as cheap as they look they are. And the pressure and time consumed aint lesser than that which I need to cope with A levels.. Owh well, guess I need to stick to A levels first, SAT, well maybe after I complete my A2, then I scrounge arounf it.

CLUBS!!!! PRemed, I don't think it is that interesting, seeing how the board of directors manage it. Anime club sure is making progress, so I will make it my main priority... Circle K, its is quite meaningful but do I really have time? And now debate club comes it, and I wonder if my debating skills are good, or even worse, do they actually have the potential?? Decision, and I am all alone...

Maybe it is better off I start working huh? NO NO NO, i have been through the nightmare, though the experience was precious, but I think I need to focus now...

Milo All Stars is coming up on 29th May!!! And I still can't beat the squashers' (girls summore >.
And now its hardcore diet... No more late dinners for me~~~~

Fruits as snack only... Gosh I really need to control myself man!!!!

Back to watching J-Drama again, people I present you Akai Ito and Mei Chan no Shitsuji~

I cried everytime I listen to the theme song... yeah the feminine side taps in
IF you wanna see hot chicks or hunks? try this series out... the hilarious scenes will make you laugh the whole day man!!!!
At last... Hot Guy ALERT!!!!

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Friday, May 1, 2009

KZB on: Star Trek Premiere by AMBP@ One-U

Gosh, I am a sucker driver man~~~~ I missed 2 freakin flyovers from One-U back to Subang... You guys are lucky enough to see me blogging on this post lar~~~

Anyways, today was the premiere screening of....



Wasn't as excited as I was after I watched the movie, but seriously, this movie was A BANG! Literally~~

Reached there after the TAC meeting, yadaa yadaa.... Drove to One-U, yadaa yadaa....

And I got lost,


Wtheck~~~~ Rain forest was like... right then left then right then left.....

And in the end I had to go back to my starting point again from the hong kong Kaw Loon shop to track the freakin Studio V down...

Thankfully, I was able to reach there by 3...

Wanna be the captain?

You want me to be the captain? Over your dead body!----James. T. Kirk

Studio V is cool, especially the room for the docking or so called, Cockpit of the USS Enterprise, gosh you should have been there yourself!!!!
Thanks AMBP!!!!

So, I was there, sitting alone and kept snapping pictures, because I was dimwitted enough to NOT bring a partner, when we were entitled to, freak ARSE!!! But nevermind that, all the more reason and space to expand my field for new FRIENDS~~~~

I was sulking until the Trek Hunt began. We were in 20 groups, and we were suppose to hunt down clues and answers, including deciphering amm(i forgotten the word, just check the dic~~) or codes to form the clues and answers.

Well, this makes me one of the cheaters because teams weren't suppose to collaborate but hey, I was all alone okay~~~

Anyway, a fellow competition was friendly enough to take me in into their team and beat this game together, so ~ Viola~

They are the KIASU~s!!!!!

and I got stuck with Mr Binn....

owh well, anyways, the answers were quite ridiculous... Like these:

Q1: If Abrams had ED and drops his AB, would he be confused with a lady who could read?

As a said, Ridiculous...

Q2:IF ROMULAN dropped his MN, he would have changed his name into a French men

Haha... wonder how they had actually did the permutations man~~~

Anyways, we got most of the answers and guess what~~~

I WON!!!! I freakin got the 4th place!!! It was soooo close!!! If i had written Studio V in my answer I would have really got 3rd or 2dn place, which they gave Ipod Shuffle man!! ERGH!!!!!

Right before the prize give away, we went for a drink at CRAVINGS~~~

typical "lepaking" of malaysian youngsters and for bloggers, what we do best?


Shots shot shots~
Khai Sinn,Kenny,ME standing,
Michael, Louis, Zhao and Auric to the right~
Snaps snap snaps~

And we went for the premiere~~~

I will save the review for tomorrow, so look forward eh?

A picture before we depart~

A little quotes~

Live Long and Prosper---Spock~

Access Code Wictor~Wictor 9~ access denied... >.< Access code Victor~Victor 9~ ACCESS GRANTED!!!----Pavel Andreievich Chekov~

Gosh this movie is GREAT man...

Swithering Away,