Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Auscultating : Vet Sport 2016

I was literally too busy to be bothered about posting for the past 2 months, but I'm just gld I cna make one entry today.

So Vet Sport in the final year! Not exactly the last one for me, but it was the last one with my favorite batch of vet students.

This year, I've finally make my way into sports other than Basketball; because everyone else was too busy with rotations in the hospital wards.

Participating in the Footsal and Bola Baling events was quite a rewarding experience. Everyone was happy for me to be the goal keeper for both games, simply because I have the longest limbs and highest surface area in the batch. Being said, I'm proud to keep our record at only losing to 2 batches; when we were looking at losing all.

Had a lot of fun sweating and playing with my ex-roommate as well, not to forget the enthusiasm and teamwork we had within our batchmates for the great games we had.

Fast forward to another weekend, Basketball totally thrashed my body. I had to play for 2 batches, DVM 2016 and 17 because both batches didn't have enough players. Well, I'm not exactly the best asset among both teams; I was needed to fill in the blanks as well as being the tanker to knock down opponents. Nevertheless, the games were good.

Think Basketball was the end of that weekend? Apparently not. The organizers have decided to put 2 of the most energy draining sports in one day; making only 3 hours for us to recuperate from the damage done in the morning. 

Tug-o-war have been DVM2016's favorite sport simply because we KNOW we can win. It's like OUR game, despite it being brute force with minimal strategy or skill requirement. Saying that, it was as expected that we won with a breeze. It took us probably an average of 2 minutes *I think* to take down all other DVMs. Some suggested that the juniors were giving way to seniors, but I'm sure our weight and strength weren't to be underestimated. Well, we got first place, at least for this sport.

On the finale of Vet Sport 2016, I took part also in the last Cheerleading performance in the faculty. We literally aimed for the 1st place for this event as well; because we know its OUR event. We had the best choreographer, best music, best dance moves and well, the best enthusiasm. One of the lecturer too said that he was glad he made it because our performance literally cheer people up. 
I am proud to be in this team because everyone put in effort despite being busy in rotation; our choreographer had to come in every night to guide us after 12 hours in the wards, just to keep us pushed and motivated. 

Well, Vet Sport has always been the platform to pull people closer, between batches as well as within batches. For this last vet sport, we definitely have seen more than stronger bonds than we ever had before; and I'm really glad I was there throughout the 1 month long event.

Next up, Majlis Silaturahim 2016!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Auscultating: Vet Dinner 2016

Supposedly my last Vet Dinner but since I'm going to graduate a year later; it's the last one with my favorite batch.

As per usual, the theme comes in for Vet Dinner every year; while 2016 we collectively voted "Be Your Self".

Well me being me, guess what I've decided to pull off?

One of my lecturer who came back from Japan said she wanted to pull off her Yukata as well, but it was a little show off so she didn't. Guess who is the crazier attention seeker? *point at me*

The dinner over the 5 years were fun, and I missed out the one in 2015 simply because "Pastel" wasn't my cup of tea to dwell in for dressing up. 

Let's have a recap on the previous Vet Dinners should we?


Young and naive, boy I missed my body when I was at this age. The theme was Masquerade. But, I honestly couldn't feel the whole theme simply because the ballroom dancing didn't happen.


Finally it became my batch's turn to host the Vet Dinner 2013 with the theme of "Atlantis". It was supposed to be "Poseidon's Paradise" until some religious twarp said that we are worshiping another god. Well, the dinner turned out to be fine anyway, even had me performing on stage. 


It was my current batch's turn to host instead, with the theme of  Retro 80's dinner. Finally sometime for me to chill down and not do anything during events. The dinner was okay, honestly I went because I wanted to support a good friend who directed the dinner, as well as my need to be staged to get my certificate as Dogathon 2013 co-director.

Well in 2016, we pretty much did the same thing like previous years do; the speeches, the performances, overpriced food.

But the point was to celebrate with our own batch's perseverance in hitting the 5th year. Man it was a long ride from the first, and it wasn't easy to stay on board and not sink throughout the crazy curriculum

A little surprise this year, for I became too much of a showoff, I got myself the Best Dressed Male among the participants. It's an honor, provided I did not slip or drop any of my yukata pieces along the way to get the little plastic trophy.

All and all, it was a great night with extremely good company. The only pity was my current batch turn up population was, 0. A big fat ZERO.

Even my lecturer asked if my current batch boycotted my original batch together.

I don't know. Honestly. The only answer they had was, test is coming up.
one of my favorite pictures. Why? Because you have crazy lecturers like them makes vet life awesome.

But hey, I turned up.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Auscultating : Dogathon 2015

It happened in 2016 this time round due to a rabies outbreak last year, leading to a ban in dog activities by our dean in September.

However, the spirit still remains and the crowd we had this year was rowdier than ever!

Being my 5th year in Dogathon, I've finally jumped out the force labor bandwagon and get into skilled labor this year instead.

Medieval called this year with our furry friends, for the theme revolving all elements to make Dogathon 2015 a success; bravo to all decor, promotional leaflets, videos as well games!

Being the skilled labor, I volunteered in the Physical Examination booth for the event in the earliest slot. Plenty of people do not understand why I had to wake up at 5.30 am in that morning to help out; because I had to attend the shift for dog race participants come at 6 am!

I had to pair with a 5th year senior for her to guide me through the PE since she was the experienced one, but I basically work well with all DVM 5s so the whole day was a breeze~What we do as volunteers there basically is to check on the basic health of the dogs participating Dogathon to see if they are fit with criteria such as:

- not severely infested with tick
- puppies unvaccinated completely
- bitches on heat
- overly uncooperative dogs.

It was really fun being the PE labor because I get to see a lot of different owners and dogs, communicating with them as well as practicing history taking. While I need to be extremely careful to not make any suggestions to the owners as I am yet a licensed vet, I enjoyed the whole process despite the sweat and a dog bite from a 30kg German Shepard Dog.

This year, I even had the chance to help out in performing the PE for Malaysia's Fire Fighting Squad dogs, for they are the sweetest dogs around! They were Cockerspaniels and Labradors trained in UK to scent out flammables like kerosene when they work with their partners in missions. I didn't realize I was being filmed, despite that my senior managed to mask my face.

I only had till 10.30 am around the event bec
ause I had to attend cases in the Large Animal Ward under my ruminant rotation, but it was good enough for me to make a good stroll to meet people I know.

The event is a noble and fun one, hopefully it doesn't stop after this year's!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Auscultating : Holy Matrimony

Marriage have been a tradition to tie two person, traditionally a man and woman together as an official ritual that they will forever be as one until death do them apart.

However, how holy have past marriages in histories were?

1- Princes and princesses married because they had to foster ties between countries to prevent war. Holy perhaps.

2- People from influential families with businesses married they children to foster better trading relationships. Holy, for who?

3- A guy who couldn't hold his lust back married with the lady he trampled physically. Holy, really?

Today, we constantly say that we should be together and be married to the person we hold dear most. How far out possible would that be?

Watching the "Little Nyonya", we had 2 distinct examples in ladies fighting for their marriages.

a- Yue Niang, who have been a fighter to begin with; beat all odds and managed to only marry the man she knew she loved, Paul.

b- Yu Zhu, who have been nothing but a Malacca sweetheart from the dawn of the series; wished to fight like Yue Niang whom she looked up to, only to succumb to her familial responsibilities and married the man who trampled her before and after marriage.

Now what about us? Will we choose to marry the people whom we only see dear in our eyes?

Or would be be subjected to familial, peer or social obligations to marry someone else whom we had to marry, just because the reasons of which everyone else but ourselves pin on us?

Yue Niang defied everyone, got hurt and scalded herself throughout her struggle to liberty; and she had what she wanted despite all odd.

Yu Zhu, although the nicest darling of all time; in the end gave in to fate because she had to be the catalyst for the incompetence her brother and father pulled off in business.

Which route would you pick for your own? Be mindful that we can always speak what we want right now; when the situation is subjugated by everything else but ourselves, will you struggle?

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Auscultating : Back home

Taiwan was extremely fun, and plenty of adventures attained as well!

I didn't do any research for the whole trip this time round, because the 8 days of symposium plus 7 days of post-symposium traveling was all covered. All I needed was to pack and go.

There are quite a few number of Firsts this time round in Taiwan for me:

1- My first trip to Taiwan itself

2- My first International Veterinary Student Association (IVSA) Symposium

3- My first time meeting an European students dominated program

4- My first time bunking in with 7 other different boys
5- My first time falling sick in a foreign country(heck I was fine 2 months straight in Thailand and Japan)

6- My first time seeing a doctor in a foreign country
7- My first time drinking liquor from over 15 different countries and not getting drunk

8- My first time experiencing undying cold
9- My first time going around a whole country within 7 days in a bus

10- My first time experiencing earthquake
11- My first time extending my airplane ticket just to stay 2 more days
12- My first time sleeping at 3 am for 4 consecutive days

13- My first time trying so hard to squeeze sing-able Karaoke songs for Europeans in a Taiwan K-box
14- My first time being in a white shirt party.

Quite the crazy first times encountered in a foreign country isn't it?

But there are stuffs which are recurrent like,

Another Thai came in through the social media again. But I'm pretty sure this Thai is just trying luck in hitting random people, as people I know actually asked if I knew this person adding everyone else.

Despite numerous attempts, I'm glad this Thai stopped the game as of today.

CNY has been crazy, food and getting fat. I'm trying my best to control though.

On the other hand, I can't help to realize I've been getting a little close with a teacher figure. Maybe I'm over thinking and this figure is just being nice. But maybe it isn't.

Likewise, the date I had before slowly dwindled; probably because I'm showing a lack of interest. So and so when I talked about the date with some of my Taiwanese friends during a midnight sharing session it seemed to me like now its just not the right time for me to date, or think about long term.

So, the Thai, the figure, the date.

No no no, Japan and PhD come first.

I'll post official posts about Taiwan soon.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Auscultating : Date 1

So L and I had our date in NU Sentral today.

It was okay, very decent dinner and discussion over 2 hours.

We talked about our work, our family, our high school and tertiary.

Just like any adults would.

L had to head back to work after due to peak season around the work place, so it ended there.

L insisted for a 2nd date, which I was okay with it.

However, a little voice inside me somehow sounded different.

To be realistic, L is pretty okay as a candidate. Working at a very young age and seemingly able to get promoted to the next level quite quickly. L had vision, have great plans for future career pathway, as well as a decent familial background.

Despite all these traits, I don't seemed to feel the romance.

Maybe its me being overly rational, or very steady. Or maybe because I'm older.

Or maybe because I was expecting a more dominant personality, which I think L probably wouldn't be offering.

I don't know. L doesn't seemed to be the one.

Or, its me because I don't need this yet. I don't have the need to be bound while I'm trying to seek for myself in my studies as well as my future career outcomes.

People often say, get one while you are progressing so the one will be your catalyst to a higher level.

But I feel like, I probably do not need this right now. All I need is to study hard, get to my dream job and dream place, and let relationship start after I'm all settled.

At least that's how I interpreted the date.

So as so, I've decided to give 2 more swipes in the social app, and plan to deactivate and uninstall it at 12am today; which I actually did.

The last chat was pretty much lame because the person wanted a fling, an experienced one so to speak; which I couldn't offer because I'm still a virgin. The precise words were:

"Virgin isn't an added value. I need experienced life partner."

Which I didn't find it offensive, but the person being really sex driven.

Of course all human are sexually driven, boys like me even more. But really, there are other apps for sex or flings out there.

Thanks to that, I've uninstalled the application and I'm now again a free man.

Well, I still have a date with L again; but that's after CNY anyways.

I promised to keep in touch, but I really have no idea should I be bothered to go on to more than just dates.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Auscultating : What is it for you?

Stepping into clinical years seemed to have push all vet students beyond their limits.

Catching up with grades, picking up skills while not forgetting them, and the hardest one among the bunch; deciding our direction.

Veterinary medicine, unlike human medicine offers several different sub branches depending on their species including:
1- Feline and canine medicine

2- Exotic medicine
3- Wildlife and conservation medicine

4- Marine medicine
5- Aquatic medicine
6- Avian medicine
7- Equine medicine
8- Ruminant medicine

9- Population medicine

with each medicine branch of species, there are sub-branches which we usually see in human medicine:
1- Internal medicine
2- Anesthesiology and emergency medicine

3- Radiology
4- Cardiology
5- Hepatobiliary

6- Urogenital
7- Neonatal/Pediatric
8- Dermatology

9- Pulmonary
10- Sports and orthopaedics

And the list goes on.

So the question now is, what is it for you? In this case what is it for me?

Looking through profiles these days, I sometimes do wonder if it would be easier if I'd just taken human medicine and have a diploma in aesthetic medicine aka plastic surgery and make a good living in the city as a typical city boy.

But I feel like I wouldn't be done there. I will have decent living and great pay, but life is pretty meaningless, at least from my end. While I've done the 16personalities.com test and found out I am a ESFJ-T, I know I wouldn't be satisfied with just the usual decent living.

Add that to my recent exposure to multiple episodes of delivering information, I somewhat feel like the veterinary profession really have had been a true calling for me.

I've never been so excited to get into a case scenario, trying to build all stages of process for the patient's time line including:

History- Signs- Physical Examination - Ancillary Tests - Diagnostic Tools - Treatment - Follow Up.

Every stage requires skill and decent knowledge to direct the practitioner to the correct path in getting the disease proven with evidence and proceed to treatment. Unlike humans, our patients can't tell us what they are suffering from and we need to pay an extra care in digging more history as well as picking up signs or thorough physical examination.

And explaining the causes, the predisposition, the processes and effect to both clients and my colleagues seemed to be an enthralling experience for me too. I've yet to confirm whether if I'd actually enjoy teaching or just simply because I'd enjoy the process of knowing something someone else doesn't; but I know throughout the process when someone else nods and tells me

" It became so much easier when you said it Robinn!"

It becomes a higher drive for me to learn more and re-iterate them to people so they can pick things up easier.

On the other hand. working in medicine with direct hands on skills such as anesthesia usage, venipuncture, diagnostic tools handling like ultrasound or radiographs too fascinates me a lot. I would definitely wish to dwell in so much more clinical work so I get to be skilled over just theories in my head.

To date, I've decided to aim for the Japanese government scholarship again, and hopefully I do get a positive response by April 2017, then I will begin my journey to my next phase of PhD in October 2017, hopefully after my graduation.

On the other hand, I'll be heading for my first date through the app Alex insisted for me to use, let's call this person L. L is pretty enthusiastic from all the voice messages sent, hopefully it would be a good one.

Goodness, there goes my principle of not going into the dating game.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Auscultating : Ending 2015

I can't believe this is the last day of the year already! One more year's ending to welcome another year's beginning; by the time this happens in another 365 days I would be in my last year of undergraduate vet school! Hopefully by that time I would be able to secure a good post-graduate program.

Yet, as they say, keep your hopes there but never too high.

Let's see what 2015 have been all about:

January 2015:

Most of the time was actually spent on practicals and gaining weight I would say. The mediocre week in Penang for equine rotation and 2 awesome weeks of small animal rotation in Healing Rooms went by extremely fast, I barely have had enough time to digest everything. With finals end and stepping into immediate extra-mural practicals, I have little to no space for any personal development. Yet, time was indeed well spent.

February 2015:

I finally fulfilled one of my teenage dream to step into Japan as a conference participant of Vet Youth Summit Japan. It was literally the best decision I've made in my life, as the whole trip there literally opened up my horizon of views, thoughts, perception and decisions; allowing myself to actually feel it in my blood that the road I've paved for myself up till today was worth while. Meeting new friends from all over the world and making a point that I'm pretty much a natural attention seeker wherever I go, I fell in lover over and over again in Japan when I had the short 10 days stay. While spending the first Chinese New Year away from home and alone was a different type of undertaking, I'd thoroughly enjoyed my walk down the different path.

March 2015:

Stepping into the clinical years of veterinary school surely have taken its toll on me. The subjects now require extensive understanding and much more memorization of details and bits which I've not dealt with before. Plenty of skill-related development was also required throughout the attainment of knowledge at this phase, but I sure have enjoyed all the moments, despite the late night sleep and tiredness after a whole day of lecture or surgery class.

April 2015:

While we have had intensive classes back to back, the best thing about our faculty is that we make the effort to put ourselves into the whole "Holistic" category kinda thing. I'm pretty sure we are the only medicine or science based faculty which organizes annual sports and drama event to instill the organizational abilities, sportsmanship and creativity skills in all our faculty members, including the lecturers. Majilis Silatrahim this year was all about Crime and Justice, and all I need to dress up as was my dad's retired police uniform. While most seniors complained that I was the fattest and most corrupted policeman they've seen; I sure have had fun in getting the attention I needed

May 2015:

While most people died trying to stay in the class, I died trying to get out of the class. This time of the year marked the 2nd time for me to fly out of the country to Bangkok as a volunteer under IVSA in the 2015 WSAVA Congress. My semester results might have screwed up big time because of this, but I did not once regretted my decision to do this because I've met so many people and veterinarians all over the world, not to mention make a huge declaration to the Malaysian community that I exist.

On the other hand I've finally stepped down as my last stint of organizational position as the PEC President of the university, not like I've done anything great, and continued with my studies full time.

June 2015:

June marks the end of the 2nd academic semester of the year and one step close to nightmares like practical tests, oral tests and finals. I totally went through a nightmare this semester because of all the extra-faculty activities I put myself through. Despite my results turning out to be pretty much the worst in my whole DVM life, I'd still say I've survived the semester well. All I wanted was the semester to end fast and for me to continue with my practicals I've been dying for in Thailand and Japan.

July 2015:

Stepping into another country for practical for the 2nd time and my 3rd flight of the year, Mahidol University in Kanchanaburi was the bomb. I had the chance to be part of the wildlife rescue team to go into the forest reserve, had great time over the weekend in the natural forest, draw blood from elephants, monitor the anesthesia of a tiger, draw blood from a horse, vaccinate 100 to 200 sheep and goats, deworming flocks of chicken and geese, explore Kanchanaburi a little bit more in the Tham Ma Sae gorge and railway station, and the best of all; made friends with so many Thai friends plus a Spanish or two. Mahidol University have offered one of the best rotations I've ever had. I'm forever lucky like that. The only downside I had throughout the placement here was the weakness I gave in to hope for a 2nd chance with T; only to know that in fact T and I were just over for real. I was so done with the answers T have given then. T unfriended me on the social media once to allow both of us to move on at one point, only to readd me again later on while we have yet to spoke to each other since then. On the other hand, N began to have advances when I was shown to have a few Mahidol acquaintances.

August 2015:

Do I have to say more? This was the BEST month of my life this year. Why? Japan, JAPAN, JAPAAAANNNNNN. I've spent 6 months planning the whole up to 30 days stay in Japan with budget of RM6K, and experienced Japan throughout the whole Island.

Before my practical, I went to Osaka again to finish up my unfinished trip back in February.

After that,  I've managed to conquer the South Japan Island;  Yamaguchi for 3 weeks as I was having my laboratory practicals there. I've learned a lot on lab skills including first hand PCR, immunostaining, immunoblotting, ELISA test kit using, anatomical slides staining, post mortem on a horse as well as first hand experience of clinic consultation plus surgery practices in Yamaguchi University.

Apart from that, I was extremely luck to have great friends to bring me to Hiroshima, Shimonoseki and Kitakyushu, while I explored Hagi, Tsuwano and Yamaguchi myself.

With a good ride to Ube-Yamaguchi, I again had great friends in the North Japan Island; Hokkaido for 5 days around Sapporo, Arakwa and Otaru.

Before I end my trip; I had a great 6 days tour around Central Japan of Tokyo with a bit of help of Tokyo friends around Tokyo vicinity and relived all my childhood dreams with Digimon.

September 2015:

Finally the real clinical years have begun! Stepping into the faculty again at this point was super exciting because it simply was just so fun! New subjects with a combination of old ones plus complete freedom to practice our skills and knowledge on veterinary medicine at this point was just simply amazing! Stepping into DVM 4 was definitely what all vet students have been waiting for in their lives. I've not been enjoying studies as crazy as this since STPM!

October 2015:

I finally stepped into small animal rotations in the wards! I've never had so much fun before, despite the fact that I need to wake up at 6 am in the morning and reach home only about 10pm at night; I thoroughly enjoyed my rotation in wards learning about the medicine and surgical protocols I will be using in the future to treat my patients! Despite all odds of having my original last Course Night in my last day of rotations, I've managed to make it to the course night with my Yukata piece I got from Osaka!

November 2015:

The whole November just went on and on with numerous numbers of tests which I do sulk a lot about, but still adamantly enjoyed the torture my lecturers put me through. While maintaining a considerable busy life schedule and sufficiently standard in my academics, I'm pretty happy I've managed my time well and not stumbled in my academics like I did in my previous semester. Being more attentive and high in attendance in class do have its perks in getting better results.

December 2015:

As the year mark its end with my semester ending as well, I've finally settled down with my new home with certain tolerable amount of furniture to throw a small welcoming party in the last day of the semester. People from my both academic years turned out and they enjoyed each others' company very well, I have never been more blessed to get the best of both worlds from Vetsouls and Kakijalan. I might have been cursed with the split identity, but I'm definitely blessed with different pots of good soup for the soul.

Stepping into 2015 means, stepping into another year of reality and adulthood. I will begin taking in tenants for my new home while I continue to hone skills to be a full-fledged veterinarian.

It's somewhat exciting yet intimidating, but I'm sure my bold and brawns will conquer all.

On the other note, thanks to Alex and Jboy's recommendation I've finally got myself hooked up with one of those apps they have for dating. I guess I need to broaden my horizons, despite a few surprises of faces I've seen around.

Have great new year people.