Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Buffetting : Back

Dear Blog and readers,

You have been missed. As much as I wish I can update I'm pre-occupied with the new semester and unpacking from Japan.

Maybe next week.

Best wishes,

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Buffetting : It's Time

Less than 24 hours till my flight and I have yet to pack.

But it shouldn't be that hard.

What I'm dreading from is, my thoughts for T.

Even at when I'm planning around Kyoto, I will still think of the plans I had.

Lets hope the snowflakes may bring my thoughts away with the hails.

PS: This is supposed to be a happy trip! Yay JAPAN!!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Buffetting : Why

I just don't know why did I do all these little stuffs.

To get the attention?

To hope for another go?

Or should I just be happy that I'm just doing it out of subconscious?

If its my subconscious, damn.

Leos do need a year to forget.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Buffetting : Anxiety

I think Thailand was so much easier compared to Japan because of the whole demographic background and the proximity back home; not to mention accessibility since the range of currency utility is still predictable.

Kyoto, is just in 6 days' time and boy am I anxious about this trip.

Anxious because I feel like there are more to be researched and prepare for this trip.

The fact that:
soon I will have pictures with my own watermark!

1- It is winter.
2- I'm going alone.
3- I'm on cash, maybe credit card just for my parent's Burberry
4- The time constraint.
5- There's too much to go around

just builds the anxiety to the top.

My host suggested for me to blast my way in Uniqlo Japan instead for my winter wear so I would know what I should be getting; its a good idea because its pretty near and I would figure what would suffice.

What's bad is I wouldn't know what to be worn in my flight to Japan.

Let's hope my Japanese friend who is sleeping over knows what to get before I fly.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Buffetting : Should I?

I'd always thought we would end easily, but we chose to remain as friends instead.

Remaining so gives both of us space to exploit and talk to each other; even asking favors from each other.

T dropped me a message in the social media, asking for help in vetting the presentation on Diabetes mellitus.

Without second thoughts I said yes.

Why wouldn't I? I'd literally say yes to every other vetting requests I had from others before.

But this is pretty different. Should I say I'm doing this because we are still friends? Or deep down I secretly hope we have another go at this?

On the freaky side of this, just minutes before Lady Boss was talking about how she stalked my profile together with Ice Queen on my latest birthday wish to T; and how "into" I was when singing the song; and then T texted me on the social media. Freaky.

Maybe T just think of us as friends now. Let's not think about anything else. I have no rights to think about romance when I earn no peanuts or has no career to support my life yet.

Should I continue agreeing to check T's script? Oh wait, I already said yes.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Buffetting : The Stand

We are constantly exposed to several issues revolving animals today; a sign that the society is improving from only caring for human to sustaining harmonious mutualism with animals in our lives.

However, are we exposed well or wise enough to tell what is from what was told?

I'm talking about the difference between upholding:

a- animal rights.
b- animal welfare.

By definition from the excerpt of PETA: Supporters of animal rights believe that animals have an inherent worth—a value completely separate from their usefulness to humans. We believe that every creature with a will to live has a right to live free from pain and suffering. Animal rights is not just a philosophy—it is a social movement that challenges society’s traditional view that all nonhuman animals exist solely for human use. As PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk has said, “When it comes to pain, love, joy, loneliness, and fear, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy. Each one values his or her life and fights the knife.”

Meaning, animals to these group of ideologists are like human. They are not source of food, down, entertainment, companion, research subjects or abused in any ways.

Pretty general right?

By definition from the excerpt of AVMA : Ensuring animal welfare is a human responsibility that includes consideration for all aspects of animal well-being, including proper housing, management, nutrition, disease prevention and treatment, responsible care, humane handling, and, when necessary, humane euthanasia.

So which stand are you in?

Vegans have approached and preached than as technology advances, animal based protein source no longer deem relevant in our society today. Protein shakes to soya bean could easily replace all the protein source we require; without meat, dairy or poultry in the whole picture.

Apart from that, animal based protein too have been noted to impose a highly acidic pH in our body leading to several diseases, especially cancer due to the high consumption rate. Plant based protein wouldn't have that problem as anatomically our dental origins serve us to feed off berries, nuts and fruits.

What's worse is the production system lodging unnecessary stress, pain and harm to the animals farmed, leaving them scarred with fear for life and no freedom or space to live in the nature.

As so they have been debated.

I will be a veterinarian in 2.5 years time. I have the duty to sustain all life, animals and humans alike bound by the oath I will be taking by using all my knowledge:
1- to serve the welfare of the public
2- protection of animal and livestock resources
3- prevention of animal cruelty

1 and 2- Vegans have arrogantly, in my opinion, preached that technological advancement should replace animal based protein with plant based protein. They are arrogant because they have access to such protein, while the poverty in poor demographics doesn't. An egg would just cost 15 cents to feed one person; how much would the protein powder cost? Soya bean based products cost probably at least twice of that an egg could source the protein to the family.

You probably would ask, what about other vegetables? Don't they have protein too? We are simple gastric animals meaning we only have a single chambered stomach. We do not possess microbes or enzymes like cattle or sheep to fermentate complex plant carbohydrates into protein for maximal utilization in our bodies. Hence, how would a kangkung compare to an egg of its protein nutrition?

I rest my case.

3- PETA is has a loud audacity in promoting animal rights against livestock production when amplifying the horrors they see in farms. Livestocks are recorded being abused physically with punches on their faces, skinning alive, and the latest, abuse during the dewool process in sheeps.

Animal welfare has provided a simple guideline for farmers and people of the animal industry with:
1- Freedom from thirst and hunger
2- Freedom from pain, diseases and injuries
3- Freedom for discomfort
4- Freedom from fear and distress
5- Freedom to express most of the normal behavior.

Incorporating these in the farm husbandry will deem a farm's credentials in upholding the animal welfare while raring the animals humanely for the consumption of the public. PETA, by magnifying ONE farm doesn't mean all other farms are discredited for the welfare they have been upholding to preserve the sanctity of animal welfare.

My job is to prevent animal cruelty. In events which I know of the farmers are abusing the animals physically or mentally I can actually sound them or even lodge a report to restrict the production sales of the farm. So rightists can be sure that I would stand against animal cruelty.

So the whole dilemma and question comes in:

1- aren't you supposed to care for all animals? Why are you supporting livestock when slaughtering is involved?

I care for animals to their background. Every animal living in close proximity to humans are of a purpose; companion animals as companions, livestock as food, horses for racing or companionship, zoo as rescue centers or used to be exhibitions. Livestock is rared for the vision to provided animal protein; why should I please refer to the paragraph above. As long as the animals are raised humanely before slaughtering, its purpose is deemed justified.

2- aren't you a buddhist? Why are you promoting killing the life of another animal for food?
Because I'm a Buddhist, I understand this:
- we are all part of a vicious cycle named Samsara, the suffering.
- we are all also a part of a vicious cycle named the Food Chain. Consuming other beings for food is part of the cycle. It is just what it is.
- we can choose not to eat, but we chose to not because we wish to see the animals suffer during slaughtering; because we need the nutrient to live.
- it is all a process if which, you can see its part of the grand design in the life cycle of organisms.
- karma is all about the intention of wishing others to be ill or suffering for our pleasure; as long as the animals are humanely slaughtered with minimal suffering, I wish no further harm for the animal apart from it being a source of my survival.

There are, and will be several questions to be thrown upon this post's publication. I do welcome criticism and discussion. You may do it in the comment or through my email:

My stand, animal welfare. Because animal rightists are extremists to me. You can live your life as you wish, but I need you not rub it into my face or preach to me because my stand and believe is firm and truthful.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Buffetting : Giving

I was doing some grocery shopping just today in Aeon Big while holding a bunch of stuffs in my hands and hugging them close to my body because I didn't want to get a trolley; while the mini trolleys are some how missing in the entrance.

When I was queuing up behind a middle-aged man he looked at me for a while before saying:

"Young man do you want to go first? I have all the time. You on the other hand seemed to be a hand-full literally right now."

I accepted the kind gesture and told him I was actually eyeing on the mini trolley by the cashier.

Without hesitation he grabbed the trolley and put it in front of me while the other aunties queuing in front looked at what we were doing.

We chatted for a while over the queue and knew more about our background.

Without introducing ourselves as what race or cultural background, we managed to understand each others' life sublty; he would have kept dogs but it would be troublesome and hectic to perform cleansing for his religion while I would have kept cats if my family were open to them.

He is "just" a director in Pharmaniaga while I'm only a vet student in UPM.

It's really nice because all these just went on like we are both decent human being; while he definitely have an apt level of English from his education background in UM in THOSE days; unlike the bigots today.

The point is, it never harms to be nice to others in our daily lives because karma's a bitch and it bites you whenever it can; just like today. A person as highly educated with sophisticated background as this man offered his hand to help me with just a simple gesture.

Mr Suffian, whether if you've seen this or not, my good wishes to you and your family. May you be well and happy always; and you seemed to be happy too.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Buffetting : Language Mastery

Throughout the 2 weeks of small animal rotation in Healing Rooms, despite the fact that I should be impressing my attending veterinarians that I'm a competent veterinary student, I somehow manage to impress them with my language mastery instead.

As for Mandarin, there are Chinese PRC customers who are here as foreign students coming by our doorsteps for treatment. Being one of those who had the background, I became the interpreter.

As of English, an attending vet who was my senior before he graduated, too applauded my posts on various issues in the faculty group, stating that he'd wish he could write like me.

I am pretty flattered because its not easy to get applaud like that, let alone a working veterinarian in a professional practice.

I'm a Leo, I advance by applauds and accomplishment.

A simple gesture like they do in the clinic would at least allow me to know I'm working towards a right direction.

Unlike other places, which prefer spartan training and putting students down; even though it was for the betterment of the students.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Buffetting : Klang Vetsoul One-Day Trip

Before the semester break begin, the Vet Souls decided to head over to Klang for a one day eating ot thanks to the initiative of Polar Bear and Heart. We didn't go anywhere else apart from our food escape and series chasing on Officer Geomancer in 2 different houses with AOD.

This trip was a literal 1-day-5-meals escapade:

1- Breakfast

Famous Bak Kut Teh from Seng Huat. The portion and taste was so so on that day even Polar Bear felt the standard went down the drain. Always ask for a reheat if you find the soup is too cold because its really 10 times better when piping hot.

The portion in the picture is small, so I had to have 2 to get me filled. Maybe the large option would be suffice for one go. 

The best landmark to locate this shop is Klang KTM station, as it is right underneath an overhead bridge between the shop and the police station in Klang. Waze your way through and you will be fine.

2- Brunch

Belle being the typical Klangite suggested the Klang Cendol and Rojak for our brunch. Well, they were okay, I would still prefer SS15 Cendol and Rojak over this any time from a cost-effective point of view.

Done for stomach in the morning, we stopped by Belle's place for a good catch up and AOD drama-thon until lunch. That was the first time in Vet Soul travel history which everyone were actually not looking forward to the next meal because the food ain't digested yet in our tummy.

Nevertheless, what's planned must go on; hence we headed to Berkeley for the Fatty Pan Mee

3- Lunch in Taman Berkeley, Fatty Mee Hoon Kueh

The place was packed with people but the turnover rate was pretty high so it was totally fine for the 10 of us to get our spots. Our food came by about 10 minutes with great piping hot smoke. The mee hoon kuehs were cooked just nice with the flour aroma when you eat them, just how I like them. Some people don't like the idea of the flour-ish taste because it was deemed uncooked; I say otherwise. The only weird thing was, cili padi was used instead of the typical belacan. Their Q-noodle is also worth a try because its handmade and goes well with the same pork and stock from the mee hoon kueh.

This place is definitely a great one to go to for a quick meal or 5-meals challenge

Post noodle war, we headed to Heart's house to complete our movie marathon before the next battle in 1986.

4- Dinner, Cafe 1986 opposite Aeon Bukit Tinggi. 

Owned by Heart's sister's friend who was also borned in 1986, the place boasted 3 storeys of boutique, saloon, manicure and pedicure parlor as well as the cafe.
The in house salad was just so so.

The food was good because they only offer limited amount, which turned out to be quite the turn off because of the same reason as well.

The chocolate mud cake was my favorite because the cream and cake were both dense and thick. The ganache wasn't super duper sweet as well making the cake a good pick.

It has great ambient with great selection of drinks for catch up with friends; yet a high number of guests without food orders wasn't served because its not profitable to them either.
The mango maester is pretty good too.

Couples probably find this place quaint for a night out, and I really would come this far for the nature of my relationship in the future.

The boxer chicken wing is a must order! The presentation was kinda bad but its really good when the meaty juice explode in your mouth.

What the cafe boasts most is the pork burgers! Get your hands on them, as they only offer 2 varieties which are the Hawaian and Smoked Pork Burger. They were really good as the patties were made into perfection using different spices while the cheese goes so well on the patty itself. 

Their pasta selection was pretty vast too, and the salmon cream spaghetti was pretty good with generous salmon slices topping with a creamy white sauce. Not as overwhelming as carbonaras, but as good and thick.

Apparent burgers are meant to be eaten upside down so that the fillings are sustained by the cusp-shaped under-bread!

5- Klang Fried Chicken (Tan's Brothers) in Taman Klang Jaya, Jalan Seruling.
I am lack of photos because it was a take away and I was running low on enthusiasm. But that KFC is really worth the money of RM3 to be better than the commercial KFC, like dead serious. The queue will be long unless you want different parts; we were lucky because the thigh was on surplus that night. Do give it a try when you are there!

The outing will not be successful without Polar Bear and Heart's planning! Great thanks to all who have made the whole trip livelier!

Next post will probably continue on the onion toxicosis!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Buffetting : Penang Eating Out

The only thing which I look forward to every night in Penang is the eating out experience! Thanks to Lady Boss and her new Iphone 6 Plus, we are only few clicks away from renowned good food in the island!

PS: did I mention Lady Boss and Sea are now a couple? Add that to another pair of Stubby and Monkey I'm literally the largest and most annoying light bulb existed in romance history.

PPS: The feeling of missing T is back lately. I concluded its because of the free time I have without the need to study.

Sunday 11/1/15
We began our day in Bukit Mertaham for the famous Sentosa Portuguese Tart with Yam Rice and Pork Confetti Soup. Lady Boss has been in BM long enough to know how to go without a GPS, and the food is indeed, tantalizing.

The Portuguese tart was my personal favorite because the caramel custard was extremely thick while the tart base had butter oozing out every bite. Worth the travel if you can get into BM in an early morning travel!

Our dinner wasn't memorable or fantastic so I've decided to skip it. Actually I forgot to snap photos but it was a failed Pasar Malam and a dai pai dong nearby.

Monday 12/1/14
Lunch was at Queensbay Mall because we had to run some errands for the week as well as getting formal attire; we weren't pressed on about how important dress code is in the turf club. Dave's Deli served a great array of good western food, while I ordered something called Chicken Schilner(very German name). The mash potato was AWESOME, and getting an extra side is definitely a good idea, but the chicken and the sauce weren't all that great to begin with.

The chicken actually tasted like KFC nugget Their mushroom pasta was uber good as well, while their salmon grill retain a high quality of oceanic juiciness. 

Qbean may seemed to be over-rated with its retail, but its extremely good! The milk itself was so so, but the ice cream and curd were a BOMB. Must try if you have about RM5 to spare for a good dessert experience before or after food!

Night was fun tonight, exploring Penang using GPS and all. We managed to find a place, which I don't really remember but their food was just really so so, hence I didn't really remember the place. The safe bet is one of the places near Air Itam with Shell. I honestly don't remember the area because it was night and I just have a fuzzy memory. It was the first time I tried Laksa Siam and damn it was so good because of the santan and closeness to green curry.

Tuesday 13/1/15

Lunch was pretty simple because we had it from the food court below the guest house, but what was good was the cheap Lok Lok near the padang around Chung Ling High School after working hours for tea time. The best part was, the cockles were really cheap for RM0.70 only where other places go up to RM1.50 per stick. This was Lady Boss' dad's childhood memory so we've decided to have a go to honor his memory

The lobak at the same place was okay, but I have definitely had better ones.

Dinner was the ultimate conquest for today. We headed to 888 for the hokkien mee in Georgetown opposite First Avenue and it was awesome.

What is a must is the add-ons apart from the thick broth along with the noodles which includes the roasted pork, bbq pork as well as the pork trotter. Each add on is about RM2 which sums up the meal to RM6 for a large bowl. To me I have add thicker broth with a more concentrated prawn stock before so the soup was so so to me, but it was still quite good with the pork add-ons. The ambarella juice was as good as well, while the shared Ais Kacang (aka Red Bean Ice) totally ended the meal perfectly, because the atapchi(aka pine-seed) was something I really missed a lot.

The night didn't end because we were still hungry thanks to my black hole activation button on everyone, hence we headed to Lebuh Kimbery for Kuey Chap.

The simple RM 8 bowl was pretty decent for 3 persons' share after a heavy dinner, with all the goodness of pork blood, pork inlets and porky stock to warm us up in the night.
The dessert shop beside too offer a wide variety of Chinese traditional dessert, while the red bean soup just managed to satisfy my sweet teeth for the night. This night has certainly exceeded my quota for food by multiple folds.

Wednesday 14/1/15
Today was pretty mellow on the picture side because the attending vet brought us out for a simple lunch near the turf club, but the recommended dish is the wan tan mee in the food court because it has been there for a long while. The catch is to only order small, not medium or large because the soy sauce proportion for the small size is best calibrated, not the other sizes. Just head straight from the exit of the Penang Turf Club into Jalan Lumba Kuda and you will see the food court on your left. 

Dinner was at House of Steamboat, which is pretty much very common. Students probably will find it good because it offers buffet bellow RM20, with even dim sum available.

Straits Quay was a quaint place to go, definitely a great place for couples who want to have privacy from the bustling places because its pretty dark and low in human density as it enters 11pm. I would totally get hanky over here because of the shades it offers, but probably anything beyond kissing requires a room.

This is probably the only group picture we had in the whole trip, and man I don't like to be a freakin light bulb.

Thursday 15/1/15

Today was probably the craziest day among the week. So that the unfortunate thing happened today. It happened after lunch so lunch was still fine. We had mee goreng mamak in Bangkok Lane. They offer Nasi Kandar, Mee Goreng, Mee Rebus and Pasembur. 

But I would strongly suggest just go for the Mee Goreng and Pasembur because the Mee Rebus really sucked. I didn't try Nasi Kandar but from an order beside us it looked really good.
Dinner was really tasteless because of the drama from our ignorant. But there's this place with an awesome pancake (aka ban jan kuih in hokkien) stall. 

We had peanut butter, egg, corn and butter varieties and they were all good while digging in fresh out of the pan. Definitely worth the money and try if you managed to come by!

Friday 16/1/15

Friday noon was pretty good but we managed to locate everything close to our hostel in Air Hitam, hence we went for the typical Air Hitam Asam Laksa as well as Sister Curry Mee. The Air Itam Asam Laksa wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but its still the okay one considering the vast option we have on the island.

The sister curry mee was an exceptional experience because the type of broth was different from the curry mee I had. The curry mee I had in Penang mostly had a thick santan stock base which heavily depends on the sambal to churn the curry flavor out, which I didn't like. 

Sister Curry Mee had the curry stock by its own with a very easing curry flavor, while the oil content retained at minimal unlike conventional curry mee with extremely thick layer of curry oil. It's simple, cheap yet the taste still stains the mind and brain vividly. Arm yourself with decent over-the-counter Hokkien as they ain't young anymore!

We spend the evening in Kek Lok Si for a short visit since we haven't been there for a long time, while making some wishes over the drama we had. As for dinner, we had a great night out in James Foo Westerns

The portion ain't super huge but just nice, while the quality is of typical family restaurant. Most of the selections we had on the table were good for a simple night out, yet not posh enough for an impressive date; unless the date is all you need.

Potato salad is a must order side because it totally prepares you for the main course while chat over how creamy and well the onions go with the peas and potatoes is simply homey.

I had dilemma over either choice, but the mixed Lamb and Chicken grill was good. It's simple, yet its still better than the cheap alternatives in food courts outside with the same price. The fries are made of real potatoes while the green peas, ain't frozen in the inside. The other selections in the menu including salmon, chicken cordon blue and fish with chips were equal scrumptious as well!
Get your hands on the jumbo size fresh fruit juices because they are only RM8 each with pure juice in there! The watermelon and carrot with milk are both good, and its definitely a good excuse to share the drink with your date!

Lady Boss suggested a dessert night out with a stroll down Gurney Drive near Gurney Paragon in Caffe Bene for the famous Bing-Su everyone is hoarding for. 

The caramel french toast was really good because the cream, toast and maple syrup all blended in well without an overwhelming sugary surge. Definitely a good recommend!
We had the green tea and cookies & cream Bing-Su, but Stubby was really upset with the red bean in the Cookies and Cream. I was pretty dumbfounded too; why not replace the red bean paste with cookies and cream? The green tea was okay, but I really wanted to try something which ain't offered yet in the store, the triple choc fondue. 

Saturday 17/1/15
Today was the ultimate quest for food spanning over several different places for different dishes. But our main central was Balik Pulau, a hefty 45 minutes drive from Georgetown. A great area secluded from the bustling town with great greenery and ample space fro agriculture yet with ample modern facilities to sustain the growing population. .

Stop no.1:
 Laksa brothers in Nan Guang near the old pasar. Just look for Ceria 99 mart and you will see the shop. Closed on Wednesdays and opened from 11.30am onwards, the place offers 3 variations of Penang Laksa of Asam, Lemak and Mixed.

The original was so so, but I strongly suggest the Lemak Laksa which actually taste like Siam Laksa. But this one is indeed the BEST Siam Laksa I had in Penang Island, hence this is a MUST try if you have time to spare in Balik Pulau. 

The cafe's signature nutmeg juice is also worth the try because it ain't as sucky as the conventional ones!

Stop No: 2

Across the parking lot with Ceria 99 in between, here comes the next Balik Pulau legend, the BP Hokkien Mee and Asam Laksa. The asam laksa in this place offers a much authentic taste due to the addition of the flower shreds on top with a much satisfying broth, hence I gave this the best asam laksa on island. But the best Lemak Laksa still goes to Nan Guang.

The stall also offers my pick of the best hokkien mee on Island, because the broth has the thickest prawn taste among all Hokkien Mee I had. Add that with the sambal they had man I just popped into Janna for few seconds for that good Hokkien Mee.
I liked them both probably because they both tasted closest to home-cooked ones my grandma make; without any economical or ingredient restraints.

Tea time was actually the main reason we came to Balik Pulau. Apparently there is this very famous Brown Sugar Bun, extremely popular even among the locals. People would just call 3 days before to book their buns so that they wouldn't be disappointed on the day itself. 

Located at the same parking lot off the road, look out for the lorry with the car plate below for the hot buns for sales! They come usually around 2pm daily, so be there around 1.30pm to get a good spot behind a long line! If you want more, or wanna play safe just get the number from the locals, or email me for the number!

The brown sugar buns are definitely worth the wait and hassle because they really smell and taste good with the brown sugar, dissolved and spread over the bun surface to give a puffy, brown sugary aroma.

Our escape for the afternoon was by the unknown beach in Balik Pulau, just look for Kem Bina Negara Balik Pulau for the access to the beach. Unknown to the public with minimal human density, any couples or quiet gathering outings here will do good. It somehow can even be like a private beach for yourself with the small amount of people along the coast.

See, there were really only 6 people along the banks including me, Sea and Lady Boss.

Dinner on Saturday was pretty random, but we somehow got ourselves an unorthodox Penang food, Pi Pa Roasted Duck in Restoran Chu Yoke Weng near Air Itam medical center.

I highly recommend the yam puff from the hand made dim sum in the shop because it was damn good. It's really indescribable so you really need to try for your own.

The Sai Dou Fish Ball noodle from the stall across the tar road was pretty good as well. The soup was pretty tasty without being too oily, but the duck slices were really not generous.

The Pi Pa duck now, is really good! RM44 for the whole duck, we whacked the whole duck off within minutes. It's probably a little too much for the 5 of us, but we came prepared and we had really minimal main course so it was suffice. The sauce was really sweet and special, while the duck was roasted to a good glossy tinge without losing its meat juiciness.

If you have stomach space to spare, try out the dim sum stall's home made buns as well! I liked the Big Pau, but barely had any space left for others.

So that was the eating out of the whole Penang trip in a week. We probably covered most of the good food. No char kway teow for me simply because its too oily and overrated. I'd like to go for more soup-based. Nasi Kandar was off the list too because I find banana leaf rice near my house more appealing.

Next post is probably on the Klang eating out!


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