Saturday, June 23, 2012

Buffetting : Practical!

So im back to vet business now, and practical is of the Oh Emm Gee best part of the whole course IMO.

Heading up north to Penang the freakin food hev, as well as other multiple "interesting" entries.

Guess no more updates till next week.

Gotta sleep. 4 hours drive of an Alphard is no joke.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Buffetting : Just Because

Think about it for a moment.

For which what you have done today, was for yourself, and what was for others.

Today, was a whole load of "someone else" day for me.

I woke up 7am, because I had to fetch my siblings to school.

I went to the office, because I had to fill in for staff shortage in my mum's company

I skipped lunch, because I had to fetch siblings from school, bank in cheques, send sibling for badminton training.

I drove all the way to Shah Alam, because I had to send Delivery Orders, and fetch the store workers from another warehouse, then back to Subang, then to Sunway, then to USJ again to send another sibling for drama class.

Then I drove again, to Sunway, then to USJ, then back home again, to send sibling for tuition then to pick up another sibling from drama class, then pick up his dinner.
I skipped Body Combat again, because I had to do all these.

I had to do all these, just because I'm the fail wreck at home who can't settle himself in any courses, hence holding the title of "free at the moment", and also because I'm the eldest son.

 Just because I'm somebody, its as if I became a nobody.


When you spent one whole day doing something for others without anything coming back at you.

Just because.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Buffetting : Japalore,again

Wanted to dedicate this post to a few acquaintances out there whom I've met through the internet in which our friendship kinda short-lived, but I think I will just note this down for the subsequent post's reference.

Anyway, so I was so-to-speak "selected" for the cross cultural exchange with a bunch of working Japanese men over a dinner in Marco Polo, KL.

Originally, I've jotted down my name on the list just to take up the chance in embracing my Japanese more, after all its a good thing to do by practicing with native speakers.

The night proceeded with driving down to KL Sentral before I swapped for monorail.

I wanted to hit LRT in Kelana Jaya, but heck the jam is going to kill me before I reached there, so I might as well take the NPE down.

Skip down till I've reached the place, though I was late, it wasn't exactly much of a problem. I mean, people were giving speeches and all. Dang, some fellas can really babble in Jap, so much better than I do. Wonder if they'd actually prepared those in a paper?

Their secret? They'd actually spent quite a number of years over there.

They'd better be good.

Anyway, my table was kinda laid down compared to other tables which went berserk in the middle of the dinner. Because only our table had women.

Oh well, they were actually part of the fun! We had 6 Japanese men with us, Kondo-san, Takayama-san, Ueda-san, Sakamoto-san, Kuramata-san, and one more whom I've forgot of his name. I felt so bad the whole night not being able to recall his name!
"Thanks for your precious time. Whenever possible, please do come to Japan!"

Owh~ I will! Dang, I need your contact so I can get free lodging in Aichi! Ueda-SAAAN!

The topics spanned over normal stuffs, like why did we pick up Japanese, what do we see in Japan, how crazy are Malaysians to actually know THAT many languages stuffs like that.

And one thing I'm sure of Japanese men is, Cigarettes and Beers.

Not a single one of them are not a fan of the items mentioned.

Heck they were discussing some numbers of the type of cig they take, which I finally understood as the percentage of nicotine contained. Omgee.

Oh, the 2 other ladies who were with us were Mandy and Chong. And Mandy was so funny the whole night.

M: Ok, I have to stress on this guys. I'm Man-dy, as in Message-Me; + N, Distance, Di.


The whole table stunned for a while, until I explained the significance of Mandi in BM.

 The night was actually VERY short, like 7 to 9, with half an hour of speech, 15 minutes of Kanpai, and like another 15minutes for picture snapping.

It was fun, meeting these guys.

They weren't the typical reserved Japanese I've heard of, who actually distant themselves.

They weren't exactly filled with smokey smell.

They were in fact really nice and down to earth.

I was thinking of using the formal speech( because we were meeting the first time), but they swapped to casual mode real fast. Guess the crowd was different.

The night ended with a singing session, which I have no idea why. But the song was quite meaningful, in which one of the phrases was:


We don't need to be No.1, We just have to be the Only 1.

Oh, why are you so good with words?

 its 24K golden PLATED! Can imagine how expensive this thing can be? It's a bookmark BTW.

I wasn't expecting those gifts and all, heck I didn't bring anything. We were actually given RM50 allowance, plus free lunch, and a farewell gift!

I was literally sponsored just to be there and CHAT!

Thank you ICLS. And thank you brain for being competent in mastering Japanese.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Buffetting : Friend-less?

I used to remember at one point of my life I'd normally invite like IMMENSE number people I know from high school my house every CNY to kinda boost the whole "ong"(旺) aka prosperity of our lot so the year ahead would deem us more, in the lack of term prosperous, so to speak.

From 4th form down right to lower 6th form (before I enter college) the number of people was like, up to 40? just from the people I know. Imagine a terrace house, corner lot of double storey loaded with more than 100 humans. It's like TUNA can.

Anyway, the parents liked it a lot because it helps in keeping the fengshui in check for the business and the family's well being.

However, when I hit upper 6, and onwards, I invite like hell lesser people to the house.

Like 75% less. That makes, 12 people only?

Maybe a lil plus minus, but the crowd was definitely much quieter and more toned down.

I'm not even sure if I should bother making invitations anymore, when I'm actually making the run.

Anyhow, it didn't spike me till I was asked on where to hold the 21st birthday celebration.

In the family, its like a MUST to have like the 21st birthday thingy, and invitation to all relatives is mandatory, at least the ones in Klang Valley.

After attending heck loads of 21st birthday of cousins before me, I'm down to either home catering or probably Korean buffet. Japanese is like, heck every single time it has been Jap, and Western definitely will kill the tastebuds of the Gen X. Believe it or not, most of the attendees are actually aunts and uncles rather than the cousins.

Anyhow, then Mum was like:

M: Hey don't you attend any of your friends' 21st birthdays? Sis was SOO busy when she was 21, had to attend steamboats over steamboats for it!

T: Uhm, now that you mentioned it, yea.

M: Why ar?

*awkward silence*

T: Well, maybe my circle of friends don't really think 21st as like the BIG thing ya know? It's not like they are super rich or something..

M: Maybe because they are all overseas hor? Right?

*thank you for saving me from you*

T: Yea! Alright, so go for your massage and facial already!

I spent 30 seconds to think over the conversation again.

Heck I've changed a lot.

I was not the person I knew before, probably the family still thinks I'm the same but I beg to differ.

I barely stayed in an institution for more than a year, how on earth do I get to see people grow till 21?

I don't exactly have a life prior to this conversation; university, workout, home, the cycle repeats until I stopped; work, workout, home, and the cycle repeats itself again.

I have had NO university mates who are of same age as I do, therefore no 21 years old-s.

I am 20 minutes away from the fabulous peeps in UPM, and I still have to survive the wrath of drivers' duties, so I need to spare myself.

And most importantly is, the people who I deem(and hopefully they do too) worth all my time and dedication for their 21st have the birthdays either in August or September.

Monkey I'm so sorry I missed out yours on 28th of May. I almost wanted to strangle myself with the workload from the freakin company. I'll make it up once I'm done with all the commitments, and the practicals. 

So it all boiled up over a 2 minutes conversation in the car with mum.

It took me 15 seconds of contemplation to realized I've became bitter.

Well, I guess the Chinese proverb of "Humans change, Moon turns round" explains the whole situation well.

I wonder what is going to happen when I stepped into work-hood.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Buffetting : Note it down

I couldn't remember when did I pick up this skill.

Probably when our teachers in elementary school first asked us to jot down homework in the special blue note pad. Heck our parents had to sign it to "acknowledge" our homework's presence.

Ugh, Chinese vernacular schools. But loved the experience there.

always hated deductive geometry

Anyway, that wasn't the exact time I'd actually embraced the whole point of noting things down.

It took me, well, 11 years to learn to put it into a good use.

Yeap, when I was in Pre-U.

It helped a lot. I was never that organized. Heck I'm impressed on how I've managed my whole study regime back then.

Although I wasn't a 4.0, sadly, but I'm sure I've gotten more than academical knowledge in the 6th form.

Anyway, back to jot it down, take a look on what I've noted before!

Whoa, look at the number of universities I'd actually applied! 

Now that's homework. Seems a lil. But each took me at least 3 hours to complete. Imagine the nerdiness.

Test DATES!!! Gosh, I totally need to dedicate posts to tests!

University have also been note it down all the way. I mean, its like there's so much you can retain in your head! But I know I'm like the body-memory type. My body remember what it does after it actually  copies the thing down to retain them. 

Directions, methods, mechanism, they all only sticks once I've did them.

So are you a note it down?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Buffetting : Simple or Big?

It's just weird, and at times "satisfied" when people see you and make assumptions and speculations about you which you wish to hear, and which are also true to some extend.

So the other day we had a few suppliers who head over to my parent's premise for some business. One wanted to receive cheques, another for some chat, the most recent one was because the department have a change of person in charge, so the old man manager was replaced with a new young man to take over the product management.

And we had a lil chat over what course I am doing, and then my dad came in.

Before I sent him away by the door, we had a lil chat.

O: So did you insist in staying in UPM because you had a girlfriend there?

*what the hell??!!*

Me: NO =.=. I did not engage in any relationship with anyone there. Why would you think so?

O: Cause your father said so. Why else to be so persistent right?

Me: It's obvious what people have so many misconceptions about the course I'm about to venture into. And me getting into a relationship is SO besides the point. I'd probably NOT get a vet partner. 

O: I see. So what do you do anyway? So you will be dealing with animals all the time?

Me: Not quite. I mean we deal with humans and all too. Public Health, epidemiology,, biological weapons. Heck human docs get vaccines from vets when SARS and JE exploded.

O: Wow! I never knew! Now you make me wanna be a vet!

Me: Vets are being undermined. Like people in my family, medical docs are still the greatest. Vets are always discredited and being undermined here. I wish to make a change.

O: I see. So you are probably going to venture into pets more?

Me: Hmm, not sure. We have this final year project thing, and there's so many to venture into. I was hoping to learn as much as I can to contribute more to the industry itself. Even if I'm getting into small animal, the least I should achieve is an animal hospital, not just clinic.

O: True. I'm pretty sure you are the type that wish to get into bigger stuffs than a normal clinic. Yes clinics earn quite a bundle, but I can see your passion lies some where else.

*wow you are good! and sharp!*

Me: True, there's so many opportunities, clinics might just be one of the things I consider if I'm really down low in cash or skills.

O: Well, I look forward to you getting involved in great things in the future. So hopefully you can get a girl who likes vet med like you do. Bye!

*shrugs* Bye~

True, I can now see my ambitions burning again.

There was once when I'd lost all dreams and hopes in my life, and I had literally zero target.

Plenty have wished to have a simple life. Adequate living, a stable income and family. Dot.

But I think I live this life once, even if I reincarnate as human in the next life, I wish to make a change, at least in this life.

A big one.

So are you a simple person, or you think big?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Buffetting : Re-start

Have you ever been at some point of your life, when you'd actually wish to have your life a go again, to change what was, into what you wish it will or was to be?

Apart from the hassle of daily work life in the mom' company, the other time I spend normally is to be at the world's favorite social network refreshing the pages till something interest pops.

Yay me the one with the tough education life. Another post, will cumulative archive links.

Anyway, I've always see Vet Med as the ticket to my new life. 

Life away from my past.

Life away from the people of my past.

Life away from things which used to haunt.

 I never really liked my life before. Sure there were good times, but what usually sticks in my head are the miseries, pettiness and bitterness.

And the people, well, they were part of my life, but no longer needed.

Looking at the pictures of the people of my past in the social network seemed to be like, wanting me to be away from them even more. And for good.

I've also thought of the idea of deactivating my account, heck if my best girl friend can do it, why can't I?

Maybe I should just create an account just to feed on info around the university where info is instant in the net. But not more than that.

I mean, its kind of pointless to actually be at presence in someone else's social network account, yet at the same time you are actually non-existence?

What am I rambling about again anyway.

Maybe I should considered deactivating the current account and creating a new one.

At least I get to leave my past, for half a decade. Can get some trails of my back.

Not getting invited to high school mates' weeding?

Not getting connected with the people who lived the prime lives?

Lived it. I think its time to move on.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Buffetting : Numerology

So the parents have been attending numerology classes under the beauty center's flagship. More post on the beauty center in the future, for now the numerology class.

The class, under the ancestry of the Chinese I-Ching knowledge, allows the users to manipulate numbers in favor to their own pursuits.

Of course, pursuits without harm or damage to others.

Before manipulate numbers in our surrounding, users need to understand and know their own numbers first.

Or the number which are given, and which can't be changed.

i.e: You birthday and hour; you ID number; your university card number.

These numbers easily determine how your personality might be, and how these numbers might affect you in your life.

I would've loved to take the class, since I've always keen to the all grasping your own life kinda thing. Too bad my parents took the slot without even considering having me in the class.

So the only activity I could participate in terms of this I-Ching, is the subject of being studied.

Apparently, my birthday and ID no. reflects that I'm one heck of a stubborn person.

And that I LOVE to take charge. Hmm, explains why I love authority so much.

Anyway, the fact is, these fellas keep on giving glimpse of everything but not the whole picture.

Seriously, tell me what you wanna tell me in a whole lot, not just bit and pieces of it!

There are much to numerology can tell you within the 14 digits of the Msian ID no.

Your personality, your perception towards relationship, your natural instinct and traits, and all.

Speaking of personality, I've just noticed I took one personality test before long time ago, and it actually gauged on how I perceive relationships. This is how the results went:

一開始,你只會在心中肯定你是喜歡對方的,但是不會輕易對別人說「我愛你」這三個字,因為那對你而言是很重要的一件事,必須要考慮清楚,才可以許下承諾。 你很看重自己的感情,在投入前,總會陷入長考,思索你和對方的適合度,等到你確定那真的是你想共度一生的伴侶時,你的心就會放在對方身上,毫不動搖.

You know that you like the person quietly, but you wouldn't just put on the words of "I Love you" to anyone else easily. This is due to the fact that those three words meant more than anything else to you, and making such promise requires a substantial degree of consideration. You perceive partner relationships very heavily, and before you decide to devote and make a leap of faith, you tend to go into long period of contemplation, pondering the factors if you suit your partner. 

Once you are sure, and the person is the one, you go all out, and you never fall for another.

Kinda contradict the 2nd last post about me being a potential stud ain't it?

It's true, at some point. I knew I fell in love with Veterinary Medicine on the 1st half of the semester I spend living the life. It was all I wanted, and all I would do for the rest of my life.

If there's anything I would call love, what happened between me and Vet med was it.

I did spend a long time making decision over m future career, but vet med had an extra.

It gave me the "Can't help but to" feeling.

I wonder when would I get this feeling again?

I took 20 years for me to meet my first true love, when would the next one be?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Buffetting : X again

I was having the feast of the week, literally.

It was in Asia Cafe, when the family went for crabs because everyone was craving for them.

And after a hard day of work.

I never knew it was THAT hard to work around the warehouse without a forklift.

FYI, it's study break for both UPM and Monash, and since I'm neither student of both, I have no examinations to attend to.

This is the perfect reason for my parents to get me into the company's loft to help out.

Plus, my sister's having her final papers, while the company has no one else left apart from, me.

And today was the day where we had only 3 person in the loft, a broken down forklift,, and  a heck lotsa work.

200 units of 9kg ABC dry power fire extinguisher means 1.8 tonnes of work.

With only a hydraulic jack, and my own hands.

Gosh it was tough, and I had to work it all out myself. And a lil push from mom.

So after those work, we did what we did.

And I saw, X, and I skipped a heartbeat.

By the time I recall, it wasn't X at all, it was someone who looked like X, at some angles.

That person reminded me how X gives me the breathtaking moments, and I'm sure if someone out there manage to give me those feelings again, I'll fall for em.

Funny, I just remembered that I un-friended X from FB, because of the minimal contact, and also the fact that I wish and need not X to be part of my life again.

Over the years, I've learned that X ain't exactly as wonderful as I thought X would be. X wasn't THE ideal. But close enough, yet I've learned to live X out. Reasons, future posts.

True enough X did give me my first crush, but it takes a lot more to make me to fall for another, let alone fall for the same person, or at least a person similar to X.


What if that person was X?

Would I go over and greet, or I'll just ignore?

I used to be the kind who will greet who ever I'd actually think I know, but over these few years I've grown to ignore.

So would you greet em, or ignore?