Tuesday, September 30, 2008

After 1 whole month...

Well i can't say that i was fit... but at least before i can still hang in for 1 more hour....
Today was fun... seeing how my friends react when playing with handicapped-non-trained badminton player haha.... Geez i cant believe the scored today!!! I was like ten times better than when i played with my siblings! Maybe my partner was really good, who was it? Sai cheong, the one and only one... His moves are sometimes unpredictable( so as mine) so we couldn't catch up each of our tempos.

Yet, we did make a good team with his agility and skills, plus my power and luck haha...
The toher side was Jer Renn and Yi xian, funny they weren't focusing much today, my lcuky shots worked out well and guess what? I picked up 6+/- points in a roll to catch up!Haha!!

That was the fun, the pain was.... My foot! Darn my shoes were practically killing my legs!!! The blisters were crazy! I didn't remember that my squash shoes were THAT uncomfortable... Haiz....

Well Was though... Sai Cheong makes a good partner, just that he teases a lot, just like a teased him hahaha... and he likes to "swap" cards around hehehe.... YI Xian and Jer Renn, they were just being mean by attacking me.. although i can't say i was being nice ... It's good also, we can see where we were wrong and we can improve! Like they say, success comes with failure!

Ok now's a plus bad for the day... Shit my mom is ragin again....
How many times my family have to undego this?
its like annually she gets the food issue on and gets angry!!!
Argh it is that every women have the ANNUAL FOOD Desire Syndrome in the biology text books???
I wish i had the cure coz im desperate...

Quotes of the day:"
Yong Bin: Ma Ji PeK!
Sai Cheong: I like that!

Yi Xian: See I told you!
Jer Renn: Hei guys...(the horny tune)

I hope the turn can turn another 180 degrees again, after this turn in this momen....

4.21 pm, the sky is dark...

Signing Off,

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Instructions: Never see the questions before you arrange the names.

All mentioned below are tagged.

Okay so here goes.

1. Jer Renn
2. Finn
3. Khye Theng
4. Rowena
5. Hannah Wong

1. How did you meet 1?

2. On a scale of 10-0, how would you rate your friendship with 1?
=10 being the worst or best?

3. How long have you known 4?
= 5 solid years

4. How do you know no 3?
=My assistant head prefect in form 1

5. Where's 5?
= Malaysia, Subang Jaya

6. A fact about no 1?
= He gets high with caffein

7. Who is 4 going out with?
= Gosh i hope i knew

8. What does 1 do for a living?
= No idea

9. Would you live with no 3?
= Hah? That would be damn funny

10. What do you like about no 2?
= He makes people really comfortable everywhere and he is super funny
11. Do you miss no 5?
= We see each other almost every day

12. Would you make out with no 4?
= NO WAY!!!! She is like 2 streets away from my house!

13. What's your opinion of no 2?
= He is all about fun

14. What's your favourite memory with no 5?
= Having conversations about everything

15. What will you do if no 1 and no 2 are going out?
= Wow, they are not that straight so might as well say yes

16. Ever had a long conversation with 5?
=Freakin long

17. Have you ever slept at 2's house?
= Not yet...

18. Do you hang out with 3 a lot?
= Used to be her bodyguard haha

19. Who have you known the longest?
= All about the same, but 1 . 3 and 4 the most

20. What will happen if no 1 and 5 have a relationship?
= Its a miracle!!! Support with 10 stars!

21. How often do you talk to 1?
= Nearly every day

22. What about 2?
= Seldom. Used to a lot...

23. Have you ever thought 3 more than a friend?
= Some times

24. Would you go on a date with no 5?

25. Do you dream about no 2?
=Maybe. Quite vague in the puddle of dreams..

26. What did no 4 do to you that you can never forget?
= Lets just what she did, she used Mexican slang!

27. What have you done to/for 1 that the person never forgets?
= Celebrate his 17th birthday in his house without him knowing.

28. What's 3's hobby?
= Squash and chess

29. Tag more people.
= Whoever's reading this.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trials OVER!!!!!!!

Whoa finally a relief in september!!! after all the hard work.... i hope it will pay offf.......
Wow, cant imagin trials is actually over!!! and the same date on november, i think i will have a greater relief!!!!

Today, was funny, really... Me, yuet, jr, and jess not to forget yi xian who was late spent our time b4r est paper in the library.... We talked about all sorts of nonsense in that cabin of our school( its even smaller than my class!!!!!!)

The best part was about jess and s** ****g hahah guess its between few of us hehehe.......

Well the lunch became an issue and stuffz just start wirggling around.

But, I am very confused with B n G relationship now....

The guy IS really shy type and the girl wasn't really paying attention to the guy. And the guy was so quiet in the whole unch session and i had to whisper around to get things moving... May be it wasnt such a good idea to get so many people in the same table, especially when the lovey dovey is in the air...

Yet, the guy's best friend, well isn't as sensitive as me, i guess and was tossing visible signs around and the girl was very uncomfortable. I tried to warm things up but it didn't work... Me n xian tried hard but peng han, well as a typical MCA( includin steven and all) just couldn't control himself, HAH!

Well, throughout the lunch i had to entertaint the girl, duh she was like a "balak" over there.....
She told me that she was't having much interest with HIM like she had, but i'm just a little confused with both parties' situation... Guess plating match making is not as easy as it USED to be, haha if ya get what i mean.

That was the b n g, now its about physique... This was really funny. I was holding arif's camera when hannah asked for it to take a look. The first picture, she stared for 2 seconds and started laughing, HARD... I take a look guess what was it? Jie wei's butt.....

I stared at her with my naughty grin and she said, " I wouldn't have laugh if i was naughtyn ok?" and she continued laughin.... I was like, haha its so obvious you GOT naughty coz grils dun actually laugh when they saw a guy's butt( being around with an elder sister 4r 17 years, i think i know)... Hannah.... you are such a cute and funny person!

Back to my story... Well i guess im born to walk the "ALONE" path as things just dun turn out well all the time..... Another friend of mine asked whther to play badminton with them today, i wanted to say know but she insisted so i was like, fine.... lets go... but i mentioned that i would prefer to go for squash...but i said yes!

Then it come to wednesday, when i found out that my other circle of friends are also going for badminton.. so jess asked me whether to join them. I turned her down coz the other girl asked me 1st, and i explained that its normal for the guy circle of friends dun ask me coz i normally dont join them, i have tuition. Then jess said alrighty, but lets go for lunch together, so i said ok...

Just b4r the exam satrt, the girl and her best friend told me that i can go for squash coz she was tying to ask my badminton partner and his brother for the game. I understand that they were trying to let me have my way of fun, but i did said ok b4r this... so it turned out to be a little hurtful to me, even im a guy(over sensitive part of me, always there)

I was down the whole day and sai cheong found out, but he just looked at me to check things in... I know his stare, im a convex stereo vision, even my eyes are small....
But, i guess my happy-go-lucky attitude saves my day all the time... it just that when i sat down here and start typnig, i can tell everything..... yea poseidon, only you are watching....

Hmmm..... should i go for my tuition today? dont feel like goin but maybe i will be a lil late, or i dun go coz its gonna rain( SCORE!!! Laziness takes ver my life)

Well.... SPM is around the corner...... one month of intensive study coming up!!!! After the raya, its study TIME!!!!

I got his funny little scene from Charmed season 7x-08 Charmed noir

The gnome teacher in MAgic School was trying to ban the books such as Harry Potter and these are scenes:

Miss Donavan: Lord of the rings?!
Gnome teacher: Historically inaccurate.
Miss Donavan: HArry Potter?!
Gnome teacher: Filled with juvinile delinquence.
Miss Donavan:Even the Wizrd of OZ???!!!!!!!
Gnome teacher:Asparagant to little people, much get me a procecuted, FILTHY!!!!
Miss Donavan : Its the same sotry in every book, none of them deserved to be banned!
Gnome Teacher: You dont expected another naked Godiva flash out of the book again!
Paige: Is this what its all about? Godiva?
Miss Donavan: Its all excuse for his own agenda which is Decieful of SPEECH!!!!

Gnome teacher : Thats what i call Stiflling!

Paige: Thats called stiffling you give her her mouth back!

Miss Donavan: Why you little worm....

Gnome: LITTLE!!!! SEE??? SHe is a Sizist!

Miss Donavan: What??!!!!!

Sizist... haha i wonder who came up with that word?!!!!

Thats all for today, not much quotes a little tired... sleeping sooon1

Signing off,

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finally, paper 2s are done!!!

Whoa!!!! We finally finished all our sciences paper 1 and 2 today!!!! that was 2 hard weeks... now its paper 3 and maths....
Geez i never knew spm or trials would be easier than normal exam.. and guess what? i had tips!
ALthough i dint actually used ALL , especially light(I had a nightmare trying to understand it)
Lucky for me induce current was still fresh in my cerebrum(haha back to biology)

Anyways... today was fine.... the group study in library was interesting, although everyone got a little high even we got stressed up fore physics...(NEWTON why did you create this subject?)

Hmph.... life after spm... didnt knew how would it be but i had a list on what to do in december!

Check List:
1) Get a new hairstyle!!!!
2) Get slim!
3) Get more money
4) Get new phone !!!!
5) Get new laptop!!!!
6) Throw a party!
7) Get to cook some japanese cuisine!( i love you Cold storage.....)
8) Genting Highlands!!!!
9) Finish my japanese language course of advancE!!!!
10) Track back on all the shows i missed out during SPM!!!!
11) Get info on scholarships, especially to JAPAN!!!!

Whoa that was a little long but nvm.. was depressed yerterday coz most of my friends got caled form taylors for the principal award... and i kinda felt left out coz i did submit too... and i'm kinda sure m co-curicullum is goood...

But yet thanks to my devotion to the school my result kinda sucked to 2As only... haih... shouldnt have bothered much i guess... since my head prefect had more time to study than i do, i should have ignored his job scopes... haiz.... it's over and it's too late.....

Nevertheless... one more month to spm and im gonna buckle up!!!!! blogging wil be on scretly(shh... my mum kinda spy on me nowadays) and lets hope my SPM will be gud!!!

Quotes of the Day

Piper Halilwel: Gee ya think?
Echizen Ryoma: Mada mada dane....
Kawamura Takashi: Burning!!!!!
Phoebe Halilwel: Lets get the thing in the thing with the thing....
Renn: ---Su!!!!
Jer Renn: Whoa!!!(subject)
Yuet Yin: Ngahaha!!!(subject)
Kean Wneg: Ngehhh....(moaning coff)
Izwan: Haha see i told you
Yi Xian: HAHA see dont listen lar... very good !!

Signing Off,

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bored stiff

I spent the whole day at school in the library and only one word can describe it, BORING!!!!
Biology was suppose to be fun but today was really boring.... After school was add maths tuition, then chemistry and physics till ten...
As always we wanted for tips in our exam... and we got them except for biology... who cares? study hard and smart and you scorE!

ok Episode of the day for Charmed is 3x22---All Hell Break Loose, where piper is dead...

Thanks to the media which is not considerate at all.... They actually bothered to get more witchy news from the Halilwels even piper was shot... HAH talk about evil!

They had a way to restore every thing back to normal though:

Leo: Its a long shot though.You have to ask Tempest to reverse time back to its course its the only way!
Prue: Yes it's a long shot .. very long shot....
Piper: We vanquished HIM!

Piper: What are you trying to find?

Prue: I don't know... At least something...

Piper: Well demons don't actually leave footprints...

Okay... not much stuffs today but there ARE some interesting quotes here...


Jer Renn: When the temple person said "come", I was like owh shit.....
Kean Weng: XXX I wanna hump you!
Iman: Think of others you inconsiderate BITCH!
Izwan: I'm goona beat you in squash!(yeah i beat u twice and u beat me once ONLY!!!)

Thats all for the day!

Signing off,

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Piper's wedding got BANGED!!!!

Yo people!!! Today's another busy busy day.... i had a rm20 lunch today with jr n yuetz.... gosh i had to be the MPSJ to clear off all the leaf overs geez.... and again i have to a love shrink which i don't even know why because I'm no great lover myself HAH!!! Yet again, love comes after high-school.... Biology was awfully boring today, unexpectedly becuase i loved that subject most! Maybe the Quek'ster made it a lil' too boring owh well every teacher have their ways.....(I miss GEETHA!!!!!)

After that i had to go home, with a big fight with my sis... How can she tell me to "wait for a while" and expect me to know that she was coming to fetch when I asked," Is dad around?" Sound stupid but thats what goes around my family*grumps*

And back to my stupid dog,hachi.... she bit me today, after she bit my mum's carstep off ugh... why do I have a stupid DOG?????!!!!!!! Hand is sowllen, don't even know if i can still write for my trials......

Thats about today.... HAPPY LANTERN FESTIVAL people!!! My relative came over for a gathering and we had a great time!!!! just that my food ordering was off a little when i forgotten to ask the person to make it LARGE for my family... UGH>>>>> Another rip-offfffffffff....

Jer Renn this is for youuuuu:

Gramps: Is this the biggest arch you can get?
Prue: Yeah without opening a fast-food franchise yes....

Gramps: Remember if love is the quest, the wedding is the CONQUEST. This place must be like... VICTORY!!!

Phoebe: And here I thought wedding was suppose to be romantic!

Prue: Better listen to gramps Phoebe. You can see her age by counting the rings in her fingers...

HAha this is simple hilarious.... well gramps did have a screwed-up love life by marrying seven times... and only ended up with Patty, the Charmed ones Mum.

In Charmed Season3---Just Harried, it was suppose to be Piper's forbidden wedding with Leo but Prue and her unknown boyfriend crashed the wedding.

Unknown guy: PRUE!!!!!
Phoebe: Who the HELL is that?

When Prue hopped on the guy's bike,
Phoebe: Prue you get your ASTRAL ASS back here!!!

This was a super funny, touching and sensible episode in season 3, but season 3 rocked a lot because the story line went so well and interesting... Charmed is my all time favourite!!!!

Quotes of Honour

Yuet Yin: I have my Cina class on today...
Jer Renn: Sweat...
Izwan: Can you just SHADDAP AR???
Iman: Weeeeeeeeeee
Stephanie Ng: Bangang!!!
Jia WEi: Oh my cow!!!
Kean weng: XXX I love you I wanna f*ck you!!!
Jay Son: So gay!!!!
Steven: You watchout....
Ben Lam: You think you very smart as stupid?
Yuee Jhian: Oh my god.... Never mind lar A1 enough...
Jia Ven: Aiya never mind wan lar...
Ann Nee&Shun Hong: Morning taikor!!!
Jess Tee: Hah? Can meh? You sure or not?
Yi Xian: Please lar can't you see (the subject) c'mon lar....
Hannah: I'm fat I need to diet....

The stuffs I'm usually surrounded with throughout the year haha thats all 4r today, leave it for 2mr.....

Signing off,

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Finally, new post

haha just finish a busy day.... well i din't know that blogging need this much effort.. haha juz finished debating that squirtle can use ice skills under "water type pokemon" hahaha... anyways... today was a great day, just that yesterday was more interesting.
Knowing people' crush and knowing that the other person is also doing the same thing is just simply fanatstic, moreover they ARE your food friends.
Ha..... i seriously have no idea what to think of these issues because i really envy those who have a crush, and i never had any... or at least until now not at least one...
Maybe i just easily get too close to someone as a friend, or as a reliable family memeber (eg:brother or father). Some how it is like a weakness... Not being able to get even someone to like is like an issue in my head nowadays, no idea why, maybe its my surrouding is full of lovey-dovies..... well just a little desperate for love

Never knew how it taste... the further i went before is just getting close to girl as a spiritual friend and trustworth female secret lair.Ugh, why am I so nice and easy to mix with?(not being self-centred here).

Well thats about love issue, the secret between me. jr, yi xian and yuet hahahah.

Loving Engine Sentai Go-onger!!!!

Go-on gold a.k.a. Hiroto portrayed by Tokuyama Hidenori

His acting and singing are superb..... eve is like the angel's chant... well thats what i thought...

The Charmed series are really cool and check this out:
Phoebe: Piper get back on the ball
Piper : You get on the ball! I quit!
Gypsy: Piper the birthing ball really makes homebirth much more easier.
Piper: I am goin to the hospital people. How many times i have to say this, I am goin to the hospital(with a little hym)

Phoebe: Do you think we have can water birth?
Gypsy: We can always rent a tub...
Piper What do you think I'm now?A dolphin?! I'm not giving birth to a fish!!!!
Leo:Dolphins are mammals , Piper not fish.
Piper:(Im gonna kill you)*stare*

This is the best American-female leading show ever!!! Anywas, I think I had it today soooo

Quotes of the day:

Jer Renn: I used 200k to buy the lab ray, its 400k now hahahah(neopets)
Yuet Yin:Binnn , I like the pictures.... I love Melvynn( Methodist High, form 4 hot guy)
Yi Xian: My relationship with miss * is still hanging there....
Iman: The defination of obesity, the body fat oever 20% of body height or sumthing(biology f4)
Kean Weng: Bin i wanna hump you, just kidding
Yee Sing: Jya, matta ne~....

I think i shall make the quotes of honour tomorrow then

Signing off,